February 2nd, 2009



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DVDs, Sailor Moon dolls, kawaii stuff

Just looking to get rid of a few old anime items lying around! I'm sure someone may want this stuff!

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Feel free to negotiate prices. I'm in the US, but will ship international. Paypal accepted.

The list:
**Sailor Mars & Sailor Uranus 6" Irwin dolls - $7

**Tokyo Mew Mew - Ichigo maid costume phone strap - $10
(really cute! The strap part is out of the box in the picture, but it will be included)

**Sailor Moon & Chibiusa mini heart-shaped notebooks - $3 for both
(these are cute Korean merchandise still in the wrapper - they have puffy plastic covers)

**"I like pink lemonade" Korean notebook/planner - $3
(cute, with puffy plastic cover, funky girly pictures, and Engrish)

**Random stuff - the rest of the pictured stuff is free with $1 or so to cover shipping and paypal fees.
Tokyo Mew Mew sticker sheet, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pitch fold-up comb and ruler, Morning Musume plastic baggie/gift bag, and random postcards of Snow Sugar Fairy and Pichi Pitch. Just take it all!

**Tenchi Muyo DVDs - $3 each or $18 for the whole lot
-Tenchi Universe 1-4 (there are two of volume one)
-Tenchi Muyo 1-2
-Tenchi the Movie
(these are all either sealed or once-viewed - brand new)

**Love Hina volume one (not pictured) - $5
TOP ☼ top x banaki = otp
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Selling off many things;
X Japan "The Last Live" 3CD set
Versailles "PRINCE & PRINCESS" First Press Single
Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan "Atria" Single + DVD
Space Channel 5 for Dreamcast
UZUMAKI: Naruto Art Book
Lucky Star Anime Guidebook
alice nine. "Black Jewel & White Rose" 2007 Tour Book
alice nine. photo collection no.2 "Shiny Summer Xmas"

Over here @ My Journal!
COS Roy Ed

Yaoi manga sale!

Hi all! I have some Yaoi manga I would like to sell cause well I have too many and these are some I HAVE read and know after a couple of reads eh I won't read again. So before I put this entire lot on eBay I figure I'll post here with prices next to them. Paypal is the preferred way to pay but I will accept money orders or well concealed cash.

The following are all $5.00 each plus ship:

Cute Beast
The Art of Loving
You & Harujion
Dear Myself
Stolen Hearts

The following are sets so the are $10 plus ship (cause I won't break the sets):

Vanilla 1 & 2
Words of Devotion 1 & 2
Gerard & Jacques 1 & 2 SOLD
Crimson Spell 1 ~ Reason for this one being $10 is that for some dumbass reason I have 2 copies of Vol 1 so it is new.

This one is $3 cause I bought it used and it has a little water stain on the top corner but book is totally readable.

Time Lag
Wishing for the Moon (Yaoi Press Dany & Dany) another one 1 have 2 copies of not a bad story but I think it is horrible to charge more than $3 for this artwork, sorry ^^;

Also please note that if you live outside of the US, which I have no problem shipping outside, that the weight of the book or books is factored into the cost which will be decided by the post office. For the most part 1 book first class within the US is running about $2 to $3 a book.

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New items! Stationery, stickers, and more!

Just added some new items over at sale_o_rama! Some Hello Kitty items, mini memo pads, a stitch cellphone strap, and some loose memo sheet sets (mini and normal-sized) because my collection is getting rather large :) Also, reduced prices on many of the stationery items!

GO HERE FOR STICKERS, MEMOS, AND STATIONERY ITEMS: http://sale-o-rama.livejournal.com/2141.html
GO HERE FOR CELLPHONE STRAP AND CHARACTER GOODS: http://sale-o-rama.livejournal.com/2428.html

These products and more over at sale_o_rama! :) Thanks for looking!
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JE, Tenimyu, Doujinshi.

Back with more things.

*[Auction] *pnish* autographed clearfile & photo
*Rock bleach musical dvds
*Kimeru concert items
* Tenimyu le dvd boxset
* Nagayan fanclub calenders & photobooks
* Magazines (cast prix, cool-up)
* Photobooks (kimeru, yamada yusuke, yanagi)
* CDs (kimeru, arashi, smap, w-inds, exile)
* DVDs (switch, kimeru)
* Photosets (tenimyu, kimeru, burimyu)

* Arashi goods (concert, idol shop, photobook)
* Official shop photos (arashi, news, kat-tun, kinky kids)

Pictures and more information and feedback is located here.

