June 15th, 2009

gothic lolita bible, cosmode, manga, etc

im selling lots of fashion magazines, stuffed animals(gloomy, mokona, etc)
games are all under 8 dollars

and also lots of Japanese males phoytobook

some gothic lolita bible and cosmode

Mangas for sale

News -Week Limited edition CD 7 dollars shipped:D

Gothic Lolita Bible for sale: 14 dollars shipped

Cosmode: 12 dollars shipped

I have COSmo (cosmode)  vol , 3, 5, 9, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23

I have gothic lolita bible volume 1, 3, 5, 10, 28-32
majority of pictures are in my journal

please let me know if you want to see some issues' pictures thats not listed in my journal

every issue are contain patterns or copslay book (depends on either its glm, or cosmo)

All the mangas are 3 dollars/volume +shipping
buy 5+ 2,50 each
buy 10+  1.5 dollars each volume

if you buy 10 items from my journal  i will give you discount
Mangas im selling  right now

Hana kim 6, 19-20
Lagoon engine vol. 1
Gravitation vol.1
Flame of Recca vol. 11
Nana vol.3
Wild ones 2, 3
Girls got game 1-7
Death note Vol.5
W Juliet vol.7
Beauty Pop Vo.2
Gatcha Gacha vol. 5

Shakugan no Shana First day
(Light novel)

Kuroshitsuji Anime Book : 20 dollars
Devil Devil vol. 3, 14

Lucky Star Guide Book:  6 dollars
Good morning kiss 1-3                     8 dollars for whole set
Fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden 5-9    15 dollars whole set
Gundam 00 vol.1-2
Reborn vol 12-14, 16-17
Katsu vol. 1-2
Junjou Romantica 1-8                   15 dollars whole set
Hoshi wo Utau vol. 2-3
d.n.angel vol.6-7
Touch  vol.11
Love com vol. 13-17                              13 dollars whole set
Gal vol. 3, 4, 6
Fruits basket 1-23                            whole set for 57 dollars
Gentleman alliance      vol. 5,8-10               11 dollars

High school debut vol. 12-13
Special A Guide book 6 dollars

chibi maruko chan 3, 4, 15

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Hi! Please come check out my selling Journal niccy_c_sales where I am selling

Arashi CD's (some are limited edition, most regular):
Arashi No.1 Ichigou  /  Arashi Single Collection 1999-2001  /  Here We Go!  /  Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy  /  Sakura Sake  /  One  /  Wish  /  Kitto Daijoubu  /  Aozora Pedal  /  Arashic  /  Love So Sweet  /  We Can Make It!  /  Time  /  Step and Go  /  Dream"A"Live  /  Beautiful Days

Arashi DVD's:
Arashi Around Asia+ in Dome

Arashi Books:
Work is Hard Dakedo Happy 0415 – 0515  /  Pikanchi Double A-Z  /  Men's Non-no Special Photo Book Arashi is Alive! With CD  /  Big Bang!  /  Aiba Masaki individual photobook

NEWS CD's (some are limited edition, most regular):
touch  /  Hoshi wo Mezashite  /   Taiyou no Namida  /  Summer Time  /  Weeeek  /  pacific  /  Happy Birthday  /  Color  /  Koi no ABO

Tegomasu CD's:
Aiaigasa  /  Miso Soup  /  Kiss - Kaerimichi no Love Song

Hey!Say!JUMP CD's (some are limited edition, most regular):
Ultra Music Power  /  Dreams Come True  /  Your Seed/Bouken Rider  /  Maypnaka no Shadow Boy

Hey!Say!JUMP first Concert DVD

Tackey&Tsubasa CD's

High and Mighty Color CD's:
Goover  /  Gouon Progressive  /  San  /  Rock Pit  /  10 Color Singles

Orange Range CD's and DVD

Last Alliance CD

WaT CD's:
Bokura no Love Story  /  Ready Go!  /  Sotsugyo Time - Bokura no Hajimari  /  Yume no Tochu  /  Toki wo Koete - Fantastic World-  /  5 centi.  /  Hava Rava  /  WaT Collection

Claymore  /  Figure 17  /  Otogi Zoshi  /  Rave Master  /  Vampire Knight 

Anime (region 2):
Ghost in the Shell  1st Gig  /  Bleach  /  Naruto

Playing Cards (Saiyuki  /  Cardcaptor Sakura  /  Wolf's Rain  /  Gundam Wing)
Fruits Basket Kyo bag
Teppei Koike Photobooks
Naruto Statues and Bookends

All the prices are open to negotiation and I give discounts if you buy several things.

