July 21st, 2009

Cleaning Out!

I’m currently trying to get rid of a LOT of stuff because my room is becoming over run with manga, magazines, and random items.  I have an eBay shop set up because it seems to be the easiest way to sell this stuff.  If you don’t have eBay and want to buy something just send me a message via comment and I will get back to you within 12 to 24 hours (depending on when you send the message).

I accept PayPal only due to people saying they sent a payment and my never getting it.  I do combine shipping, and all shipping is either flat rate or by weight. International buyers (outside the US) I use flat rate envelopes and boxes and I try to get as much stuff into one container to help save you money.


Japanese magazines (Fashion, Music, etc…)


Manga (all kinds & printed in English unless otherwise noted)


Clothing (lolita, cosplay, & “normal” clothing)

I have 100% positive feedback on eBay & you can read the comments ***HERE***.

MBMH- Think Positive

Lowered Prices!

I've lowered prices on 90% of my items, ARTBOOKS especially, in the interest of making some space. Please check it out and help me clear some room for me to live in again. ^_^;;

Anime Items A-P

Toki Doki apparel, Aegis of Uruk, Animamundi, Angel Sanctuary, Bleach, Bus Gamer, Zodiac, CLAMP (Tsubasa, CCS, X/1999), Code Geass, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Get Backers, Gintama, Hamtaro, Hana Yori Dango, Hello Kitty, Here is Greenwood, Hikaru no Go, HunterxHunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Lamento, Kyou Kara Maou, Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Nana, Naruto, Ookiku Furikabutte, One Piece, Peacemaker, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Prince of Tennis

Anime Items Q-Z+misc

RahXephon, Saiyuki, Scrapped Princess, Shugo Chara, Soul Eater, Spiral, Sukiyaki Western, Super Mario Bros, Tekken 3, Togainu no Chi, Trigun, Vampire Knight,l Viewfinder, Weiss Kreuz, Yu Yu Hakusho, Various English Manga, Yaoi items, Freebies, Postcards, Promo items


JE (NEWS, KAT-TUN, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani 8, V6, TOKIO, Kinki Kids, J-Friends), W-inds, TMR, K.A.Z x HYDE VAMPS, Koda Kumi, FLOW, Namie Amuro, Buzzlip, Rain, Miyavi, Gackt, Puffy Ami Yumi, Maaya Sakamoto, Various J-mags, Goth&Punk books
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Anime cels, manga and other goodies!

I'm once again posting my ad here.  Still got plenty to sell.  I've added some pictures to photobucket (mainly of more cels). 

I don't have pictures of everything so please take a look at the list as well.  Let me know if there is anything you want to see photos of!

Please help me out by taking this stuff off of my hands!  I am accepting offers!  Thank you!!

I have feedback at ebay under the name "jankenpon".



Fushigi Yuugi Animazement t-shirt (large)
Fushigi Yuugi manga (Japanese 13, 15)
Ayashi no Ceres manga (2,5,7-9)
Epotoransu Mai (Yuu Watase manga #1)
Apparejipangu! (Yuu Watase manga #3)
Zettai Kareshi (Yuu Watase manga #1)
Escaflowne manga (shounen 1&2)
Escaflowne doujinshi
Escaflowne model
Full Moon o Sageshite manga (1-4)
Haru kanaru toki no naka de manga (1-2)
Nothing – Kaim Tachibana
Trigun ring size 17
Trigun – VHS/DVD specialty cards
Trigun shitajiki
Trigun artbook
Trigun manga (Japanese 1-2)
Trigun Maximum manga (Japanese 1,2,3,5)
Trigun Kuronekosama plushie
Trigun Vash the Stampede figure
Inu Yasha manga (1-2)
Rasen by Kaim Tachibana
Oh My Goddess manga (English)
Neo Romance VHS (live)
Ah My Goddess shitajiki
Shinesman shitajiki
Gundam Wing Complete Operation artbook
Gundam Wing Memorials artbook
Gundam Wing 5th manga (Japanese Pocke series)
Gundam Wing manga (Asuka comics DX)
Gundam Wing novel Operation 2 (Duo Maxwell)
GW doujinshi - Shinigamikun
GW doujinshi – Happy Dance
GW doujinshi – Moon Drop
GW doujinshi – Angel Duist
GW doujinshi – Ken Mizuki
GW doujinshi – The Grave Post of Wings
GW collector cards
Samurai Troopers doujinshi (Animate Collection 18)
Glay – NYC Shuffle
GLAY – Survival video single (VHS)
GLAY Dome Tour 1999 (VHS)
Evangelion – toy
Evangelion 04 figure (black)
Dragon Ball Z Freesia movie
Saiyuki Backgammon (red cover)
Saiyuki manga (Japanese #2 and #6)
Saiyuki – Goku card, Goku shitajiki, Goku/Kogaiji keychain charms
Saiyuki necklace
Shinesman Post Card Set
Shinesman manga (Japanese #1-4)
Card Captor Sakura manga (Japanese #1)
X manga (Japanese #12-13, 16)
Tsubasa manga (Japanese hardback #1-2 – no postcards)
Rasen manga (Japanese #’s ?? there are two)
Kagerou-Nostalgia manga (Japanese #1)
Erementar Gerad manga (Japanese #1)
Tempting Heart (Japanese movie guide with Takeshi Kaneshiro)
Random anime pins
The Tick collector cards

