February 21st, 2009

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Lowered Prices on selected items! Added a lot more cute clothing, shoes, bags, umbrellas and other accessories!~
Bags ~ Heart Pouch, Doggy pouch, Hello Kitty Wallet, OC Polka Dot Bag, Pink Plaid messenger bag, Lolita tote bag, GUESS, Harajuku Bag, North Face, Unionbay, Fossil~starting at $5!
Manga and Collectibles Lowered the prices on all items here~check it out ^^
Shoes and Accessories BRAND NEW cute bow flats and sandals, scarves, umbrellas, princess hair clips, hats, beanies, tights, shoes, socks, headbands, and more!!~starting at $4!
Clothing Lots of brand new fobby clothing! Loliable clothes~ Nothing over $22 shipped
Magazines and CDs from Taiwan and Japan~
Thank you for looking ^___^

Birthday present

Hi there! Is anybody from Singapore or Malaysia selling any items of the following series? I want this for my sister since her birthday is coming up and I want to get this before March 1~

Kin'iro no Corda
Saiunkoku Monogatari
Vampire Knight
Kisu yori mo Hayaku

Shitajiki, merchandise anything would do. Reasonable prices since I'm kinda out of money already.

If you want to trade, please look here: sweet_spica

Thanks a lot~
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Japanese rock/pop cds/magazines/signed/tour goods For Sale

WELCOME to CHYUKO ROCK! http://chyuko-rock.webs.com
We sell New and Used Japanese Rock/Pop CDs, DVDs, Magazines, Band merch and other Japanese collectibles. Please click on the banner to visit the site and take a look!

~All prices are before shipping. Some shipped from California, USA, some shipped from Japan.
~We accept Paypal (preferred), International Money Orders or Very Well concealed cash (domestic orders ONLY).
~Please read our shipping policies HERE
~Help Spread the Word! If you purchase an item, and refer a friend, tell them to mention your name and BOTH of you will receive 10% off your next order! Mention this LJ post and receive 5% off your order now! (only 1 discount per order).
~Feel free to send us a message here or on the website if you are looking for a particular item. We are currently adding new items Every Day, so the chances are good there might be something for you soon!

Please leave FEEDBACK here. This is new, but since people ask I figured I might as well start a thread for it. But until it actually grows, you can check out the other people who have bought from me in the past.

To understand the Condition Grade of the Items and our Return Policy set to each item (Like New, Excellent, Great, etc), please read this post HERE

We are still working to get all the items onto the website, so these links below have items still not yet on the site. As soon as the items are added, the links will be deleted.

We now also have a MYSPACE~! http://www.myspace.com/chyuko_rock
This is also very new, so please add us and help spread the word! We will be working hard to put featured and discounted items on there for people to see.

Some CDs mailed from the US still not on the website. Click below for those.
smilexsword // GFY


Need this stuff out out out. Please take a look and tell me if you see anything. Everything is priced before shipping. I will need to have a zip code and country to tell you how much it will be. I accept paypal and concealed cash (or MPO). Pictures of anything can be taken upon request. Posting back here or private messaging is fine.. or you can e-mail me at honeymode@gmail.com Thanks~
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Galaxy Fraulein Yuna SET

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Video Games (PS2)

Xeno Saga
Need for Speed: 2 Under Ground
Tokyo Xtreme Racer


FLCL 1 - $6
Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Box Set - $15

Albums $7
Uehara Takako (EX SPEED) - First Wing $
SES - Love $
SES 4 A Letter From Greenland
SES 4.5 (with Photo Book Insert) Suprise
BADA (EX SES) - Aurora
La' Cryma Chirsti - Scuplture of Time
Rina Aiuchi - kaze no nai umi de dakishimete [Single] $5

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pic 2

Stripes & Solids !

Add some striped color into your wardrobe!
Lovely vests, dresses, necklaces, headbands and more!
We ship worldwide!

This week SPECIAL promo: ALL shorts at SG$11.95 at http://www.sophistix.net ! Don't miss it -- only until Feb 22 2009!!

Free Shipping Promo (extended from Jan!!!): Buy at http://www.sophistix.net and spend S$50 in a single order to receive FREE SHIPPING to most Asian destinations*!

* Destinations include Brunei, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam & MORE!

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Please keep this in mind, as prices are just suggestions and I'm willing to negotiate down, especially if you're buying multiple things! If there is no price, that means you can make me an offer! However, I do not take trades.

