July 5th, 2009

Sugarbunnies ` parfait

» Lazy Days Sales ♥

Help me clear out stuff from my room in order to pay for my future cellphone ~~ xD
Some older items have been price slashed *___* wooo ~
A few new items have also been added just in time for the summer!!

These adorable flower clips can be found in the Accessories section

» JE items [shop photos (*added a new photo!*), clippings, pin-ups & posters, CD]
» Clothing [fobby fashion including tees, tops, dresses & more!]
» Accessories [wallets, wristlets, hair ornaments]
» Super cute pins & pin sets, as well as stationary goods
» Anime items including InuYasha & Naruto
» Lots of j-pop, k-pop and c-pop CDs to get rid of too :D
» & a whole bunch more goodies to check out ~~

• items are priced in USD
• i accept paypal [with fees] & concealed cash [AYOR]
• i ship from Canada to the world as long as buyer bears shipping
• trade friendly! show me what you got! :3

More details & items at . . .
Hope to see you there ~ ♥
Cute Teruki!

JRock Magazines, An Cafe items, and more.

I have a big sale at my journal for JRock magazines, rare An Cafe T-shirts, sealed Final of Nyappy goods, and more. I will be updating it with more stuff. You can even make an offer for most of the magazines at my journal cause I have to sell them fast, but I bought most of my items from Japan so please consider the expensive shipping I had to pay for when you are offering your price. Thanks and enjoy!

Japan Je LOGO

Arashi の Sales Corner

I am selling the below items :

* Arashi Everything Japan Ver. Limited Edition - S$35
Arashi FC Pamphlet No.43 (May 2009) - S$16

Preorders for Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 in Kokuritsu
* All prices is INCLUSIVE of all handling and shipping cost! *

Kindly head over to my LJ at http://japan-je.livejournal.com to preorder NOW!

Dlocy live distributed CD

Anyone interested? I received a CD at an event I went to recently. It's one Dlocy song. I dont know the name of the song, nothing is written on the CD or CD sleeve, I cant find it listed on their homepage... But, if you like the band, this is an opportunity to get some of their music!

Make an offer (shipping extra). I ship from Japan to anywhere in the world.
KH: Sora !

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Manga and anime for sale!

I'm a poor college student hoping to move out in a year and in the hopes of getting some extra money to help with this endeavor, I need to sell these items! Currently, I'm just selling manga (all English with the exception of one) & English novels based on anime/manga, a lone Japanese novel and anime DVDs.

edit: I do not have any feedback as a seller because I have never sold anything online. However, you may find my feedback as a buyer at etsy here.

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Prices have been lowered! Shop going on haitus 7/22-8/21


Shop going on hatius july 22 - august 21/ Shopping Service in Taiwan! More info on this HERE

☆★Shoes (Plaid Heels, Shiny Flats, Bow Sandals), Offshoulder Tops, Casual &Semi Formal Dresses, Cute Tees, Baby Milo Tee for guys (or girls), Leggings with Lace, Skirts &Shorts, much more and mostly imported from Asia!

☆★Bags From Taiwan (Cute Bow Messengers, Polka Dotted Bag, School Girl Bag, Handbags, etc), Cellphone and misc pouches &clutches, Monokuro Boo Waist bag, Harajuku Lovers Bags

Accessories, Jewelry &Shoes
☆★ Headbands (pearl, bows, other unique headbands), Hairclips, Scrunchies, Watches, Necklaces, Cute sunflower ring, Earrings, Tights and Knee-hi socks, Shoes, flipflops, bikinis, belts, matching couple pins; mostly all from Asia!

