June 3rd, 2009

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Everything must go~!
Very willing to negotiate on prices!

Anime, Games, & Accessories here & Clothes over here

Many prices have been slashed! Please come check them out~

Many things to find including;

The World Ends With You DS game
Death Note Manga
Kuromi Blanket & Shoes
Ikki Tousen Complete DVD Box Set
Fruits Basket & Air Gear Pinky's
DOGS manga
Kodomo no Jikan figure
Pokemon things
Harajuku Lovers
& More!
Butterfly Effect


 Summer Blowout Sale!!!


Save up to 35% Off


Lolita Manga Japanese Magazines Beanies Plushies

Books (ficition/Nonfiction) Textbooks Other Items


Act Fast! Limited Time Offer!

You don’t need an eBay account to buy; however, you must have a PayPal account. I only accept PayPal due to people not sending me their payments. If there is something you are interested in feel free to comment and I’ll respond within 24 hours. I do combine shipping so if you need a quote, just ask! 
For more information please visit the links below


About Payments About Shipping F.A.Q.

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Doujinshi - Final Fantasy VII

Hello all! I have some pretty delightful FFVII/AC doujin for sale! Pairings are mostly Sephiroth/Cloud and Zack/Cloud. There is one Tseng/Reno available, and there are quite a few crack pairings scattered throughout. Please go take a look, and I'll take offers as well!

Kali's Kloset - FFVII Doujinshi

The only thing I will trade for is "Jesus Christ" by WASAB'z (Reno/Cloud). I'll give just about anything for that one. ;)

Please comment with any questions! Thanks!! :D
Zombieland: Rule #32

Still have goods for sale - few WTBs

Added some new things, few feelers! New items marked with **

Books & Magazines: **All in English unless other wise noted**
-Telepathic Wanderers
-Outlook Grim
-Strawberry Panic
-Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion**
-Blood+ (feeler) **
-Arcana (feeler) **
-Shojo Beat
-Dream Spells

-xxxHolic - ALL are Doumeki & Watanuki - ALL Yaoi (boy/boy love)

-When They Cry
-Death Note
-Angel's Feather
-Gravitation Complete Set
-Gakuen Heaven Complete Set
-Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
-Angel Sanctuary
-Wolf's Rain

-Death Note
-Clamp no Kiseki Chess Pieces
-Code Geass Doki Doki Chara Fortune

Posters, Postcards, & Paper Goods:
-Misc Postcards

To go to my sales thread click on the image above or CLICK HERE!

Want to buy:
I'm also looking for a few things to buy or trade for:

-Pet Shop of Horrors Volume 9 & 10
-Cardcaptor Sakura Manga (English only) - I'm looking for both series, sets preferred.
-Mushishi Ginko Figure
-Death Note Mikami Figure

Everything Must go sale! over 100 items only $1!!



Selling a hundreds of RARE furoku from Nakayoshi, Ribon, Ciao and Margaret Magazine 1999~2003
All item's MUST go by June because I need space asap so everything is priced as low as possible! If I can't sell this stuff soon I'll shove it all up on ebay in hugh lots.
Over 150 items are only $1.00US each!!
Please take a look :)
I also have some CD's, Manga, J-rock Posters and more.

Buy with confidence check out my feedback here I also am paypal verified and have feedback on ebay and etsy!

Moving Sale !!!


Angelic pretty One Piece

Plastic bow hairband

atlier BOZ head dress

H&M Skull shirt

Aristocrat hat

stripe hat

Gold color high heels

Card patterned purse

Rudwig revolution comics

the GazettE 2009 Calender


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manga, anime poster, lolita gothic bible, ds game, others


