February 4th, 2009

Butterfly Effect


I need to make room and I have lots and lots of Japanese stuff from Manga to Lolita stuff. Don't Have An eBay account but want to Buy? Email me! I can send you a PayPal invoice for Buy It Now items, so you can buy the items without eBay. I take Paypal from everyone and Postal Money Orders (the green ones from your local post office) from U.S. buyers only.

For more information of how to buy if you don't have an eBay account (My Selling Journal)


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I also have some clothing Auctions; Just click the name and it will take you right to the auction on eBay.

American Eagle AE Campus Sweater Dress ( American Size: L / 12 )

American Eagle AE Polka Dot Cardigan Sweater ( American Size: L / 12 )


hi, i want to sell my magazine collection. they are all in PERFECT condition.
offers please?
feel free to ask questions or for pictures!

January 07
Feburary 08
March 07
April 07
May 07
June 07
July 07
August 07
September 07
October 07
November 07
December 07

Jan 07  vol. 123
Feb 07  vol.124
Mar 07  vol. 125
Apr 07  vol. 126
May 07  vol. 127
Jun 07  vol. 128
Jul 07  vol. 129
Aug 07  vol. 130
Sep 07  vol. 131
Oct 07  vol. 132
Nov 07  vol. 133
Dec 07  vol. 134
Jan 08  vol. 135
Feb 08  vol. 136
Mar 08  vol. 137
Apr 08  vol. 138
May 08  vol. 139
Jun 08  vol. 140
Jul 08  vol.141


vol. 35
vol. 45
vol. 46
vol. 52
vol. 53
vol. 54
vol. 55
vol. 56
vol. 57
vol. 58
vol. 59

Loads of things for sale!

I have some leftover items from SOY'09, and because I failed to bring down doujinshi, they're all listed at my sales page. :)

Some quick info:
I'm located in Singapore, and I ship worldwide.
I prefer NON-CC/DC Paypal, but can take other forms of payment, just ask!

Some quick bites:
Prince of Tennis (Bromides, music scores, charamates, Tenimyu photosets etc)
Pureboys (7Cheers pamphlet - original members!)
Binsen (Dgrayman, Death Note...)
Doujinshi (Prince of Tennis, Harry Potter, Nodame Cantabile etc)
Kawaii Stationary! :D

Main selling post: http://sheraccoon.livejournal.com/91846.html
Direct Kawaii selling post: http://community.livejournal.com/kawaiibuysell/1187476.html
Feedback: http://sheraccoon.livejournal.com/39454.html

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Peach Girl volume 8 (First Print) $3
Gravitaion Volume 7 $3
Futaba-Kun change volume 8(NEW and OOP) $4
Tokyo Mew Mew volume 5 $2
Tokyo Mew Mew volume 7 $2
Visitor 3 Volume $3
Evils Return Volume 3 $2
Shaolin sister Volume 3 $3
Vampire princess miyu volume 3(NEW and OOP) $6
New Vampire princess miyu volume 3(NEW and OOP) $6
Tokyo Babylon Volume 3 $3
King Hell Volume 2 $1
Cowboy bebop volume 2 $3
Naruto volume 1 $3
The all-New Tenchi Muyo Volume 1 $3
Dark hunger $3
PHD:Phantasy Degree volume 1 $3
Blood+:First Kiss volume 1(novel) $3
Gundam Wing Volume 1 $3
Here is greenwood volume 1(NEW) $4
Cain Saga volumes 1-4(Part II)(NEW)$7 each or all for $30
Rin! volumes 1,2,3 $7 each or all for $18
Desire $7
June Pride Volume 1 $4
Shadow Lady:Dangerous Love-make offer

Kino's Journey Volume 1 $7
Cyborg 009 Good vs. Evil-Episodes 5-8

Shojo Beat Magazines:
June 2007 (missing about 5 pages) $1
July 2007 (missing about 5 pages) $1

If you want a picture of an item just ask.
My feedback here
ze queen! of procrastination!

Sale: Original JUNE/BL/Het/Yuri Doujinshi

Hi everyone!

