July 4th, 2009

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Mashimaro pencil set
Morning glory memo pads
paper lanterns
oriental print bags
jrock flyers
Shin album
Yu-gi-oh cards + card covers
Pokemon board games
clothing & accessories
Tenipuri keychain
video game posters

items starting from $1

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Thanks for looking! :]
Miku Saihate Full

Manga, Anime, Toys & Figures!

At least 20 new items today! My books, figures, and everything else need to find a new home! I am willing to haggle, trade, take creative payment, etc. in order to get things out of my 'spare' room and to you. I offer free media-mail on many items within the US, don't charge paypal fees, ship internationally, etc.

New items almost daily - Kingdom Hearts, Yaoi, Final Fantasy, Dragonball, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Doujinshi, Toys, many other items~

Take a look right here!

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Thank you for looking and have a safe and wonderful day!

Selling Anime, Manga, Videogames, Merchandise, etc.

Lowered Prices!!!
Items located in UK.
Prices don't include shipping.
Paypal preferred.
I will offer discounts if buying in bulk.
Pics on request.
Haggling welcome and I love trades!
New items in Bold

Anime DVDs (Region 2):
Full Metal Panic Vol.1 (w/ reversible cover and fold-out poster) £3
Ranma 1/2 Movie - Big Trouble in Nekonron, China £4
Mars Daybreak LE Vol.1 with Tin, DVD, CD and magnets £4.50

Manga (English):
Oh! My Goddess: Terrible Master Urd £3
+Anima 6-10 £3.50 each/£15 for set
Bleach 1-2 and 8-16 £3.50 each/ £35 for set
Chrno Crusade 1-8 (Complete - with colour pages) £4 each / £28 for set
D.Gray-Man 5-12 £4 each / £28 for set
DN Angel 3-11 £3.50 each / £28
Dragonball Z 1 £3
Fullmetal Alchemist 1-17 (missing one of the vols. in the middle) £4 each / £57 for set
.Hack: LOT 1-3 (Complete) £2.50 each / £6 for set
Kare Kano 1-2 £3 each / £5 for set
Kingdom Hearts 1-4 (Complete with cardboard sleeve) £12 for set
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 1-2 (Complete with Cardboard sleeve) £10 for set
Kingdom Hearts II 1 - 2 £4 each / £7 for set
MAR 1-2 £3 each / £5 for set
Negima 1-5 £3 each / £12 for set
Ranma 1/2 1 £4
Vampire Knight 1-4 £3.50 each / £12 for set
Vampire Knight 1 (Brand New) £4

Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3) £10
Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) £15

My Japanese Coach (DS) £10
Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories (NTSC) £15
Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories (NTSC-J) £8
Final Fantasy X PS2 and Bradygames guide £12

DN Angel soundtrack 1 £5
DN Angel soundtrack 2 £5
DN Angel Vocal Collection £5
Kingdom Hearts Complete Soundtrack (9 discs) £12
Final Fantasy X Complete Soundtrack (4 discs) £8

Kingdom Hearts Anthology (English) £10

Anime books:
Tokyo Cosplay Paradise £7
Pop Japan Travel: An Otaku guide to Neo Tokyo £4

Fruits Basket Fan Book Neko £4
Fruits Basket Sticker Collection (Some stickers missing, but all pin-ups present) £4
Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Profiles £4
Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Artbook £8
Fullmetal Alchemist Novel 1 - Land of Sand £4
Clamp no Kiseki vol.1 (Book only) £4

D.Gray-Man Innocence Box White (Complete with exclusive J-mini, Bromides, Bromide Holder) £15
Death Note Nendoroid L (Taken out of box once, otherwise new) £15
Kingdom Hearts Roxas Pendant (New and Sealed) £4
Kingdom Hearts Sora pendant in giftbox (Brand New) £4
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Keyrings (Tifa, Loz and Yazoo available) £4 each
Yoshi plush keyring £3
Code Geass Book cover £4
Code Geass Pencil Board £4
Death Note Stationary paper (6 sheets) £3
Death Note Foil cards (x 3) £2
Naruto Mini Sakura Plushie £4
Shakugan No Shana figure (no box) £12
Fruits Basket Kyo Hat (Glow in the Dark) £5
Ouran High School Host Club Usa-chan Present phone charm £4
Vampire Knight Keyrings (Yuki, Zero and Kaname available) £4 each
Ouran High School Host Club Notebook £4.50
Inuyasha Kirara coin purse £4
Naruto Kunai in giftbox £3.50
Fullmetal Alchemist Pocke****ch Cosplay prop in tin (doesn't tell time) £5
DN Angel Poster £4
Exclusive Belldandy pin-up (only available with the Belldandy figure) £6

