May 30th, 2009

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Mangas for sale

some pictures for the manga

no trade please, just wanna sell my items here
im broke:/

please let me know you want me to take some manga picture thats not above

Shipping is all included in the price

All the mangas are 3 dollars per volume

Buying a set is cheaper
Buy 10+ volume, 2.5 dollars per volume

Mangas im selling right now
Hana kim 1-3, 6, 19-20
Reborn! Vol. 1-5, 7-10 
Honey Clover 1-2, 4, 5
Lagoon engine vol. 1
Haruka 1-3
Gravitation vol.1
Pita Ten 1-8  whole set for 23 dollars
Flame of Recca vol. 11'
we were there 1-3

Gentleman Alliance cross vol 6-7
Nana vol.3
Sakikano 2-4    8 dollars for whole set
Monkey High vol. 1-5   
Othello vol. 2-3
Gacha Gacha vol. 1
Merikuri vol1-4
Wild ones 1-6
Stg. Frog vol.6
Girls got game 1-10
Death note Vol.5
High school debut 1-7
Kamichama Karin 1-5
Never give up 1-5
Kuroshitsuji  data book : 7 dollars (exception to the manga list)

Good morning kiss 1-3                     8 dollars for whole set
Fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden 5-9    17 dollars whole set
Gundam 00 vol.1-2
Reborn vol.6, 11-22
Katsu vol. 1-2
Junjou Romantica 1-8                    20 dollars whole set
Hoshi wo Utau vol. 2-3
d.n.angel vol.6-7
Touch  vol.11
Love com vol. 13-17                              13 dollars whole set
Gal vol. 3, 4, 6
Fruits basket 1-23                            whole set for 57 dollars
Gentleman alliance      vol. 5,8-10               11 dollars

High school debut vol. 12-13

Death note  vol 1, 3, 6,7,8,9,10,12
1+1   vol. 1-2
Gentleman alliance across 1-4
Dnangel vol. 10

im selling a bunch of manga listed above

please take a look

im also selling lots of japanese Gothic lolita bible for 15 dollars shipped  patterns are included mint condition
cosmode  12 dollars shipped

selling Vivi march 2008 5 dollars

selling new type may 2009 for 8 dollars includes all the furoku
vivi feb 2009    5.50 dollars
please take a look for my journal

more items in my journal too

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Tripp Tops and Dresses for sale!

Forms of payment: Paypal preferred.

Brand NEW Tripp Corset Topp
size: XL
never been worn but I believe the tag has been ripped and was bought on sale, but was too big D:
its a corset styled top with seams to create the 'boning effect'
Price: $15 + 5 shipping

One-piece Dress!
can be closed with the snaps
Size: M (ladies US)
Price: $15 + 5 Shipping



I have been looking for this DVD for quite some time and have only found very few listings for an amazingly high price. (One at Amazon for almost $300,and one at eBay that doesn't look like the actual DVD,and I don't want to be ripped off).
I will pay up to $100 for this DVD! I've been looking for it forever and I'm a HUGE Gackt fanatic! Please help my wish come true if you have one for sale....I won't care too much for damage just as long as it's still playable and/or cleanable. (There's a store here that does CD/DVD/Game cleaning for like $2).
If anyone has one for sale,please comment or e-mail me at

Thank you.

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More anime goodies! - Under $20

Here it is again.  PLEASE help me get rid of these things!!  Everything $20 and under (except a few certain cels).

Anime list is mostly updated with photobucket.  Feel free to email with any questions! Thanks!