Games, Manga, Collectibles, Plushies &Others
☆★Hello Kitty Alarm clock, DS&PS2 games, Manga &Anime Collectibles, Babu Plushie

☆★Ruffly Blouse, Headbands, Jewelry, Bags, Shoes

☆★CDS = NEWS Summer Time LIMITED EDITION Single, NEWS Weeeek Single, NEWS Touch album, NEWS hoshi wo mezashite single, kitty gYm Fever to Future single, Akira to Shuji SEishun Amigo Single, Jolin (Dancing Forever CD+DVD), Nana Kitade overseas version CD, Ayumi Hamasaki ((Miss)Understood CD+DVD, GUILTY CD+DVD, HEAVEN CD+DVD, STEP you/is this LOVE? CD+DVD, fairyland CD+DVD, Moments CD+DVD), Rainie Yang, DDR EXTREME OST
☆★magazines; junon, myojo, winkup, potato, popolo, duet
☆★Kisarazu Cat's Eye The Movie DVD with chinese subtitles (authentic taiwanese version)

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Hello Project: Yossi/Reina hug

New selling journal!

Still selling items from Shugo Chara, Sailor Moon and Hello! Project! Concert schedules being updated!
Hello Project goods being updated!

Plush Miki, from Shugo Chara - available!

ami_no_hyakuen ami_no_hyakuen [info]ami_no_hyakuen ami_no_hyakuen

All prices negotiable. Buyer feedback required.

P.S. I am now requiring buyer feedback for all transactions. I had a transaction with LJ user waffleatewalter who tried to tell all kinds of stories to paypal about it being an "unauthorized transaction" to "her"/"her grandmother's" paypal account. I just got the email today that paypal sided with me, but from what I heard here at garagesalejapan this is not the first time she has been labeled a scammer. Sellers and buyers beware.

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Check out my personal sales at my LJ:
(including artbooks, manga in English and Japanese, film comics and DVDs!)

Japanese Doujinshi (fan-comics)
(including rare titles for rare fandoms and a translation service!)

Video Games
(including hard-to-find titles for the PSX, PS2, SNES, N64, GC, Sega Saturn, and more!)

Video Game Merchandise
(including art/guidebooks, manga, CDs and toys!)

Prices on many items have been slashed, again!
Plus there's a new special deal for people buying books: free shipping on book orders over $5 (if you live within the USA)! All the books must go!

Please a look around! Thank you! :)

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Summer Sale! New Items Added! Lowered Prices!

[♥] ANIME (Cards, Figures, Pins, Soundtracks, etc.)
[♥] MANGA (Japanese & English, Yaoi, BExBOY Magazines, etc.)
[♥] DOUJINSHI (Bleach, Digimon, Harry Potter, Get Backers, Kuroshitsuji, etc.)
[♥] MUSIC (DBSK, Johhny's Entertainment, Flyers, etc.)
[♥] GAMES & FASHION (Black Glasses: non-prescription, etc.)

Feedback. Wishlist. Everything @ kanashimiblu3

Big Jrock, VK, Jpop Magazine, Anime, Manga etc SALE~! New Items Added!

A few prices lowered and NEW Items added!

I have a big sale still going on at my journal! Things are going fast, but still plenty of things on sale. I have Shoxx, Cure, Fool's Mate, UV, Myojo, Junon, Just to name a few magazines, featuring artist like Gazette, Nightmare, Alice Nine, Dir en grey, Gackt, Miyavi, Mucc, Pierrot, Many Johnny's band's like KAT-TUN, NEWS, and Arashi! Also have a few magazine featuring some J-drama actors such as Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, Hayami Mokomichi, and Mizushima Hiro!

I also have a bunch of Posters and fliers of J-rock bands, and even a couple Cds and Dvds too!

I just added over 100 fliers for sale! Featuring bands like D'espairsray, The GazettE, 12012, Vidoll, Kagerou, Sid, Luvie, Nightmare, Alice Nine, Ayabie and many many more!

I have some Japanese and English manga going for cheap and some character goods and even some cosplay/clothing items!

Not many things are over $10 dollars! Its all pretty cheap!

Still Plenty of things for sale! Come check it out!

