March 6th, 2009

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Cleaning out the closet, again!

Cross-posted to lots of other places. Desperate to sell!

All prices include shipping to the U.S. unless otherwise stated. Please ask for shipping prices elsewhere.

-two wigs used in cosplay
-Megatokyo t-shirt in great condition
-four One Piece plushies (one sold)
-mechanical pencil with One Piece charms
-Jiji (from Kiki's Delivery Service) phone charm

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Thanks so much for looking!
*sc!* Amu-chan - Pink

UPDATED 2009.3.06

PayPal Preferred
I will also accept money orders and concealed cash (AYOR*!)
*If you don't know this acronym, ASK!
Prices do not include shipping.
I ship to the US via First Class (13oz or less) or Priority.
I ship internationally First Class when able.

Trades are VERY welcome*! Just check my wish list!
*Unless otherwise stated.

PayPal payments via credit/debit card will be asked to pay PayPal fees, as I have created a separate account for them. PLEASE state your payment method and shipping location when requesting items.

eBaY - amulet_moon

Look for special deals listed in this bright pink font!

( UPTATED 2009.3.06 )
betsey johnson

Anime Artbooks, Doujinshi, DVDs, Pencil Boards, and Postcards

Artbooks from: Card Captor Sakura, Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Mononoke Hime, X

Doujinshi from: Gundam Wing

DVDs and VHS from: Fushigi Yugi, Ranma 1/2, Sailormoon, Tenchi Muyo!, Trigun

Pencil Boards from: Magic Knights Rayearth, Yu Yu Hakusho

Postcards from: Card Captor Sakura

Available at Psychedelishop!

Thank you!

DRRR; Vorona ☁ Not what it seems


English language anime DVDs
Gundam and Naruto figurines
PS1 and PS2 games
English language manga
Working anime VHS tapes
All that and more, over here!

TO ALL MY PREVIOUS BUYERS! I now have a feedback post for livejournal, if you've purchased an item from me in the past and have the time could you please head over there and leave a few words of feedback? Thanks!
The Bunny Cafe Anime Hat Cosplay Hats Ba

(no subject)

We will be closing our store in 2 weeks!

Grab stuff while you can!

 We carry handmade anime and cosplay items, japanese and korean fashion apparel and novelty items. Be sure to check out what we have left before it's too late!



New Items at Secondhandmonk!


Updated with over 100 new goods! Take a look at new:

~Action Figures
~Statues and Busts
~Asian ball jointed Dolls
~Coloring books
~Clear files
~Video games

From series such as Sailor Moon, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Inuyasha, Dragonball Z, Descendants of Darkness, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kyou Kara Maou, Spiral, Final Fantasy, and much more!


P.S. I try to upload new things almost every day! Keep checking back for more awesome buys!


I've recently updated my selling journal with many Jrock CDs, magazines, flyers and tour items. Some artists included are: SID, Gazette, PIERROT, D'espairsRay, Angelo and Versailles. ♥ ^^

They can be found here.

WTS/WTT Meteor Garden First Season and a lot of manga

I'm selling Meteor Garden. This is a 5DVD set with the complet first series of the tw-drama, and is out of print. I'm willing to trade this.

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Other things to trade/sell:

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I accept paypal or bank transfer from Europe/Spain

I Am more than willing to do trades for:

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Please, feel free to ask for further information or photos.


NEW ITEMS ADDED! Lots of clothing from Japan & Hong Kong!

★ Liz Lisa One Piece Dress ★
★ Gyaru Style ★ ViVi Style ★Street Fashion ★ Stylish T-shirts & Tops ★ & More!

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Please comment with the following information if interested
or email me directly at

State/Zip Code:
Payment Method: non-cc paypal//cc paypal//cash//money order

★ Shipping is NOT included in the prices.
★ Payment accepted through Paypal +fees(non CC preferred), concealed cash USD and postal money order.
★ I will not be responsible for lost packages or payments.
★ Items shipped 3-5 days upon receiving payment from Houston, TX.
★ 100% positive feedback is here
dbsk : entangled

For Sale: KAT-TUN/Arashi/News/Kanjani8

PRICES LOWERED & some items are still negotiable!