Fushigi Yuugi Animazement t-shirt (large)
Fushigi Yuugi manga (Japanese 13, 15)
Fushigi Yuugi card holder
Ayashi no Ceres manga (2,5,7-9)
Epotoransu Mai (Yuu Watase manga #1)
Apparejipangu! (Yuu Watase manga #3)
Zettai Kareshi (Yuu Watase manga #1)
Escaflowne manga (shounen 1&2)
Escaflowne doujinshi
Escaflowne model
Escaflowne fanbook/artbook
Full Moon o Sageshite manga (1-4)
Haru kanaru toki no naka de manga (1-2)
Nothing – Kaim Tachibana
Trigun ring size 17
Trigun – VHS/DVD specialty cards
Trigun shitajiki
Trigun artbook
Trigun manga (Japanese 1-2)
Trigun Maximum manga (Japanese 1,2,3,5)
Trigun Kuronekosama plushie
Trigun Vash the Stampede figure
Inu Yasha manga (1-2)
Rasen by Kaim Tachibana
Oh My Goddess manga (English)
Neo Romance VHS (live)
Ah My Goddess shitajiki
Shinesman shitajiki
Gundam Wing necklace and ring
Gundam Wing Complete Operation artbook
Gundam Wing Memorials artbook
Gundam Wing 5th manga (Japanese Pocke series)
Gundam Wing manga (Asuka comics DX)
Gundam Wing novel Operation 2 (Duo Maxwell)
GW doujinshi - Shinigamikun
GW doujinshi – Happy Dance
GW doujinshi – Moon Drop
GW doujinshi – Angel Duist
GW doujinshi – Ken Mizuki
GW doujinshi – The Grave Post of Wings
GW collector cards
Samurai Troopers doujinshi (Animate Collection 18)
Glay – NYC Shuffle
GLAY – Survival video single (VHS)
GLAY Dome Tour 1999 (VHS)
Evangelion – toy
Evangelion 04 figure (black)
Dragon Ball Z Freesia movie
Saiyuki Backgammon (red cover)
Saiyuki manga (Japanese #2 and #6)
Saiyuki – Goku card, Goku shitajiki, Goku/Kogaiji keychain charms
Saiyuki necklace
Shinesman Post Card Set
Shinesman manga (Japanese #1-4)
Card Captor Sakura manga (Japanese #1)
X manga (Japanese #1-5, 12-13, 16)
Tsubasa manga (Japanese hardback #1-2 – no postcards)
Rasen manga (Japanese #’s ?? there are two)
Kagerou-Nostalgia manga (Japanese #1)
Erementar Gerad manga (Japanese #1)
Tempting Heart (Japanese movie guide with Takeshi Kaneshiro)
Random anime pins
The Tick collector cards

Tenchi Muyo – Tenchi (OVA)
Fushigi Yuugi – Taka/Tamahome
Ayashi no Ceres - Aya
Record of Lodoss Wars tv series (all of Spark)
Gundam Wing – Shenlong Gundam
Ah! My Goddess!
Clamp School Detectives
A random old-school anime cel
A Duo Maxwell sketch
Card Captor Sakura (Touya)

(no subject)

Everything must go!
New items added!
If you don't like the price you see, name your own price!
THANK YOU! ^ o ^

Some of the things I'm selling:
Anime $4
Magazines (Japanese) $1-$6
(SHOXX, Animage)
Manga (English) $2-$4
• Air Gear
• Angelic Layer
• Boogiepop: Doesn't Lie
• Chrono Crusade
• Death Note
• Eureka Seven
• Legal Drug
• Loveless
• Paradise Kiss
• Pita Ten
• Strawberry Marshmallow
• Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
• xxxHolic
And many others!
Sanrio Stuffed Toys $10
Illustration Books $12
(by Range Murata, Koge-Donbo, How to Draw)
Fashion Tops $15
Nintendo DS lite $130 (and games!)

Also, everything is in nearly perfect condition and has only been lightly used.
And Everything is a US release unless otherwise mentioned.
Thank You!

My feedback entry is here!

Selling, Anime, cosplay, manga, Wallscrolls, and VK Blowout!