Heroic Age Wallscroll £8
Naruto Sasuke mini Wallscroll £4
Naruto Sasuke Gashapon figure £3
Kingdom Hearts Roxas Plushie £5
Kingdom Hearts Heartless necklace and keyblade in gift box £6
Death Note wallet in gift box £6
Fullmetal Alchemist Envy Keyring £3
Fullmetal Alchemist Edward metal pin £3
Death Note Promo poster £3
Final Fantasy X-2 Phone Charms (Lenne and Paine) £3 each
Final Fantasy VII Pencil Tin £4

Freebies (one free with each purchase of £3+):
Tokyo can badge
Smash Bros. Brawl pin
Tiny Pokemon figure
Pokemon door hangers
Neo Sampler magazine

Huge JE + TW idols,Clearance Sale

Hi all,

Wanna clr alot of posters and mags of below:
-> Fahrenheit
-> BBT
-> Rainie
-> Angela
-> F4 / 5566 / 183 club / jstar
-> hana kimi / rolling love / why why love / x family n many more.

Also sell JE clippings / posters / glossies of

- Kat-tun / NEWS / Arashi
- KK / v6 / SMAP / T&T /
- K8 / HSJ / ikuta toma / Johnny Jr. n many more

- WHITE XMAS(LE) [JP version] [CD+DVD]
- Best of Kattun (normal tw ver)
- Kinki kids albums
- Kyoko Fukada - Universe
- Nowhere album- Bawl Out (feat takashi kashiwabara)
- v6 - Very Best
- T&T - Hatachi (inc 10 photos + folded poster)
- Boa - Valenti

Pls visit www.entertainment-items.blogspot.com for tw idols items or www.idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com for je items.

* Note - I shipped from s'pore

teru fight

English/Japanese manga & Anime for sale!!!

 Manga for sale.  I am accepting offers.  I ship to US and Canada only.  But may be convinced to ship elsewhere depending on how much you buy.

English Manga

Alice 19th  vol. 1-7

Berserk   vol. 1 - 3

Digiko's Champion Cup Theater

Dragon Ball Z vol. 12

Dragon Knights vol. 2 & 3

Fullmetal Alchemist Novel : The Land Of Sand (Brand New)

Gakuen Alice vol. 3 (Brand New)

Go  Go Heaven!! Vol. 1-3 (still deciding)

Heaven!! Vol. 1 - 3 (Complete)

Hibiki's Magic Vol. 1 (Still deciding)

Kamichama Karin   vol. 1-7

Kanpai! vol. 1

Li Ling Po Vol. 1 & 2 (still deciding)

Little Queen Vol. 1 & 2(still deciding)

Mamotte! Lollipop vol. 1

Metamo Kiss Vol. 1 - 3 (Complete)

Peppermint Vol. 1 & 2

Pita Ten  vol. 1 - 4

Recast Vol. 1

Rure Vol. 1 & 2 (still deciding)

Satisfaction Guaranteed Vol. 1 & Vol. 2,

Scrapped Princess Vol. 1

Shrine of the Morning Mist Vol. 2 - 4 (still deciding)

Shutter Box Vol. 1 & 2

Soul Rescue Vol. 1

To Heart   vol. 1 - 3

ES Eternal Sabbath   vol. 1 & 2



Japanese Manga

Kamichama Karin Chu  vol. 1 - 3

Tenshi Ja Nai!!  vol. 8

AnimeFreakKatie Sales here!!


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[selling] doujinshi

Cleaning out my doujinshi collection and a few other things. If you're interested in buying, please comment or email at extirpation[at]gmail.com with the following information: items you're interested in, email address, and method of payment. Thanks very much! :)

Prices are in USD and do not include shipping.