Prince of Tennis 1-11: $4 each or $40 for the set
Beck 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
Saiyuki 1: $4
Nana 1-2: $4 each, $7 for both
InuYasha 9: $4
Death Note 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
GetBackers 4: $4
Negima 1: $4
Sweat & Honey: $4
Crimson Hero 1: $4
Najica: Blitz Tactics 1: $#4
xxxHolic 1: $4
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles 1: $4 (together with xxxHolic- $7)
Yoki Koto Kiku: $4
Rozen Maiden 1: $4
Naruto 1, 4, 5, 7, 8: $4 each, $10 for all of them
Saikano 1-3: $4 each, $9 for all three
Angel Diary 2: $4
Strawberry Panic1: $4

Gravitation 1-12: $4 each, $60 for the set.
Alone in my King's Harem: $4
Antique Bakery: $4
FAKE 1-4: $4 each, $13 for the set
Author's Pet: $1

Prince of Tennis Illustrations 30.5 Very good contidion, barely looked at. $20
Hana-Kimi Character Profiles Very good condition, barely looked at. $20

Bakuretsu Tenshi box set + all volumes, $50 (NOT THINPAK)
Law of Ueki v1, $5 (still wrapped)
Fighting Spirit v1, $5 (still wrapped)
Dokkoida Limited Edition box with v1, $10
Getbackers v3 & 4, $5 each, $7 for both
Saiyuki Double Barrel v4 & 5, $6 each, $10 for both
Kizuna v1, $5
Pokemon: The First Movie VHS- $2
Pokemon VHS tapes: ep 1-3, 4-6, 13-15, 22-24, 46-48. $4 for the set or $.75 each.
Cardcaptors VHS, v2 "Power Match" $1

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Help a Momma Out!

Hello everyone! I'm here with 300+ volumes of manga for sale at what I consider RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP. My sob story: newly single mom who needs rent and diapers! So I decided to sell the entirety of my manga collection at about $5 a pop with shipping, as well as anime, memorabilia, and how-to-draw books. The link goes to my journal and my main post, since I figured that would be the easiest way to keep track of sales and holds. This is assuming shipping is between $2-3, but if it's more I may have to up the price later.

Highlights Include: HanaKimi (complete manga series), Snow Drop (complete manga series), Kare First Love (complete manga series), Escaflowne (complete anime series), CLAMP titles, Shonen-Ai & Yaoi, Tamagotchis, and How To Draw Anime For Beginners.

For bulk orders or if you want to purchase an entire series, contact me through e-mail, heartpirate@gmail.com, and we can maybe haggle a bit.

obviously not everything I have...

Full Listing Here!

mods: there are a few things on my main listing that aren't japan-related, but I'm hoping since the BULK of what I'm selling is Japan-related, this will be ok.

(no subject)

Hi all, I hope this is allowed here. I have sold on here quite a few times I think, and I know I'm late to the game but I now have a feedback page here:


So if you have bought from me, even if it was awhile ago, could you please leave me some feedback? I've been selling for a couple years but I've been lazy to put up a feedback page 8x Thanks for reading and sorry for crossposting all over!
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(My luck is horrible, I swear to god...)

Has anyone done business with belethramiel and received their items? On January 21st, she put up some jrock stuff for auction here: http://belethramiel.livejournal.com/97363.html?view=253779#t253779

I won the Ruiza poster for $90, and shipping was $20. So I paid $110 for this poster. For some that may not be a lot of money, but for me it is.

I thought at first, okay, maybe it's because it's coming from Europe that it's taking this long. So I sent her a PM a few days ago, and she said she had sent it off the day after my echeck cleared. But I have yet to see it...

I filed a paypal dispute, and if she doesn't respond by the 24th, I'm going to change it to a claim. She hasn't responded yet, so I'm not sure whether or not she's going to.

Anyway, yeah. If anyone has received their items, can you let me know? Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
MBMH- Yakuza Basketball

new items+lowered prices

new items:
-Toki Doki T-shirts (Women's M, Men's L)
-One PiecexDragonball Z Competing of Dream figures
-Kanjani 8 Excite DVD
-Kinki Kids F and H LE albums
-Kinki Kids Donnamonya 2 Book
-TOKIO 5Ahead Album
-W-inds 2003 System of Alive DVD
-Saiyuki Salty Dog 3 Artbook

Lowered prices:
KAT-TUN and Kanjani 8 Items

Older items:

Anime Items A-P

Toki Doki apparel, Air Gear, Animamundi, Bleach, Bus Gamer, Zodiac, CLAMP, Code Geass, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Get Backers, Gintama, Gloomy Bear, Gurren Lagaan, Hamtaro, Hello Kitty, Here is Greenwood, Hikaru no Go, HunterxHunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Hearts, Lamento, Kyou Kara Maou, Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Nana, Naruto, Ookiku Furikabutte, One Piece, Peacemaker, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Prince of Tennis

Anime Items Q-Z

RahXephon, Rozen Maiden, Saiyuki, Scrapped Princess, Soul Eater, Spiral, Sukiyaki Western, Super Mario Bros, Tekken 3, Togainu no Chi, Trigun, Viewfinder, Weiss Kreuz, Yu Yu Hakusho, Various English Manga, Yaoi items, Freebies, Postcards, Promo items


JE (NEWS, KAT-TUN, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani 8, V6, TOKIO, Kinki Kids, J-Friends), W-inds, TMR, Koda Kumi, FLOW, Namie Amuro, Buzzlip, Rain, Miyavi, Gackt, Puffy Ami Yumi, Maaya Sakamoto, Various J-mags

Selling lots of manga, Naruto merchandice, InuYasha, Pokemon, and Gothic and Sweet Lolita stuff

In my journal you'll find...
...los of manga at $3 each! Buy four and get one free.
...InuYasha movies, a t-shirt, a patch, and a Shippo plushie!
...Natruto plushies, a t-shirt, and a collectible tin with lots of trading cards!
...Pokemon Toys and trading cards!
...a Gothic Lolita skirt and matching headband and a Lolita blouse!
http://jessiekatesales.livejournal.com -- Go here to see!

Anime/manga FOR SALE!

Please come over to my selling journal to check out the many different anime/manga goods that I have! :)


- Manga
- Artbooks
- Anime/JROCK CDs
- Clearfiles
- Pencil boards
- Keychains
- Stationery sets
- Folders/planners/notebook
- Playing cards
- Cels
- Trading cards
- Bags
- Fashion accessories (gothic lolita and others)

Click here for anime/manga goods!

Click here for bags, accessories, and clothes!
For Sale

FS: Anime Box Sets ($10) Sailor Moon Dolls, Newtype Mags, and Cosplay Items!

Hi there!  Up for sale over at my LJ are lots of 6" and 11.5" Sailor Moon Dolls and Cosplay Costumes!

Anime DVD Box Sets at low prices!  + Anime Figures

I also have Newtype Mags (Buy 2 get Free Shipping!  Buy 3 get 1 free!)

+ Every order over $15 receives a free manga!

Please be sure to check it out!



Cute Teruki!

Seeking Magazines

Hello! I am seeking some An Cafe (with takuya and Yuuki) magazines with prices $10 and under.
I'd like it if there were more than 5 pages. ^^;
Please provide a screen capture and tell many how many pages of An Cafe there are.
Please don't disappear on me.
I can do paypal, money order, check, etc.

I already have the following magazine so please don't sell me these:
Zy. # 42, 39, and 31
Shoxx #13, 179, 13, 184, 182
Neo Vol. 18, 24
Cure 39

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Shoujo manga for sale only $4 U.S per volume!

I'm moving houses so i'm desperately seeking to get rid of my manga!!!


-Alice 19th volumes 2,3,4
-Marmalade boy Volumes 5,7

Good condition for used, smoke free/pet free home, no stains, no incriptions, mangas in ENGLISH

$4 U.S. each (not including postage which depends on where you live). Paypal only.

I will include a disc with scanlations with the of the rest of the story FREE or give you links to where you can buy the rest of the series for cheap if you want to collect the volumes.

Please leave a message here or on my lj @ jennoli if you wanna buy!

stock // 花

misc. things for sale

I've been buying more than a few things that I hardly use at all, so it's time to send them off someone who will! :P

I have feedback from my old sales site (au_the_vert) and I also used sell at Soompi (yamada_taro), so trust that I won't scam you. However, it is been awhile since I've done this, so bear with me if I do something amiss.

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Please leave your e-mail if you're interested. Thanks for looking!!

WTS: J-Rock CDs/DVDs, Clothing, GazetteMerchandise, Magazines

Hey :D

Actually I want to sell some of my stuff, because I have no space and some of it has to go now.

All items will be shipped from Germany..
I accept Paypal and bank-transfer (If you are from Germany o.o').

Prices are WITHOUT shipping costs.

J-Rock/Visual Kei Magazines

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J-Rock CDs & DVDs(Nightmare, Penicillin, Shulla, Miyavi, BALZAC, Kagerou)

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Gazette Merchandise and Clothing
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