(no subject)

super sale: all anime poster 1 -3 dollar each in my journal

and all the shitajiki is 2-3dollars

all ds game 5 dollars each

News -Week Limited edition CD 5 dollars shipped:D
news-taiyou no namida  8 dollars shipped

Gothic Lolita Bible for sale: 12 dollars shipped

Cosmode: 10 dollars shipped

I have COSmo (cosmode)  vol , 3, 5, 9, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23

I have gothic lolita bible volume 1, 3, 5, 10, 28-32
majority of pictures are in my journal

please let me know if you want to see some issues' pictures thats not listed in my journal

every issue are contain patterns or copslay book (depends on either its glm, or cosmo)

Mangas im selling right now
Special A 1-4
claymore 1-14
xxxholic 1-3 by Clamp (one book has volume 1-3) 
xxholic 4  by Clamp
Loveless vol. 1
La corda de oro vol. 1
Punch Vol. 1-2
Hana kim 6
Lagoon engine vol. 1-5
Flame of Recca vol. 11
Wild ones 2, 3
Girls got game 1-7
Death note Vol.5
W Juliet vol.7
Gatcha Gacha vol. 5
School Rumble 1,2,4,6
Shakugan no Shana First day
(Light novel)
emma 1-3
strawberry mashimaro 1-5

Kuroshitsuji Anime Book : 20 dollars
Devil Devil vol. 3, 14
Lucky star manga: volume 1-6
Lucky Star Guide Book: 
Good morning kiss 1-3                  
Fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden 5-9   
Gundam 00 vol.1-2
Reborn vol 12-14, 16-17
Katsu vol. 1-2
xxxholic 5, 6 by Clamp
Junjou Romantica 1-8               
Hoshi wo Utau vol. 2-3
d.n.angel vol.6-7
Touch  vol.11
Love com vol. 13-17                            
Gal vol. 3, 4, 6
Fruits basket 1-23                           
Gentleman alliance  vol. 5,8-10             
High school debut vol. 12-13
metaka no gakkou vol. 3  
Special A Guide book
chibi maruko chan 3, 4, 15

more items in my journal

Flyers + Picks

Need-to-be sold items! >

I'm leaving the country in 3 weeks to go abroad and really want to get rid of some stuff I've accumulated since I know I won't have use for it while I'm gone. >< Willing to negotiate (please be reasonable! ><), ship internationally, and accept concealed cash (USD) and paypal ^^

Items include: Jrock: Hyde, 12012, Dir en Grey Fool's Mate Magazine (2003)
Jpop: Ayumi Hamasaki, tons of Kat-tun merch, Shingo Mama, Chihiro Yonekura, Tohoshinki's Changmin Mirotic Posters
Anime: Ouran, Kyou Kara Maou, Soul Eater, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Animage, PASH and Animedia magazines, Slayers, Fruits Basket, Prince of Tennis, Shaman King, Inuyasha, Tenjou Tenge, Naruto, Yuyu Hakusho, Kare Kano DVD Boxset
Other: Bento Grass Dividers, TUK Creepers (black/white leather), Tokidoki Shirts

Please take a look!

I'm also a representative of a Japanese shopping service. ^^ if there is any item from Japan you've had your eye on but are having problems with buying it directly from the source, feel free to contact us! Thanks! (We do auctions and online store purchases)


Huge sales!! Please, help me get rid of these items!

All prices are NEGOTIABLE. Just ask me~ ^^

Arashi pamphlets and goods:

 - FREESTYLE Ohno Satoshi photobook  
 - Hana Yori Dango Final photobook   
 - AAA 2008 in Tokyo pamphlet   
 - AAA 2008 in Taipei 
 - Arashi Marks 2008 ~Dream-A-Live~ pamphlet   
 - Arashic Arachic Arasick Cool&Soul 2006 pamphlet   
 - Time ~Kotoba no Chikara~ 2007 Limited Edition  

 - Dream-A-Live posters |Nino, Ohno, Aiba, Sho| 
       (new, in their original plastic folder, no pinholes, no folds)   
 - Hana Yori Dango Final strap/bracelet  

Some DVD's:

