April 14th, 2009

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Moving Sale...More To Come Later!

Terms:  I prefer to ship to the US but will ship internationally if buyer is willing to pay the additional shipping fees. I only take Paypal. I will combine shipping. I do not take trades at this time since I am trying to unload stuff. Feel free to make an offer if you feel my price is too low.

Bodyline top, New with tags - $15 shipped in the US

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Anime and Manga goods for sale

I still have lots of doujinshi, doujinshi stationary, Japanese and English manga, and anime DVDs for sale, along with a few other items as well!

Still for sale at Shifting_Stars

Manga in English and Japanese; Humor and yaoi manga.
Anime DVDs; Humorous and fanservice series/OVAs: Dragon Half, Mouse, Tenchi Universe, etc.
Detective Conan doujinshi; light yaoi (Heiji/Shinichi, Kid/Shinichi) and romance (Shinichi/Ran)
Other Light yaoi and gag doujinshi; Getbackers, Kyou Kara Maoh, Samurai Troopers, Hikaru no Go, and other series.
Adult manga/doujinshi; all yaoi books in Japanese. Fullmetal Alchemist (Hughes/Roy), Kyou Kara Maoh (Conrad/Yuri), plus other series and original manga.

Doujinshi stationary: Anime series A-M and L-Z, Game series, and Original art or unknown series.

Other anime/manga items; Including shitajiki, bookmarks, and a drama CD.

Thank you for looking! Please enjoy the selection and I hope you will find something you like. ^_^


I'm selling some things again!

- Mangas (Zeus, Neji and more)
- Posters (the GazettE, D'espairsRay, Gackt, bis and many more)
- Flyers (AnCafe, girugämesh)
- Magazines (Fool's Mate with the GazettE, Arena 37°c with Nightmare and more)
- CD's + Single's (Dir en Grey, Janne Da Arc and Kagerou)
- Stickers (girugämesh)
- Postcards (AnCafe)

You can find them here in my journal:


Please have a look! ^^
Shipping from Germany.
Paypal only.
Shipping to worldwide.

Also I'm able to print exact 3 Posters!!!
You just have to pay for it and you have to give me a picture (as big as possible with a good quality).
For more information go here:

There is one more thing here:
I'm auctioning off an Ayabie Europe Tour Poster from 2007.
For more details simply click on the LJ cut!

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That's all for now! ^^
I hope you can find something in that you're interested in! ♥ 
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Looking for JE + Samurai Champloo CD's!

I'm looking for the following:

w-inds "Can't get back" single
Other w-inds albums
Lead- Sunny Day single, Stand up! single
"Feel the Vibes" album, "Lead! Heat! Beat!" abum
Tegomass/Lovely Complex single
Hey! Say! 7! album/singles
Samurai Champloo Soundtracks

I'm only looking for U.S. sellers, and I don't have much to spare in terms of spending so please keep that in mind. Let me know what the shipping cost is to a 20850 zip, thanks! :)

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Chibi's Shoppe
I'm selling a number of items from my personal collection.
here you'll find everything from music CD's, DVD's, artbooks and manga to posters, figures and trading cards.
Click on the links to go to each catagory.

Ordering (Read First!!)
Music CD's
Artbooks, Manga, and Doujinshi
Figures and Plushies and Statues
DVD's and VHS
Collectibles, Video Games, Trading Cards, Misc
Cosplay and Wigs

Ball-Jointed dolls/Dollfie clothing


To order, simply email me at
Inutsuzuki@comcast.net with your order and zip code and I will respond with a total. Thanks and happy shopping!!

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Does anyone have Sailormoon postcards for sale?

Ive been thinking about adding them to my collection of SM trading cards but is there a lot to collect? Or are there not a lot of SM postcards out there?
imaikira 19

Ebay auctions!

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Eso's Economic Collapse Sale! (Updated)

As our economy crumbles to dust around us, we could all use something to cheer us up, right? I have dozens of items listed on my journal for sale at prices reduced by as much as %50. All included photos are formatted in Photobucket's new Slideshow feature, so if you are having trouble seeing them, I will post direct links to the sale galleries. Follow the fake cuts below to get to the sales!

Including series like FMA, Chobits, Samurai Deeper Kyo, and more. DVDs and Collectibles.

Full series for sale, as well as individual chapters

Figurines, soundtracks, and rare books from some of Japan's best exports. Zelda, Dragon Warrior, and .Hack are all included.

I have so much stuff from this series that I needed a separate category, just to keep it in order. If you are a fan of this series, I have rare goodies that you cannot miss.
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Gazette Shirt and Sexpot Revenge Shirt for Sale!

Hey guys, I've got 2 shirts left for sale and I want to get rid of them!
The first is a Gazette shirt from their 2007 Heresy Club, which means its Fan Club exclusive! It is a size small but is very tight, and has never been worn. For the shirt, I would like $20.