I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning lately and have actually sorted out a list of doujinshi that I either have duplicates of or were simply bought by mistake from my regular Comiket proxy shopping service. Titles as follows:

Higuri You - 12人の優しい殺し屋
Itsuki Kaname - 我楽多増刊号号外 No/004
Kayumu Mimu - アンド、ラブラブ再録!
Kodaka Kazuma - Snap Shot
Miyamoto Kano - HYDRA 5+6+7+8
Miyamoto Kano - HYDRA 9
Naono Bohra - すべてはきみの瞳の中に
Naono Bohra - 夜と朝 (RARE!)
Naono Bohra - まるで通り魔のように (RARE!)
Nishimura Shuuko - Hinode Unso (RARE!)
Ougi Yuzuha - an.an (RARE!)
Sakurai Shushushu - Lough Sketchbook
Takao Hiroi - School Out! 19XX-2 竹宮伊織
Umetarou - 神は酷く甘く
Yamato Nase - Chintsubu Puchi (RARE!)

B.S CO; - 真夏の夜の夢 (Reborn)
B.S CO; - DHCP 2 (Reborn)
POTATO TOWN - Revolution C3 (Code Geass)
Yukinco - Sassy (KKM)

Nanatsune Boshi - 桜日和 ~風~
Nanatsune Boshi - 桜日和 ~月~
miyageya - Aoishiro Illustration Book

More information can be found @ http://community.livejournal.com/miseya

All enquiries are welcome! Thanks for reading! X]
sleepy timez

(no subject)

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything just leave a message~! :D
Shipping is free for the first doujin.

XXX holic doujinshi (4 DoumekixWatanuki)
Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles - KuroganexFai
Yugioh doujinshi - KaibaxYuugi & KaibaxJoey
One Piece - ZoroxSanji & Captain KuroxJango
Bleach - IkkakuxYumichika
Gundam Seed - Mu la flagaxKira AthrunxMiguel & AthrunxCagalli
Shaman King - HaoxYoh
KateiKyoushi Hitman Reborn! - RebornxLambo
D.Gray Man - TykixAllen & TykixLavi
Lupin the 3rd - LupinxJagan
Saiunkoku Monogatari - Kouyuu centric
Naruto - SasukexNaruto
HunterxHunter - IllumixKillua SilvaxKuroro & HisokaxGon
Full Metal Alchemist - RoyxEd
Wolfs Rain - TsumexKiba & Blue centric
Pheonix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban - GodotxPheonix
Samurai Deeper Kyo - HotaruxSinrei
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - NeuroxYako & SasazukaxYako
Final Fantasy 8 - LagunaxEllone
Code Geass - LelouchxC.C (this one is pending because I reallly like it)

And lottts of manga, dvds, posters and wallscrolls

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This is an auction for a reaally rare artbook to a really good but under appreciated yaoi manga

27 year-old Ayukawa Yuuji has never been much of a man. He's more comfortable sewing than fighting, he faints at the sight of blood, and his fiancee is tougher than he is. He's also a terrible pushover. So when his boss at the medical lab volunteers him for some experimental drug therapy, how can he possibly refuse? All is mediocre for Yuuji: master of the pathetic.

Mediocre, that is, until a juvenile mass murder suspect jumps out from under Yuuji's bed, declaring him his "mate." Before Yuuji has time to argue, the stranger transforms into a 16 foot-tall dinosaur and beheads his roommate...

Yuuji suddenly finds himself the sole target of a lost race that turns into dinosaurs, an extremely scary woman with a Goddess-Complex, the yakuza, a mad scientist and one 17 year-old boy who really, really, really wants to sleep with him.
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piranha - bored blunt cut.

Gorgeous Hollywood Geisha dress, perfect for when you need to dress up!

I have a cheongsam-styled dress made by Lip Service that I'd like to sell. It is from their Hollywood Geisha line. It would make a great dress for wearing to anime conventions, or even to the grocery store. It's the long dress in the catalog photo below:

The dress is called the Tokyo Lucky Hole Long Gown from the 2003 Hollywood Geisha line. My boyfriend at the time bought it for me direct from Lip Service, and I tried it on once or twice and that's it. It spent the rest of its life living in my closet. It is a size Petite/X-Small.

I've uploaded photos of the dress here:
(Due to a quirk in Facebook's settings, you have to log out of your account or else the link takes you straight to your inbox. Very weird.)