Ayashi no Ceres - Aya
Record of Lodoss Wars tv series (all of Spark)
Clamp School Detectives
A random old-school anime cel
A Duo Maxwell sketch


I'm clearing all my magazines now. No space for them already.
So right now, what you have are all these magazines, sold in the cheapest prices in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!
Be cautious, sales only in Singapore. Only DBS/POSB bank transfer are allowed. Or Cash on delivery. Collection of mags is only by meet-up. To save cost for you and me. =) Please utilise this opportunity!! =DDD
(If overseas, postage/shipping fee is on you.)

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Thanks!! To make a deal, please email me at yuki.tsubasa@gmail.com
I won't reply if you leave a reply here or send pm.

(no subject)

Itasho Erasers $2 each shipped
They are all about an inch to an inch and a half tall

I still have some of this series the Japanese Food
Except for the pancakes (kids at cons love them lol) I have a few of all the others left.

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maya no icon!

★ S A L E !!! ★

Hey everyone! This is the selling journal of0h_my_juliet .
Feel free to check my LJ feedback here and my eBay feedback here.

My selling journal isn't 100% up-and-running, but I figure why not get a headstart on sales?!
Plus, I could really use the money, I'm moving into an apartment in mid-August, could use a room cleaning.
And money for rent and needed supplies.
So do watch my journal, there will be many more goodies to come! 
rock_the_sale       rock_the_sale        rock_the_sale 
★WARNING: Image heavy, I couldn't get the LJ cuts to work. >_<


Dir en grey:
★IT WITHERS AND WITHERS TOUR 05 (Limited Edition version with 3rd disc)
★Average Psycho/Average Fury DVDs
★Albums (Missa, MACABRE, Kisou, Withering to death. limited Japan version and Autographed US version)
★Singles (Drain Away, The Final, SaKu, Child Prey, Dozing Green limited)
★UV Magazine from 2003 feat. Dir en grey on the cover wearing OBSCURE PV (no poster)
RARE!! Tour pamphlet from 1999.03.24, pretty sure it was [a knot] only
★IT WITHERS AND WITHERS TOUR 05 T-shirt (and more t-shirts to come in time!!)
★GAUZE Era Uchiwa
RARE!! MACABRE Era Sticker Set
★2 plastic Tour bags


★Fruits Basket Yuki plushies (2)
★Death Note manga (vol 2)
★AzuManga Daioh! manga set (vol.1-2)
★FullMetal Alchemist manga (vol. 1)
★Saiyuki manga (vol. 1)


Also! To come! A Black Cat manga lot, more animanga items, clothing, and more Dir en grey items to come!!
Please check it out! Thanks! ^___^



Happy bathday and All japan version, pre-owned jpop and jrock CDs at a reduced price. Includes some out of print and First Press CDs.
All cds in excellent playing condition.
Shipping from the Philippines.

Aqua Timez
Da Pump
Dreams Come True
Dragon Ash
East End X Yuri
Every Little Thing
Exile VS Color
Hey Say Jump
Hirai Ken
Kaela Kimura
Hitomi Yaida
Maki Ohguro
Moon Child
Morning Musume
Mr. Children
Mukai Kaze
Namie Amuro
Orange Range
Porno Graffitti
Rag Fair
Skoop on Somebody
Sendai Kamotsu (Nightmare)
Soft Ballet
Southern All Stars
The Gospellers

manga/newtype/lots of other items are available

No trade right now. Serious Buyers only
cure February 2006: 3.50 dollars
i have over 30 anime magzines in my journal
such as newtype, pash, animedia, animage, etc.

