April 12th, 2009


HUGE spring sale


i'm still selling a lot of things i don't want anymore. I'm open to do trades (take a look at my wishlist). If you don't like a price we can talk about it just leave me a message or send me a mp.

All the things are from a free smoke house but we have a very nice black cat.

I accept paypal (international) and bank transfer (spanish-european people). If you buy more than 60€ you get free shippin :)

I can provide photos and can answer all your questions.

You can find: english/french/german/japanese/Korean/spanish manga, furoku, artbooks,... and very rare items like a Magic Knight Rayeart H Dojin (you must be +18) or Meteor Garden complete first season out of print version.

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Kpop, Jrock, Jpop, and Jfashion


Japanese: Listen Flavor shirt, Signed An Cafe CD, Dir en grey cd, 12012, Visage Deux, Magazines, Hello!Project merch

Korean: LOTS of Super Junior things including a rare Kangin mirror, photosets, and posters. As well as Fan Balloons and a TVXQ item.

Also an unused Blue wig.

Everything MUST go.

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Adult Yaoi 18+

  Hi. I am looking for 18+ yaoi manga, along the lines of Dany & Dany (doesn't have to be them...I have a lot by them). Art sketchbooks welcome. I am in the UK. Thanks
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CDs and anime merchandise for sale

Hello, I've reopened my selling page now that I'm in Japan and I know where the local post office is. I have Johnny's cds and some merchandise for various anime series, Bleach, Hetalia and Naruto for sale.

You can check my selling post here to view the items.

Also, since I am located in Japan, and near Tokyo, I can look for items for people. But you have to give me a visual reference of what the item looks like, the price and the store(s) that are known to carry the item. For any item or order over 500 Yen I will ask for a partial payment (which will be non-refundable) before I buy the item, so I do not risk buying the item just to have someone change their mind and back out. You can PM me the information or leave a comment at my selling post.

Added new cosplay items!! 12.04

Hello everyone especially cosplayers :D!!
I have added new cosplay and random items few hours ago ♪ Really low price so please come take a look!! Help me clear these items!! :D

Shipping from Singapore.
→ Using Normal airmail for all items.
→ Payment by Payal / bank-transfers for local buyers.
→ All Prices negotiable!! :D

→ (Stil dying to sell off Guys Uniform/Gakuran D:)

① Lucky☆Star Winter Uniform Set
② Konata Izumi 100cm Blue Wig
③ Baby/Cream Pink wig extension
④ D.Gray-man Buttons

...and other random items like magazine and accessories!!

( Click to proceed to sales post... )

Manga for Sale

I have a bunch of manga I am looking to get sell as I am moving. $4 dollar piece with a discount if you buy more than 3. If you take all 61 volumes you get them all for 150 dollars ($2.45 each) Send me an email at nickhamze @ gmail.com (remove spaces) if you want them. I take paypal or check/money order

Comic Party 1-5
AI I Love You 1-8
Sgt Frog 1-8
Boys Be 1-4
Dot Hack Legend of the Twilight 1-3
Crescent Moon 1-5
Threads of Time 1-6
The Tarot Cafe 1-4
Real Bout High School 1-6
Gunslinger Girl 1-2
Negima 1-4 (1-3 in Omnibus Edition)
Samuari Champloo 1-2
Death Note 1
Crossroads 1
Psychic Academy 1
DN Angel 1
Air Gear 1
Full Metal 1
Naruto 1
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1-6 7-9 11-12
Paradise Kiss 1, 3, 4

Selling: Merchandise and Doujinshi

Hi all :) I've updated my selling journal with new anime/manga-related official merchandise and doujinshi. Prices have also been lowered!

If you're interested, check out slow_robots for figures, swing charms, Prop Petit Plus, Figumate, Chibi Voice-I, clear files, pencil boards, posters, plush, manga magazines, One Coin Figures, postcards, doujinshi, doujinshi anthologies, and more.

Series include:
- Gintama (doujinshi + anthologies, Voice-I dolls)
- Gundam00 (Prop Petit Plus figures)
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (doujinshi + anths, most of the merch categories listed above)
- Kuroshitsuji (Clearfiles, pencil boards, doujinshi, swing charms, G-Fantasy mag + goods)
- Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (doujinshi + anthologies)
- Mononoke (doujinshi)
- Natsume Yuujinchou (LaLa mag + Nyanko-sensei goods)
- Nurarihyon no Mago (doujinshi)
- Soul Eater (swing charms)
- Tales of the Abyss (Prop Petit Plus figures, clear file)
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Figumate figures)
- Togainu no Chi (One Coin figures)

Please check my policies/FAQ page before making enquiries.

Thanks for reading :)

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that commenting/posting was on restricted setting. This was a mistake on my part, and has been fixed. My apologies for the mix up x.x
Mai Kawasumi

Check it out Key fans! Kanon, Air TV, Clannad(soon)!

Hello JGS!

