April 22nd, 2009

Totale Outsale: J-Rock, cute/stylish Fashion, Anime, Manga & much more - everything must go! ^.^v

Re-posting my offers again - new fashion items added + there is still loads of cool stuff looking for new owners.^.^v

J-Rock CDs/DVDs/Photobooks/Merchandise/signed photo, Anime/Manga stuff, cute Asian fashion & accessoires, books, games, movie DVDs & Collectibles!

(!) All prices in USD (billing in € also possible)
(!) Open for (partially) trades
(!) Located in Germany, but will ship worldwide, Paypal account available
(!) free surprise gift with each purchase (as long as supply lasts)

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[EBAY] DJMAX Trilogy Limited Edition 'Pulsar'

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Up for auction on Ebay is a like new DJMAX Trilogy Limited Edition 'Pulsar' set. Starting bid is only $69.99, pretty much the original list price for an item which has long been out of print and difficult to find. As an added bonus, along with the Pulsar set, the winning bidder will also receive the DJMAX Metro Project 'Illusions' artbook that came with Black Square's Limited Edition! Details and more on the auction page~!


If you missed the boat for this item in December, now's a great chance to get this while the getting's good!

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day ^^!
reita :)

elling parts of my jrock collection (and a DENTAKU cd!!)

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so i have to part with some of my jrock collection, because of some car payments (;~;). everything here was bought by me (in japan) and all legit (no bootlegs!!). i have feedback on lj, and ebay if you need to see some credentials. i accept paypal and concealed cash (use at your own risk!). i ship internationally, but it int shipping is pricey (D:)


RAINBOWS(完全初回限定盤)(40ページ別冊ブックレット付) [Single] [Limited Edition] [Maxi] (offers?)
Y.M.O. - Yellow Magic Orchestra USA 10.00
爪爪爪/「F」 [Single] [Maxi] 10.00
Fleur~フルール~ [Single] 10.00
Gackt - Love Letter 12.00
Gackt - 野に咲く花のように [Single] [Maxi] 9.00
GaGaalinG - rendezvous [Limited Edition] [Maxi] 7.00
RESCUE/RYDEEN 79/07 [Single] [Maxi] 10.00
FOOLS MATE MAY 2008 6.00
Plastic Tree - 花燃えて、亡霊の涙、天幕に堕ちる。 -Live & Clips 2005 15.00

not pictured
Fruits Basket - Memory For You 10.00
The Back Horn - Emotion Picture Vol.1 [Limited Press] 19.00
DENTAKU - カラフルクリスマス 25.00
(only a handful of these were ever made, and released at Eiji's own live shows.)
ElDorado - 革命論 demotape 20.00
(only 200 copies made!)

WTB: English manga

Hi there, I'm looking for:

Challengers (Hinako Takanaga) - vol 1 (I'm desperate, because this is going to be a birthday gift for someone; any of her other works would be appreciated as well...I think)
Hino Horror (Hideshi Hino) - vol 15
Panorama of Hell (Hideshi Hino) - 1 volume
Museum of Terror (Junji Ito) - vol 2
The Drifting Classroom (Kazuo Umezu)  - 1+
Any other Kazuo Umezo works in English

Thanks in advance~!
ruka xxx

Selling K Star VK/Lolita top~

I'm selling a NWT K Star lolita/VK longsleeve top! It's sized M/L. Only tried on, thinking I could match it with something, but it's too big for me. Comes with collar cuff set ^^

Bought this from an ebay seller some time ago, but never really did anything with it, as I had only tried it on.

Selling for $45 + ship. I'll only accept Paypal and concealed cash (AYOR)

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For Sale: 3 Rare An Cafe Shirts, a L'arc en Ciel Shirt, and a Sexpot Revenge Shirt!


The Hibiya On the O New Sekai shirt is on the left, the Nyappy Go Around 2 shirt is on the right, and the Ree Ree Cafe shirt is in the middle on the bottom. All 3 of the shirts are size M, and they are all very rare. The Hibiya shirt is obviously from Bou's last live (and has a Red Cafe tag), the NGA2 shirt is from the tour before his last lave (Red Cafe also) and the Ree Ree Cafe shirt came with a CD release in 2004.

I am looking for atleast $50 for Ree Ree, $75 for NGA2, and $100 for Bou's last live (considering the rarity of the shirts).

As for the Sexpot shirt, it is in this photo:
It is from 2007 and is button up with zippers in a few spots (such as the sleeves). Size Free (fits like a medium)
I am looking for $50 for it.

The L'arc en Ciel shirt is from their 2000 Realive Club tour, size Small.
Picture here:
I am looking for $30 for it.

