August 1st, 2009


Hello There~ We are having a BLOWOUT sale on official anime goods. Here's our story in short. We boycotted F-Ebay a year ago and haven't been selling for a whole year, so we have too much official goods accumulated and would *love* to get rid of them. Please Kindly Help us! Buy More and you will be able to haggle and save more!! Well, Most of the things here are already the price that we paid for...

Everything in this page here is OFFICIAL items from Japan. No bootlegs.
Please remember to read our rules on the main page.
All prices are NOT shipping included.

Last but not least,
No prices are final so feel free to haggle (For one or more items purchases)!!!


NEW STUFF!! DS: hNAOTO | Jrock | Videogames | Animu

Whops! Lemme try this again.

Just like everybody else, I'm poor, and in need of money to pay for school, rent, and etc.
Any help getting these things off my hands would be great! I have two sales posts on my journal right now:

DS: hNAOTO DRR/Blood/ANARCHY/HN+nois | band shirts | off-brand
>>>Here are many hNAOTO brand items as well as a few band shirts (Dir en grey, the studs) and offbrand clothing. Some are very plus-sized friendly!

DS: JROCK CDs, DVDs, Cure Mags, Arena37c Mags, Shoxx Mags, Anime CDs, Cels, Videogames [entire consoles], Games, T-shirts, etc.
>>>Here are many Jrock CDs, DVDs, and magazines. Here also is everything videogames (including an entire PSP and GameCube), and some random animu stuff. Thanks!
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Sailor Moon Final Fantasy Shugo Chara Mermaid Melody
Pokemon Pretty Cure Fate/Stay Night Tenchi Muyo
Marmalade Boy DearS Kenshin Rozen Maiden Saiyuki
Oh! My Goddess Kare Kano Digi Charat Gundam Ranma 1/2
Furoku Ribon Nakayoshi Cosplay DIY
Dolls Plush Toys Games Accessories CDs Books

Add me to see updates in your friends list!

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Massive Sales Post

It's that time again!

Everything's gotta go! Prices are possibly negotiable, don't be afraid to ask if something is too high for your price range :)

Payment methods accepted: paypal (both card and non-card payments) check, money order and concealed cash (at your own risk; should be sent registered mail)

Seller feedback: my seller feedback on eBay

If you have any questions or would like a higher quality picture, please feel free to ask~

Thanks for looking!

(Jrock posters, CDs, DVDs, tour merch, photosets and a shit load of magazines)

(random anime pins, keychains, cards, plushies, dolls)

wts: tons of jpop and jrock albums and singles

hi guys i m selling tons of jpop cds albums and singles like ayumi hamasaki,koda kumi,hirai ken, hitomi shimatani, utada hikaru,mika namashima,amuro namie and more and i m also selling jrock cds like l arc en ciel glay,baiser,dir en grey and more .
price start at 4.99$ for a single and price start 8$ for an album.

all of the cds are authentic japanese imports .

im also selling japanese fashion magazines like scawaii,egg,cawaii,nicolas,ray,blenda, kera and many more
price start at 3.99$ for a magazine

also selling some japanese video games (price start 6.50$) and cute japanese phone straps.

for pictures , price and additional informations ,please check my website at WWW.MYJPOP.COM

i accept paypal , western union and money order.
im also accepting conceal cash , please send me a private message if you wish to do so :-)
if you have any additional questions feel free to pm me anytime.

wtb : im looking for any donuts phone strap with rilakkuma for decent price .
alice nine. - Party Hard


Hello everyone!!
So now I'm making another try to sell these items ;-; I couldn't really sell it before but I hope I can now. I really need money, even though it feels terrible selling this... but well, that's life.... stuff I'm selling are: singles (first presses and others), magazines, photos, DVDs, their photobook "Dive into the sun".... and other stuff..... so please take a look! I have pictures of everything.... please take your time to at least take a look, I really need the money u.u