i have also lots of fashion magazines
such as

Vivi february 2009
Vivi march 2008

Camcam march 2008

some JJ

some other fashion magazines in my journal

the pictures are in my journal

all my fashion magazines are 14 dollars for any 3 magazines price included shipping

feel free to haggle the price

free shipping  of 25 dollars purchase

a lot of johnny entertainment items

yamapi/news clipping
arashi clipping
uchi hiroki clipping
news poster
yabu uchiwa

super sale: all anime poster 1 -3 dollar each in my journal

and all the shitajiki is 2-3dollars

all ds game 5 dollars each


Mangas im selling right now
Azumanga Daioh 4 volumes in 1:  8 dollars
Full metal alchemist 1-2          5 dollars for both
hell girl vol 1                          2.75
gintama 1-12                              45 dollars for the set
Special A 1-4                       12 dollars for the whole set
Loveless vol. 1                      1.50
La corda de oro vol. 1             3 dollars
Punch Vol. 1-2          5 dollars for the set
Lagoon engine vol. 1      2.50
Brain Powerd  vol 1       2.25
The candidate for goddess  1-2       4.50 dollars for the set
Flame of Recca vol. 11 :  1.20
Wild ones 2, 3              5 for both
Girls got game 1-7        20 for the whole set
W Juliet vol.7               2 dollars
Gatcha Gacha vol. 5         1.50
School Rumble 1,2,4,6       10 dollars for the set
strawberry mashimaro 1-3     8.50 for the whole set
azumanga daioh vol. 3           2.50

xxxholic vol.5-6                      6 dollars
special A vol. 4-17               35 dollars for the whole set
special A guide book            4.50
Devil Devil vol. 3, 14              4 dollars for the whole set
Lucky star manga: volume 1-6        25 dollars for the set
Lucky Star Guide Book:                4 dollars
Good morning kiss 1-3                  8 dollars for the whole set  
Fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden 5-9      12 dolars for the whole set
Gundam 00 vol.1-2                        7 dollars for the set
Reborn vol 12-14, 16-17                12 dollars for the set
Katsu vol. 1-2                               5 dollars for the set
Junjou Romantica 1-8                    17 dollars for the set
Hoshi wo Utau vol. 2-3                     5 dollars for the set
d.n.angel vol.6-7                              5 dollars for the set
Touch (from Bunko which means more pages in the manga  vol.11   :  3 dollars
Love com vol. 13-17                         12 dollars for the set     
Gal vol. 3, 4, 6                                  6 dollars for the set
Fruits basket 1-23                            60 dollars for the set
Gentleman alliance  vol. 5,8-10             10 dollars for the set
High school debut vol. 12-13                5 dollars for the set
medaka no gakkou vol. 3                     2.50
chibi maruko chan 3, 4, 15                   5 dollars for the set

more items in my journal

Desperate to sell BOX of manga!

Is anyone interested in buying a BOX of manga? I'm so desperate to get rid of these, I'm planning on moving to an apartment that is significantly smaller than where I live now. I'm clearing out the shelves and desperate to get rid of this manga. I was planning to just donate it to my library, but considering that I spent over $200 amassing this collection...well, I'd like to look at potential offers. I don't really want to split up the set to deal with the hassle of mailing out all this stuff, I'd rather just send one gigantic box to someone. The box will include 2 Deathnote CD's, and a Hana to Yume phonebook with furoku, along with the following manga:

DN Angel 1-11
Trigun 4-7
Tokyo Mew Mew 1-6 (some sun damage, bought from another seller)
FAKE 3,4
Scryed 1-5 (some sun damage, bought from another seller)
The Demon Ororon 1-4
The One I love
xxxHolic 1-4 (some sun damage, bought from another seller)
Kingdom Hearts 1,2
Hellsing 1,2
Juvenile Orion 1
Cross 1
E's 1
Meru Puri 1-3
Model 2-5 (some sun damage, stains on the front cover but inside is undamaged, bought from another seller)
Demon Diary 4,5,7
Cowboy Bebop 1,2 (very damaged, cover creased for both)
Gunslinger Girl
The Tarot Cafe 1-3
Fushigi Yugi
Fruits Basket 6
Pretear 4
Marmalade Boy 3

I'm totally serious when I say that I want this out of my house. Please keep in mind how heavy this box will be, I'd like offers at least over $15 for this ENTIRE set. I don't have pictures yet, but will do my best to get some for those who are SERIOUSLY interested. U.S. buyers only!

Jrock magazines for sale~!