DVDs, LE albums, LE singles, concert goods, shop photos & magazines available:

ARASHI - Hitomi no naka Galaxy/Hero LE version B (new & sealed, with DVD, rare, oop)
ARASHI - Arashic 2006 pamphlet (mint condition)
NEWS - Sayaendou / Hadashi no Cinderella Boy LE (with photobooklet & picture labeled discs, rare, oop)
KANJANI8 - FTO album LE (with DVD & photobooklet, rare, oop)
KANJANI8 - Kansha ni Eight album LE (with member photos, rare, oop)
KAT-TUN & KANJANI8 - Dream Boys 2006 DVD (mint condition)
KAT-TUN & NEWS - Summary of Johnny's World (new & sealed)
KAT-TUN - 2008 Queen of Pirates Concert Bag
Kamenashi Kazuya - 2006 Real Face Concert Clear File
Kamenashi Kazuya - Dream Boy butai photo
Akanishi Jin - 2007 shop photos
An-An [2006.04.12] - KAT-TUN cover
Popolo [2009.01] - with an ARASHI double-sided poster & Jin/Pi photoshoot & interview

I accept Paypal, Western Union & concealed cash (at your own risk). Items will be shipped from the US & I ship worldwide.

Please go to this post for photos, info & details.

Sale :3

(Prices reduced! :] )

I am cleaning out my room so it can be redone and I don't feel like putting many things in boxes. :o

So most of my-
-Video Games
-Jrock/V. Kei
are going up for sale! :O Feel free to make offers on my items. ^_^
I accept payments through paypal and money orders.
Here is a link to my items I am selling and more info.
What I'm selling

I have also added the GazettE's Nil Band Score :)


Authentic H.Naoto items from Japan for sale

I recently bought a fukubukuro when I was in Japan but there are some items in it which I do not think I'll have a chance to wear or they don't fit my style. So I'm selling them here at really cheap prices. If you know about the brand H.Naoto in Japan, it is a really expensive fashion label specialising in gothic and lolita styled clothing. Most of their items range in the hundreds, so I'm really selling all these at a real deal here.


Click here for the rest of the items and details.


(no subject)

- August 2008 Oricon Style feat. Arashi $8
- March 2008 Oricon Style feat. NEWS $8
- March 2008 Potato feat. Arashi $8 (included pinup)
- February 2008 Potato feat. HeySayJump! $7 (pinup og kattun/news used)
- February 2009 Potato feat. Kattun $8
- Jan. 2008 Duet feat. NEWS $8
- August 2008 Myojo feat. Arashi $8
- July 2008 Myojo feat. HeySayJump! $8
- May 2008 Myojo feat. NEWS $7 (slight wrinkle on the cover, not really visible)
- May 2008 Popolo $7 (slight fold mark near binding)
- Feb 2008 Popolo $8
- March 2008 Wink Up feat. Johnny's Juniors $7
- Weeeek limited edition (first press) $15
- Happy Birthday limited edition (first press) $15
- Fineboys October 2008 feat. Yamapi $10
- Yamashita Tomohisa UNOFFICIAL Photobook (purchased in Taiwan, basically a book of his photos from several different photoshoots through johnny's juniors and hoshi wo mezashite time) $18
- 女性自身February feat. Kattun $8
okami wolf

(no subject)

Gatsby Moving Rubber hair wax
Korean & Japanese stationery
paper lanterns
oriental print bags
jrock flyers
Shin album
Yu-gi-oh cards + card covers
Pokemon board games
clothes (tshirts, jackets, hats)
Tenipuri keychain
various PS1 games and video game posters

items starting from $1 & open for trades!

over at: icecream_party

Thanks for looking! :]

March anime Sales

Clamp no kiseki  brand new factory sealed volumes 3 through 6
Sailor moon kaleidoscope wand
sailor moon vhs lot
sailor moon dolls
sailor moon manga and novels
magic knight rayearth complete manga set
bjd clothing
magic knight rayearth season one adn bonus vhs
tsubasa, inuyasha, fruits basket, dragon ball, dragon ball z,bleach, trigun, and lots more manga!

lots including shipping within the us, international bidders pay a bit more for shipping.

