May 22nd, 2009



im in dyer need of the LM.C phone straps, preferably the one form tehe 09 tour!
but they have been sold out on the website,

i really really need one, if you are will in to sell or know of a site that does (that wont cost the earth) PLEASE let me know!!!!!

thanks for your time ^^ hope you can help me

Reposting of sales

Just another repost of sales.
Free shipping on orders over 20 (25 if wallscroll is purchased)

Added 2 new sets of dvds:
Peacemaker Artbox with v1-7 (complete series)-$46 Shipped
Elemetal Gelade Artbox with v.1-4 - $32 shipped

Rest of pics can be seen on photobucket

Trades and partial trades are gladly welcomed. Wish list can be seen in my journal.
Prices are negotiable so feel free to contact if anything ^-^

selling lots of stuff!


I'm currently selling away some of my balance collection... =)

Vinyl Sydicate "ANOTHER EDITION" PART 1 Magazine!!!

Please do take a look!!! ^^
Selling away:

Vinyl Sydicate "ANOTHER EDITION" PART 1 Magazine
Visual Kei Clothing!!

JE MAGAZINE (Myojo, Duet, Wink Up, Poporo)
Yama-P & Kamenashi Laminated A4 Poster!
Kat-tun 4R Photo!
V6 Official Name Card
V6 Official Shopping Bag
Koike Teppei 4R Photo!!


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WTB Utada Hikaru merchandises

Hey there,

I am looking for Utada Hikaru's merchandises i.e. anything from her tour (Utada United 2006 or any other tours), her recent sephora events (fliers, autographs, make up bag etc.), promo cds and items, posters, and anything else, as long as they're not the standard CD/DVDs.

Also looking for magazines featuring her on cover/articles.

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Payment: Paypal
Location: UK

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Selling anime/jrock/random merchandise coz I need some moolah! Strictly no trades!

Prices are all in USD without shipping costs. Payment by paypal would be the best.
All prices are negotiable but please do not be unreasonable!

Image heavy so please be patient!

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Items are mostly in very good condition as they are just left in my shelves, untouched.
If additional pictures are needed feel free to drop me a comment too!

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I'm also selling a bag from Harajuku lovers, korean/Taiwan clothes, graphic novels, Chinese manga, Japanese Shoujo Manga, Yaoi (Embracing Love, Golden Cain, & more!), Death Note + Hitman Reborn Doujins, Jewelry,  furoku, and accessories! 
And Prices can be negotiated! You can even make me an offer! ^_^

Interested? Come here!
gemini remote

Still selling plenty of mangas/artbooks!

Still selling a lot off stuff. If you haven't checked out my posts yet, please do so if any of them interests you!

For feedback, please look to this thread.

Yaoi Mangas - GAY SEX WARNING!

Shoujo/Shounen Mangas + Manhwa + Yaoi Doujinshi

CDs + Artbooks + Misc. Items

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Selling manga, phonebook manga magazines, anime artbooks, anime dvds, and other miscellaneous stuffs.

Some items include:

Kare First Love
Tail of the Moon
Fruits Basket
Night of the Beasts
Vampire Game
Hana to Yume
Anime stickers
Anime Songbooks
...... and many more!!!

Take a look here!!!

Spring Cleaning

YesJapan Gift Card (19.95 value)- Price $10
Shojo Beat Magaizines from Aug. 07 to Aug. 08- Price $2 each
Brand New Yukata w/ Obi- Price $55
Bodyline Blouse- Price: $25
Bodyline Dress- Price $40
Seraphim Feathers JSK set- Price $110 (no trades on this please)
Oreskaband Single- Price: $4
Manga Preview from ShojoBeat- Price: $3
Yaoi Changeable KeyChain- Price: $3
ShojoBeat Preview DVDs- Price $2
Shojo Beat bag-Price: $5

Shipping not included in price
I am also willing to take offers and trades on these items, unless otherwise stated.

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Selling: Sailor Moon, Hamtaro, Jenny Doll Clothes, Pokemon and more

I rearranged my entire shop and separated items by categories for easy viewing. 

  • Sailor Moon Items
  • Dragonball Z Items Mostly from Japan
  • Japanese and American Hamtaro Plush and More
  • Hello Kitty Items from Japan and the US
  • Japanese Super Mario Items (on hold)
  • Takara Jenny and Other Doll Clothes and Accessories
  • Sentai/Power Ranger Items
  • Japanese Cell Phone Straps and Charms
  • Misc. Items

I also updated my wishlist, so if you have something I want maybe we can trade!

Click the picture to go to my sales journal!

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I'm saving up money for Japan this year, and I decided on letting go part of my collection.
Please, help me to find new homes for my goods! ^O^

You can check my sales page at my personal LJ:

There are many JE items: my entire NEWS limited single collection, many rare Meikan volumes, Hey! Say! JUMP limited singles, a pair of BIG BANG CD's... Everything in gorgeous condition!

Thanks for looking!!

PS. Sorry, this will be probably x-posted =)

by &lt;lj user=&quot;faunyoudork&quot;&gt;

More manga for sale

I'm selling the following manga (English language) for $5 shipped within the United States. Please inquire for shipping rates if you're outside the US. PayPal only


Fushigi Yugi The Mysterious Play v. 3
Magic Knight Rayearth v. 1
Cowboy Bebop v. 1
Hot Gimmick v. 1
Absolute Boyfriend v. 1
FLCL v. 1
X/1999 Prelude (v.1, smaller size)
X/1999 Overture (v.2)
X/1999 Sonata (v.3)

I also have some more for sale at here

Visual Kei: Cure Magazines, h.NAOTO Art Book, h. NAOTO Collection Book, etc.