As I tried to show (somewhat unsuccessfully for some of the photos) the dress has the following quirks:
1 - Although the dress is shown with vinyl straps in the catalog photo, it came with no straps.
2 - Odd white speckles on the collar of the vinyl. It must have come that way because I can't think how it could have gotten like that here. I tried to wipe it off with a cloth and warm water, but no luck. If I were to wear it out, I would probably just take a sharpie and "color in" the white spots. They aren't very noticeable unless you're right next to the collar, anyway.
3 - On the back, right near the collar, there's a tiny little run in the fabric. I couldn't even get it to show up in the photos, so it is clearly not a big issue, and your hair would most likely cover it, but I wanted to try to mention it. It's tiny, maybe a 1" long max?
4 - The fabric was called "purple dragon" by the catalog, right? As you may notice, there isn't an actual dragon anywhere on the fabric print! In fact, the dress is a completely different pattern. I'm not sure if it means this is from a different year or if lip service used a different pattern in production vs. the sample.

I am looking for $100 plus shipping, or best offer. This dress is pretty rare - I don't think I've seen another once since early 2006 - and it originally retailed for $125, I think. I have a feeling I'll regret selling it, but them's the breaks.

My transaction history:
eBay feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=valkylee&ftab=AllFeedback (465 positive)
Bookmooch.com feedback: http://www.bookmooch.com/m/bio/k00kaburra (883 positive)

Selling Girls in Uniform Figures Updated with Dark Heroines!

I now have the Dark Heroines set in stock and ready to sell.  These are only sold in Japan and were sold in “blind boxes” aka boxes where you don’t know which one you’re getting until you open the box.   I am selling figures from almost every series.  I am selling figures from Volume 2, 3,4, Best Selection, 5, and Dark Heroines.  All of the figures I am selling are still sealed in their package.  Each  figure is $10 plus shipping.  You must pay the shipping cost. If you are in the US you have the choice between First Class or Priority Shipping. Here are the rates for the US, Canada, and UK.  I can ship worldwide but the price may be higher if you live outside the US, Canada, or UK.

US First Class mail shipping is $3.00
US Priority Mail shipping is $5.60
Canada First Class mail shipping is $3.00
UK First Class Mail shipping is $4.00

These figures are pretty light weight so I can combine shipping to save you money if you order more than one.

 I take paypal, money orders, or concealed US cash.  My feedback reference is at the bottom of this page. 

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[SALE] Uchiwa, Shop Photos, Photo Album and Summary shirt

Johnny’s Official Merchandise:

Kat-tun Photo Album = P700


Uchiwa = P750 each


     Ninomiya Kazunari (Dream A Live)


Hey! Say! Jump


     Hikaru Yaotome (Summary 2008)





     Okura Tadayoshi (K8 Live Tour 2008)



     Junnosuke Taguchi (Johnny’s Countdown 2007-2008)

     Akanishi Jin (Queen of Pirates)



     Shigeaki Kato (Johnny’s Countdown 2007-2008) 
    Masuda Takahisa (Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008)


 *Prices  are in Philippine Peso and does not include shipping.
*Items above are on hand and ready to be shipped from Philippines.
*Accepts payment thru western union.

 Im now accepting order for Keeichiro Koyama's Butai "Call". Pls post your orders in my journal. Thanks.


WTB (And some WTTs!)

Hi! I live in the U.S. and can only pay by concealed cash. Right now, I'm looking to clear out all the manga I have because I have come to the conclusion that I have way too many books that I'm no longer interested in reading. I do NOT have much money left to spare and would prefer to trade.

What I am looking for:

Immortal Rain manga volumes 2, 6-8 (I will gladly trade manga for this since I want to clear my shelves and not add to it significantly!!!)
Asian fashion: Tops, skirts at a REASONABLE price! Looking for items that are priced between 5-7 dollars, at the most. Also interested in Asian OR Lolita accessories: Looking for cute rings and especially NECKLACES, if anyone has pierceless earring cuffs, please contact me.
Looking for LISTEN FLAVOR punk clothing especially!
Asian dramas: Looking for official versions of "A Love to Kill", "Zettai Kareshi", feel free to contact me with titles of any other dramas and I will let you know if I am interested or not.
w-inds: ANY AND ALL MERCHANDISE! (Excluding flyers, stationary, and clippings) I am especially interested in Seventh Avenue and Journey, anything with Keita will interest me! 

