March 8th, 2009

Selling: Anime, Manga, Jrock

I'm selling:

-4 anime DVDs (titles include InuYasha, Excel Saga, and Magic User's Club)

-a bunch of manga (titles include InuYasha, Ragnarok, D.N.Angel, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Shaman King)

-2 jrock items (D'espairsRay posters)

as well as some other things. If you're interested in anything, please check out the details here! Thanks!

Nano Chupa chup phone charms from Japan for sale!

Two nano chupa chups phone charms for sale. Brand new. Each chupa chup charm is about 3 cm long.
  • Coca cola (Blue)
  • Chocolate and vanilla (marron)
$5.50 U.S SHIPPED for BOTH TOGETHER ($1 US for each chupa chup phone charm and $3.50 US for postage for both together) I'm from Australia but will ship anywhre in the world for this price.

Pay in US dollars, please :) makes it easier for me coz I use US on the net. Paypal only :]

more pics @ my lj

100% positive feedback on my official shop journal:

Please leave a comment in my lj @ if interested in buying or have a question. Thanks!

They come from this collection, except they are not featured in this ad:

At Strapya, it was about $7.10 shipped for 2 chupa chup phone charms. You save if you buy here :]

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Sexpot Revenge Button Up Shirt for Sale

It is from 2007 I believe. It is a button up shirt, with zip off sleeves and a couple other zippers elsewhere. The back says "Break the Husk" and the front says "Shout the Desire". The only problem is that it is wrinkled and needs to be ironed. It is a size Free also, but wears like a US medium.
Price: $75

it is not made anymore, so if you are interested and would like a picture please post ^_^

WTB: Checkbook/long style wallet and storage box/drawer


I'm looking to purchase a checkbook/long- style wallet ^__^ I'm looking for a hello kitty one or just one with cute prints :3 I'm not looking to spend much on it, maybe 8-15 dollars shipped ^^; So please show me what you have!

I am also looking for one of those plastic boxes that have drawers on them and can be used to hold pencils, pens, etc inside!

Thanks :D

Tons of new items added and site updated!!

I have been rehauling the site since my last hacker attack from scratch and as such doing another huge round of updates.
This round of updates has series items from ......
 Moe Kare   Kaikan Phrase   Akuma na Eros   Sailor Moon    Card captor Sakura   Descendant of Darkness / Yami no Matsuei   and other series!!   Sho-comi     Nakayosi   LaLa   Hana to Yume  

Anyone with questions please let me know!! I am getting into more of my personal bins and the updates will continue when I get home tonight from picking up my daughter from Tampa. I have feedback on e-bay as well as on my personal LJ account.

  Check out the site! -->

I am also starting to add cels, production sketches for sale!! Cels from series like: GTO, Ippo, Sailor Moon, Marmalde Boy, InuYasha
And Production art from series such as: Loveless, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Ultra Maniac, Princess Tutu, and more  will all be put up as the week goes on and I can find time down from the baby ^_^.

(no subject)

Tons of Manga for sale!!
FREE SHIPPING when $10 worth of items are purchased


Basilisk Volume 1- $5
Basilisk Volume 4- $5
Basilisk Volume 5- $5
Black Cat Volume 1- $3
Dazzle Volume 4- $3
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex(NOVEL)- $2
Godchild Volume 1 $4
Gunslinger Girl Volume 2 $5
Kodocha Volume 9- $5
Kodocha Volume 10- $6
New Vampire Miyu Volume 3- $6
Princess Ai Volume 1(x2 copies)- $5
Princess Ai Volume 2
- $5
Princess Ai Volume 3- $5
Punch! Volume 1 (Japanese)- $3
Punch! Volume 1- $5
Punch! Volume 2- $5
Punch! Volume 3- $5
Shadow lady volume 1- make offer
Vampire Princess Miyu Volume 3-$6


Basilisk: Box Set (4 Disc)[Widescreen Box Uncut] - DVD : $30
Kino's Journey Volume 1- $7
Samurai 7 - Volume 2 w/box (Limited Edition) SEALED: $20
Yu-Gi-Oh: Ties of Friendship Volume 14 SEALED- $5

Please check out my ebay listing HERE

Prices are negotiable


Band Goods & Fashion Items

I accept Paypal only (CC ok, no paypal fees!), and will consider trades (though this may take longer). Please leave a comment or PM me for the item(s) you're interested in, and don't hesitate to ask clarifying questions. Some items do not contain photographs, so if you're interested to see what it looks like...please let me know.

I have listed set prices that include the price & worldwide shipping for the items in that particular category. If someone chooses to purchase an item individually, the price will be pro-rated down. Individual prices do not include shipping, and I will need to quote that for you. I will consider all offers; however, I will not accept them all.

