April 13th, 2009

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Yaoi Press & Laura Carboni Yaoi

 I am looking for anything by Yaoi Press or Laura Carboni (who contributes to anthologies, as well as sometimes does covers)

In particular:

Laura Carboni:

[K2C - Outside] - Fanzine
Love Circles
Lemongrass (Fireangels)
Amore e Catene
Don't Touch Me...Touch Me
I Magnifici 7 Meno Due
I Nostri Ricordi
Riley e la pistola
Seba e Ferdi
The Sleepless Doctor
All'ombra delle piramidi Atzeche
Yaoi Pink Bundle

Anything from Yaoi Press is welcome, but in particular:
Yaoi Hentai (all volumes)
Exorcisms and Pogo Sticks
Desire of the Gods
The Aluria Chronicles
Yaoi Volume One: Anthology of Boy Love
Dark Dreams

I am in the UK. Thank you

(no subject)

please take a look at my journal!
reasonable offers accepted on everything.

tons of kawaii, stationary, purses, shoes, nintendo ds, and much more.

i really need money and to make some space, so please take a look and make an offer if you see something you like! ^~^

want to buy...

looking for a female 4" microman doll - she can be any color and in good condition - i really dont care if she comes with the extra hands or not - if anybody has one or knows where i can get one on the cheaper side (im a little strapped for cash at the moment) would be a great help
beautiful boy on a beautiful dancefloor

(no subject)

manga; yaoi, horror, shounen
doujinshi; naruto [yaoi]
anime; naruto gear
games; sims 2, ps2 controller extensions
movies; asian horror
clothes; vkei, lolita, offbrand, punk, plus sized
music; silent hill, mucc, nine inch nails
books; lolita fashion, japanese language education
magazines; shoxx, asian cult horror, vinyl syndicate
accessories; purses, cosmetic bags, jewelry
fliers/posters; fiore, mushishi, blood, kotoko, azumi, kirito, uverworld, the ring 2




Jrock,rare magazines! art books, and more! Free WORLD WIDE shipping

These items can be found on my selling journal!!!


New items added :
Dir En grey High quality photos! (an entire set)
8cm cds still available, featuring bands like LAREINE
KUROYUME, L'arc En Ciel , Hyde, Luna Sea and MORE.

PHOTO BOOKS! By clamp! (North side still available, only 15!!!)



I'm also adding rare magazines! Fools mate # 6 rock press 2007 featuring angelo includes bonus dvd, fools mate # 7 featuring mucc in 2007, NEO PLATNUM VOLUME ONE. featuring Pierrot , J, plastic tree , sophia, hakuei and mana. a special BPASS! featuring Pierrot Extra includes special DVD [never opened] "Front special through the broken world the past days 1997 to 2001"! Dont miss this opportunity for a great deal these need to go asap only 10$ each!! go to my journal for pictures.

my cds and goods, paypal accepted.

WTB Utada Hikaru stuff

Hey there,

I am looking to buy out of print or rare utada hikaru cds/dvds/promos/collectibles..if anyone has anything that they are willing to let go, please let me know. Would appreciate if you can ship to the UK/accept paypal.
Sugarbunnies ` parfait

Lazy Days Sales ♥

Hello! I still have some items to clear out of my room, so please help me get rid of them and find them a good home ^_____~  ♥
• Hello Kitty Purse
• Tegomass Miso Soup RE Single
• KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 clippings, posters, and pin-ups - *CLEARANCE SALE*: $0.20 single clippings, $0.75 clipping sets, $2.00 posters & pin-ups!
• NEWS and Tegomass shop photos: Taiyou no Namida, SUMMER TIME, Ai Ai Gasa
• Asian/Fobby Clothes
• Xenosaga: Episode 1
• and more!

*freebies included with every purchase
*i accept paypal and concealed cash
*i'm willing to trade/partial trade
*more details and items at my sales journal! please come check it out! ^-^ ♥


(no subject)

Hello, just got back from Sakuracon. In order to get the figures I wanted, I, of course, ended up with some extras that I'm reselling here.

Shipping not included, everything is new.

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Jack Sparrow: $20
Pete (x2): $10

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Roro (bottom right, running): $6.00

Also: Yaoi Manga: Naughty but Nice by Naduki Koujima
$10 shipped in the U.S.