What I can offer as a trade (listing titles off the top of my head, since I'm not at home currently):

The Demon Ororon 1-4
Fake 3,4
Cowboy Bebop 1-3
Angel Diary
Black Sun, Silver Moon
DN Angel volumes 1-11
Scryed 1-5
Trigun 5-7
Disgaea 1
Meru Puri 1-3 (tentative trade, will only trade this for something I really want)
Kingdom Hearts 1-3
Crescent Moon 3,4
Tarot Cafe 1-4
Gunslinger girl 1
Tokyo Mew Mew 1-6 (some sun stains, yellowish at the edge of the pages)
xxxHolic 1-4 (also some sun damage)

I will sell this entire collection if anyone wants it- make an offer! If you really want to BUY these volumes separately and have nothing to offer as a trade, please contact me and we can work something out. However, I am in an awkward living situation and all of my packages are being graciously accepted by a friend- I don't want to inconvenience her with like 20 mailed payments. :) If you've got any questions, please contact me!

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[Overdue Sales]

UPDATED! New items added on 2nd February 2009!
Updates in: Manga, Books, Figures, Stationary, Miscellaneous, Posters, Sailor Moon and Clothing/Accessories!

Including a large 1/7 Scale anime figure, limited replicas and a Kimono!

My Sales post is HERE

The Kimono sales post is HERE

Sailor Moon sales are HERE

Feedback, Pricing and Shipping details can be found on the main Sales post =33
MBMH- Think Positive

new items!

new items!

-J Friends Singles
-One Piece x Dragon Ball Z Crossover Keychains
-One Piece Wii Unlimited Cruise figures (more)
-Bleach Fade to Black Phone straps
-Soul Eater Series 1+2 Phonestraps
-HunterxHunter Phonestraps
-Gintama Phonestraps
-Yu Yu Hakusho Phonestraps

Older items:

Anime Items A-P

Toki Doki apparel, Air Gear, Animamundi, Bleach, Bus Gamer, Zodiac, CLAMP, Code Geass, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Get Backers, Gintama, Gloomy Bear, Gurren Lagaan, Hamtaro, Hello Kitty, Here is Greenwood, Hikaru no Go, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Hearts, Lamento, Kyou Kara Maou, Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Nana, Naruto, Ookiku Furikabutte, One Piece, Peacemaker, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Prince of Tennis

Anime Items Q-Z

RahXephon, Rozen Maiden, Saiyuki, Scrapped Princess, Soul Eater, Spiral, Sukiyaki Western, Super Mario Bros, Tekken 3, Togainu no Chi, Trigun, Viewfinder, Weiss Kreuz, Various English Manga, Yaoi items, Freebies, Postcards, Promo items


JE (NEWS, KAT-TUN, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani 8, V6, TOKIO, Kinki Kids), W-inds, TMR, Koda Kumi, FLOW, Namie Amuro, Buzzlip, Rain, Miyavi, Gackt, Puffy Ami Yumi, Maaya Sakamoto, Various J-mags
Infected Amit - Mixer
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Stuff! 8D


Hey guys, just dropping by to say there's anywhere between seven hours to a day left on all the items I've currently got for sale. Jrock stuff includes:

- D's Mad Tea Party volume 10
- Malice Mizer's Bara ni Irodorareta (live DVD)
- Versailles photoset
- Moi dix Mois DIXANADU (tour DVD and album)
- Hizaki Grace Project's Monshou DVD and Ruined Kingdom CD

Take a look~ :D

on s'envole
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manga/artbooks/anime for sale.

Please keep this in mind, as prices are just suggestions and I'm willing to negotiate down, especially if you're buying multiple things! If there is no price, that means you can make me an offer! However, I do not take trades.

Prince of Tennis 1-11: $4 each or $40 for the set
Beck 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
Saiyuki 1: $4
Nana 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
InuYasha 9: $4
Death Note 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
GetBackers 4: $4
Negima 1: $4
Sweat & Honey: $4
Crimson Hero 1: $4
Najica: Blitz Tactics 1: $#4
xxxHolic 1: $4
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles 1: $4 (together with xxxHolic- $7)
Yoki Koto Kiku: $4
Rozen Maiden 1: $4
Naruto 1, 4, 5, 7, 8: $4 each, $10 for all of them
Saikano 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
Angel Diary 2: $4

