May 24th, 2009


Everything Must go sale! over 100 items only $1!!


Selling a hundreds of RARE furoku from Nakayoshi, Ribon, Ciao and Margaret Magazine 1999~2003
All item's MUST go by June because I need space asap so everything is priced as low as possible!
Over 150 items are only $1.00US each!!
Please take a look :)
I also have some CD's, Manga, J-rock Posters and more.

Buy with confidence check out my feedback here I also am paypal verified and have feedback on ebay and etsy!

More new stuff!

Under the cut -

♥ - Japanese kawaii fabric (including sweets print)
♥ - More Sechuna/Korean clothing
♥ - Moomintroll bento flask
♥ - Japanese dictionary
♥ - Swimmer shoes
♥ - Japanese cosmetics
♥ - Piano print knee socks
♥ - Pinky Girls dress
♥ - Kawaii stationery bits
♥ - ...and more ^^;;

I'm also now offering a freebie with every order and discounted shipping on orders of more than one item. *And* I reduced prices on some older items. So please take a look, and don't be afraid to ask if you want to make an offer, I'm moving soon and need these things gone!

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Posters For Sale - The Underneath (Signed) & D'espairsRay (Mirror)

Hey everyone!

I was looking through some posters I have and decided to sell a couple of them that I had never hung up and didn't think I would. I have a delicious poster of The Underneath, which is signed by all of the members, and a D'espairsRay Mirror promotional poster.

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Thank you for looking and feel free to ask any additional questions you may have!

hoppip whee

Manga in English

I'm selling some of my manga to help pay bills, etc. They range from $3-4 each and have probably been read only once, if at all. I accept Paypal.

I'm selling:

Air Gear vol. 1 ($4)
Basara vol. 1 ($3)
Bleach vol. 1-20 ($3 each)
Claymore vol. 1-3 ($3 each)
Death Note vol. 1-12  ($3 each)
Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei) vol. 1-8 ($3 each)
Eureka Seven vol. 1-5 ($3 each)
FLCL vol. 1-2 ($3 each)
GinTama vol. 1-5 ($3 each)
Gravitation vol. 1-10 ($3 each)
Hana-Kimi vol. 1-3 ($3 each)
Hellsing vol. 1-4 ($4 each)
Hikaru no Go vol. 1-3 ($3 each)
Love Hina vol. 1-2 ($3 each)
Loveless vol. 2-8 ($4 each)
Nana vol. 1-4  ($3 each)
Naruto vol. 1-18 ($3 each)
Ouran High School Host Club vol. 1-9 ($3 each)
Prince of Tennis vol. 1-17 ($3 each)
Ral Grad vol. 1 ($3)
Red River vol. 1-4 ($3 each)
Rosario Vampire vol. 1-2 ($3 each)
Samurai Champloo vol. 1-2 ($3 each)
Sgt. Frog vol. 1-11 ($3 each)
Tokyo Mew Mew vol. 5-7 ($3 each)
Trigun Maximum vol. 1-2 ($3 each)
Tsubasa vol. 1 ($3)
YuYu Hakusho vol. 1-8 ($3 each)
Zatch Bell vol. 1-10 ($3 each)
Zombie Powder vol. 1-4 ($3 each)

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Jrock Stuff For Sale! CDs, Magazines, Goods - Autographed Camino CDs!!!

MAGAZINE SPECIAL!!!! Buy 1 magazine, get the 2nd for 1/2 off!!! Shipping will be combined, but keep in mind that they are still heavy, especially when shipped together, so shipping will cost more than just the $7 for the first magazine. :3 Still a great deal!!!

Stuff: CDs [BLOOD, Camino], Magazines [Shoxx, Zy], Band Merchandise [L'Arc~en~Ciel].

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Sugarbunnies ` parfait

Lazy Days Sales ♥

Price slash on almost all items! :DD Indulge!

»JE Clippings, Posters & Pin-ups
   - Arashi
   - KAT-TUN *sale!*
   - Kanjani8 *sale!*
   - Ikuta Toma
   - Uchi Hiroki
»JE Shop Photos
   - NEWS; Taiyou no Namida & SUMMER TIME
   - Tegomass; Ai Ai Gasa
»Fobby Fashion; clothing, belts, socks, etc..
»Hello Kitty
   - Wristlet
   - Tees
»much much more :3

*accept Paypal (with fee) & concealed cash
*freebies with every purchase
*more details at...


Hey guys! I am moving to Sweden in less than a month and I really need to get rid of a lot of stuff. You can make an offer on anything if you feel the price is too high! I have A LOT of items listed! Please help me outttt! I also just cut back some prices on some things.

I have manga, anime, kimono, bags, san-x, sanrio, stationery items, soo many stuff! Check here!

Also, right now I have a few specials...:
Buy 2 items get 3rd 50% off! (will be the cheapest item)
Free shipping on purchases over $25 (not including shipping)

(you can only choose 1 promo if your purchase meets both, whichever may give you biggest discount)

Collapse )Also check out my other stuff on my LJ store! You can make offers on anything!! =]

(no subject)

Chibi's Shoppe

Memorial Day Sale!! 20% off total order $30 or more.
Make me an offer.
New Items Added under the Pins catagory!!
Prices on some items marked down!!