Selling, Anime, cosplay, manga, Wallscrolls, and VK clothing
  • I Really need to sell these, so all prices are negotiable.
  • I accept Paypal, money order, and concealed cash at buyers risk
  • If you need actual measurements, I can get them for you
  • Items come from a smoke-free environment but we do have dogs.
  • Shipping in US $5
  • International shipping $10
  • Click for picture gallery
Selling my akatsuki cloak
It's in pretty good condition, I've only worn it twice in the past 2 years.
It fits people who are 5'2'',
chest size is 35 inches
waist is 30in
hips 40 in

Gundam Seed Destiny Lunamaria Zaft uniform~ $30

Yumeria complete collection~ $20
Fullmetal Alchemist complete series with Movie~ $70  individual DVD's $8
Tactics Complete series~ $30
Spiral Complete series~ $35
Knight Hunters Eternity(Never Opened)~ $20
Inuyasha movie 1 & 2~ ea. $8
Princess Princess 1~ $8
X/1999~ $10
Mirage of Blaze BoxSet ~ $25
Mirage of Blaze Movie~ $10
This Ugly yet beautiful world 1&2~ ea. $8
Utawarerumono 1-3~ $8 ea.
Trinity Blood 1&2~ ea. $10 vol. 1 with artbox=$15

The Art of Loving~ $4
Black Knight~$4
Rurouni Kenshin 2-4~ ea. $1
Diablo 1~ $3

Death Note~ $8
Naruto~ $8
Garvitation~ $8

h.naoto jacket~ $55
h.anarchy pants~ $80
MAD pink plaid skirt ~ $45
MAD punk skull shirt ~ $40

How to draw manga by Ben Dunn 1&3~ ea. $3
Wolf's Rain Soundtrack~ 1

Clearance Sale ending soon~

Some of the newest items 5/23/2009!~
Limited Time Clearance Sale Ending Soon! Buy 2 Items get 1 Free on selected Items (on all posts!) Check the posts for details~
Discounts given when u purchase more than three items!~

☆★Guys and Girls Clothes Added BRAND NEW imported clothes! Added Bodyline Skirt+Shorts set, really cute and many ways to wear! Added offshoulder two piece set, Gorgeous Purple Dress, and more!

☆★Loliable &Lolita Items Added lots of Bodyline Skirt+Shorts set,new accessories and bags~

☆★Bags, Pouches, Cellphone Cases Added lots of cute and popular ones from Asia! Added cute button messenger bag and Vivi style faux leather bag from taiwan~ Just added Vivi style quilted bag (very popular in asia!)

☆★Accessories~(mirrors, umbrellas, hair accessories, jewelry, legwear, shoes and more!) Added ViVi style and other Asian imported accessories and jewelries!

☆★DDR Extreme Original Sound Track (rare!), PS3 games, Collector Items, DS Games, Gamecube Games, DDR, Pokemon DS Stylus, Game Guides, Cute Asian Notebooks, Mangas, Naruto and One Piece Collectibles and more!

Entertainment (magazines and CDs and DVDs) - Jolin, Arashi, Kisarazu Cats Eye Movie, Ayumi Hamasaki, Nana Kitade, JE magazines Added lots of NEWS CDs, Arashi CDs and magazines!~

come take a look at ~ J♥sweets Shop ~

Please help me get rid of my things! ^^

I have added many more things to my selling journal!


There are a lot of new posters such as Aoi (the GazettE), Tora (alice nine.), Aki (SID) and many more!
Also some signed ones!!!!!!

You can also find many new added clothes (skirts, tops and more).

Just take a look!
I'm sure there is something you will like! ^^

I'm also open for trades but only if you have something Kat-Tun or Shonen Ai/Yaoi related! ^^'

I'm shipping to worldwide!
Shipping is not included in the prices and I'm willing to give you discounts on shipping if you buy more things!
Prices are negotiable! <3

Everything can be found HERE:

(no subject)

Under the cut -

♥ - Japanese kawaii fabric (including sweets print)
♥ - More Sechuna/Korean clothing
♥ - Moomintroll bento flask
♥ - Japanese dictionary
♥ - Swimmer shoes
♥ - Japanese cosmetics
♥ - Piano print knee socks
♥ - Pinky Girls dress
♥ - Kawaii stationery bits
♥ - UFO catcher doll
♥ - Barbie brand summer skirt from Japan
♥ - Heart print dress
♥ - ...and more ^^;;

I'm also now offering a freebie with every order and discounted shipping on orders of more than one item. *And* I reduced prices on some older items. So please take a look, and don't be afraid to ask if you want to make an offer, I'm moving very soon and need these things gone!