Also, selling most of my doijinshi collection. Here.*Pot (eplus, cookie, and more)
*Gundam Seed
*One Piece
*Harry Potter
*and more...

Thanks for looking! Sorry you may see this a few times!
Satsuki yurikago chandelier

For sell : visual kei flyers / j-pop flyers / chun photographs

Hi ! As I don't want these things anymore and  don't want to throw them I think they should have a new lovely home !
So I have :

▶ for sell :
♪ Paradeis flyer
♪ Sadie flyer
♪ RENTRER EN SOI flyer(s)
♪ the studs flyer
♪ Miyavi flyer
♪ KOKIA flyer(s)
♪ Chun (吴尊) photographs

▶ for trade ( will trade them for specifics things) :
♪ RENTRER EN SOI postcards

come here : http://kyuxmizerable.livejournal.com/813.html :3
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English anime manga etc sale. lost job need it all gone now

Was laid off from my job so I need to sell every thing asap. Any help will be appreciated. Just need to be able to pay bills and for groceries so my dog and I can eat.


I am willing to discuss prices.
Prices reduced a bit on everything********

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone remember its almost Christmas time. [I decided Id open it up to International shipping too. Unfortunately it seems to be really expensive to send it anywhere else through UPS so ill go through the post office. May take some extra time to get it all figured out though, just know it will be a bit more for shipping that way depending on the boxes weight]

For international please submit address like this:
Street Address:
Postal code:
-----(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me.)-----

[~~~~~~also willing to trade for Kuroshitsuji, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Ky Kara Maoh items as long as its reasonable trade and shipping paid~~~~~~~]

Any one whos bought from me before I now have a feed back page here..
http://golden-sanzo.livejournal.com/2735 44.html#cutid1

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i have two posters i want to sell. both are miyavi, but i have taken pictures of the opposite sides as well.
ive never put them up, they are in perfect condition.
dont really know what to charge, so im open for offers please.
feel free to ask any questions~!

Shop Updated!

Added a number of items to my LJ shop:

Click>>>     <<<Click

Also, please check out the rest of my shop @ [info]sawwie_chan  for more authentic Japanese merchandise and promos from Shoujo, Shounen and Yaoi series!

These include shitajiki, post cards, clear files, stamps, plushies, teleka/book cards, trading cards, fans, bags + many many more...
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

UPDATED 2009.2.2

PayPal Preferred
I will also accept money orders and concealed cash (AYOR*!)
*If you don't know this acronym, ASK!
Prices do not include shipping.
I ship to the US via First Class (13oz or less) or Priority.
I ship internationally First Class when able.

Trades are VERY welcome*! Just check my wish list!
*Unless otherwise stated.

PayPal payments via credit/debit card will be asked to pay PayPal fees, as I have created a separate account for them. PLEASE state your payment method and shipping location when requesting items.

eBaY - amulet_moon

I DO NOT HOLD ITEMS for more than 2 days. I was far too patient and waited far too long for some people to get back to me or send payment, so priority will go to whomever responds/sends payment first. Increase your chances of getting the items you want FIRST by following the bolded RED disclaimer above! ^^v

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Calling All Clamp Fans!! ♥

Hiya Everyone!! ^^~ We got our hand on some super hard to get Clamp In Card Land Trading Card Volume one!! These trading card are only available in Japan and extremely hard to get in the U.S.A.
Ones we have finish this sets, we will no longer have any of the volume 1 card left. If there is more request on these, we might be able to get volume 2 or volume 3 of them (if lucky).
Volume 1 has a total of 120 collecting cards. Remember these are not something you will see everyday unless you are extremely lucky!! We have 15 packs. Each pack will cost $5.25 and Shipping will depend on how many you buy and the area you are living, the more you buy the more discount we can try to give you. Prices can be Negotiate!!
This is the website you can check it out from: http://www.upperdeck.co.jp/clamp/

Please visit us: HERE
 Each pack consist random characters from CLAMP's work.
You can ask us any question/comments. We don't do trades on these.

Hi I have lots of stuff to sell Take a look please!~

New Update with Fresh pictures and new books added!! (2-2-09)

Each are fake cut links leading to the specific areas of the post!!

6% off your purchase (before shipping(&pp fees )

International buyers be not afraid !

MANGA & BOOKS  $3* !!!!For books in brand new like quality! 



POSTERS AND CENTERFOLDS or here to get to them directly:LINK



-Please Leave a comment if Interested Or email me At:       Weisskreuzlover1 at yahoo dot com