February 22nd, 2009

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Couple of Sailor Moon items ^^

Just a few small Sailor Moon items that need a good home :)

- 2 Sailor Jupiter & 1 Sailor Mars key chain located here --> [ CLICK! ]

- Sailor Venus necklace, candy figure, Irwin Dressable and another little thing located here --> [ CLICK! ]

- Sailor Moon R pencil board, sticker seals & Chibiusa Paper Doll/Memo pads also located here --> [ CLICK! ]

- Naru-chan plush located here --> [ CLICK! ]

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I'm trying to sell off some of my DVDs! I'll be shipping from Canada, 5 DVDs shipped to the US comes to $14, for more or less, ask me! I'm willing to take offers on anything, as long as they're reasonable. I'd really like to see this stuff go!

Single DVDs are $10 each, sets are marked separately. I'm willing to give deals if you buy more!

Pics of anything available on request~!

10 Tokyo Warriors (complete)
Boogiepop Phantom 1-4 (complete) $30
Fake (complete)
Fruits Basket 1-4 (complete) $35 on hold
Gall Force: New Era (OVA)
Knight Hunters/Weiss kreuz vol. 1-4 - $30
Knight Hunters Eternity/Weiss Kreuz Gluhen vol. 1 (eps 1-5)
Knights of Ramune (complete)
Legend of Crystania: The movie
Level C on hold
Lost Universe 4-5 (both for $15)
Mirage of Blaze 1-4 (complete) $35
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok 1 & 6 (with artbox) both for $20
Soul Hunter 1-6 (complete) $40
Sukisho 1-3 (complete) $25 on hold
Trigun 1-3 ($25 for all three)

I may also be willing to part with the Chobits thinpak set and my Slayers sets (original season, Next, Try and the movies boxset), so if you're interested in any of those, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

Thanks for looking!
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Recently added: Miyavi - This Iz The Original Samurai Style DVD; Black and white lolita shoes; Tarepanda watch; Military/police hat for cosplay; Kiyoharu - Seiza no Yoru single; Japanese (romaji) to english pocket dictionary; Bodyline black x white lace headbow; Extermination for PS2; Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee for XBOX

-Clothes: Hellsing hoodie; Yu-Gi-Oh t-shirts; Gravitation shirt; Visual Kei-style top; Hello Kitty plaid skirt; Fleur de Lis dress; Loose socks+ MUCH MORE and lots of boots and shoes, too!
-JROCK/JPOP: UVERworld Poster; Merry - SCI FI DVD; Octopus Cult - Kamikaze Blues CD; Shoxx, Cure, Duet, Potato magazines
-Cosplay: Mello (Death Note)
-Manga: Angel Sanctuary; Battle Royale; Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobobo; Cromartie High; Demon Diary; FAKE; Galaxy Angel Party; Gravitation; GTO The Early Years; Il Gatto Sul G (yaoi); Knights of the Zodiac; Museum of Terror; No Need for Tenshi; Ohhikoshi; Ranma 1/12; Sorcerer Hunters; The Wallflower; Yu-Gi-Oh; GUSH (yaoi); BRONZE Zetsuai (yaoi); Zetsuai 1989 (yaoi); Togainu no Chi doujinshi (yaoi)
-Video games: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete with map and puppet; Legend of Mana
-Books: "Ring" and "Spiral" by Koji Suzuki

plus tons more stuff :). Please take a look!
I wanna get rid of this stuff, so feel free to make me offers :) I'm very open to negotiations!

WTB J-Rock CD's

I am looking to buy some J-Rock CD's by these artists

High and Mighty Color
Plastic Tree

Albums only no singles. Please let me know what you have and how much you want for them. You can email me at nickhamze(AT)gmail.com Thanks

My jumble of things Sale :D

Hello I have somethings I'd like to sell such as manga yaoi and non yaoi (English, and one Japanese); Doujinshi: Harry Potter and Death Note; a B's Log magazine, a plush from Ojamajo Doremi; and a fan from Fruits Basket. Please click my cut for more

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KHR: Defend

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Sup JGS!

I NEED MONEY, NOW!!!! LOWERED PRICE...AGAIN!!!! That's the lowest I can go JGS!!! I'm literally almost giving it to you for FREE!!!!

I have some stuff in a box that I want to get rid of. I'm pretty sure I spent $200+ on these items, but ONE lucky Livejournal USER is going to get this! I would put it up on eBay, but I need the money FAST!

PAYPAL ONLY, USA ONLY. I have eBay feedback that I will put up upon request. I am also Paypal Verified.

Anyway, here is the items!

This is a big box of ANIME of MANGAS and DVDs.