I accept Verified Paypal, USPS Money Order, and concealed cash (at your risk). I will accept unverified Paypal only if you agree to pay the additional fees Paypal charges.

Default shipping is Priority Mail. I would prefer not to ship internationally, but if you are willing to ship via USPS Priority International (despite the hideous prices), then okay. However, I currently will not ship to Malaysia, sorry.

I will do my best to package the doujinshi (or items) securely and send them to the post office, but please remember once it's in the postal system, it is out of my hands and I cannot be responsible for them. If you have problems receiving packages, I strongly recommended you select the appropriate mailing method and buy insurance or any other secure mailing options to ensure they will arrive safely.

(doujinshi page 1)
(doujinshi page 2)

Warning: Extremely graphic-intensive. [2 pages total; click the 'next' link on the bottom. This list is mostly general or slash, but I do have 2 h-doujinshi (Yugioh and Zetsubou Sensei) available.]

Unless otherwise stated, all books are secondhand and in excellent to good condition. Good meaning the doujinshi can be worn, scuffed around the edges, and/or having imperfections, but the binding's fine and the pages are in perfect condition. (Condition has already been taken into account for my pricing.) Damage or disfigurement is under "note." Imperfections may not be noted. Please keep in mind I've done my best, but my judgment is subjective; if condition is a deep concern, you may ask for more details or choose to refrain from buying.

Kpop for sale

I'm selling alot of Kpop items. Prices are negotiable on larger items, please give it a look!

Includes socks, calendars, cds, magazines, shirts, photosets, lightsticks, posters, and more!

Bands include Super Junior, SNSD, Big Bang, DBSK, and more!

I'm moving in the next few months and have decided I need to be more mature on what I buy and can't carry all of this with me anyway. So this is your chance to get some awesome items ^^

ruka xxx


I'm selling cute handmade jewelry (good for gothic or kawaii/hime styles~) including rings, necklaces, and other cute things~! I also have some J-fashion clothes and authentic Tokidoki bag for sale, too!

I do take commissions~!

All jewelry and accessories are made by me~ Please note that some of the jewelry photos were taking at my little shop (we plan on closing it due to the darned economy) so I'm trying to get rid of as much as possible.

All items can be seen on my Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/kikaimazdaspdfd

Shipping not included, so please let me know where you're from~

Here's my ebay feedback, but it's pretty much as a buyer. =/ But I've had no real problems with transactions~ My ebay feedback~

Paypal or Concealed cash only, please~!

JE CD Sale ^__^

Buy (and pay!!) for any JE CD in my livejournal between Friday 3rd July and Thursday 9th July, and get any other JE or Jpop CD I have listed at HALF PRICE!

(Cheaper CD will be the half price one btw)

Offer open from 00:01 BST Friday 3rd July until 23:59 BST Thursday 9th July.

So please come and check out my sales at niccy_c_sales for Arashi, News, Hey!Say!JUMP, Tackey&Tsubasa CD's, Arashi Photobooks, Jpop CD's and a whole bunch of other bits


For Salez.

Hey guys,

I'm selling a lot of stuff for real cheap prices than you could get anywhere else. Most of these items are listed in my journal with information, prices, and pics. The items that aren't listed in my journal, please ask me for the price. Please come check it out.

One Piece - Pirates Game #5 Yaoi Anthology

Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1 - 4
.Hack//Legend of the Twilight vol. 1 - 3
Dragonball Z (Japanese) vol. 37 - 38
Now vol. 3
Gundam Seed vol. 1
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion vol. 1 - 5
Peacemaker vol. 1
Fruits Basket vol. 2

Fruits Basket vol. 1, 3, & 4
Dragonball GT: Affliction, Proliferation, & Calculations
Samurai X : Reflections OVA
Rurouni Kenshin: Faces of Evil

What's In? (L'Arc~en~Ciel) 6/03
PATI PATI (An Cafe) 4/08

Newtype USA (Gundam Seed) 4/05
Newtype USA (Gundam Seed Destiny) 9/05
Newtype USA (Gundam Seed Destiny) 12/05
Newtype USA (Eureka Seven) 2/06
Animedia (Black Cat) 1/06

Video Games

Elite Beat Agents (DS)
Docomodake Boing! (DS)
Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (XBOX 360)

Big Bang Remember Album
Michael Jackson History: Past, Future, & Present Book 1 (Chinese Labeled)
Dragonball GT soundtrack
Fooly Cooly Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children cloth poster

(no subject)

Been trying to sell this CLAMP Su shitajiki for the longest time. It is an extra in my collection. SOMEONE TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME.