So please come check out my journal for pictures and prices on all my things ^__^

x posted to je_sales

Genesis BJD

New TOKIDOKI Bacio, Melodia, Marina Bags for Sale

Hi!  I have just got back from a shopping trip and came back with a few too many bags... These are Authentic Brand New w/Tags and Qui.  They have never been used and were taken out of plastic for pictures.  I accept  paypal (NON CC is free), CC please add $5 to total.  I have feedback on Ebay under the user name Mizsetsuna with over 500 positives!  Please ask any questions either in this post or by email at nightmareally@gmail.com

Please be sure of your purchase as I do not accept returns or give refunds... no exchanges due to only having one of each item.

Offers are welcome!

1st Bag (first three pics)-- Bacio Portafortuna Print bag.  $130 including shipping within USA
2nd Bag -- Ragazza PortaFortuna Print bag. $150 including shipping within USA Sold
3rd bag -- Marina Portafortuna Print Bag.  $160 including shipping within USA
4th bag -- Melodia Portafortuna Camera/cellphone bag. $50 including shipping within USA

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Eng Anime and Manga sale need to pay bills and for groceries and vet trips any help is appreciated

******Need to sell as much as possible this week and next week!!************

Desperate here just need to make my bills this month.And buy my school books this week.Seriously getting desperate as my hours have been cut to nothing.