I'm selling a number of items from my personal collection.
here you'll find everything from music CD's, DVD's, artbooks and manga to posters, figures and trading cards.
Click on the links to go to each catagory.
Ordering (Read First!!)
Music CD's
Artbooks, Manga, and Doujinshi
Figures and Plushies and Statues
Pins, Keychains, etc.
DVD's and VHS
Collectibles, Video Games, Trading Cards, Misc
Cosplay and Wigs

Ball-Jointed dolls/Dollfie clothing


To order, simply email me at
Inutsuzuki@comcast.netwith your order and zip code and I will respond with a total. Thanks and happy shopping!!

~selling~ take them all away!

Still Selling some of my jrock goodies!! Please take them away!! I have no room for them anymore!! :)  I really don't want them anymore!!

I will throw in a whole heap of Jrock flyers with any purchase!!

Gothic Lolita & Punk (G.L.P) Layered Shredded Skirt
Jrock Japan - Blood - Vengeance for Blood 2 SIGNED!
Jrock Japan - Blood - SPLEEN SIGNED!
Larme D'Ange - Departure (CD SINGLE)
Guy's Family - Royal Honey (CD SINGLE + Sticker Set)

Selling Stuff From Anime Con!

As stated above, I am just selling a few things I happened to recieve at the Boston Anime convention.

Japanese Shonen Jump volumes. The largest one is at the bottom with 1051 pages I believe. The other two are regular size.

Normal: $7
Large Volume: $13

The next one is a Regios Guide Book, all in Japanese.

Book: $5

Lupin the 3rd Volume 4 VHS: $10
School Rumble Manga (Japanese, still in the package:$7
Not sure what the last one is, but it has a DVD in the back, still in package: $10

Not sure what the pen on the top is from, but it's still in it's package: $3
Ayumi Hamasaki Best cd: (Brand new, never been opened): $15

Manga and Anime Sale

I'm selling most of my collection of manga/Manhwa/OEL, and anime dvds. I just added some Anime DVDs on the list (most of them are new - still sealed in their original packaging) It's a long list, you can check it out here: 

Manga And Anime Items

E-mail me if you're interested in anything at

Pictures of items for sale are available, just let me know and I'll e-mail them to you 

Feed back can be found here:



E-bay Feedback



im back again in search of -
 i really REALLY want cardcaptor sakura or any magical girl series i dont have.
any complete manga is good though so let me know what you have

i need new clothes (specialy pants!) i take a size S/M but i prefer it to be a bit big so M or L (cause of my bust..) 
please let me know what you have in this catagory too! 

much love! 
Karekano- Fly

Want to buy: Karekano items

Hi! ^^ I´m looking for Karekano stuff.

Things I already own: manga, anime, OSTs, Character book in Japanese.

Things I´d like to buy:  furoku, plushies, folders, the Character book in English, French, Spanish or even Italian or Portuguese, etc.

Seller must be willing to ship to Mexico and take CC Paypal.

Thanks! =)
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closing for the summer

My livejournal shop is taking a summer vacation starting june 1st! If there is anything you want then you had better get it now!

__ __ F O R E V E R __ S A L E S __ a t __ F e r r e t B e n t o . L J . c o m__ __

Sticker Section:
  • Disney Sticker Flakes are FREE FOR EVERYBODY!!! Let me know you want them and I will add them to your order or you can send me a self addressed business envelope and I will send you some!
  • REGULAR LONG sticker sheets_____%5 off!
  • Naruto, Dragon Ball, Harry Potter stickers____ %5 off!
  • Disney Sticker Sacks____$1.

    Letter Sets Section:
  • Buy 7 lettersets or at least $6.65 on letter sets and you will get one loose letter set for free!

    Pencils, Deco Tapes, Erasers, and Everything Else
  • Pencils____For every 7 pencils you buy you will get one pencil for free! It may even be a mechanical or wood and the design is random.
  • Deco Tapes____An order $10 or more of deco tapes you will get your whole deco tape price 50% off! (up to an undiscounted price of $20)
  • Postcards, Cardboard cut outs, Memo Pad covers, Phone Books, Checkbooks,___25% off!
  • GARAGE SALE_____As always, give me a price you think is worth the item and I will probably give it to you for that....

    FREE SHIPPING on orders of $70 or more - But this will only last until June 1st!!!

    __ __ F O R E V E R __ S A L E S __ a t __ F e r r e t B e n t o . L J . c o m__ __

    Click on the picture on the top or go to
    My livejournal shop is taking a summer vacation starting june 1st! If there is anything you want then you had better get it now!
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    Manga and Anime DVD Sale

    Hey everyone!  I'm selling some manga and anime dvds in order to make some quick cash.  Most everything is in excellent condition.  More detail under fake lj-cut.

    Accept paypal only.

    Feedback can be found from both:

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    Thank you!!!

    (no subject)

    Everything must go!
    New items added!
    If you don't like the price you see, name your own price!
    THANK YOU! ^ o ^

    Some of the things I'm selling:
    Anime $4
    Magazines (Japanese) $1-$6
    (SHOXX, Animage)
    Manga (English) $2-$4
    Sanrio Stuffed Toys $10
    Illustration Books $12
    (by Range Murata, Koge-Donbo, How to Draw)
    Fashion Tops $15
    Nintendo DS lite $130 (and games!)

    Also, everything is in nearly perfect condition and has only been lightly used.
    And Everything is a US release unless otherwise mentioned.
    Thank You!

    My feedback entry is here!