June 18th, 2009



I'm also selling a bag from Harajuku lovers, korean/Taiwan clothes, Chinese manga ($2.50 - Over 40 manga to choose from!), Japanese Shoujo Manga($3.50 each, discount if you buy 3 or more!) , Yaoi, English Manga (Pearl Pink, Marmalade Boy & more!)Gintama + Hitman Reborn Doujins, Jewelry,  stickers, plushies, bookmarks, furoku, and accessories! 

And prices can be negotiated! You can even make me an offer! ^__^

Interested? Come here!

*I'm also up for trade or I *might* BUY!!!! (AND I'M CURRENTLY A LUCKY STAR ADDICT SO I WOULD LOVE TO PURCHASE DVDS, FIGURES, AND ETC!! :D) Check my wishlist here: Otaku_wishlist

2 weeks left~!

2 weeks left and I'm closing the door to my stuff for sale! Please give it a look, I might have what you're lusting for ;D

Anime collectibles, manga, doujinshi, cute Japanese things, keychains, bags, magazines, pencil boards, and other random stuff!

Series I have things from:

Full Moon wo Sagashite
Hunter x Hunter
DiGi Charat
Ribon Magazine Furoku + Zenin
King of Bandits Jing
Tsubasa Chronicles

Please check out my sales post at http://juliechama.livejournal.com/276597.html

Yu Yu Hakusho ♥ Hiei
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Inquiring about Stationary~

Hello~ I am looking for really cute Japanese/Korean stationary paper. Possibly the girliest pieces paper you have. Hello Kitty or food or whatever; as long as it is cute and Japanese/Korean. The paper needs to be lined and relatively big. My friend and I are using these papers for fan letters. Also if you have cute Japanese/Korean paper in black that would be so amazing.

Thanks ^^
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DS: Bodyline, Obitsu, Negima, Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden, Sailor Moon, FLCL, Princess Mononoke

Terms:  I prefer to ship to the US but will ship internationally if buyer is willing to pay the additional shipping fees. I only take Paypal. I will combine shipping. 

Trades: I'll trade for Gothic and Lolita Bible vol 5 (English), Swan manga vol 12-14 (English), Excell Saga DVD vol. 6 or any Kera magazines.

black Bodyline cutsew
new with tags
$10 + shipping

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Shin, Eyeshield 21

FREE! Gackt Mars La Reminiscence DVD

I'm cleaning out my DVDs and giving away my Gackt Mars La Reminiscence DVD (2000).

It's my favorite Gackt concert featuring the 5 original GacktJob members - You, Masa, Chachamaru, Ren, and Toshi.

The only cost to whoever gets the DVD will be the packaging and the shipping. I live in London so if you happen to live in the UK, you're in luck.

First come, first served.

selling gazette stuff ~


I'm selling a ton of gazette tour pamphlets...
such as:

-decomposition beauty
-meaningless art that people showed
-pwtb 01 budokan
-pwtb 03
-burst 2008

Also selling a PWTB 01 polo shirt.

AND... selling the gemcerey X the gazette collaboration necklace

lastly.... taking pre-orders for the :


You can find out info about any of the above, here: zetsu_fate

thanks for checking it out!

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☆★Guys and Girls Clothes BRAND NEW imported clothes as well as many good/like new condition clothing! Added fobby dresses and tees and tops, offshoulder two piece set, Gorgeous Purple Dress, Hime Gyaru Top, polka dotted tights, yellow skull print hoodie, cute/sexy white offshoulder top and more!

☆★Loliable &Lolita Items Added lots of new accessories and bags~

☆★Bags, Pouches, Cellphone Cases Added lots of cute and popular ones from Asia; cute button messenger bag, monokuro bag, harajuku lover bags, and Vivi style quilted bag (very popular in asia!)

☆★Accessories~(umbrellas, hair accessories, jewelry, legwear, shoes and more!) Added ViVi style and other Asian imported accessories &jewelries, bow clips (for hair and for shoes~), heart clip, legwarmers and knee-hi socks!

☆★DDR Extreme Original Sound Track (rare!), PS3 games, Collector Items, DS Games, Gamecube Games, DDR, Pokemon DS Stylus, Game Guides, Cute Asian Notebooks, Mangas (Kurosagi, Naruto, etc), Naruto and One Piece Collectibles and more!

