July 28th, 2009

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Sales Post

I'm selling several things. Some CDS, posters, tour goods...

* the GazettE goods
* Alice Nine. goods
* Various J-rock posters
* Indies Bands flyers
* Indies Bands CD SINGLES (XI and Scapegoat)


Please check them out. :)
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Big Jrock, VK, Jpop Magazine, Anime, Manga etc SALE~! ENDING IN 5 DAYS!

This sale is ending in 5 days! All payments must be made by August 1st,the last day of the sale.

Prices on very thing have been lowered to their final price.

There are still plenty of things on sale. I have Shoxx, Cure, Fool's Mate, UV, Arena37c, Just to name a few magazines, featuring artist like Gazette, Nightmare, Alice Nine, Dir en grey, Gackt, Miyavi, Mucc, Pierrot, and many more!

Over 100 fliers for sale! Featuring bands like D'espairsray, The GazettE, 12012, Vidoll, Kagerou, Sid, Nightmare, Alice Nine, Ayabie and many many more! I even have some posters for sale too.

I have some Japanese and English manga going for cheap and some character goods and even some cosplay/clothing items!

Not many things are over $10 dollars! Its all pretty cheap!

Jrock/Visual Kei Magazines

Jrock - CDs, Flyers, Posters and goods

Anime, Manga, Character Good, Clothing/Cosplay items

Still Plenty of things for sale! Come check it out! Once the sale is over, items will be gone for good!
Kiyoharu: Name

(no subject)

I currently have a Dir en grey Aknot Despair in Womb DVD for sell on ebay. It comes with the papers and is in excellent condition. I've only watched it once and this has been in a smoke free environment. I've included pictures along with the aknot paper dvd it came with. So if you are interested please check it out:


I will be adding the paypal fee to the total. Paypal only. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Insurance will come automatically with this and a tracking number.
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Looking for NANA posters.

Hey ya'll. Does anyone here have NANA posters for sale? I'm interested in buy one or three. :) I've looked through past posts and couldn't find anything. If you have a poster for sale OR know someone who does, then please let me know <3 Thanks!
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Soul Eater figures for sale

I bought a whole 4 pieces set on a Con two weeks and now decided to get rid of the two I don't really need after all xD |D

Price: 10 Euro each
I ship worldwide
I accept paypal (if you are from Europe I also accept bank transfer)

(sorry for the bad quality)
Sugarbunnies ` parfait

Lazy Days Sales ♥

This adorable pencil pack can be found in the Misc. Section!

Super cute fobby top in the Clothing section x3
Excellent for the autumn & spring seasons coming up ~

Also selling!
*a whole bunch of JE clippings, posters & pin-ups - Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Ikuta Toma, Uchi Hiroki
*NEWS & Tegomass shop photos - Taiyou no Namida, SUMMER TIME & AiAi Gasa
*fobby asian clothing - tops,  hats, socks . . .
*accessories - hair clips, wallets [many to choose from! @ - @"] , wristlets . . .
*pins! - assortment of superr cute pins from individuals ones to sets ~
*stationary goods - pin bear pencils are available at the moment!
*& a whole bunch of other goodies to indulge in ^ 3 ^ ~

- - - - - -

`i accept paypal [with fees] & concealed cash [AYOR]
`i ship worldwide from Canada just as long as buyer bears S&H
`i'm in desperate need for money right now, but i will consider trades and price negotiations on most items!
`freebies are included with every purchase :DD

More details & items can be found at [info]lazydays_sales ♥


Everything in my journal is BEST OFFER.
Right now I am only shipping within the USA and I accept all forms of payment.
I am open to trades, but I am not interested in purchasing anything at the moment.

English Manga:

Galaxy Angel vols. 1-5
Galaxy Angel Beta vols. 1-2
Galaxy Angel Party vol. 1
Kilala Princess vols. 1-4
Koi Cupid
Zodiac PI vols. 1, 2, &4
The Gentlemen's Alliance vols 1-5 & 7
Kitchen Princess vols. 1-8
Ultra Maniac vols. 1-4
Land of the Blindfolded vols 1-3
Sola vol 1
Magical Miracle vol 1
Nosatsu Junkie vols 1 & 2
Pixie Pop vols 1 & 3
Pita Ten vol 1
Dream Saga vol 1
Metamo Kiss vol 1

Japanese Manga:

Short tempered melancholic
Penguin Brothers vols 2 & 3

New Anime:

Aquarian Age the movie
Kiddy Grade File 2
Dragon Ball GT the movie
Rumbling Hearts 1
My Hime vol 7