(they're quite heavy, actually, so shipping costs are expensive)
 - NEWS Never Ending Wonderful Story RE   
 - Kanjani8 Heat Up DVD LE (bonus DVD)      SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE INCLUDED
- Kanjani8 Spirits Concert DVD

Arashi LIMITED singles:

           - A.Ra.Shi   ON HOLD
           - Sunrise NIppon LE (unopened)   
           - Nice na Kokoroiki LE   ON HOLD
           - Typhoon Generation LE   
           - Kimi no Tameni Boku ga Iru LE (w/cards)   
           - Jidai LE (w/miniposters)   ON HOLD
- Pikanchi LE   
           - Pikanchi Double LE   
           - Love so Sweet LE   
           - We Can Make it! LE (w/cards)   
           - Step&Go Special Johnny's web LE (w/Cool&Soul for DOME07 version)  



           - NEWS NIPPON West Version OOP (with obi)   ON HOLD
           - Akaku Moeru Taiyou Limited Edition OOP (no obi) 
           - Sayaendou Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 
           - Hoshi wo Mezashite Regular Edition (with obi) 
           - Hoshi wo Mezashite Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 
           - Weeeek Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 
           - Taiyou no Namida Limited Edition OOP (with obi)    
           - SUMMER TIME Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 
           - Happy Birthday Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 
Koi no ABO Limited Edition OOP (with obi, and new sealed)   ON HOLD

Other JE LIMITED CD's and goods:
           - F.T.O Regular Edition (with obi), has a little crack in the back of the case 
           - Zukkoke Otokomichi Limited Edition OOP (with obi) comes with a foldable poster 
           - It's My Soul Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 
           - Wahaha Limited Edition OOP (with obi) 

           - KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates Limited Edition album OOP (with obi)  

           - NEWS 08-09 Calendar, comes with a foldable poster 
           - NEWS 09-10 Calendar, comes with a foldable poster   ON HOLD
           - NEWS Pacific Tour pamphlet   ON HOLD
           - NEWS Pacific Tour clearfile  ON HOLD
           - NEWS First Concert in Taipei Group poster:
                (new, in its original plastic folder, no pinholes, no folds)  
           - Matsumoto Jun in Bokuimo movie pamphlet 

Johnnys' Jr. MEIKAN volumes (1-8):

           - VOL.1  25$/2500YEN
           - VOL.2  25$/2500YEN
           - VOL.3  30$/3000YEN
           - VOL.4  30$/3000YEN
           - VOL.5  35$/3500YEN
           - VOL.6  40$/4000YEN
           - VOL.7  40$/4000YEN
           - VOL.8  35$/3500YEN

Koda Kumi Kingdom (CD+DVD) album: 35$/3500YEN


You can check my eBay feedback or the feedback I've already gained doing these sales ^^

Please, check it at my lj, and feel free to comment here or at my lj, or email me at kawaii.solemia@gmail.com to ask for shipping costs, or if you have further inquiries. I'll be very happy to help out! =D

Various Gashapon, $3 Manga, CLAMP, Evangelion, Sakura, etc.

Pictures below the cut: Collapse )

Everything in Awesome-to-Perfect condition unless described otherwise.
Figures from smoke free home, most doubles.
All boxes have been opened. Reply with zipcode and items interested, I will calculate shipping.
US Shipping only, paypal only. Thanks very much!

CLAMP Gashapon:
Clamp in 3-D Land v4: Doumeki (xxxholic) w/box SOLD
Clamp in 3-D Land v4: Akira (Man of Many Faces) x/box SOLD
Card Captor Sakura (School Uniform w/ staff) w/o box
Card Captor Sakura (Pink Costume) w/o box

GAINAX Gashapon/figure:
Misato (Evangelion) Christmas figure (w/box)
Eva-Gurashi 02: "Secret Figure" (w/box)
"He is my Master" figure (w/box)