Entertainment (magazines and CDs and DVDs) - Jolin, Arashi, Kisarazu Cats Eye Movie, Ayumi Hamasaki, Nana Kitade, JE magazines Added lots of NEWS CDs, Arashi CDs and magazines (duet, potato, popolo, myojo)!~ Cheap!

come take a look at ~ J♥sweets Shop ~

English anime manga sale need to sale as much as possible to pay for school books and tuition& con

******Need to sell as much as possible this week and next week!!************

******Need to sell as much as possible this week and next week!!************

Desperate here just need to make my bills this month.And buy my school books this week.Seriously getting desperate as my hours have been cut to nothing.

While I have gotten my job back I still need to be able to help my parents pay for our house and groceries. As well as vet bills for my dog and keep my own bills paid in between. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Plus it will help me get my room a little less cluttered.

`````````leave feedback here...

http://gsj-mods.livejournal.com/1365.html?thread=467797#t467797 ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````


I am willing to discuss prices.

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone.

[I decided Id open it up to International shipping too. Unfortunately it seems to be really expensive to send it anywhere else through UPS so ill go through the post office. just know it will be a bit more for shipping that way depending on the boxes weight]

For international please submit address like this:
Street Address:
Postal code:
-----(As for those who've bought stuff already I thank you so much It means a lot to me.)-----just sent out last two peoples stuff this morning.^_^

[~~~~~~also maybe willing to trade for Kuroshitsuji items as long as its reasonable]

Any one who asked for stuff last time do you still want it get back to me ASAP please.

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also do art commissions
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English Manga for Sale!

I really need this stuff gone; all of it’s in great condition so I’m selling it for best offer + shipping.

I ship from Missouri, USA and I do ship worldwide.

Paypal preferred. Money orders and concealed cash also accepted (concealed cash at your own risk!!)

I ship as soon as I receive payment.

A note about trades: I can’t accept them at the moment as I’m trying to pay some stuff off and save up money for school next semester. Thanks!


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Thanks for looking! ^_^ 

(Thor) Loki smile


Hellsing Necklace original japanese item!!!!!
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10 Euro/14 USD




5 Euro/7 USD

each 3 Euro/4,20 USD

PRINCE OF TENNIS jump festa items, round cards
Ryouma/Fuji/Kawamura SOLD
Tezuka/Golden Pair
Momo/Kaido/Inui SOLD
each 3 Euro/4,20 USD


15 Euro/21 USD


JPop Magazine: Arena 37° Feb 2005
6 Euro/8,40 USD

Urgent DS: Please take it off, need to pay bills :o


If you live outside the EU, please add 10 EUR for the skirt/dress! Shipping (HEAVY THINGS!) is very expensive!

AP Marchen Tartan skirt 120 EUR 105 EUR including shipping in the EU
Link for details: http://community.livejournal.com/angelicpoodle/272897.html

And still AP Secret Garden OP - now 150 EUR 120 EUR including shipping in the EU :3
Link for details: http://community.livejournal.com/angelicpoodle/267296.html

Miwitch blouse for 40 EUR including shipping in the EU
MAM Blouse for 50 EUR including shipping in the EU
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/6507515.html

WTT: AP Heart Marine Skirt -> http://community.livejournal.com/angelicpoodle/276714.html

Hehe, need to pay my bills :P

selling: manga, magazines, novels

Hi, I'm selling my manga, magazines, and some Louis Cha novels. They're all in immaculate condtion, and they really need to be gone!

While I've listed prices (shipping is extra) for them, I'll be happy to discuss any offers. I'm desperate to get rid of them, and finding someone who'll care for these books will make me really happy!

Paypal preferred, although I also take money orders, checks, and concealed cash (at your risk).

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Please feel free to contact me through LJ-messaging, or my e-mail (listed in my profile). I thank you so much for taking these things off my hands!


I cleaned out my closet and now I come with lots of clothes I want to get rid of for cheap prices!

Please check out my journal