Inuyasha Naraky figure, sealed
Bleach Chad Sado figure, sealed
Deathnote keychain, sealed
Bleach Plushie

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Looking for:
Aqua Mizuto Manga
Ema Tooyama Manga
Nakayoshi May 2009 + phonebooks
ChuChu phonebooks

Selling somethings, and a WTB

Hello everyone, I have just a few things to sell: some manga, a cosplay book, and a pair of TUK creepers please click my cut for more info, also I am looking to buy a few things: Asian jewelery and hair accessories and some English yaoi manga as well as Yaoi anime. For the jewelery, anything that's elegant or anything Vivienne Westwood (real or replicated) for the hair accessories either hair pins or clips or by chance if anyone has hair ornaments. If you have any of these please comment here or PM me. Thanks for looking!


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Don't like a price? Feel free to make me an offer!!

alice nine:
SHOXX magazine + poster $16
CROSS GAME limited ed + shou card $15
Gion Shouja no Kane ga Naru EP.$12
Zekkeishoku reg ed $12

Dir en Grey:
UROBOROS us release album - Autographed by Shinya and Toshiya $35
UROBOROS concert shirt (size S) $50

AZN PRIDE - This iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock reg. ed $12

Sotsugyou TIME ~bokura no hajimari~ (Graduation TIME) limited ed $20


DICTATORS CIRCUS -A variant BUD- limited ed $12

RAINBOW - ayumi hamasaki.  $8
My Story Classical - ayumi hamasaki. $12
ULTRA BLUE - Utada Hikaru. $10

Cardcaptor Sakura: Official Clow Book with Clow Cards $100 OR best offer
Eureka Seven DVD vol. 1-6 + 2 Artboxes + 2 manga + OST $115
Pretear Complete Collection boxset $12
xxxHolic v1-6 English manga $35



selling : D

I sell some japanese bands stuff:
(all inclusive shipping cost : D)
DéspairsRay = Coll:set (european version) for 10$
DéspairsRay autograph (REAL from all members) for 10$ or make an offer!

Ayabie autograph (REAL from all mebers) for 20$ or make an offer! SOLD thx

MUCC = Houyouku (limited with DVD) never used good condition for 20$
MUCC = Flight (limited with DVD) never used god condition for 15$

both for 25$ or make an offer!

An café autograph (REAL from all member) for 10$ or make an offer!

(about ayabie and an café I laminated both because they write of papers but with picture : D)
ask pls for photos !

for me is important that if yomeone want that I contact with the person : D
I have bad experiences and would like them reluctant to pass! = _ =

SELLING: Authentic Heart-E Bag, Dir en grey cd's, Signed Blood Singles...

singer | bice

♠ Ongaku Chunk; an online Japanese CD Shop ♠

Ongaku Chunk is an online store for gently used and new Japanese CDs. We have major artists, indies artists, CD+DVD versions, regular CD versions, rare and out of print CDs. All CDs are jpop, jrock, and anime CDs. We also have some music DVDs and posters. Currently we have nearly 300 CDs for sale. Please come have a look! Click the links or the banner.

Ongaku Chunk Ongaku Chunk Ongaku Chunk Ongaku Chunk

Would anyone be interested in purchasing the blue-spec versions of tommy february6 & tommy heavenly6's best albums?

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Selling JE goods and mangas

 Johnny's Entertainment Duet, Potato, Myojo, Winkup, Popolo Magazines -Posters/Clippings of most groups -Kurosagi Movie Guidebook, -NEWS CD's, Concert Goods

Mangas Vampire Knight, Rin!, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, RG Veda, Tokyo Babylon, Clover, CLAMP X Zero Artbook, Fruits Basket, Loveless, Angel Sanctuary, Chobits, Clamp no Kiseki Chess pieces

All at lovelex 

(no subject)

shop closing at the end of this week~
hurry and buy before closing!

tokidoki clothing, gloomy paw phone straps, doe for hello kitty clothing, japanese stationary, and so much more.

free hello kitty postcard with every purchase ^_^

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Will the LJ cut work this time?????

Terms: I will combine shipping on multiple items. I will ship internationally. I only take Paypal.

Trade Options: any PS2 Kingdom Hearts games, any Japanese Kera or Gothic and Lolita Bibles, Strawberry Panic light novel #2, English Swan manga vol 12-14, Xbox360 wireless internet adaptor, Soul Calibur 4 for Xbox360, Left 4 Dead for Xbox360, Blazblue for Xbox360, Excel Saga DVD vol 6

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More to come later!!!!!