While I have gotten my job back I still need to be able to help my parents pay for our house and groceries. As well as vet bills for my dog and keep my own bills paid in between. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Plus it will help me get my room a little less cluttered.

`````````leave feedback here...

http://gsj-mods.livejournal.com/1365.html?thread=467797#t467797 ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````


I am willing to discuss prices.

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone.

[I decided Id open it up to International shipping too. Unfortunately it seems to be really expensive to send it anywhere else through UPS so ill go through the post office. just know it will be a bit more for shipping that way depending on the boxes weight]

For international please submit address like this:
Street Address:
Postal code:
-----(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me.)-----just sent out last two peoples stuff this morning.^_^

[~~~~~~also maybe willing to trade for Kuroshitsuji items as long as its reasonable]

Any one who asked for stuff last time do you still want it get back to me ASAP please.

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also do art commissions
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really do exist!

HUGE Magazine Sale!

I have a huge sale going on at my journal! I have over 70 magazine for sale! Shoxx, Cure, Fool's Mate, UV, Myojo, Junon, Just to name a few magazines, featuring artist like Nightmare, Alice Nine, Dir en grey, Gackt, Miyavi, Pierrot, Many Johnny's band's like KAT-TUN, NEWS, and Arashi! Also have a few magazine featuring some J-drama actors such as Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, Hayami Mokomichi, and Mizushima Hiro!

I also have a bunch of Posters and fliers of J-rock bands, and even a couple Cds and Dvds too!

I have some of Japanese and English manga going for cheap and some character goods and even some cosplay/clothing items!

Not many things are over $10 dollars! Its all pretty cheap!

Still Plenty of things for sale! Come check it out!

Jrock/Visual Kei Magazines

Johhny's/Idol/J-drama Magazines and J-rock - CDs, DVDs, Flyers, Posters and J-music goods

Anime, Manga, Games, Character Good, Clothing/Cosplay

Thanks for taking a look!


Everything* on this bookshelf is for sale over at kalesales
Items include English manga, Japanese manga, French manga, doujinshi, artbooks, mooks, magazines, DVDs, CDs, games, and figures.
Please make sure to read the information post at the top!

*The top shelf can be found for sale by my roommate. Link can be found in the information post.
Casshern Sinss


$3 manga
Bizenghast Volume 4
Magic Knight Rayearth 1-3 (3 volumes in 1)
New Vampire Miyu Volume 3
Princess Ai Volume 1
Vampire Princess Miyu Volume 3



$4 anime
Aura Battler Dunbine:Tales of Byston Well (vol.1) SEALED
Birth: A war of two worlds! (OVA) SEALED
Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 14 SEALED
Glass fleet Volume 2 SEALED
Samurai 7 Volume 1 SEALED

Box Sets
Le Chevalier D'Eon Box Set for $35


.50 each
Escaflowne(sub) volume 6
Yu-gi-oh Volumes Volumes 1-13

2.00 each
Sailor Moon The move: Black Dream Hole
Sailor Moon the movie: Hearts in ice
ANYTHING from Candy Candy
Anything from W Pinch
Vampire Princess miyu anime 5+

Pictures Available Upon request
I do trades
Prices ARE negotiable

gurololi, eyepatch, loli

(no subject)

[Final Fantasy 7: Cloud's Buster Sword necklace]
[Final Fantasy 8: Squall's Lionheart necklace]
[Final Fantasy 7: Vincent's 'Cerebus' necklace]

[$3 Manga]
[Appleseed ('movie' novel based on the manga) by Masamune Shirow]
[Dead End by Shohei Manabe (vol. 1)]
[GON by Masashi Tanaka (vol. 1)]
[High School Girls by Towa Ohshima (vol. 8)]
[JUDAS by Suu Minazuki (vol. 1)]
[KAMUI by Shingo Nanami (vol. 8)]
[My Dearest Devil Princess by Makoto Matsumoto/Maika Netsu (vol. 1)]
[Ohikkoshi by Hiroaki Samura]
[Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 by Ark Performance/Harutoshi Fukui/Ryo Hanmura (vol. 1)]
[the Kurosagi Corpse delivery service (vol. 2)]
[Variante by Iqura Sugimoto (vol. 1)]
[ZERO: The Beginning of the Coffin by Dall-Young Lim/Sung-Woo Park (vol. 2)]
[Chikyu Misaki by Iwahara Yuji (vol. 1-3)]
[Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star by Cain Kuga/Hajime Yatate (vol. 1-2)]
[DISGAEA2: Cursed Memories by Hekaton (vol. 1-2
[Reiko the Zombie Shop by Rei Mikamoto (vol. 1-2)]

[J-Fashion related clothes]
[Bodyline Bunny-eared cutsew]
[h.Naoto choker]
[2 Chinese dresses]
[Red Oriental Kimono Robe]
[TRY NOW Candy Floss Pink wig]

[Strawberry bag]
[Super Dollfie-sized Kimono + Obi + Underdress set]
[Black Gloomy Bear plush]
[Pullip body, TYPE 3]

…And so much more!

Check out my SALES at my FLICKR page:

♥♥♥  http://www.flickr.com/photos/cookiexcouture/  ♥♥♥

Please comment HERE in this post, however, if you have any questions :D

Lots of stuff for sale! Offers and trades accepted! PRICE CUTS, I NEED THIS GONE!

YesJapan Gift Card (19.95 value)- Price $10
Shojo Beat Magaizines from Aug. 07 to Aug. 08- Price $2 each
Brand New Yukata w/ Obi- Price $50
Bodyline Dress- Price $35
Seraphim Feathers JSK set- Price $110
Oreskaband Single- Price: $3
Manga Preview from ShojoBeat- Price: $2 or free with purchase
Yaoi Changeable KeyChain- Price: $3

Shipping not included in price
I am also willing to take offers and trades on these items, unless otherwise stated.

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VK: Cure Back Issues & h.NAOTO Colletion Books

Cure Back Issue:
-Volume 10-11: Cover artist Vidoll
-Volume 12: Cover artist Kagerou
-Volume 17: Cover artist Phantasmagoria - includes poster
-Volume 19: Cover artist Kra - includes poster
-Volume 26: Cover artist Vidoll - includes poster
-Volume 29: Cover artist Lareine - includes CD insert (never used)
-Volume 43-44: Cover Artist Megamasso

I'm selling each Cure issue at $10 shipped.

Collections and Books:
-h. NAOTO Winter Collection book w/ stickers - $15 shipped
-h.NAOTO ART BOOK 2004 (Retails for ¥5,250) - $50 shipped
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Manga Sale!

Cleaning out the room, you know the drill.

-Ouran High School Host Club 2-5ebay
-Alice 19th 1-7 [Complete]ebay
-Fruits Basket 1-13ebay
-Tsubasa 1-9ebay
-Tsukuyomi Moon Phase 1-7ebay
-D.N.Angel 1-9ebay
-Love Hina 1,3,4,5,6($8 each or $35 together)