I am willing to haggle so please let me know if you have questions ^_^


CLOTHES - h.naoto, Liz Lisa
FLYER - lots XD (for example Deluhi,D'espairsRay, Rentrer en Soi, 9Goats Black Out, 167BIZ,sadie ...)
CDs - Vidoll Puzzle Ring + Comment DVD, lots of Undercode stuff, dir en grey dvd
POSTER - Gazette; Alice9, vidoll, D
MERCHANDISE - Gazette, Merry
PHOTO SETS - Screw, Vidoll, The studs
MAGAZINES - Vinyl Syndicate, Gab., Takadanobaba Area Magazine

Please check my Selling Journal.


Shipping from Germany to worldwide.
Paypal accepted. Payment in € only.

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$3 and $5 anime dvds, $2 and $3 manga, Free ship w/ $10 purchase!

Hi, selling $3 and $5 anime dvds and $2 and $3 manga. All are the official region 1 releases. Also you get free media mail shipping if you spend $10 or more. I have positive feedback in this community and 1000+ on ebay (username: animecelsforsale) Please let me know if you have any questions.

All Anime dvds in this list are just $3.00 each They are all the official region 1 release editions.

Aura Battler Dunbine vol. 1
Battle Athletes Victory 5
Betterman vol. 1, 4
Corrector Yui vol. 1, 2, 3 (3 is dvd only)
Devil Lady vol. 5 (dvd only)
Dot Hack vol. 6
Dot Hack Legend of the Twilight vol. 1 (dvd only)
Dragon Drive vol. 7
El Hazard: The Alternative World vol. 4
Flame of Recca vol. 1
Galaxy Railways 1, 3 (1 is sealed)
Gantz vol. 1-6
Gasaraki 8
Gatchman 1, 2
Gatekeepers vol. 1, 3,4,7 (Signature series edition)
Genma Wars 1-4
Godannar vol. 3
Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick vol. 2
Hoop Days vol. 1
If I see you in my dreams tv series
If I see you in my dreams ova series
Infinite Ryvius vol. 4
Initial D vol. 10
Inuyasha vol. 16
Legend of the Dog Warrior Hakkenden
Lost Universe vol. 5 (sealed)
Melty Lancer vol. 2
Midori Days vol. 1
Mirage of Blaze vol. 2
Naruto vol. 13, 14
Overman King Gainer vol. 1
Patlabor TV vol. 10
Patlabor the New Files vol. 1
Patlabor WXIII
Powerstone vol. 5, 6
Ranma 1/2 Ranma Forever vol. 1 Initiation Nite (dvd only)
Reign vol. 1
Saiyuki vol. 7
Samurai Seven vol. 1,2,4,5
Starship Operators vol. 1
Stratos 4: Return to Base (OAVs)
Tetsujin 28 vol. 2
Those Who Hunt Elves II vol. 1
Twilight of the Dark Master
Viewtiful Joe vol. 1, 3
Wedding Peach vol. 3
Wild Arms 1-5
Wild Cardz
Urusei Yatsura 1
Yu-gi-oh! vol. 2
Yukikaze vol. 3
Yu-gi-oh Battle City Duels vol. 10
Yu Yu Hakusho vol. 24 (dvd only)
Yugo the Negotiator: Pakistan vol. 1, 2

All Anime dvds in this list are 5.00 each. They are all the official region 1 release editions.

Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi vol. 3 (sealed)
Angel Layer vol. 1
Beck vol. 1 (sealed)
Bleach vol. 2 (sealed)
Blue Seed vols. 1-4
Escaflowne 1 (dvd only), 7, 8
Fate/Stay Night vol. 1
G Gundam vol. 1-6, 9, 10, 12
GaoGaiGar vol. 2
Genshiken vol. 2 (dvd only)
Hand Maid May vol. 1-3
Last Exile vol. 1
Madlax vol. 1
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Chapter 1 (2 dvds)
Petite Princess Yucie vol. 2 (sealed)
Piano Melody of a Young Girls Heart vol. 1 (dvd only) vol. 2
Pilot Candidate vol. 1
Please Twins vol. 4 (dvd only)
RG Veda
Rumbling Hearts vol. 1
S-cry ed Special Edition vol. 2, 3 (2 dvd sets, original set dvds 3 and 4, 5 and 6)
Spiral vol. 1-6
Tenchi Muyo! GXP - Police Diary 1, 3, 4 (2 dvds per police diary)
Tenjho Tenge vol. 1 (dvd only), 2
Tide-line Blue vol. 1

Manga: All manga is $2.00 each

Alien 9 vol. 1
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Beet the Vandel Buster 3, 4, 6, 7
Beyond the Beyond 1-4
Bleach 3
Ceres Celestial Legend vol. 1
Dark Angel Volume 5 (graphic novel size edition)
Embalmer 1
Geobreeders vol. 5 (graphic novel size edition)
Hunter X Hunter 12
Hyper Police vol. 1
Naruto 4
Princess of Tennis 2
Rurouni Kenshin 1
Samurai Deeper Kyo 2, 5, 6
Zatch Bell! 2, 4, 9

$3 each manga:
Atelier Marie and Elie 1, 2
Chibi Vampire Novel 4
DearS 1, 2
Slayers novel vol. 5: The Silver Beast
Tokyo Babylon 1, 3, 4
Wish 1, 4


-SHOXX Jrock posters(The GazettE, Nightmare, Alice Nine)
-Jrock CDs(Babylon, Pure Q&A, and more !)
-Anime items(Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist)
-Clothing items(Shirts, socks, hats)
-And more !