The second is a Sexpot Revenge shirt from 2007, which can be worn as an overshirt or a vest. It is button up with many extra zippers on the shirt. I paid about $80 and I would like $40. It is in great condition, barely worn.

(not sure which link works)

Lemme know if you have questions! ^_^
GITS Lauhing Man


This is probably long-shot...I'm looking for following items in English and I'd like to see the pics too.

Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 9
The Young Magician volume 1, 3, 9, and 10

I desperately want to buy it.

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Added new items~check out the clearance sale of buy 2 items get 1 free! ^^

Added New Items!~
Limited time only Clearance, Buy 2 Items get 1 Free on selected Items (on all posts!) Check the posts for details~

☆★Guys (baby milo) and Girls Clothes (gray loose top, champagne colored flower dress, cute sets from asia, jackets, skirts, tops, sweaters, more!) Added lots of new sets! (bikini tops from taiwan, good quality loose gray top with ruffle dress slip, pompom hoodie, pinstripe blouse with necklace from taiwan, brown plaid vest from taiwan)

☆★Loliable &Lolita Items

☆★Bags, Pouches &WalletsNEW! Fiona brand (Taiwan) bag, bow clutch, Pikapika handbag and other cute bags from asia!

☆★Accessories~(muffler, mirrors, umbrellas, couple cellphone chain, hair accessories, jewelry, legwear, shoes and more!) added cute bows for ur hair!

☆★Gameboy Advance Set, DS, games and game guides, Manga (naruto, kurosagi, Crayon Shin-chan, Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo), Anime &other Collectibles (Trexii, One Piece, Naruto), Plushies (babu, Gloomy bear), Cute stationary and notebooks from asia, and Others Added Gloomy Bear and bear plushie~

☆★ Entertainment (magazines and CDs and DVDs) - Jolin, Arashi, Kisarazu Cats Eye Movie, Ayumi Hamasaki, Nana Kitade, JE magazines

come take a look at ~ J♥sweets Shop ~

Searching for some items

Im currently looking for the following items:

Hana to Yume Nov 20,2008 issue #23 (preferrably new, or comes with extra items)

Shugo chara_V.1-5
Skip Beat_V. 9-17

Kyo Kara Maoh: V. 6 and 9 with mini cel (also looking for just mini cel of v.2 and v.8)
Basilisk: LE 3-6
Elemental Gelade: V.5-6
Princess tutu (Single dvds) - Complete set

Trades would be wonderful (partial trades also welcomed) but I will buy as well if the price is right ;). Please look at my journal for items ^-^

Also selling a few dvds(shipped prices for US):
E's Otherwise Thinpak- $25
Kaleido Star Thinpaks season 1 and 2 (box has some shelf wear but cases and dvds in mint condition) - $25
Air artbox and V.2 - $17
Getbackers thinpak complete series season 1 and 2 - $47

*Selling* Magazines, Limited Cds, photo [updated 10apr]

(Click on the link for pictures)

all are brand new SEALED AND JAPAN EDITION

-Ohno Satoshi - Freestyle + signature card S$55 (reserve by santiago, waitlist o_happyday_872) *sold*
-Ohno Satoshi cover - H magazine $32
-one love singles    *Limited Edition* S$46
-Truth Single  (white edition) *Limited Edition*  S$30
-oricon style 03 May & 05 May   S$10each
-TV GUIDE   S$10
-MAQUIA December 2008 $28.40
-Popolo  Feb 09 $28.40
-Oricon Style 7/7 09 $18.80
-CUT  Aug 2008 $35 *unseal but untouch*
-VIVI Magzine S$21 Sep 07 issue
-Calendar 2009-2010 $60

Dream A-Live
-Dream A-Live Hp strap $40
-Dream A-Live photo book    S$50
-Ohno Satoshi Dream A-Live Shop photo  $60
-Aiba Masaki Dream A-Live Shop photo   $60
-Sakurai Sho Dream A-Live Shop photo   $60
-Ninomiya Kazunari Dream A-Live Shop photo   $60
-Matsumoto Jun Dream A-Live Shop photo   $60
-Couple Dream A-Live Shop photo   $50
-Group Dream A-Live Shop photo   $40

-photobook 1st in New York   S$35
-[[2006] SKY PerfecTV!   S$30
-Album Best of KAT-TUN   *Limited Edition* S$150
-Potato JUNE issue  $29
-DUET $29

Hey Say Jump
-Wink Up February S$15

Japanese magazine
-Egg May issue - $13.70

fix price shipping NOT included
- accept paypal (additional 5% paypal charges) / cash (buyers risk)
- ship international ^^ (from singapore)
- meetup station: bugis / chinatown / outram 

feel free email me at ohnolic@hotmail.com ^^feedback


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