Check out my sales journal sushisalez for more items.


things you should know:

a) paypal (nonCC) is preferred; however, I can take CCpaypal (with CC fees added) and concealed cash at your own risk.
b) don't like the price? feel free to haggle! I love haggling. :D
c) trades are accepted; however, only for the items/games that I really want.
d) shipping will be calculated via the USPS site; you will be free to pick what type of shipping you would like.
e) my feedback is here

anime related clothing here
- Noir, Witchhunter Robin

anime goods here
- import dvds, US region dvds, artbook, manga

anime goods prt 2 here
- evangelion & other figures, manga (japanese/english), cardcaptor purse

Quick Sales post 1 here.
- Imports, Fatal Frame, etc.

Video game quick sale part 2 here
- PAL region games, ATLUS, ps1

Mega Sales post here
- DS, 360, GBA, PS2, PS1, Xbox, Gamecube, etc.

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Note: If you ordered something from me either last week or today, it will be sent out this tuesday; you will be getting an email with a picture of your receipt for your records. Thanks again. <3

english mangas

would like to have sales quick
1. All in English
2. All shipping not included
3. All in new to good condition

Ouran High School Host Club vol 1-8 ----- $25 for all or $3.50 each
Fruits Basket vol 1-10, 14, 15 ----- $35 for all or $3 each
Cardcaptor Sakura (left to right version) vol 1-2 ---- $5 for both
Corrector Yui vol 1 --- $2
The Wallflower vol 10 --- $3
Chobits- whole set- (not sure if i can part with it, try to make an offer worth considering)
Yuki Koto Kiku --- $6
(yaoi)Loveless vol 1&2 ---- $7 for both

Wedding Peach vol. 1 --- $5 or best offer

I'd be happy to send pictures, answer questions and feel free to negotiate reasonably. Thank you for looking.

Tons of JE's and cute stuff for sale



I'm selling off a lot of my Visual Kei goods along with some other things, I've decided to lower the prices quite a bit since I didn't have a lot of luck the last time I tried to sell things.

All singles: $5
All Albums: $15
Doujinshi: $10
Posters: $10 (they are full sized not magazine size)
Gothic Lolita Bible: $12 each
-there may be exceptions and they are stated below, prices do NOT include shipping-

Please comment if you want more pictures, details, have any questions or anything, I take paypal, and concealed cash. I'll ship anywhere in the world, but please be aware shipping internationally in the USA is rather pricey. I'm willing to negotiate as long as it's reasonable, I will combine shipping if you buy more than one thing, and willing to make combination deals (like if you buy all of my stuff of one band it'll be a discount, that kinda thing) Not really interested in trades but if Kyo and Kaoru are involved I might! Thanks for looking :)

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I have perfect feedback on e-bay under then name Toko-kun if you would like to check that out and thanks for looking!

(no subject)

All prices are negociable. Make me an offer as I want to get rid of this stuff.

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I take paypal and am willing to take concealed cash/checks as well. My e-mail is megami_no_anime@hotmail.com for any further questions or discussions on purchases. Or you can just leave me a comment here. Shipping will be around $2-3 depending on the item(s).

I will also be attending Animazement, Otakon, and AnimeUSA this year and am willing to hold transactions until the con if you are attending any of them and want to save on shipping.
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J-Glam merch up for auction~!

My sister just came back from Anime Matsuri and realized that she spent way too much money. She bought two of everything because she loves me so much, but then I yelled at her and said, "Why did you spend soo much money!?" DX (All while I just spent all my money on An Cafe merch)

So now that we've come to terms on our broke-ness...we've decided we should let go of some of our J-Glam merchandise. T___T

( Click to see the items up for auction )

cross-posted a bit, so I apologize if you see it more than once

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Selling doujinshis + more

I'm selling

1 Doujinshi "Demian Maiden" by Mamiya Oki
1 Doujinshi Loveless "Mimi to Boku" by Kouga Yun
1 Doujinshi Rising Impact "Kor" by Itsuke Kaname (Serizawa Kaname)
2 Doujinshi PoT "Break Point" by Jekyll (Akira Hojo)  Tezuka x Fuji
1 Mirage of Blaze anthology "Yashashuu Doumei 19"
1 Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru 2008 callender by Odagiri Hotaru
1 AI-ORE! A collection of illustrations by Shinjo Mayu

Please, see them HERE.