I know some of you are HUGE Key fans! Looking for the DVDs of Kanon 2006 or Air TV for CHEAP? LOOK NO FURTHER! Here's my eCrater store:

Here is the COMPLETE Air TV DVDs in BRAND NEW condition:

Kanon artbox and vol. 3 for cheap:


Lots more! Check it out!
(US only, Google Checkout accepted)

Selling Manga Sets! Some Rare and HTF sets! Also some Misc.

First off my feedback can be found in my journal, second entry down. And here as Kbmidal on eBay:

I accept both PAYPAL(Preffered) & MONEY ORDERS
I also accept offers and trades! Mainly Sailor Moon, but I like lots of other stuff too ;D
All items I will gladly provide pictures for upon request.
Items are sold to the first person who can complete payment or with the highest offer.
All prices are without shipping.

I'm selling these following Manga Sets:

Confidential Confessions Vol. 1-5 & DEAI 1-2 (6 is missing, and 1 has some damage to the front cover from the laminate peeling off) 55$

MARS Vol. 1-8 60$

Sailor Moon Yellow Box Irwin 17" Doll (removed from box, but never from cardboard)

Luna P Sphere Blue Box (removed from box to test function, working, promptly replaced. Box is a bit beat up) 25$

La Portrait de Petite Cosette DVD & Mini Poster 15$

Inuyasha, Yuki (Human/Fruits Basket), Human Inuyasha Plushes 5$ each or 12$ for all 3

This is what I'm selling at the moment. If you feel my prices are too steep please feel free to offer! I'm very lenient and alot of this stuff I'm really just looking to declutter and make room for my other collectibles. Thank you!

FS: Cute and Pretty Swimmer Boots!!

For sale, I have 3 pairs of brand new boots from popular japanese brand SWIMMER! :D :D
They were a huge hit and the white boots were said to be the most popular color :D
Brand new, never worn, still with tags :D -- I only have one of each colour, so don't miss your chance! ^__^
Add some extra cuteness to your outfits with these! ^^

Available in White, Pink and Black! :D

Size Japanese M (23.0-23.5cm)
For a shoe size convertor, please see here ^^


Price I'm asking is $75 including regular airmail shipping shipping - if you'd like registered, it will be extra :)
This is a cheaper price than what I paid for with customs and shopping service fees, but I got sent the wrong size so I'm looking to find new homes for them TT___TT;;

I take all forms of paypal, but will have to ask the buyer to pay fees, sorry! ;__;
I ship worldwide :D

Thanks for looking!!
Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

(no subject)

I have updated my selling post with quite a few COMPLETE anime series. I hate to sell them, but I'm just running out of room. XD I also have a set of RARE Final Fantasy X and X-2 keychains and a Coke figure for sale.

Series include:
-Scrapped Princess
-Cowboy Bebop
-The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
-Last Exile
-Get Backers
-Le Chevalier D'eon
-Angelic Layer

Check it out! pics and pricing can be found at my selling post.


♥ More Moving Sales

My June 1st packing deadline is getting near, and I still have too much stuff to move. Slowly updating sales, here's a few new items!

My new computer doesn't take my camera's SD chip, so I have to use my friend's computer to upload pics. But if you'd like to see photos ask for them, and I can get them right away!

All my feedback can be found in this post. Includes off-LJ links.

Prices do not include shipping

I accept Paypal and am in the US.

= =Please comment to buy here, or on my journal= =

♥ New! Stuff that has yet to be photographed. (Updating slowly)

♥ ParaPara Max CD- $5

♥ Death Note DVD Volume 2, L cover- $5

♥ Considering selling .hack//SIGN complete anime series, open to offers

♥ Kamikaze Girls, HARDCOVER- $10

♥ L'arc- en- Ciel LIVE from 1st Mariner Baltimore Arena DVD- $5

♥ Japanese Gothic & Lolita Bible, Vol. 26 (Autumn 2007)
Quality- B-
some small parts of pages were cut out for collages. However the patterns and directions have NOT been touched and most of the magazine in still intact. $7

♥ Japanese Gothic & Lolita Bible, Vol. 24 (Spring 2007)
Quality- B-
some small parts of pages were cut out for collages. However the patterns and directions have NOT been touched and most of the magazine in still intact. $7

♥ Japanese brand tea set with four cups and saucers, pale green "leaf" design with pink strawberries. Comes in original branded box, very fine China, used once then washed and stored in a closet. Not sure what to ask!

♥New! Miyavi KABUKI ROCK tour teeshirt
Size: Men's Medium
Worn twice, but since I have the hoodie I wear this less now. Asking $30, less than I paid on stupid eBay.

Also, tons of handmade dresses, skirts, and sweet accessories can be found here. Please to be looking thar!
Disney Princess

(no subject)

★Japanese Fashion★
★Cheap Anime

★MarJour★Harajuku Lovers★Disney★Tales of Phantasia★Digi Charat
Death Note★Excel Saga★Cardcaptors★I my me Strawberry eggs★Hellsing


Low starting prices, desperate to sell

mini cid plushie
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First sale on this comunity, see if there's anything you want!

Hello everyone, this is the first time I've posted on this journal, so I hope there might be something you might be interested in at my selling journal. I accept paypal and carefully concealed cash. Would be shipping out of the US.