Level-C 1: $4
Gravitation 1-12: $4 each, $60 for the set.
Alone in my King's Harem: $4
Antique Bakery: $4
FAKE 1-4: $4 each, $13 for the set

Prince of Tennis Illustrations 30.5 Very good contidion, barely looked at. $20
Hana-Kimi Character Profiles Very good condition, barely looked at. $20

Bakuretsu Tenshi box set + all volumes, $50 (NOT THINPAK)
Law of Ueki v1, $5 (still wrapped)
Fighting Spirit v1, $5 (still wrapped)
Dokkoida Limited Edition box with v1, $10
Getbackers v3 & 4, $5 each, $7 for both
Saiyuki Double Barrel v4 & 5, $6 each, $10 for both
Kizuna v1, $5
Pokemon: The First Movie VHS- $2
Pokemon VHS tapes: ep 1-3, 4-6, 13-15, 22-24, 46-48. $4 for the set or $.75 each.
Cardcaptors VHS, v2 "Power Match" $1

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Sale! Manga/ JE/ Posters

Am selling some stuff as college is becoming more and more of an expense.

*Doll vol.1 (special edition hardback)
*Imadoki vols 1 + 2
*Death Note vol. 1
*Chocolat vol.1
*You're So Cool vol.1
*Cafe Occult vol.1
*Kieli vol.1
*Othello vol. 2
*Anne freaks vol. 4
*Punch vol. 2

*Shojo beat magazines (June/July 08)

*Hello Kitty's Paradise - A Puzzling Day

*Kurosagi chirashi (double-sided A4)
*Hey! Say! Jump! / Johnny Juniors Summary 2008 large pin-up poster (double sided) - Never used, New

*NEWS Taiyou no Namida group photo

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All manga are £2.50/£3 or $5/$6 depending on which one it is.
The hello kitty DVD is £1/$2
The Hey! Say! Jump! poster is $8
The Kurosagi chirashi is $4
Shojo Beat Issues are £2 each
The NEWS shop photo is $2.50

All mangas are in very good condition; some even like new. The HK DVD is region 2.

All prices do not include shipping.
Make an offer! Prices are negotiable as they are only asking prices. I live in the UK and am willing to ship internationally.
Really sorry most of the photos are terrible especially the NEWS one but hopefully you can get the gist of what it looks like. I have sold some things before on ebay so here is my feedback page: feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll. I can combine shipping if more than 1 item is bought. I am not responsible for any items that may get lost in the post.

I accept Paypal.

If you have any questions about shipping etc. please leave a comment and i will get back to you asap.


Only 1 day left on Tallulah Belle on ebay!

Only 1 day left on my Blythe doll and all of her clothing and accessories on E-Bay! I bought her and did some customizing, just to see what it was like and it turns out that I'm not a Blythe person. I love her but I'm hoping I can get her to a good home to someone who will pay attention to her. Also, 10% of her auction proceeds are going to go to The Sterile Feral, Inc. which is a no kill organization that runs a spay and neuter program for feral cats.
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Selling Jrock, Jpop, and Anime goods!

All prices are without shipping~

Concealed cash in USD is preferred [at your own risk], but for international buyers I do accept paypal

Everything is lightly used but in relatively good condition~

Items for sale:
Excel Saga Complete Box Set-$30
SHOXX March 2007 vol. 169 Kagrra,, Nightmare, Alice Nine., Gazette-$7
Nanaka 6/17ths [Region 1 USA DVD] -$15
Escaflowne vol. 1&2-$15 together, 10 separate
Fushigi Yugi BESM fan guide: Vol. 3-$10
How to Draw Manga: Making Anime-$15
Every Little Thing- "Every Ballad Songs"-$20
Ayumi Hamasaki-"Rainbow"-$20
Yuming/Yumi Arai-"The 14th Moon"-$25 [hard to find]

Make an offer if you don't agree with a price, chances are I'll accept it!!

Pictures upon request~
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Lots of anime stuff for sale!!!

Hi, everyone!  This is my first time posting here so I hope I do it correctly.  I have a few boxes of manga, plushies, cd's and anime cels that I desperately need to sell and FAST!  We need to make room in our apartment as well as make some money for our new baby (1.5 months to go!).  Please take a look at my list.  If you would like any pictures, just email me: baja_d@hotmail.com

I also have some items on ebay right now - user name is "jankenpon"

Looking for best offers!  All books and cd's I can mail a lot cheaper through media mail.