Cure Back Issue:
-Volume 10-11: Cover artist Vidoll
-Volume 12: Cover artist Kagerou
-Volume 17: Cover artist Phantasmagoria - includes poster
-Volume 19: Cover artist Kra - includes poster
-Volume 26: Cover artist Vidoll - includes poster
-Volume 29: Cover artist Lareine - includes CD insert (never used)
-Volume 43-44: Cover Artist Megamasso

I'm selling each Cure issue at $10 shipped.

Collections and Books:
-h. NAOTO Winter Collection book w/ stickers - $15 shipped
-“C” Japanesque Rock Collectionz Book - $25 shipped
-Undercode Productions Bible w/ DVD - $50 shipped
-h.NAOTO ART BOOK 2004 - $50 shipped

Please contact me directly via e-mail at:

I can send you pictures if you would like to see the item.
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Stuff from my personal collections for sale! :)


I just returned to Japan and I discovered that my house is full of stuff from my personal collections. D:  Since I'll be leaving Japan again soon and I really don't want these things to collect dust in my house, I'd rather have YOU have it. :)

*I don't really want to do trades, but I usually end up doing them because I'm easily tempted.  So if you wanna trade, try me?

CLAMP Merchandize!
Includes a rare CLAMP in Cardland binder card!

Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters)
OOP Japanese fanclub newsletters & stationary!

Misc Stuff
Gasphons, misc anime merchandize and NS games!

J-Pop/J-Rock/Visual Kei styling magazines for sale! Shipping included!

Prices now reflect shipping for US/Canada! New item added.


SHOXX: Vol.177 (Nov 2007) - Cover: SID
SHOXX: Vol.180 (Feb 2008) - Cover: Ryutarou x Miku x Tatsurou
SHOXX: Vol.188 (Oct 2008) - Cover: Nightmare
SHOXX: Vol.190 (Dec 2008) - Cover: SID

Cure Vol. 53 (Feb 2007) - Front Cover: Sadie // Back Cover: Nega
Cure Vol. 58 (July 2007) - Front Cover: h.Naoto Fashion shoot (Mar, MYM, Lika) // Back Cover: Moran

ARENA37 °C No.309 (June 2008) - Cover: Nightmare

Fool's Mate No.316 (Feb 2008) - Cover: X-Japan reunion

Newsmaker No.226 (Jan 2008) - Cover: SID (Christmas special)

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Hello! My personal selling community has some new items up~ Please take a look ^_^
Manga List:
{only sold in sets}
Mamotte! Lollipop 1-7
Hana Kimi New 1-2
Tokyo Mew Mew Al La Mode 1-2
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 1-3
Shankugan No Shana 1-2
Metamo Kiss 1
Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 1-2
DNAngel 1-10



CLOTHES - h.naoto, Liz Lisa, ...
FLYER - lots XD (for example D'espairsRay, vidoll, serial number, sadie, 9 goats black out, deluhi ...)
CDs - Vidoll Puzzle Ring + Comment DVD, lots of Undercode stuff, dir en grey dvd, ...
POSTER - vidoll
MAGAZINES - Vinyl Syndicate,  Takadanobaba Area Magazine

Please check my Selling Journal. (^o^)/

Shipping from Germany to worldwide.
Paypal accepted. Payment in € only.

Prices up for negotiation.
If you don't like one just tell what you'd be willing to pay. ^^

Manga in English for cheap!

I still have some items for sale.


* Sukeban Deka. $7

SHITAJIKI (pencil boards):

* Naruto Shippuuden shitajiki.$3


* Kare Kano 2,3 $4 for the set.
* Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 and 9 (both read from left to right). $3 for the set.


* Our kingdom 2 - $4
* Level C 1-6 (complete). $20 for the set.

I also have a One Piece Nami cellphone charm. Around 1 inch tall. $3

I still have tons of stationery (letter sets, letter pads, loose sheets) I have collected for years. Hello Kitty, Pochacco, etc. Take what I have left for $45 shipped in the US!

Everything with pictures HERE!

Thanks for looking! ^___^

Soooper Sale

Lots of figures/keychains from shows like Kenshin, Evangelion, games Final Fantasy, Sentimental Graffiti. Artists like Gackt. Nothing over $5.00!

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All info/feedback in my personal journal using the tag "selling". Please leave a comment or email me at if interested! Thanks!
dbsk : entangled

LOOKING FOR: DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki items

- 2007 Bonjour Paris Korean limited edition set (not the HK version) -> PRIORITY

Korean Concert Photobooks:
- "O" Special Concert Book (not the red cover)

- S Mag September 2007 issue (with the extras: DBSK mini calendars)
- Singles/Off-Stage magazine January 2009

- 2007 Japanese & Korean calendars
- 2008 Japanese & Korean calendars

- Artist of the Month September A&B

I'm also looking for their Japanese albums - first press editions only (preferably Korean versions).
Or post me offers that you think I'd be interested in. I'm not looking for posters & their Japanese singles.

I live in the US (California) & I can pay through Paypal.
Asian sellers please give me a shipping quote.
Thanks! :)