Price: $15
Shipping & Handling --- First Class: $2 --- Priority Mail: $5
Condition: Mint, never used, still has protective plastic slip.

Other items for sale can be found HERE.


  • DO NOT COMMENT IN THIS POST! E-mail me at AWD.Sales/AT/gmail(DOT)com if interested! I will respond quicker to e-mails.
    AkaKame - Make Love

    English Manga for Sale!!

    Hello everyone! :D

    I'm currently selling a lot of manga over at my journal xwickedxlovex that I don't read anymore and they need a good home, or homes lol. Most of them are as low as $4 when bought by itself or $3 in sets and prices are no higher than $6 on a few certain manga, mainly yaoi XP. Please help me out because I decided to sell because of some financial instability just like everyone else. Anywho on to the info: You can click on any genre you want or on the main link to the post.
    Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

    DS and WTB

    I lowered prices on most of my items, please take a look and help me save up for Animefest!

    My Selling Post

    I have items from Ouran, Death Note, CLAMP series, Kazuya Minekura, Kingdom Hearts, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Soul Eater, and more! Items include complete anime boxsets, manga, games, doujinshi, artbooks, pins, and much more.

    Please feel free to make me an offer, I want this stuff gone and really need the money. XD

    I am also looking for a Persona 4 first year girl's school uniform cosplay outfit, in size medium.

    thank u darling~

    selling & new prices!!!

    Items Location: Luxembourg (Europe)
    Last Update: 03-07-2009

    A little preview list:

    Fool's Mate 5 vol. 271 May 2004
    Fool's Mate 7 vol. 261 July 2003
    Fool's Mate 9 vol. 263 September 2003
    and more...

    Dir en grey - It withers and withers tour pamphlet
    Dir en grey - WARE Photobook
    Miyavi - gakincho Photobook

    Music CDs:
    Gackt - Mizérable/Vanilla Remix
    The Trax - BLAST First Single + Photobook
    Super Junior M 1st album
    alice nine. - ALPHA CD+DVD LE
    alice nine. - Zekkeishoku CD+DVD LE
    SuG - n0iZ stAr CD+DVD LE
    SuG - Punkitsch CD+DVD LE
    and more...

    Huge original Concert & Group Posters:
    alice nine. ALPHA
    Big Bang
    Super Junior
    and more...

    Arashi Ohno Satoshi AAA in Taipei Clearfile

    Plastic Tree Animagic 28.07.2007
    and more...

    Other Clothing:
    Original T.U.K. Creeper Shoes
    TAMALA 2010 "go to HELL with me" bag
    and more...



    JE and Jrock goods for sale!

    im selling the items below:

    JE stuff:
    • NEWS 2008-2009 Calendar Tins
    • NEWS 2008-2009 Calendar Poster
    • NEWS 2007.4-2008.3 Calendar, NEWS in LA
    • Shige butai pamphlet, Shigerigoto
    • Yamashita Tomohisa Kurosagi Official Guide Book
    • Koyama Keiichiro "CALL" Pamphlet
    • NEWS Pacific Tour Pamphlet
    • Takahisa Masuda 200 pages clippings
    • Few pinups

    if you are interestedi for more info and pictures visit HERE^^

    Jrock stuff:
    • Dir En Grey Glass Skin Limited Edition w/sticker
    • Alice Nine Rainbows Limited Edition Type A w/36 page photobook
    • the GazettE Gama First Press
    • the GazettE Dainihon Itan Geishateki Nomiso Kaiten Zekkyo Ongenshu,
    • Fool's Mate 10 2008
    • Fool's Mate 3 2008
    • Shoxx Vol.185
    • Arena 37 Gazette in Yoyogi
    • The Gazette Burst Into A Blaze special shoot photos
    • Gazette Repeated Countless Error Limited Edition (Bonus DVD and Deluxe Booklet)
    • Neo Genesis Vol.28

    if you are interestedi for more info and pictures visit HERE^^