Collapse )

Selling: Doujinshi and Merchandise

Hi all :) I updated my selling journal today with new anime/manga-related official merchandise and doujinshi, including over 20 new doujinshi (mostly Reborn, 1 Nurarihyon no Mago). Prices have also been lowered!

If you're interested, check out slow_robots for figures, swing charms, Prop Petit Plus, Figumate, Chibi Voice-I, clear files, pencil boards, posters, plush, manga magazines, postcards, doujinshi, doujinshi anthologies, and more.

Series include:
- Gintama (doujinshi, Voice-I dolls)
- Gundam00 (Prop Petit Plus figures)
- Hetalia (merchandise)
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (new doujinshi + anths, most of the merch categories listed above)
- Kuroshitsuji (Clearfiles, pencil boards, doujinshi, swing charms, G-Fantasy mag + goods)
- Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (doujinshi + anthologies)
- Mononoke (doujinshi)
- Naruto (doujinshi)
- Natsume Yuujinchou (LaLa mag + Nyanko-sensei goods)
- Nurarihyon no Mago (doujinshi)
- Soul Eater (swing charms)
- Switch (naked ape sketch artbook)
- Tales of the Abyss (clear file)
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Fortune Mascots, Figumate figures)

Please check my policies/FAQ page before making enquiries.

Thanks for reading :)

(no subject)

I'm also selling a bag from Harajuku lovers, korean/Taiwan clothes, Chinese manga, Japanese Shoujo Manga($3.50 each, discount if you buy 3 or more!) , Yaoi, English Manga (Pearl Pink, Gatcha Gacha, & more!) Death Note + Kuroshitsuji + Hitman Reborn Doujins, Jewelry,  stickers, plushies, bookmarks, furoku, and accessories! 

And prices can be negotiated! You can even make me an offer! ^__^

Interested? Come here!

(no subject)

I've started to mark everything on sale because I'm moving. So, the less that I have to ship weight wise the better off I'm going to be.

If you're interested, check it out (MANGA, DVDs, JE, Doujins, pencil boards, etc): HERE

Warning, it's image heavy and soon to get more.

I'll be adding some new things soon and also be marking down more prices as I go.
Leeteuk OMG!

Please take a look! ~(>o<)~


Name your price!

Everything must go!!!!!


I don't care if you resell it later, I just want to get rid of them ASAP.


Yugioh )
Naruto )
Gundam Seed )
Final Fantasy )
Full Metal Alchemist + Gundam Wing + Getbackers )
Saiyuki + Hikaru no Go + One Piece + HunterxHunter )
Weiss Kreuz + Initial D + Kenshin )

Anime + Game stuffs:

Deathnote book!! )

new PS2 games + Korean Guild Wars Coke can )

Full Metal Alchemist watch + box figures )

Naruto cosplay items, headbands, gloves, figures, keychains, stationaries )

FMA & Ryoma hats + Inuyasha pin set + Hikaru no Go keychain set )

Everything Must go sale! over 100 items only $1!!


Selling a hundreds of RARE furoku from Nakayoshi, Ribon, Ciao and Margaret Magazine 1999~2003
All item's MUST go by June because I need space asap so everything is priced as low as possible! If I can't sell this stuff soon I'll shove it all up on ebay in hugh lots.
Over 150 items are only $1.00US each!!
Please take a look :)
I also have some CD's, Manga, J-rock Posters and more.

Buy with confidence check out my feedback here I also am paypal verified and have feedback on ebay and etsy!
[Vocaloid] Miku she gonna be rock.

still sellings items

My old post page in my account so It moved to my new 'selling account' from my personally account. ^^ I still selling items I want rid of them away from me.

ab_sales please look in there (please writes leave a comments or PM to my selling account) and Thanks!

[mods sorry if not right pelase delete it thanks.]
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