Thank you for looking :XD

manga for $20

im trying to get rid of some manga. the titles include-

chrno crusade vol 1
swan vols 1 and 2
kare kano vols 1-3
yurara vol 1

all are in good condition. total for everything-$20 and that includes the shipping or you can offer a reasonable offer. i also have some sailor moon items for sale. these include-

1.sailor moon r movie-dvd
2. sailor moon super s vol 1-dvd
3. japanese sailor senshi books-mercury, mars, jupiter and venus- all sm items are in good condition as well.
let me know if you are interested and i have feedback on the community of serasell.

clamp 20 for 20 sale

 Clamp no kiseki volumes 3 through 6
brand new factory sealed

only 20 boxes left!!!
all clamp items from my page are running out.
this is my last crate left of boxes.
i plan on removing the clamp section from my sellers page once they are all gone.

special offer is $20 per box
whichever dont sell by the begiinning of next week will go on ebay.
yes i do except trades so check out my wishlist
paypal accept and other payments as well.
partial payments are fine
i can hold for a few days if necessary
etc etc
check it out!!


CLOTHES - h.naoto, Liz Lisa
FLYER - lots XD (for example Deluhi,D'espairsRay, Rentrer en Soi, 9Goats Blaco Out, 167BIZ,sadie ...)
CDs - Vidoll Puzzle Ring + Comment DVD, lots of Undercode stuff, dir en grey dvd
POSTER - Gazette; Alice9, vidoll, D
MERCHANDISE - Gazette, Merry
PHOTO SETS - Screw, Vidoll, The studs
MAGAZINES - Vinyl Syndicate, Gab., Takadanobaba Area Magazine

Please check my Selling Journal.


Shipping from Germany to worldwide.
Paypal accepted.

New Items added, CD prices lowered.

stoned, kyo

(no subject)

Selling Dir en grey Singles
Selling my basically new to used and still greatly usable cd's and dvd's from non-other than Dir en grey. :)
For today I have only the singles to show:

  • -I'll- sold
  • Clever Sleazoid
  • Glass Skin
  • Dozing Green sold
Others not pictured:
Uroboros Deluxe Edition
The Marrow of the Bone Limited Edition Sold
Vulgar Sold

1999 Nen 12 Gatsu 18 Nichi Osakajo Hall DVD
Final 2003 5 Ugly Kingdom DVD
Tour 05 It Withers and Withers DVD

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I selling some posters which I don't need : O
(they are all from magazines and 2 sides posters :D)
all posters shipping world wide from germany (0,50€ + 1,45€ shipping)
(so for more than 3 or 5 I make a good price b'cuz the shipping I mean for all + flyers)


LM.C (maaya) - Tohoshinki
Uruha (gazette) - cinema bizarre
Miyavi - haibane-renmei (manga)
death note - teknolaiz (manga)
an cafe - gazette
w~inds - ruki (gazette)
jeanne Da Arc - gackt
SID - girl with pink hairs
gackt - tak sakaguchi (actor: death trance (star))
bloodpit (not japanese) - Kai (gazette)
my chemical romanze (not japanese) - aoi (gazette)
miyavi - panic at the disco (not japanese)
lostprophets (not japanese) - ruki (gazette)
lovex (not japanese) - déspairs ray (live photo)
dream - onmyouza
the candy spooky theater - ? (no idea how call this dolls)
nightmare - orange range - t.m. revolution (the nightmare & orange range are on one side)

flyers: (european) = 0,50€ / LM.C = 1€

plastic tree (other side : J-invasion with kaggra, kra , screw , sug , alice nine)
Plastic tree (other side : ayabie)
déspairs ray (both sides despa : D)
an cafe
LM.C flyer (both sides LM.C : from japan not european)

maybe if some interest I sell with heart pain my
MUCC - shion album (european edition) NEVER PLAYED GOOD condition
make an offer or buy it for 10€ : D

(important ... for photos PLS ask THX. <3)
Halloween // miki and yuki

Selling Jrock Stuff!

Selling some J-Rock items, please take a look!

J-Rock CDs, posters, flyers, article and sticker for sale at my journal!
Including LM.C, the Gazette, AnCafe and many more.
Please take a look over here.
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Selling/Trading YAOI mangas

Hi!  ^__^

I have several yaoi mangas for sale or trade as well as several anime items.

** Mangas:  Jazz 1,  L´etoile solitaire, Sweet revolution, Yellow 1, Kiss all the boys 1, Until the full moon, Zetsuai 1.

** Gashapon:  Tsukasa from Lucky star, two girls from Guardian angels.

**X/1999 items: Keychain, badge, clear folder.

** J-pop:  L´arc en Ciel´s Lose control single.

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(no subject)

~ Visual kei, punxy, lolita and gyaru brand and offbrand clothing!
~ Jrock and jpop cd's!
~ Japanese magazines and books!
~ Manga in English, Japanese, Finnish and Swedish!
~ Anime and Asian movies! 

All in my journal!