Mangas for sale

Shipping is all included in the price

All the mangas are 3 dollars per volume

Buying a set is cheaper
Buy 10+ volume, 2.5 dollars per volume

Mangas im selling right now
Otomen vol. 1
Hana kim 6, 19-20
Reborn! Vol. 1-2, 7-10  (vol 1-2, 8-10 are on hold)
Honey Clover 1,2
Lagoon engine vol. 1
Haruka 1-3
Gravitation vol.1
Flame of Recca vol. 11
Gentleman Alliance cross vol 6-7
Nana vol.3
Othello vol. 2-3
Gacha Gacha vol. 1
Meripuri vol1-4
Wild ones 1-6 (vol. 1,4,5 on hold)
Girls got game 1-10
Death note Vol.5
High school debut 1-5
Kamichama Karin 1-5
Never give up 1-5

Good morning kiss 1-3                     8 dollars for whole set
Fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden 5-9    17 dollars whole set
Gundam 00 vol.1-2
Reborn vol.6, 11-22
Katsu vol. 1-2
Junjou Romantica 1-8                    20 dollars whole set
Hoshi wo Utau vol. 2-3
d.n.angel vol.6-7
Touch  vol.11
Love com vol. 13-17                              13 dollars whole set
Gal vol. 3, 4, 6
Fruits basket 1-23                            whole set for 57 dollars
Gentleman alliance      vol. 5,8-10               11 dollars

High school debut vol. 12-13

Death note  vol 1, 3, 6,7,8,9,10,12
1+1   vol. 1-2
Gentleman alliance across 1-4
Dnangel vol. 10

I HAVE SOME lolita gothic bible magazines 12 shipped for each

cosmode magazines 10 dollars shipped

other anime items in my journal

all games in my journal is 7.5 per game:D

please take a look
ayabie, takehito

Megamasso purse

Not sure this is allowed but im looking for someone who can make this bag for me since it limited and not available anymore.
Please contact me if you are can and willing to make this for me. We can settle the price since im not sure how much this bag is and how difficult it is to make

KHR: Sexy
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Hello! All magazines are in great condition with all the pages intact along with posters and pin ups untouched. Please comment with any questions! Thank you!

PAYMENT: I accept paypal, money orders, and well concealed cash.
SHIPPING: I ship by priority mail. Please inquire for shipping estimates.

I am located in the CA, USA and I am willing to ship worldwide. Thanks!

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Potato March 2006 - $10
Potato July 2006 - $10 SOLD
Potato October 2006 - $10
Potato December 2006 - $10

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Duet June 2006 - $10
Duet August 2006 - $10
Duet October 2006 - $10
Duet December 2006 - $10
Duet February 2007 - $10
Duet March 2007 - $10 SOLD

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Wink Up August 2006 - $10
Wink Up September 2006 - $10
Wink Up November 2006 - $10 SOLD
Wink Up December 2006 - $10 SOLD
Wink Up February 2007 - $10 SOLD
Wink Up March 2007 - $10 SOLD
Wink Up April 2007 - $10

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Myojo June 2006 - $13 SOLD
Myojo July 2006 - $13 SOLD
Myojo August 2006 - $13
Myojo October 2006 - $13
Myojo November 2006 - $13 SOLD
Myojo December 2006 - $13
Myojo February 2007 - $13
Myojo May 2007 - $13

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Popolo November 2005 - $12 SOLD
Popolo May 2006 - $12
Popolo June 2006 - $12
Popolo July 2006 - $12
Popolo August 2006 - $12
Popolo October 2006 - $12 SOLD
Popolo November 2006 - $12
Popolo December 2006 - $12
Popolo January 2007 - $12
Popolo February 2007 - $12
Popolo March 2007 - $12
Popolo April 2007 - $12 SOLD
Popolo May 2007 - $12

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TV Guide Arashi - $5 SOLD
TV Guide Yamapi - $5
TV Guide SMAP - $8
Junon - $2

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Koki Version - $20
Nakamaru Version - $20
Ueda Version - $20
Junno Version - $20
Regular Version - $10

All sealed in mint condition!