Hello everyone! I have some Jrock magazines up on ebay featuring the GazettE, An Cafe, alice nine, MUCC, Miyavi, and more! Some of them come with a poster, and they are all in perfect condition! :) The magazines are going for $4.99 each, shipping from the USA. Everything is in great condition. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay. Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! ^_^







Here is a book of pictures called "Jrock Groupies." Its a very cute and fun book full of pictures of Japanese fans cosplaying their favorite band members, such as the GazettE, Dir En Grey, MUCC, and alice nine. This book also has live pictures of indie visual kei bands such as Atelier and Maverick.

Also, here is a collectible bust of Vash the Stampede from Trigun!


Manga/Anime in Spanish

Hi minna!

I am selling spanish manga, anime DVD, and non-manga comics. Adelante~


★ Angel Sanctuary #1 #2 #3 #4
★ Dream Kiss #1
★ Hayate #2
★ Midori #2
★ El mundo de S y M #1
★ Profe Indiscreto, Amante Secreto #1
★ Cadenas de Pasión #1
★ Fushigi Yuugi #3 i #4
★ Instituto Bijinzaka #2
★ Conan #3 #4

★ Love Hina - Las películas: Especial Navidad y Especial Primavera
★ Yû Yû Hakusho Ghostfiles - La película

★ A las puertas de la Muerte - Tomo único
★ Titan A.E (color)
★ Photobook comic - Star Wars Episodi I (color)

Precios negociables!

More info in my livejournal! Check it here! @ tenjostyle


VK Tour Goods & Japanese Fashion Sales

I have items available from the following bands:

-- mostly flyers, but I also have CDs, magazines, posters, tour goods, etc. @ slowsuit~

* -oz- * 12012 * alicenine. * awoi * ayabie * bergerac * bis * black:list * born * clearveil * d * d'espairsray * deluhi * dio * dir en grey * dolly * doremidan * d=out * dueljewel * gab. * gackt * buck-tick * girugamesh * gossip * guy's family * heidi. * hide * irokui * juliadoll * kagrra * kurt * lulu * lynch. * matenrou opera * merry * mix speakers inc * moi dix mois * nega * nightmare * nogod * panic channel * plastic tree * rebels style * rentrer en soi * ruvie * sadie * scar * screw * sel'm * shoujo lolita 23q * skull * sug * sugar * suicide ali * the studs * unsraw * v!nyl syndicate * velbet * vidoll * viored * wizard * yoshinori sugimoto

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I also have Gothic Lolita Punk-related clothes, accessories, and magazines! @ slowsuit!

* algonquins * betsey johnson * bpn * glb * gloomy bear * h.naoto * innocent world * kazuko ogawa * kera * miho matsuda * na+h * sanrio * sexy dynamite london * stigmata * super lovers * suppurate system * swimmer * vivienne westwood

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Thanks for looking!! I'd like to sell these ASAP. Feel free to negotiate prices.

sale |D

(no subject)

*NEO Vision
only $35 / pair !!!
regular price in Japan is $58 USD
( we are the first NEO distributor in U.S)
*GEO, E.O.S, Dueba, G&G, Hana Madicon*
GEO - $17    E.O.S -$27     Dueba - $18
G&G -$20 Hana Madicon-$28
more than 200 kinds of contact lenses for sell~

welcome wholesale buyers 50+pairs
( e-mail me for wholesale price list )

please visit

WTB/WTT English Manga

*this picture doesn't include all that I'm selling. There's A LOT more to go.

I have a ridiculously long list of manga series up for sale/trade in my journal.
Over 75 titles to choose from!
Most of the series are complete, and all books are in very good to excellent condition.

Also have for sale some Clamp No Kiseki figures and artbooks, and a few anime DVDs.

Read first
| Wishlist | Feedback

{ Onto the stuff~ }

Hope you find something you like :D
Thanks for looking!
Kokawa Taku

JRock magazine back issues + CDs

~Taking offers~

I have a number of JRock magazine back issues that I need to find homes for before I move in a few months time. I live in the UK but have put the postage costs in USD. Unfortunetly postage costs abroad are more expensive - I have tried to knock a few dollars off by not charging for packaging. Please comment and let me know which magazines you are interested in. I accept paypal only, but not by credit card. I'm afraid I can't hold items.

Postage within United Kingdom: $5 each (first class post)
Postage to USA: $10 each (standard airmail, no insurance).

Email contact and paypal address: eternal_sailor_selenity @ hotmail [dot] com

Ebay Feedback

Image heavey post under cuts

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