Please come and visit:
My Journal !
Bus Gamer: no name

HI AGAIN (now with more stuff!)


Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning = finding random stuff everywhere. Good deals for you! Added more yaoi-related items, some more Tokyo Pop manga (selling them for a friend of mine) some Asian Fashion items (low prices, so please take them off my hands!) as well as miscellaneous anime-related items. Also, please notice all of the $1 or less items...most of which can be "1 free with any purchase!" Click on the photo above to go directly to the sales entry!


I have a collection of E-PLUS doujinshi that I am thinking about putting up for sale as a set. I've been collecting them for some time now, but they've just been kept in a box in my closet. When I started spring cleaning, I came upon them, and figured I should probably say goodbye to them, if I can find someone who is interested/who can pay for them. The titles I have are listed as follows:

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Basically, I'm not sure if anyone's interested in buying a whole set. It took me a really long time (and a lot of money for overseas shipping) to get my collection this far, so I'd hate to divide it up. As far as pricing goes...oh man, I haven't a clue. I usually turn towards JPQueen, but half the titles above aren't even available, and the RED SCREEN I saw for sale is for like, $49.50 or something O_O;


Birthday Eve

WTB && still selling...

First off, is anyone selling, or does anyone happen to know anyone selling, the following T.M.Revolution albums:

ღ Makes Revolution
ღ Progress
ღ DISCORDanza TRY MY REMIX (I almost thought I had this one and then I saw the asking price. $63.99?! You best be joking, n****...)

...or these DVDs:

(doesn't want to HAVE to pay near full-price on CDJapan)


And then, I still have some items up for grabs here
at my selling post on my eljay.
I've added a couple items since the last time I was here...
Prices, rules and restrictions reply. Not valid on the planet Saturn. Do not use near open flame.
Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

(no subject)

I'm trying to sell this punky/gothic lolita blouse.

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Also have alot of anime complete sets and rare anime/manga merchandise for sale. Some things include:

-The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok DVDs 1-7 + Box (Complete) - $35
-Last Exile DVDs 1-7 + Box (Complete) - $45
-Get Backers DVDs 1-10 + Boxes (Complete) - $50
-Le Chevalier D'eon DVDs 1-6 + Box (Complete) - $45
-Angelic Layer DVDs 1-7 + Box (Complete) - $30
-Moon Phase DVDs 1-6 + Box (Complete) - $30
-Peach Girl DVDs 1-4 + Box - $17
-His and Her Circumstances DVDs 1-5 + Box (Complete) - $30
-Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories- $26

Pics and more info can be found on my selling poat.


Lolita Skirt and DS &PSP games added!

Added New Items 4/22/2009!~

Clearance, Buy 2 Items get 1 Free on selected Items (on all posts!) Check the posts for details~

☆★Guys (baby milo) and Girls Clothes (gray loose top, champagne colored flower dress, cute sets from asia, jackets, skirts, tops, sweaters, more!) Added Bow and Ruffle Dress (perfect for prom, graduation, bdays, etc!), ruffle tiered polka dot dress (very popular now!) and jean tights

☆★Loliable &Lolita Items Added Bodyline Pink plaid x black skirt (brand new!), blouse (NWT) and mint pearl necklace

☆★Bags, Pouches &WalletsNEW! Fiona brand (Taiwan) bag, Pikapika handbag and other cute bags from asia!

☆★Accessories~(muffler, mirrors, umbrellas, couple cellphone chain, hair accessories, jewelry, legwear, shoes and more!) added polka dot belt and mint pearl necklace!

☆★Gameboy Advance Set, DS, games and game guides, Manga (naruto, kurosagi, Crayon Shin-chan, Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo), Anime &other Collectibles (Trexii, One Piece, Naruto), Plushies (babu, bear), Cute stationary and notebooks from asia, and Others Added DS games and PSP games!

☆★ Entertainment (magazines and CDs and DVDs) - Jolin, Arashi, Kisarazu Cats Eye Movie, Ayumi Hamasaki, Nana Kitade, JE magazines Added Ayumi Hamasaki's Guilty and Secret, and DDR EXTREME ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK

come take a look at ~ J♥sweets Shop ~