Other Gashapon/toys:
Koyobukiya 1-Coin TALES OF PHANTASIA Figure: Arche Kline (w/box)
Inu-Yasha Rumic Gashapon (w/box)
Final Fantasy Trading Arts v2: Ashe (w/box) SOLD
Yu Yu Hakusho US Figure: Botan (w/o box)
Pokemon Togepi Electronic Toy
Pokemon Marril Stuffed toy
Rune Factory 2 Stuffed Squirrel Monster

Ai Yori Aoshi V1, V2, V3 MANGA ENGLISH

Please don't hesitate to send questions or requests for more pictures. =)

Looking to buy

Hi! I'm interested in getting the tickets to any of the lives below, if you have ticket(s) to sell please leave a message in my LJ with price including shipping to Australia:

15 Aug 2009 Jack in the Box 2009

VAMPS' lives:


lynch. live:

26 Aug 2009 Electric Lady Land NAGOYA

I can send payment via paypal in any currency that it supports.




$3 anime
Gilgamesh Volume 1
Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 14 SEALED
Glass fleet Volume 2 SEALED
Samurai 7 Volume 1 SEALED
Aura Battler Dunbine:Tales of Byston Well (vol.1) SEALED
Birth: A war of two worlds! (OVA) SEALED
Mega zone 23 part one SEALED

.50 each
Escaflowne(sub) volume 6
Yu-gi-oh Volumes Volumes 1-13 

$1 each
Sailor Moon The move: Black Dream Hole
Sailor Moon the movie: Hearts in ice

Pictures Available Upon request
Prices are negotiable


I lost my job and I am in desperate need of money, so I'm selling ALOT of my Jrock stuff and then some.


PSYCHO LE CEMU MERCH: Postcards, Stickers, Tour Merch!

JROCK CDS, DVDS, AND VIDEO TAPES: Dir en grey, Psycho le Cemu, deadman, Malice Mizer, and more!

JROCK MAGAZINES: Purple Sky, Cure, Vinyl Syndicate!

JROCK POSTERS: Autographed Mucc Poster, Dir en grey, AnCafe, and Plastic Tree.

OTHER JROCK MERCH: HIDE PLUSHIE and some other stuff!

Find it all at HERE @ xchronicles
TK &amp; Patamon

Spring to Summer Sale!

Prices lowered on most card singles & sets.
(Most Pokémon cards are now $0.25 each!)

Make a reasonable offer, and I will consider it.
Most costumes come with free shipping and now when you order a costume, you can choose 5 $0.25 Pokémon cards for free!

I've decided to go to a convention at the end of the month and need money.
And, I want this stuff gone!

*Rules, Feedback, Wishlist*
*Anime Items*
*Trading Cards*

Series include:
-Sailor Moon
-Fushigi Yuugi
-Teen Titans
-Full Metal Alchemist
-Tengo Tenge
-Fate//stay night
-Cowboy Bebop

Items Include: Figures, Trading Cards, Animerica Extra magazines, Halloween costumes, Playing cards, Posters, Manga, and more!

x-posted w/ anime4sale

BJD eyes & head for sale: AA Yi head and Gundam figures & Jmagazines


Abio Angel Yi head with eyes only.
$50 plus shipping I didn't do much with this head. He was supposed to be one of my OC. But I changed my mind. So he's been sitting in a closet ever since I got him. He hasn't been out at all. I am the second owner. He will probably match Luts NS. He will come with the default faceup. I can take it off if you want. There are some dents on his face, but it came with it when I got him. And it's not very noticeable. I gave him two ear holes. My first attempt on giving ear holes, so the hole is a bit big. He will come with the eyes shown. This would be a good practice head. If you want more pics, just ask.
Collapse )

Dollmore 14mm or 16mm(? Not sure) D Special Glass Eyes with no case - $22 shipped
New Only Tried on.
Collapse )

Cystal acrylic eyes 16mm Golden-Peach - Used a few times but in great condition. Stock Photo