These are actually pretty cool.
-Chobits 1-3ebay
2 and 3 come with little postcards.

As far as quality, they are in good condition. Read once. DNAngel vol 2 has a bent corner.
Prices listed include shipping.

Ouran and Chobits are on ebay cuz I put them up before I remembered about this place.

Paypal please.

Site updates and still lots of items to sell!

I am still going through and selling off my personal collections items! Many items are selling out and have been listed as such but I still have a ton of items for sale! You name the series and I probably have some thing from it! Many are single inventory items meaning once they sell they are sold out. Majority of these items I am not selling from my personal collections!  All my items are from a Smoke free home.

I have been told I have to have the largest Furoku shop on the internet and I believe it.
As I have over 800 Items for sale in this one section!

Furoku link: www.serendipity-collections.com/furoku.htm
Phone Cards link: www.serendipity-collections.com/pctrade.htm $8 - $10 each
Shitajiki (sadly lacking an update that *WAS NOT* hacked into by a stupid hacker..  www.serendipity-collections.com/extras1.htm
Cels and Production Art from Japanese anime series!!...  www.serendipity-collections.com/4SaleMainlisting.htm

Main collective site, *Please, if you are saving pages, bookmark this page and not the others above.. : www.serendipity-collections.com/

Ribon series items ..........  +/- Junkie, Ageha 100% , Aishiteruze Baby,  Akazukin Cha Cha, Animal Yokocho, Baby Love, Cherry Hill Angels, Chotto Otogibanashi,  Dice, Full Moon O Sagashite, GALS!Gentlemen's Alliance Cross,  Good Morning Call, Kamikaze Kaitō Jeanne, Love-Berrish!, Marmalade Boy, Max Lovely! ,  Nagatachou Strawberry,  Passion Girls, Piyo Piyo Tenshi, Random Walk, Rockin' Heaven, Saboten no Himitsu, Saint Dragon Girl, Star Blacks, Tenshi Nanka ja Nai, Time Stranger Kyoko, Ultra Maniac
Nakayosi series items..... Card Captor Sakura, Cyber Idol Mink, Dream Saga, Kamisama Karen, Kirara Princess, Mamotte, MKRE, Kitchen Princess, Mermaid Melody, Miracle Girls, Sailor moon, Saint Tail, Sugar Sugar Rune, Tokyo Mew Mew, and many more!!   

I accept Postal Money Orders and Paypal only. Do not place orders if you do not intend to pay within a few days by Paypal or within 10 days by Postal Money Order.

selling gazette rare stuff!!


It will end after I came back frm work.. haha~

DISORDER Promotional Poster!!!
the GazettE Limited Edition RARE Single "Zakurogata No Yuutsu" (CD+DVD)!!!


is a promotional poster, as in it was given by club noize~
so is not for sales at all and is was very long ago too so is really rare & hard-to-comeb by!!
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{Miura} Look

WTB: Clutch Wallet (SWIMMER or similar)

Hello sellers~
I know it's a long shot, but I'd be interested in getting a SWIMMER wallet. I've been looking for a nice one (for an affordable price) for a long time, without significant success.
So, if you have any that you're willing to sell, or know somewhere I can find it, please let me know!
I specially liked one that I've seen some time ago, it was a creamy color, with a big bow on it.

Note: I'm interested mainly in a Clutch Wallet. If you have one from any other brand and think I'd be interested, please tell me! :D

Thank you! <3

Selling Anime

I have a large selection of anime merchandise for sale:

My Selling Journal

Quick Link to Category Post

Manga/graphic novels,
Manga magazines,

Including these titles:
CLAMP works,
Fruits Basket,
Fushigi Yuugi,
Gundam Seed,
Gundam Wing,
Houshin Engi,
Inu Yasha,
Kyou Kara Maou,
One Piece,
Ruruoni Kenshin,
and miscellaneous things I picked up in Japan.

"Saiyuki" anime art calendar 2003


* I Really need to sell these, so all prices are negotiable.
* I accept Paypal, money order, and concealed cash at buyers risk
* If you need actual measurements, I can get them for you
* I may be interested in trades especially for lolita items
* Items come from a smoke-free environment but we do have dogs.
* Shipping in US $3-6, depends on weight of items (Media Mail available for manga)
* International shipping $15

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AOD Doll

AOD Zi Yuan For Sale

I purchased this doll about 5-6 months ago, but realize that this doll hobby isn't really for me. I would like to sell the doll and everything else I bought with it in a package. The doll was purchased for about $350~(with shipping, and before the price for the AOD dolls drop). As for the clothes, wigs, eyes, etc. I bought them all at around the same time and I spent around $150~. I don't intend on losing money on this, so I think $500USD is fair enough for the package. Everything is in perfect condition, I did the faceup myself(not great :P), but I can remove it if you don't like it. Please contact me if you want detailed pictures of a certain part or for more information. Here is everything the doll will come with: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8923/dollwyh.gif
*I will throw in a watercolor set for free*

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toshiya [otsu]

Selling Some Gackt, DBSK, and Dir en grey Items

Hello everyone! I am selling some of my Japanese and Korean items. Details are behind the cut.

1. I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items or money. That is the postal service's job. = )
2. No returns/backing out please. The last time I sold stuff online, people did this to me often. If you are not sure if you can get something, just don't ask for it. I don't want to have to spend months trying to track down people.
3. I accept money orders, personal checks (will have to be cleared), (concealed) cash, and paypal.
4. All prices are in USD, NOT including S+H.
5. I will consider international orders, but the S+H price will probably be greater and we will have to talk about what type of currency will be exchanged.
6. S+H depends on the weight of the package and the type of packaging that needs to be used--for example, posters will be sent in poster tubes.
7. I will email you if you have "won" the item. = )
8. I will not ship your item to you until I have received payment (you will be notified once your item is shipped).
9. Prices can be negotiable.

w/ all that said:
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