Thanks!!  ^__^

Fushigi Yuugi – 1st artbook
Fushigi Yuugi manga (Japanese #1-2 & 7, 13, 15,18) - one manga is signed
Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden series #1 (signed)
Fushigi Yuugi stickers
Ayashi no Ceres novel (Episode of Miku & Episode of Aki)
Ayashi no Ceres manga (2,5,7-9)
Epotoransu Mai (Yuu Watase manga #1)
Apparejipangu! (Yuu Watase manga #3)
Zettai Kareshi (Yuu Watase manga #1)
Escaflowne manga (shoujo 1&2)
Escaflowne novels (1&2)
Escaflowne manga (shounen 1&2)
Escaflowne doujinshi
Full Moon o Sageshite manga (1-4)
Haru kanaru toki no naka de manga (1-2)
Nothing – Kaim Tachibana
Magic Knights Rayearth Illustrations collection (red book)
RG Veda – Clamp
Weiss Kreuz Animedia Special artbook
Trigun artbook
Trigun manga (Japanese 1-2)
Trigun Maximum manga (Japanese 1,2,3,5)
Trigun postcard set of 3
Inu Yasha manga (1-2)
Rasen by Kaim Tachibana
Angel Sanctuary 1st and 2nd artbooks
Oh My Goddess manga (English)
Neo Romance VHS (live)
Ah My Goddess shitajiki
Gundam Wing Complete Operation artbook
Gundam Wing Memorials artbook
Gundam Wing 5th manga (Japanese Pocke series)
Gundam Wing manga (Asuka comics DX)
Gundam Wing novel Operation 2 (Duo Maxwell)
Gundam Wing doujinshi - Shinigamikun
GW doujinshi – Happy Dance
GW doujinshi – Moon Drop
GW doujinshi – Angel Duist
GW doujinshi – Ken Mizuki
GW doujinshi – The Grave Post of Wings
Samurai Troopers doujinshi (Animate Collection 18)
Glay – NYC Shuffle
GLAY – Survival video single (VHS)
GLAY Dome Tour 1999 (VHS)
GLAY – Jiro poster
X artbook – Clamp
Card Captor Sakura artbook – Clamp
Card Captor Sakura manga (Japanese #1)
Kenshin and Evangelion stickers
Dragon Ball Z artbook (Boo saga)
Dragon Ball Z Animayhem cards
Dragon Ball Z Freesia movie
Saiyuki Backgammon (red cover)
Saiyuki manga (Japanese #2 & #6 )
Saiyuki Summer Illusion on the movie Memorial Video (VHS)
Saiyuki Goku figure
Shinesman shitajiki
Shinesman Post Card Set
Shinesman manga (Japanese #1-4)
Card Captor Sakura manga (Japanese #1)
X manga (Japanese entire series)
XXXHolic manga (Japanese #1-3)
Tsubasa manga (Japanese hardback #1-5)
Black and White Mokono plushies from XXXholic/Tsubasa (brand new)
Two Kero-chan plushies from Card Captor Sakura (brand new)
Mononokehime – Kodama plushie (brand new)
Rasen manga (Japanese #’s ?? there are two)
Kagerou-Nostalgia manga (Japanese #1)
Erementar Gerad manga (Japanese #1)
Tempting Heart (Japanese movie guide with Takeshi Kaneshiro)
LARC-en-Ciel concert tour book from 2005
Please ask about anime cels and cds as I have not had a chance to go through them all and list them.

Thanks again!

(1st purchase is Buy 1 Get 1 Free!!)
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alice nine. - Party Hard

SELLING ALICE NINE. ITEMS!!!!! And magazines, and some other random stuff

So I've come to the terrible decision of selling some of my alice nine. stuff because I REALLY need money ._. ;_; Feels terrible selling this... but well, that's life.... stuff I'm selling are: singles (first presses and others), magazines, photos, DVDs, their photobook "Dive into the sun".... and other stuff..... so please take a look! I have pictures of everything.... please take your time to at least take a look, I really need the money u.u

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You can get big discounts if you buy any 2 pairs and more!



PRICE STARTS AT $19 per pair


click the photo above to go directly to the post or go to http://japanesecandy06.livejournal.com for more information and feedbacks.