I do not accept holds, so please comment when you are ready to pay. There is a chance that the items will still be available when you have the funds :) Don't despair!

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Thank you for looking!

Lots of newly-listed manga and doujinshi for sale or trade

I have added lots of items from my collection to my sales page, such as:

Everything is open to trade, so come take a look! I have Garagesale Japan feedback. ^_^ If you're interested in anything, leave a comment for me on this post or email me.

Huge manga sale! Many new Shoujo + Yaoi titles added!

Just Dropped Prices:
Sailor Moon Supers v1-4
$45 shipped for set (normally sell for $15-20 each on ebay!)
Sailor Moon Stars v1-3 $85 shipped for set (normally sell for ~$40 ea on ebay!)
*Both sets very Rare and in great condition, just a couple creases*
(Shipping price includes delivery confirmation!)

Angel Diary v1-6
$30 shipped (media mail)
Boy Princess v1-4 $20 shipped (media mail)
Land of the Silver Rain v1-7 *complete* $35 shipped (media)

Hot new titles:
Lily Hoshino:
Love Quest (New)
Mr. Flower Bride (new) <-hot off the presses!
My Only King

Fumi Yoshinaga:
Don't Say Anything More Darling
Lovers in the Night
Flower of Life 1-2
Truly Kindly

And also:
20+ Shoujo titles

3+ Shounen titles
Price drops on older series!

tachikoma_sales </lj>
Genesis BJD

Manga, Anime and Figure for Sale

Hi All,

I have the following for sale. Prices include shipping within the USA and I prefer Paypal payments but will accept concealed Cash at your own risk. Offers are welcome but may not be accepted


Sailor Moon Re-release Japanese Volumes 2, 7, 8, 9 and 12. All except vol.2 have raised letters on cover and stickers inside, all are in perfect condition! $12 each.


E's Otherwise Slim Boxset complete series, perfect condition $25


Kingdom Hearts Sora MasterForm Playarts never opened still in sealed box $28
yakitate! japan

Manga for sale

Manga for sale
Shipping is as follows (media mail in the U.S.): 1-3 books $2.50, 4-6 books $3.50, 7+ books $4.50

The following $6.00 each:

Eden vol 1-3 ($15 for set)

Two of Hearts
Lovely Sick
Wild Butterfly
One Night Lesson
Little Cry Baby
Love Lesson
Fake Fur
Shy Intentions
Desire of the Gods
I'll Be Your Slave
Cafe Kichijyoji
Cantarella vol. 1-5 ($25 for the set)

Also I have a Hitman Reborn Dino poster:
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Check out my last post for other items (including more manga, doujinshi and misc. items) and pictures. Thanks!
KHR: Defend

(no subject)

Sup JGS!

I have some stuff in a box that I want to get rid of. I'm pretty sure I spent $200+ on these items, but ONE lucky Livejournal USER is going to get this! I would put it up on eBay, but I need the money FAST!

PAYPAL ONLY, USA ONLY. I have eBay feedback that I will put up upon request. I am also Paypal Verified.

Anyway, here is the items!

This is a big box of ANIME of MANGAS and DVDs.

Free Image Hosting at

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Also, for the lucky buyer, he/she will also receive:

Fate/Stay Night: Nendoroid Hetare Saber PVC Figure BRAND NEW


(Here's a link for a picture of the Nendoroid figure!!! etare/dp/B001HLPTRU/ref=sr_1_12 )

Thanks JGS, and I hope someone buys soon! I WANT THESE ITEMS GONE!!!!!!!!!

PS3 Socom Confrontation Complete!
PC Diablo Battle Chest
$40 shipped FOR JGS members for the two games above, unwilling to split unless good price offered.
Here's MY listing on eBay for reference(there's a pic for the games).

Legend of Dragoon(PS1) $20 shipped
Hack Infection W/ Anime DVD $15 shipped


I'm selling a lot of J-Rock related things, like Magazines, Flyers, Posters and more!
Come have a look ♥
Lots of the GazettE realted items! ^^

- Shipping from Germany
- Payment by Paypal (+0,40€) or Bank Transfer for European Countrys
- Shipping to worldwide 
- Shipping costs are depending on where you live! Just ask me ^^
- The prices don't include shipping!
- If you need any more details on items or more photos, ask me!
- All prices can be discussed ^^

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Collapse ) SYNDICATE Vol. 14
Cover: AnCafe
Contains: AnCafe, bis, the studs, 12012 and more
Condition: good, it was already folded in the middle, when I got it.
Price: 1,50€

Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )Collapse )If you're interested in something, write me a comment or e-mail me:
Thanks ♥
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