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NEWS Calendar - Best Offer SOLD
Real Face DVD - $25

Thank you for looking! Please comment with any questions! Happy Holidays!

cheap cheap cheap

Selling Visual kei style and Japanese fashion clothing,shoes and accsessories,
Hello Kitty,Korean dramas,Jrock CD's and merch, Japanese horror

☆Prices include worldwide shipping☆
REDUCED PRICES need rid fast as moving house ☆

Feel free to make offers :)


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For Sale~ I need money >_____


Manga.... (english) (Mostly $4 each or cheaper)
  • Love Attack 1-2
  • Devil Within 1-2
  • Platinum Garden 1-3
  • Kare First Love 1
  • Good Luck 1
  • Omukae Desu 1
  • B.O.D.Y 1
  • Paradise Kiss 5
Manga..... (japanese)
  • 0x0 Memories
  • Strange Orange 1-2
  • Crazy Love Game 1
  • Ano ko to Issho 1-2
  • Kanojo no Kanojo no Renai
  • Miss 1
  • Kienai Omoi
  • Large stack of Pokemon cards(175+)
  • Deck of Digimon cards(~60)
  • Cute Fans ( CSS, Hello Kitty, anime girls)
  • Cell charms (lots~ ^^)
.... AND MORE.............. Click the picture to check it out ^_^
Feed back: I mostly have buyer
feedback and ebay feedback ATM. 
KHR: Defend

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Selling ALL mangas. Included are:
Chobits Vol. 1-6
Death note Vol. 1
FLCL Special Edition vol. 1, normal 2
Kingdom Hearts 1-2
Naruto 8
Negima 1
X/1999 7-9
Rave Master 1, 8-9, 11-14, 17-24
Rozen Maiden 1 and 3
Samurai Champloo 1-2
Tsubasa 1

Also, I'm including 6 RANDOM mangas. A couple Mangas include Ragnarok! :)

Condition: Few very good, majority LIKE NEW. Most were never read!

Shipping will be PRIORITY MAIL which is a $25 VALUE, and I'm paying for shipping!!!!

(ONLY $2.50 $1.50 each! And that's including shipping! WOW! What a deal!)
I NEED THIS SOLD IMMEDIATELY. I will not seperate unless you wanna pay more for shipping.
 I accept Paypal. :)

Various Goods for Sale

Selling anime, manga, gaming figures. J-Rock MD and full size singles and albums. Stationary and some Re-Ment. You name it, I probably have it. Please feel free to make offers on everything!

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Policies and link to comprehensive selling list including dolls, etc.


Please email me at groovybluecha@yahoo.com or leave a comment if interested. Please do not use the in-site PM system to contact me. I always forget to check it.

VK: Magazines, Books, DVDs, CDs, etc.

Cure Back Issue:
-Volume 10-11: Cover artist Vidoll
-Volume 12: Cover artist Kagerou
-Volume 17: Cover artist Phantasmagoria - includes poster
-Volume 19: Cover artist Kra - includes poster
-Volume 26: Cover artist Vidoll - includes poster
-Volume 29: Cover artist Lareine - includes CD insert (never used)
-Volume 43-44: Cover Artist Megamasso

I'm selling each Cure issue at $12 shipped.

Collections and Books:
-h. NAOTO Winter Collection book w/ stickers - $18 shipped
-h.NAOTO ART BOOK 2004 - $55 shipped