Rurouni Kenshin, Legal Drug, and some Japanese shounen ai mangas that I unfortunately cannot translate the titles of, but there's pictures! Pencil boards, a DVD, Final Fantasy doujinshi, and some postcards too!

If you have any questions on any items, please comment there or send me an e-mail at cideon@gmail.com, I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Since I'm new here, this is my feedback link at eBay.

Thanks for looking ^_^
disco pigs

Seven J-rock Magazines

I have seven J-rock magazine back issues for sale:

Vicious - December 1999
Vicious - July 2000
Vicious - June 2001
Arena37c - December 1999
Arena37c - July 2000 - ::SOLD::
FOOL'S MATE - February 2000
FOOL'S MATE - July 2000

Details and pictures are under the cut!

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Anime stuff - Everything must go!!!

Ok! I'm serious! I need to get rid of this stuff!  

Everything is $20 and under!

Plushies are $5 a piece.  All artbooks $10 each!!  Comic books are $2 per book.  

I ship everything media mail so it's much cheaper (unless it's pins or plushies or something non-media).  I will, of course, work out the best shipping price if you buy more than one item.  Also, if you buy A LOT of items I can work out a deal with you.

-Not everything is pictured so let me know if you need a photo of something.  Ignore some of the prices on the pics!


feedback at ebay - username "jankenpon"

Fushigi Yuugi Animazement t-shirt (large)
Fushigi Yuugi manga (Japanese 13, 15)
Ayashi no Ceres manga (2,5,7-9)
Epotoransu Mai (Yuu Watase manga #1)
Apparejipangu! (Yuu Watase manga #3)
Zettai Kareshi (Yuu Watase manga #1)
Escaflowne manga (shounen 1&2)
Escaflowne doujinshi
Full Moon o Sageshite manga (1-4)
Haru kanaru toki no naka de manga (1-2)
Nothing – Kaim Tachibana
Trigun ring size 17
Trigun – VHS/DVD specialty cards
Trigun shitajiki
Trigun artbook
Trigun manga (Japanese 1-2)
Trigun Maximum manga (Japanese 1,2,3,5)
Trigun Kuronekosama plushie
Inu Yasha manga (1-2)
Rasen by Kaim Tachibana
Oh My Goddess manga (English)
Neo Romance VHS (live)
Ah My Goddess shitajiki
Shinesman shitajiki
Gundam Wing Complete Operation artbook
Gundam Wing Memorials artbook
Gundam Wing 5th manga (Japanese Pocke series)
Gundam Wing manga (Asuka comics DX)
Gundam Wing novel Operation 2 (Duo Maxwell)
Gundam Wing doujinshi - Shinigamikun
GW doujinshi – Happy Dance
GW doujinshi – Moon Drop
GW doujinshi – Angel Duist
GW doujinshi – Ken Mizuki
GW doujinshi – The Grave Post of Wings
Samurai Troopers doujinshi (Animate Collection 18)
Mononokehime Kodama plushie
Glay – NYC Shuffle
GLAY – Survival video single (VHS)
GLAY Dome Tour 1999 (VHS)
Evangelion - toy
Dragon Ball Z Animayhem cards
Dragon Ball Z Freesia movie
Saiyuki Backgammon (red cover)
Saiyuki manga (Japanese #2 and #6)
Saiyuki – Goku card, Goku shitajiki, Goku/Kogaiji keychain charms
Shinesman Post Card Set
Shinesman manga (Japanese #1-4)
Card Captor Sakura manga (Japanese #1)
X artbook – Clamp
Card Captor Sakura artbook - Clamp
X manga (Japanese entire series)
Kero-chan plushie
Tsubasa manga (Japanese hardback #1-3, 5)
Rasen manga (Japanese #’s ?? there are two)
Kagerou-Nostalgia manga (Japanese #1)
Erementar Gerad manga (Japanese #1)
Tempting Heart (Japanese movie guide with Takeshi Kaneshiro)
Random anime pins

Tenchi Muyo – Tenchi (OVA)
Fushigi Yuugi – Taka/Tamahome
Ayashi no Ceres - Aya
Record of Lodoss Wars tv series (all of Spark)
Gundam Wing – Shenlong Gundam
Ah! My Goddess!
Clamp School Detectives
A random old-school anime cel
A Duo Maxwell sketch
Card Captor Sakura (Touya)


hi my name is Ikuma.

im looking for the following items;

bell the cat phone strap,
LM.C bento box,
LM.C padlock necklace.

sorry it wouldnt let me poast pictures, but if you do have these items for sale, please contact me

thank you ^^

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TUK Creepers for SALE

Patent white/black leather creepers

top view
TUK Creepers (black and white leather)--completely authentic and never worn!
Size 8.5 (could fit a 9...I'm a 9.5~10 and it was too small <.< thought i could bear with it but i haven't really worn them out once ><)
Retails at $125
$60shipped in the US or Canada (heavy!)--negotiable
Great for jrocker and punk outfits







Please go to http://japanesecandy06.livejournal.com or go directly to the post HERE for more information you'll need.