Bandai Gundam Sunrise Imagination Gashapon Part 2 NEW STILL IN WRAPPER (Heero Yuy is not included. I'm keeping that) - OFFER It's stated as about $60 shipped on ebay Price at ebay


Bought from a user here. Some are missing a few pages but I bought it that way. All are in great condition. - Offer for all 3

Fool's Mate March 2005 Gackt Cover - No Yoshiki pages. Did not come with a poster, so no poster.
Zappy Mag Gackt Cover July 2003 No. 77 - Comes with CD & random postcards of artists/band and Gackt poster
Arena 37C 06 June 2004 Gackt Cover No TMR or Alfee pages. Poster not included

Ask for pics if interested. Thanks

Manga for sale !! MINT condition!

My Full listing is here on my LJ --> jelenity.livejournal.com/22406.html#cutid1

Feedback is located here --> jelenity.livejournal.com/5708.html#cutid1

If you have mint  volumes of any of the manga from these series (below).......
MY WANT LIST...... **Must not be bent, broken, brused, creased, or torn!! I accept only Mint to near mint condition books in trade! 

Hana Yori Dango Vol 1- 10, 23-25, 27, 29, and 32
Never Give Up Vol 4, 5, 6, 8, 10+
Skip Beat vol 8
Wild One's Vol 1

I would be happy to trade! I am not buying. Do not e-mail or message if you are wanting to sell. I won't buy. I have tons of mint manga to trade and would be willing to do that.  

Stuff For Sale!

Hey guys! 
So I have successfully moved to Sweden, and for the most part have everything settled (still some things to do) but we still need some extra cash, so I am selling some japanese stationery items... a lot of these items are about 8 years old, so they're hard to find! 

Please keep in mind that I am located in Sweden atm, and the items posted in my journal under this name are located in the U.S., and the items posted ON THIS POST are located IN SWEDEN. If you are interested in any items from my journal and here on this post, then you will have to pay separate shipping for both. Sorry :(

Some Rules:
I only accept Paypal at this time. I still keep my prices in USD which is OK for you! :)
I have a feedback page located here: http://aw-cuties.livejournal.com/2290.html
I ship from Sweden, but also from US depending on what you are buying. Please keep in mind this may mean that if you are interested in some of my items in my LJ shop and on here then you will need to pay shipping separately for each order. Also, my mum will be on the handling the shipping in the states so there may be more of a delay (she works mon-fri during the day and doesn't have hardly any time to go to the post office, so it will most likely be on saturday when she drops things off!)
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Girl Dark Purple

WTB: Manga

I am having a terrible time finding any of these at a book store so I thought I would try here! I am located in the U.S. and can only pay with Concealed cash or I can trade! ^^ 
EDIT: Please be cheap! I ain't rich lol! 

The Antique Gift Shop Vol. 2

Blood Alone Vol. 2
By The Sword Vol. 2

Cyborg 009 Vol. 3
Revelutionary Girl Utena Vol. 3
Tetragrmmation Labyrinth Vol. 3
Translucent Vol. 2

Vision of the other Side Vol. 2
Judas vol.2
Free Collars Kingdom vol.3
Yubasaki Milk Tea Vol.3

many things for sale~~~please help!!

i still have many of my dir en grey items for sale, pics and descriptions in my photobucket

and still many things in my journal for sale!! please check all the posts...

please take a look?
im despirate for money, so if a price is too high, please make an offer!!!
its getting very close to my trip to my doctor, and i still dont have enough money for the flight, so, i need to sell my stuff quick!! help!!
Exotic Beauty


Anime pins please!

Anyone have some for sale? I am always interested in multiple series. Send me pictures and links so I can see what you have available. I am interested in lots of series not just the ones listed.

I am really looking for:
the Dr. Jackal pin from Getbackers
Sailor moon pins
Fushigi Yugi pins
Saiyuki pins
Tenchi Muyo pins
The black and white chobits pins
Tsubasa and XXX holic pins (metal not rubber please)
Angelic Layer
Flame of Recca
Magic Knight Rayearth
etc etc etc