March 19th, 2009

Kumi - married

Selling JRock, Manga +MORE

I'm in need of some extra cash!!
Selling some Manga, JRock, Shoes, Bags and Books!!
Please take a look!!

@ sadist_x_saki

Gackt - December Love Song singles (Japanese, Chinese & English versions)
Dir en grey - UROBOROS album (plus promo poster)
Dir en grey - DOZING GREEN single (CD version)


Kill Me, Kiss Me (Vol. 1 & Vol. 3)


Exotic Beauty

blue wig

I am looking for a short-haired dark blue wig.
I want to cosplay Himiko from getbackers.
If the wig is a little long, I can figure out how to cut it.

And of course I am still looking for anime pins. Please post if you have some.
A lot of people who post do not say that there are pins in the piles they are selling.
So I end up searching through everyone's sales for hours.

Thanks guys!

For Sale


Saiyuki: Reloaded - Gojyo x Sanzo - yaoi 18+ 5$
Saiyuki: Prayer - Gojyo x Sanzo - yaoi 18+ 12$

Prince of Tennis - Ryo x Chotaro - yaoi 5$

Cosplay magazines:

CosMode Vol. 10, 11, 13, 17, 18 5$ each or 20$ for all

Shipping will be calculated exactly.


Looking to buy

I'm looking to complete some of my manga collection. I want them to be in excellent condition.

After School Nightmare volume 10
Junjo Romantica volume 8
Fruits Basket volume 22+
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle volume 16, 20+
xxxHolic volume 12+
Vampire Knight volume 6
Ouran High School Host Club volume 10+

I'm located in the US and can pay by PayPal. Please be willing to haggle. Thanks!
{ルキ} damned & free

WTB: doujinshi

so my recent obsession has become buying doujinshi... & besides eBay, what better place to look than here? :'3

so hand over your links people, i'm not limited to one series, one genre, one pairing {yaoi & het included}

please only post if your prices are reasonable, i'm not about to pay 20$+ for one doujinshi, that's quite absurd for sometimes 20pages in my book. :\

Lot of anime toys!

Here is a lot of various anime toys that have been sitting in a drawer for about 2 years now.
I would really like to get rid of these so I am offering them as a lot.
You can get all of this for only $15 shipped in the USA!
(if you live overseas, let me know where you live and I will calculate the shipping)
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1 Dejiko plush, 1 Piyoko Plush, 1 Nami Plush, 1 set of Digi Charet Gashapon figures, 2 Inu Yasha Pins, 1 Sailor Moon chibi figure, 1 Sailor Mars key chain, Set of 2 Ruri from Nadesico figures, sorry her head is turned around in the picture, I didn't notice till now. Their head, arms, hair pieces, are detachable.
NOTE: Plush dolls are quite old, and you can see some wear to them, none have tags, and are sold AS IS.

I prefer non-cc paypal, whoever can pay by non-cc paypal gets first dibs.
I can accept concealed cash (at your risk) if necissary.
Tracking and/or Insurance are optional, and will cost more, but if you do not have these things, I can not be responsible for the items after they are shipped.

I have feedback on eBay
My Journal
loligoth_dbs (as kanashimi2/kanashimi-sales)
and Amazon

I also have lots of other amazing deals on my journal including all manga only $1!
A lot of cute stationary, Japanese magazines, jpop/jrock items, all for possibaly the lowest prices you will see!
So check it out!
Fafner - Kazuki & Soshi
  • riari

Anime and Manga for Sale

I will take offers for most items, especially the anime VHS and manga. I basically want to find these new homes.

-English manga-: Firefighter Daigo vol. 8-9 and 11, Galaxy Angel Beta vol. 1-2, Tactics vol. 1-2

-Doujinshi-: Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, Hikaru no Go, Inuyasha, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy X, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh

-Japanese manga-: Shirahime-syo, Pet Shop of Horrors, Switch, Ludwig Kakumei, Ten-Ryu, Shin Rekka Fuumaden, Sotsugyo-M

-Japanese Yaoi manga-: Gravitation, Boku no Koe, NY NY, Count 5, Kuki no Sonzai, Kasho no Tuski, Smile, Kin no Cain, Hitomi no Giwaku, Miserarete, Hageshii Ame, Toki no Rashinban

-CDs-: Zilch 3-2-1, Gravitation Sound Dramas

-Video- DVD: Witch Hunter Robin v. 1 w/box only, VHS: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Returns, CLAMP School Detectives Boxset

-Toys-: Evangelion EVA-00 Normal Version and EVA-02 Metalic Version

-Sailor Moon-: Sailor Moon R Puzzle, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Pullpack Card Set 14, Sailor Moon SuperS PullPack Seal Bookmarks/Stickers Part 6

-Various-: Slayers Chroma Cel, Ichiko Ima - Hyakkiyakou Shou Artbook

Please check it out here!

(no subject)

+ Items for SALE +

Prices are negotiable and do not include shipping.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have and if you would like better pictures just let me know.

My PayPal is:

You can either reply on LJ or you can contact me via E-Mail:

Those who are allergic please keep in mind I own a cat and a dog.