CDs & DVDs:
-Gazette “Disorder” - $10 shipped
-Kagerou “Rakushu” - $10 shipped
-Psycho le Cemu “Frontiers” -$10 shipped
-Psycho le Cemu “Beautiful World - $10 shipped
-L’Arc~en~Ciel “Smile” - $10 shipped
-Kisaki Project “Shouzou ~in the cradle~” (Signed by Kisaki at AX2005) - $18 shipped
-Best of Inu Yasha - $10 shipped
-Phantasmagoria “Making of Variant Jihad DVD” (2006/12/17 Laforet Live: Limited) - $15 shipped
-MASK “Maskest” (New) - $15 shipped
-MASK “Masker” (New) - $15 shipped
-12012 Making of The Clip: Pistol DVD (2006/12/12 Shibuya O-East Live: Limited) - $15 shipped
-Vidoll Message Card (2006/12/19 Shibuya Live: Limited) - $15 shipped
-Cure Undercode Production – Japanesque Rock Collectionz Cure II Special DVD - $10 shipped
-Ayabie Message DVD (New: 2007/01/07 Shinjuku Live: Limited) - $15 shipped
-Japanesque Rock Collections Cure II CD - $10 shipped
-MASK “Sakura” Maxi-Single and DVD (New: Limited Press) - $26 shipped
-MASK “Valentine Box” (New: 4 CD + 1 DVD; only 3333 copies) - $56 shipped
-Cure Volume 2 DVD: 12012 (New) - $24 shipped
-Cure Volume 3 DVD: Vidoll (New) - $24 shipped

Please contact me directly via e-mail at: j_oliveira84@hotmail.com

I can send you pictures if you would like to see the item.

KPOP fan merch

Big Bang, DBSK, SNSD, and Super Junior

$1 Balloons
DBSK, SHINee, SNSD and Super Junior

Nothing is above $8!

Get yours here!

Help me pay for a vet bill and get cheap kpop merch while you're at it!

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Hi I'm looking to buy alan's voice of earth first press edition CD+DVD with the limited track and photobooklet and that version ONLYJapan or OS press is fine. Please leave me some offers! I'm looking to pay anywhere from $20-40 (shipped in the U.S) for the CD+DVD version. I can only pay with concealed cash! That means I send money FIRST and then you ship the item. No scammers please.

also selling the Yu-gi-oh card Slifer the Sky Dragon (NOT FAKE! AUTHENTIC) from the Yu-gi-oh the movie ani-manga. Please leave offers if interested. I have more Yu-gi-oh cards if you are interested. 
prices start at $3

More info here:


Selling alot  of Japanese CDs. 

taking offers.
More info here:
Japanese Bleach Fighting game: $20 shipped. open to offers


Hey guys! I am moving to Sweden June 10th and I really need to get rid of a lot of stuff. You can make an offer on anything if you feel the price is too high! I have A LOT of items listed! Please help me outttt! I also just cut back some prices on some things.

I have manga, anime, kimono, bags, san-x, sanrio, stationery items, vintage sanrio, soo many stuff! Check here!

Also, right now I have a few specials...:
Buy 2 items get 3rd 50% off! (will be the cheapest item)
Free shipping on purchases over $25 (not including shipping)

(you can only choose 1 promo if your purchase meets both, whichever may give you biggest discount)

Just to let you know I AM ONLY ACCEPTING PAYPAL. Sorry, but I am moving June 10th and I don't want to risk not getting your payment in time.

My eBay feedback is HERE.
My LJ feedback is HERE. (I don't have GSJ feedback page yet? If you have bought from me feel free to post your feedback on their place too? ^^)

I also accept trades, but I am a bit picky. I don't mind looking through your stuff, but I might be busy through the next days so you will have to mention to me if you have something I may be interested in! I have a list of what I am currently looking for here:
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Also check out my other stuff on my LJ store! I have MORE items like these located there! You can make offers on anything!! =]

WTB: Yuu Watase manga

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to complete my Yuu Watase manga collection, and am looking for the following:

[EDIT: I'm looking for these in English, sorry for not mentioning that]

Fushigi Yuugi vol. 6-18 (is that how many there is? I can't remember...)
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden volumes 4-7
Absolute Boyfriend volume 6

Okay, so I'm not super-picky about the condition they're in, but I'd prefer that they have no horrible disfigurements (torn pages, big stains, etc.). Probably the most I can pay is $4 per volume (less if it's in poor condition) + shipping, so please keep that in mind.
Also, I'd prefer to buy several volumes at a time to save on shipping.
Oh, also, I can't really afford international shipping prices at this time, so I'm really only looking for sellers within the US.

Thank you!!

[EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention before, but if you want to trade for anything in this entry, that'd be great!]
cute canada

Direct Sale or trade: White Bodyline Heart Apron JSK

I was so excited to get this jumpskirt (my first lolita purchase online!), but unfortunately, it isn't really my style after trying it on.  So i will be selling this Bodyline White Heart Apron Jsk, I can provide picture for proof if you'd like =O I am interested in trading this item for a Bodyline skirt!~ No pink or red please, but show me what you've got. <3
  • Accept Paypal only!~
  • Shipping from Canada via Canada Post (regular parcel)
  • Buyer is responsible for PP fees, etc.
  • I can add tracking for a small fee c:
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Measurement: (Taken from Bodyline website)
Waist 64-72cm

Condition: New with tags, needs ironing though after being stuck in a closet. o 3o

Price: $27 USD shipped to Canada/US +PP fees
Redbull gives you wings

Sale Post!

I have CDS / DVDS / TOUR SHIRTS / MERCH / MAGAZINES / POSTERS / ETC up for sale on my journal!!



http://citiesinruin.livejournal.com/47379.html (opens in new window)

Thankks <3

on a quick note, my friend offers a japanese shopping service and can get you virtually anything from japan, and his yaoo auction skills are second to none.


please consider him in the future ^^


$2 manga
Miracle Girls Volume 4

$3 manga
Bizenghast Volume 4
Basilisk Volume 4
Basilisk Volume 5
Magic Knight Rayearth 1-3 (3 volumes in 1)
New Vampire Miyu Volume 3
Vampire Princess Miyu Volume 3



$4 anime
Yu-Gi-Oh: Ties of Friendship Volume 14 (includes the dogtags from toysite)
Glass Fleet Volume 2 SEALED
Samurai 7 Volume 1 SEALED


.50 each

Escaflowne(sub) volume 6
Yu-gi-oh Volumes Volumes 1-13

2.00 each
Sailor Moon The move: Black Dream Hole
Sailor Moon the movie: Hearts in ice

Pictures Available Upon request
Prices ARE negotiable

super sale

Super sales

Shipping cost listed are for buyers within the US.
international buyers ,  let me know where you are and I will calculate the shipping cost.

Ikki Tousen Battle Vixens 1/6 Ryomou Shimei PVC Figure
Mizuho Kazami Wedding Dress Figure
Kotobukiya Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 4 Enki Model Kit
Phoenix Wright figure set
Miles Edgeworth figure

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Cleaning Room Sale - Everything REALLY Has To Go!! (Manga, DVD, CDs)


* Paypal Only (CC or non-CC) Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees.
* Buyers are responsible for 2.9% + .30 Paypal fees
* U.S. buyers only please
* Shipping for manga $2.00 all other items $5.00 US only. International buyers please comment w/ country for shipping rates.
* All prices are negotiable.
* Priority goes to the highest offer.
* First buyer able to pay gets the item
* All items are shipped within 48 hours of payment
* No refunds. I am not responsible for any lost in the mail items, so please ask for insurance.
* I do have a cat, however I try to keep her away from my clothes.
* Feedback can be found on: Loligoth Database / eBay / My Journal

Absolutely NO BOOTLEGS!

Ebay Auctions:

o Sailor Moon SuperS DVD Boxset - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160339831041 (Stupidly low starting price.)
o Boys Over Flowers Complete DVD Set - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160339828531

Direct Sales:
All of my manga and DVDs are in perfect condition. If you need proof pictures please comment on what you want and I will take some ASAP.

$5 per indvidual manga

(Complete set) 1-8 : $35 for the set
Meru Puri (Complete Set) 1-4:  $20 for the set
Alice 19th (Complete Set) 1-7: $25 for the set
Pita-Ten (Complete Set) 1-8: $40 for the set
Kamichama Karin (Complete Set) 1-7: $25 for the set
Galaxy Angel Vol 1
Ouran High School Host Club 1-6
Hot Gimmick (Complete Set) 1-12: $55 for the set


D.N. Angel Vol 7 Brand new still shrink wrapped: $5
Happy Lesson boxset (in brand new condition): $20

Sailor Moon items for sale HERE!!!