I'm also selling some J-Rock stuff (CDs, flyers, photosets)

Thank you! (・ω・)/

Shibuya 109-2 Men's Clothing

-Casva long sleeve shirt - $25 shipped
-Casva zip up sweater – $30 shipped
-Roi Frac shirts (4 in total) - $18 each shipped
-Black zip-up hooded sweater (forgot what store I bought it from) - $30 shipped

This is a link of the stores at the Shibuya 109-2 building. Men's clothing is on floor 5-7.

Please contact me directly via e-mail at: j_oliveira84@hotmail.com

I can send you pictures of all the items I have for sale.

(no subject)

I'm selling the following things. Pictures upon request.

No prices are listed, YOU make an offer!
I only accept Paypal. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Authentic Jrock CDs:
Please note all CDs have normal signs of wear. None are brand new.
1. Pierrot - Heaven. Slipcover and two bookles.
2. Dir en Grey - Macabre. The case and booklet are in excellent condition.
3. Malice Mizer - Merveilles. The case has a few cracks and scratches and doesn't open smoothly, and unfortunately because it isn't a standard CD size I am unable to replace it. However, the booklet and CDs themselves are in very good condition.
4. Miyaki - Gagaku. Case opens but has scratches and a few minor cracks. Booklet in great condition, and of course the CD is, too.


1. Volumes 1-4 of X/1999 in the original bigger versions, worn but completely intact and still good condition. Books 8, 11-17 in smaller versions, great condition, almost new.
2. Tokyo Babylon volumes 1-6. Like new condition.
3. Gunsmith Cats (larger than the typical $9.99 manga). Great condition, I haven't even read them. Volumes:
- Bonnie and Clyde
- Misfire
- Kidnapped
- Goldie versus Misty
- Bean Bandit
4. Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 6, worn. If bought with something else, I'll throw this in for $2
5. Cowboy Bebop vollume 1. Pretty worn, but still intact. If bought with something else, I'll throw this in for $1

Anime DVDs:
Blue Seed
- The Nightmare Begins (episodes 1-7)
- Descent Into Terror (episodes 8-14)
The cases are worn, but the DVDs themselves are in fantastic condition.

1. Tokyo Babylon Photographs art book by CLAMP. Minor wear, as seen in pictures. Inside pictures are in excellent condition. Bought for $40 new. I'll go way lower.
2. BUJINGAI for Playstation 2.

Once again, I have absolutely no need for any of this so would much rather sell for a good price than keep them on me, so don't be shy in offering a price.

Thanks for looking :)


Gekigangar 3 OVA volume 1 on VHS
Volumes 1-4 of Maxion manga
Volume 1 Trigun DVD $6 shipped
Volume 1 Dual! DVD $5 shipped
# 9, 13, 27, 30 OUTLANDERS comics
Return of Gray 1 of 7 Gunsmith cats comic (I'll throw this in free with any purchase)


hello~! i have added new items to my journal~

these any many more items in my journal~!
please check all entries ^_~

***ATTENTION*** i am searching for someone from this communtiy that i purchase a Moix dix Mois poster, and postards from. i really need to get in contact with you!! please, if you are reading this, message me!! thanks~!
Genesis BJD

New TOKIDOKI Bacio, Melodia, Marina Bags for Sale PRICES CUT

Hi!  I have just got back from a shopping trip and came back with a few too many bags... These are Authentic Brand New w/Tags and Qui.  They have never been used and were taken out of plastic for pictures.  I accept  paypal (NON CC is free), CC please add $5 to total.  I have feedback on Ebay under the user name Mizsetsuna with over 500 positives!  Please ask any questions either in this post or by email at nightmareally@gmail.com

Please be sure of your purchase as I do not accept returns or give refunds... no exchanges due to only having one of each item.

Offers are welcome!

1st Bag (first three pics)-- Bacio Portafortuna Print bag.  $130 including shipping within USA  $120
2Nd bag -- Marina Portafortuna Print Bag.  $160 including shipping within USA $150
3rd bag -- Melodia Portafortuna Camera/cellphone bag. $50 including shipping within USA

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WTB: -OZ- Merchandise

Hello, all!

I'm looking for -OZ- merchandise. From shirts to trinkets, fliers to post cards, CDs to DVDs. Anything (officially) -OZ- related.

I have the following so far:

elf (CD+DVD)
S.I.N (CD)
Bulk (CD)
Spiral (CD)

I have their new album "VERSUS" preordered already, so I'm trying to gather the rest of their stuff alone with some valuable items.

Thank you!!