ASKING $80 SHIPPED $70 SHIPPED $50 SHIPPED (SHIPPING IS $24, but it's included!!!! SHIPPING'S ON ME!!!)
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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Also, for the lucky buyer, he/she will also receive:

Fate/Stay Night: Nendoroid Hetare Saber PVC Figure


(Here's a link for a picture of the Nendoroid figure!!! www.amazon.com/Fate-Stay-Night-Nendoroid-H etare/dp/B001HLPTRU/ref=sr_1_12 )

Thanks JGS, and I hope someone buys soon! I WANT THESE ITEMS GONE!!!!!!!!!
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Please take them off my hands!

Hi, I've been cleaning out some things and want these items to go to a good home!

Manga: I've got Manga for $6 shipped in the u.s. Titles include Fruits Basket, GTO, Saiyuki Reload, Angel Sanctuary & more.


Anime: Just marked down 20%!! I'm selling for my bf, please help us get rid of it! Titles: R.O.D. the t.v. series & more!


And I have clothes and various Kawai thingies.

Just stop by my journal and check it out ^_^


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MAKE ME OFFERS! I just want this stuff gone now. Will post pics upon request.
What I'm selling:

Crescent Moon: 1,2,3 and 5.
Saiyuki Reloaded: 1-3.
Lodoss War comics, 1-10. these are not in manga form, but they are of the original with Deedlit and Parn.
Dragonball/Dragonball Z comics. Again, they are the same kind as Lodoss War. Various numbers. I think I have seven and I'm selling them as a lot.
Suikoden III: 1-4. I have two copies of 3.

What I'm looking for (at decent prices and lots perferably):

He Is My Master manga: I'm looking for any of them but 4. I already have this one.
Road Song: I have number 1.
Gravitation: I have 5 and 10 and EX.
Bastard! I have 1-4.
Death Note: I have 1-4.
Gokusen: I don't know if they have this as a manga, but I would like to read.
GTO: Not the earlier years.
reita :)

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Just Cause: $12
Fallout 3: $30
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2: $10 sold
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: $10
DragonBall Z: Budokai Tenkaichi: $7
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven: $15
Soul Calibur 2: $7
Not Shown: .Hack//Sign Vol 1: $6
Not Shown: .Hack//Sign Vol 2: $6

i ship overseas and only accept paypal D: i have feedback on ebay, and am a trusted seller on this community ;3

wtb Gackt tour items and selling jrock cds and mags...and manga

i also have this items for sale or trade
UV vol 60 and 53 gackt cover 412 each
b-pass jan 2009 mr. children cover comes wit poster of nightmare and breakers $6
artistic in black 3 kisaki photobook $10
gackt book $5
arena 37c special march 2009 gackt back cover $15


LMC dvd signed $10
Silent hill summit 2006 V.A. $10
manga $5 each
junjo romantica v1-3
black knight 1-2
love is a hurricane
pretty poisen
gakuen heaven
i hate to love you
walkin butterfly v 1



Selling: Merchandise, Doujinshi, Manga

Hi all :) I've just updated my selling journal with a ton of anime/manga-related official merchandise and doujinshi. If you're interested, check out slow_robots for figures, swing charms, Prop Petit Plus, Figumate, Chibi Voice-I, clear files, pencil boards, posters, plush, manga, manga magazines, One Coin Figures, postcards, doujinshi, doujinshi anthologies, and more.

Series include:
- Gintama
- Gundam00
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
- Kuroshitsuji
- Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
- Mononoke
- Naruto
- Natsume Yuujinchou
- Nurarihyon no Mago
- Soul Eater
- Tactics
- Tales of the Abyss
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- Togainu no Chi

Please read my policies/FAQ page before making enquiries.

Thanks for reading :)

DS: Sexy Dynamite London Waistcoat, Japanese magazines, writing books, anime region 4, Moyashi

Everything in Australian Dollars (AUD). Please contact me for postage rates locally and internationally. I can ship the same day via EMS, Registered Mail or normail airmail.