Video Games

I am open to some trades especially if it involves Saiyuki~

from my journal to ebay

yup thats right im putting eveything from my journal slowly on ebay.
i put up a set of clamp no kiseki on ebay for a starting bid of 49.99.
theres a few watchers but no bids yet! go on and bid on it they are brand new factory sealed.
or if you want one right now theres about 20 boxes left in my sales journal as well.
dont miss out on it. theres tons of other clamp mangas and vhs' on my ebay as well.
lots of sailormoon dolls and some wands and book and vhs.
fruits basket mangas, magic knight rayearth, bleach and much more.
come check it out.
slowly but surely everything from my journal will be moved o ebay if no one buys it by this weekend!
tons of clamp no kiseki, cardcaptor sakura clow card set and more.
also selling my sister fruits basket 1-22 set most are new
magic knight rayearth complete collection and season 1
clamp no kiseki 49.99 volumes 3-6
bleach rurouni kenshin and more
sailor moon kaleidoscope wand
and tons more!

on another note me and my sisters bday is in 2-3 weeks check out my wishlist if you have anything from there ill buy it for me or my sis!


I hope you guys can help. I'm looking for a new or used-but-playable copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, preferably the FES edition. I started playing the game and loved it, but my disc got damaged after only a few hours of play. I'd be willing to pay up to $20 in concealed cash or money order (no Paypal) or would trade for anything in my journal. Please let me know if you can help!

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Recently added: MANY PIERROT GOODS! \:D/ prices lowered

-Clothes: Hellsing hoodie; Yu-Gi-Oh t-shirt; Gravitation shirt; Visual Kei-style top; Hello Kitty plaid skirt; Fleur de Lis dress; Tarepanda watch; Loose socks+ MUCH MORE and lots of boots and shoes, too!
-JROCK/JPOP: Miyavi - This Iz the Original Samurai Style DVD; UVERworld Poster; Merry - SCI FI DVD; Octopus Cult - Kamikaze Blues CD; Kiyoharu - Seiza no Yoru single; Shoxx, Cure, Duet, Potato magazines
-Lolita - Bodyline headbow, Black x white lolita shoes
-Cosplay: Mello (Death Note), Military/police hat
-Manga: Angel Sanctuary; Battle Royale; Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobobo; Cromartie High; Demon Diary; FAKE; Galaxy Angel Party; Gravitation; GTO The Early Years; Il Gatto Sul G (yaoi); Knights of the Zodiac; Museum of Terror; No Need for Tenshi; Ohhikoshi; Ranma 1/12; Sorcerer Hunters; The Wallflower; Yu-Gi-Oh; GUSH (yaoi); Zetsuai 1989 (yaoi); Togainu no Chi doujinshi (yaoi)
-Video games: Extermination for PS2; Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee for XBOX
-Books: "Ring" and "Spiral" by Koji Suzuki, Japanese (romaji) to english pocket dictionary

plus tons more stuff :). Please take a look!
I wanna get rid of this stuff, so feel free to make me offers :) I'm very open to negotiations!

Selling Manga's!!

(Prices: All the series Manga’s are $3-$4, One shots are $6 and Doujinshi is great condition, is $9)
Paypal and Money order accepted
Only selling what's listed! ^_^


Blue Sky (Yaoi)
Hero/Heel (Yaoi)(Smut in the end)
Love Share (Yaoi) (Smut in end)
Kissing (Yaoi) (Cute, a tamed smut)
Restart (Yaoi)(Smut)
Invisible Love (Yaoi)(smut)
Forest of a gray city (Manhwa)


Night of the Beasts 1-2
Model 1-6
Let Dai 3
Eerie Queerie 1-4
Anima 1-3
Junjo Romantica 1-3(SOLD)
Forbidden Dance 1-4
Ordinary Crush 2
Our Kingdom 1-3
Tramps Like Us 1-2
Kami Kaze 1
Ranma ½ 1
Pixie Pop 1
Get Backers (Doujinshi GinjixBan)

Pics under cut to see condition.

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Totale outsale: J-Rock/Anime/Manga/Asian kawaiii Fashion/Movies/Collectibles & much more!

J-Rock CDs/DVDs/Merchandise of:

L'Arc-en-Ciel, Gackt, Kiyoharu, SADS, Nightmare, Do as Infinity, DOA, Runa signed photo/sheet & much more, Death Note Nendroids & Collectibles, cute Asian clothing & loads of Anime & Manga related stuff. ^.^v

Total outsale & extreme price reductions, lots of new stuff added (esp. movie DVDs)! Get it, before someone steals your fav item away from you. ^.^v

(!) All prices in USD (billing in € also possible)
(!) Shipping from Germany, will ship worldwide, Paypal account available
(!) first come, first serve

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(no subject)

Prices include shipping
One manga $4
Two+ manga $3.50 each
100% Perfect Girl Volume 1
100% Perfect Girl Volume 2
Basilisk Volume 1
Basilisk Volume 4
Basilisk Volume 5
Black Cat Volume 1
Dazzle Volume 4
Kodocha Volume 9
Kodocha Volume 10
Magic Knight Rayearth 1-3 (3 volumes in 1)-$7
(shows much wear on cover and spine,pages themselves are in good condition)
Princess Ai Volume 1
Princess Ai Volume 2
Princess Ai Volume 3

Kino's Journey Volume 1(like new, only watched once)- $5
Samurai 7 Volume 1 SEALED+Samurai 7 Volume 2 w/box (Limited Edition) SEALED-$20

OR all for $55

Ask for pictures If interested.
Please check out my ebay listing
Really need money so prices are negotiable