Will consider instant trades and half cash half trade for the following items:

El Hazard Volume 1 DVD (Geneon Release only)
Full Moon wo Sagashite vol 1, 6, and 7 (VIZ Release only)
Paradise Kiss vol 3 DVD (Geneon Release only)
Ah! My Goddess the Movie DVD (Geneon Release only)
Ah! My Goddess OAV DVDs
Fushigi Yuugi OAV DVD set (Geneon / Pioneer release in the black box)


(no subject)

I'm also selling a bag from Harajuku lovers, korean/Taiwan clothes, Chinese manga, Japanese Shoujo Manga($3.50 each, discount if you buy 3 or more!) , Yaoi, English Manga (Pearl Pink, Gatcha Gacha, & more!) Death Note + Kuroshitsuji + Hitman Reborn Doujins, Jewelry,  stickers, plushies, bookmarks, furoku, and accessories! 

And prices can be negotiated! You can even make me an offer! ^__^

Interested? Come here!


CLOTHES - h.naoto, Liz Lisa, ...
FLYER - lots XD (for example D'espairsRay, vidoll, serial number, sadie, 9 goats black out, deluhi ...)
CDs - Vidoll Puzzle Ring + Comment DVD, lots of Undercode stuff, dir en grey dvd, ...
POSTER - vidoll
MAGAZINES - Vinyl Syndicate,  Takadanobaba Area Magazine

Please check my Selling Journal!


Shipping from Germany to worldwide.
Paypal accepted. Payment in € only.

Prices up for negotiation.
If you don't like one just tell what you'd be willing to pay. ^___^

JE + tw idols clearance Sale

Hi all,

Wanna clr alot of posters and mags of below:
-> Fahrenheit
-> BBT
-> Rainie
-> Angela
-> F4 / 5566 / 183 club / jstar
-> hana kimi / rolling love / why why love / x family n many more.

Also sell JE clippings / posters / glossies of

- Kat-tun / NEWS / Arashi
- KK / v6 / SMAP / T&T /
- K8 / HSJ / ikuta toma / Johnny Jr. n many more

- WHITE XMAS(LE) [JP version] [CD+DVD]
- Best of Kattun (normal tw ver)
- Kinki kids albums
- Kyoko Fukada - Universe
- Nowhere album- Bawl Out (feat takashi kashiwabara)
- v6 - Very Best
- T&T - Hatachi (inc 10 photos + folded poster)
- Boa - Valenti

Pls visit www.entertainment-items.blogspot.com for tw idols items or www.idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com for je items.

* Note - I shipped from s'pore


(no subject)

Chibi's Shoppe

Sale!! 10% off total price $25 or more
New Items Added under the CD, Manga, Figures and Cosplay catagories!!
Check back often. More items being added everyday!!

I'm selling a number of items from my personal collection.
here you'll find everything from music CD's, DVD's, artbooks and manga to posters, figures and trading cards.
Click on the links to go to each catagory.
Ordering (Read First!!)
Music CD's
Artbooks, Manga, and Doujinshi
Figures and Plushies and Statues
Pins, Keychains, etc.
DVD's and VHS
Collectibles, Video Games, Trading Cards, Misc
Cosplay and Wigs

Ball-Jointed dolls/Dollfie clothing


To order, simply email me at
Inutsuzuki@comcast.netwith your order and zip code and I will respond with a total. Thanks and happy shopping!!
Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

(no subject)

Check out my selling post for anime and manga merchandise from series such as Final Fantasy, Gundam Wing, Angel Sanctuary, Ace Attorney, Kingdom Hearts, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Soul Eater, and more!

I have doujinshi, games, a lot of complete anime DVD sets, pins, jewelry, figures, CDs, yaoi manga, and more.

Newest item: Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney cell phone straps!

All of it can be found at my selling post!