Anime - $15 each, all in English, region 4 for Australia and NZ

Kiki's Delivery Service
Howl's Moving Castle
Whisper of the Heart
Le Portrait de Petite Cossette
Princess Mononoke
Laputa Castle in the Sky
Only Yesterday
My Neighbor Totoro
Ninja Scroll

Moyashimon plastic figurine bacterium Aspergillus sojae (A.ソーエ, A. sōe), 2 inches high in box - $6
Morning Glory Clover Leaves Pencil Case $2

Sexy Dynamite London pink Waistcoat, new with tags, $50 back is red satin. Letting it go as I sold the awesome pink top hat I made was planning to wear it with ;_;

2 magazines, katakana exercise book and hiragana exercise book $10 each OBO
Bizu Bee volume 15 (Beads Bee) beading magazine, originally $20.21 from Kanga Kanga. Lots of supplier contacts and exercises.
Bizu Friendo (Beads Friend) volume 18 Spring 2008, originally $20.87 from Kanga Kanga. Lots of supplier contacts and exercises.
Writing Hiragana, Tuttle, bought from Kinokuniya Sydney for $18.94. Unmarked; only photocopied the pages.
Writing Katakana, Tuttle, bought from Kinokuniya Sydney for $18.94. Unmarked; only photocopied the pages.
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I am looking for these CD's, but will be leaving on Wednesday until April. All sellers must reply to me by Tuesday night!


w-inds: "Can't get back the time" single
Seishun's "Mi Amigo" single (Nobuta wa Produce)
Arashi CD's: Time, Dream Alive, One
Lead "Feel the Vibes" album
Golf and Mike

I will look at any other JE artists CD's provided that they are ALBUMS. Other than what is specified in my list, I am not interested in singles.

I can only pay by concealed cash and live in the U.S. Thanks!

I can trade with the following:

The Demon Ororon 1-4
Kingdom Hearts 2,3
Marmalade Boy 3,4
Disgaea 1
Hellsing 1,2
Meru Puri 1-3
Angel Diary 1
Demon Diary
Cowboy Bebop 2,3
Cross 1
Fushigi Yugi 4,6,8 (left to right flipped versions)
The One I love
xxxholic 1-4
Tarot Cafe 1-4
Crescent Moon 2,3
Fruits Basket 6
Gunslinger girl 1
E's 1
Black Sun, Silver Moon 1
DN Angel 1-11
Tokyo Mew Mew 1-6 (some sun damage)
Juvenile Orion 1
Demon Diary 4,5,7
Model 4-6


Strawberry: Sparkle

Looking for Yu-Gi-Oh! items

I'm looking to buy just about anything Yuugiou (Yu-Gi-Oh!). This includes: DVDs (looking for decent subbed episodes in particular), posters, games, CDs,  shirts, etc, but especially the manga. I may also look at cards (not from GX or 5Ds era). Not looking for anything relating to GX or 5Ds.

I'm looking for Yu-Gi-Oh! volumes 6 and 7

Yu-Gi-Oh! : Duelist (I own 4, 7, 16, 19, and 20)

and Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millenium World (I need volumes 3, 6, and 7)

I'll also buy it in Japanese if you have it, but looking for English either way (can't read Japanese xD)
For the manga I'm willing to pay anything under ten dollars, hopefully more around five if you're offering a lot ><
With the rest just say what you want for it.
If you can help me, just comment or send me a message 8D
I also use Paypal.


Need to get rid of manga!

Peach Girl volume 8 (First Print)(like new)
Futaba-Kun change U.F.O. volume 8(NEW and OOP)
Tokyo Mew Mew Volume 5(acceptable)
Tokyo Mew Mew volume 7(acceptable)
Visitor volume 3(good)
Evils Return 3(good)
Shaolin sister Volume 3(like new)
King Hell Volume 2 (acceptable)
Cowboy bebop volume 2 (good)
Naruto volume 1 (good)
The all-New Tenchi Muyo Volume 1(good)
Dark hunger(like new)
PHD:Phantasy Degree volume 1(like new)
Blood+:First Kiss(acceptable)
Here is greenwood volume 1(NEW)

Shojo Beat Magazines:
June 2007(missing about 5 pages)
July 2007(missing about 5 pages)

Kino's Journey Volume 1(like new-only watched once)
Cyborg 009 dvd(has episodes 5-8 and comes with the card)(plastic on case is a bit torn, dvd itself never watched)

Like New:Minor shelfware
Good: Edge covers slightly bent,small sticky spot(from price sticker),or pages look yellow(from age)
Acceptable: Covers bent and there may be shelfware along the spine(everything intact and not ripped-pages+spine)

$40 shipped(15 manga books+2 shojo beat magazines+2 anime dvds!)
I don't have any (seller) feedback here on livejournal but I do on Ebay(jennahlovesyou)

Music for Sale

I am currently running a sale in my journal. All CDs (except for D. Gray-Man Complete Best and all singles) are on sale for $10 each, including shipping in the US. (Outside the US, contact me for shipping price.) All singles are $5 each, including shipping and the D. Gray-Man Complete Best is $30, including shipping.

Here is the list of CDs available

Also available:
Anime DVDs
Sailor Moon Book

More can be found at my journal: http://garagesalecass.livejournal.com/