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English anime manga etc sale. lost job need it all gone now, need cash asap,please help

Was laid off from my job so I need to sell every thing asap. Any help will be appreciated. Just need to be able pay vet bills for my dog and other bills as well as for groceries so Im desperate here.


I am willing to discuss prices.

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone.

[I decided Id open it up to International shipping too. Unfortunately it seems to be really expensive to send it anywhere else through UPS so ill go through the post office. just know it will be a bit more for shipping that way depending on the boxes weight]

For international please submit address like this:
Street Address:
Postal code:
-----(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me.)-----

[~~~~~~also willing to trade for Kuroshitsuji, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Kyo Kara Maoh items as long as its reasonable trade and shipping paid~~~~~~~]

Any one who asked for stuff last time do you still want it get back to me ASAP please.

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(no subject)

Still looking to get rid of some things, here's the short list ^.^

Anime - Rumbling Hearts #1 - good condition, great anime imho, I just want to upgrade to the full set - $10 shipped

combined shipping on larger manga orders only as these prices already reflect price cuts and include shipping.

$3.50 shipped each
Blue Monday: #1
Clockwork Angels: #1 (2 available - different printings)
Lost at Sea - by Bryan Lee O'Malley, published by Oni Press. Some highlighter marks on the bottom
Misplaced: Somewhere Under the Rainbow

$4.50 shipped each
Ai Yori Aoshi: #10
Digi Charat: #2
Excel Saga: #3-4
Fushigi Yuugi: #7 - older printing by Animerica Extra
Gals!: #3-4
Kare Kano: #6
Kujibiki Unbalance: #1
Lunar Legend Tsukihime: #2
Magic Knights Rayearth II: medium size printing: #1
Pearl Pink: #1
*SOLD* Petshop of Horrors: 10
Slayers Return: vol 4
New Vampire Princess Miyu: #3-4 - published by Studio Iron Cat. There are some highlighter marks on the bottom.

$5.50 shipped each
Dark Water
High School Girls: #1 (small, light bend in back cover)
Hikaru no Go: #1-3
Hyper Police: #4-5, 7
Nightmare Before Christmas
{Charlotte} Kazuno

DTS: Gokutama ROCK Cafe + An Cafe Magazine

I'm selling my copy of "Gokutama Rock Cafe". It's the original Japanese Release, First Press Limited Edition (CD + DVD). Will include all the inserts and the sticker. Besides, I'll also send a Vinyl Syndicate Magazine, with An Cafe on the cover, for FREE.

As I really need this sold as soon as possible, I'm asking for US$35 SHIPPED worldwide, or best offer.

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Thank you for looking!

Reposting of D Gray Man charas

Reposting of D Gray man Charas!
I ordered a whole set of D gray man chara fortune not realizing I had a good bunch of them already (I have them put away and tend to forget to double check what I have). So Im selling my doubles or ones I am not that interested in

For those who dont know what chara fortunes are, they are mini mini figures with fasteners so you can clip them. Most charas come with a piece of paper telling you your fortune but these come with it attached to the fastener. Here is an example of my lavi fortune:

The charas will come wrapped in plastic (how I received them)so I dont know what fortunes they have.
Kanda (reg)- $10
Kanda (with bandage) - $9
Allen (reg) - $9
Tyki - $9
Earl - $7

Onto Charas!
Shipping will be $2.00 in US
Internationally will be $4.00

I am also open to trades. Currently I collect Complete dvd boxsets, binsen, and PVC Figures. Please refer to wish list ^-^

Holding policy: I will hold if buyer is very serious for up to 7 days (a week)