This is a list of what I'm selling, to see details, pictures and prices, click below :)
Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier, Yuri wa aoku saite, Yami ni chiru sakura, Gin no tsuki, kuroi hoshi, MIRROR BALL Type A, MIRROR BALL Type B, MIRROR BALL Type C, RAINBOWS Type A, RAINBOWS Type B, Kowloon –Nine Heads Rodeo Show-, FANTASY Type A, FANTASY Type B, TSUBASA. Type A, TSUBASA. Type B, TSUBASA. Type A

NUMBER SIX., alice in pictures I, alice in pictures II

Vinyl syndicate vol. 14, Vinyl syndicate vol. 15, Silver acces, Arena 37 11/07, Fool’s mate, Visual Rockers Bible, Neo Genesis vol. 26, SHOXX 05/08, SHOXX 05/07, SHOXX 01/08, Neo Genesis vol. 9, Arena 37 SPECIAL 05/08

RAINBOWS digiphotosets Type A, B + group picture, Aquarian age photocard, RAINBOWS collection cards (Nao card and pon tag left), RAINBOWS posters (Tora, Nao and group poster left), MIRROR BALL small poster, Flyers, alice nine. folder, Postcard set FANTASY and Kowloon –Nine Heads Rodeo Show-

Dive into the sun photobook

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Check out my journal for everything that I'm selling~~~!

-Manga, in both english and japanese, ^ everything shown in the picture is still available.
- Super cute cell charms!!
- Kawaii stationary, including brands like CRUX
- Stickers~
- Hello Kitty items~
And much much more~~

All prices are negotiable(aka. offer me if you like!) as I want need everything GONE,
idol-sama prettyness


Would anyone be interested in purchasing this costume?
I have just the one made and it will fit multiple sizes {was made for about a 30-32 waist, small framed male} but I can also make others.
It includes the vest with silver applique, pleather breaches, cravat with rose pin, and white cottom shirt.
I'd like around $200 for it ^.^
Please comment if you're interested at all!

stock // 花

Misc. things for sale from Japan

In another month I'll be leaving Tokyo, and I have a few things I can't keep. I've either bought them on impulse or just had no chance to use them.

I have feedback from my old sales site (au_the_vert) and I also used sell at Soompi (yamada_taro), so trust that I won't scam you. However, it is been awhile since I've done this, so bear with me if I do something amiss.

You can check out the things I'm selling on my flickr. The prices are included in the photos.

Items include:
- Rilakkuma notepad + sticker sets, notebook
- Paris Kids necklace
- Kanebo KATE eyeshadow
edit ;; Added 2 more items:
- H&M Japan top
- Cathedral (Hanjiro) gold sequined top

General information:
- Shipping directly from Japan.
- All prices are listed in CANADIAN dollars.
- REGULAR shipping is included worldwide. EMS is not recommended.
- You must make payment within a week of the transaction.
- I will send out your item(s) 1-3 days after I receive payment.

Leave a message here if you're interested in anything! Thank you!!
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For Sale or Trade! Lots of options!

Terms: I will combine shipping on multiple items. I will ship internationally. I only take Paypal. 

Trade Options: any PS2 Kingdom Hearts games, any Japanese Kera or Gothic and Lolita Bibles, English Swan manga vol 12-14, Xbox360 wireless internet adaptor, Soul Calibur 4 for Xbox360, Left 4 Dead for Xbox360, Blazblue for Xbox360, Excel Saga DVD vol 6

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Thats right!! Just purchase ANY marked as shipped item ( excluding the small flat items under $10 ect) and recieve NO EXTRA SHIPPING on the ENTIRE ORDER up to 4 lbs!
DISCOUNT: if you buy any shipped items!! big or small!!

Hello Kitty
...Wallets and card holders
...cell phone charms( novala)
...Hair accessories!
....Memos and stationary!


...Tons of new bags!!!
...plushies bags
..stickers supplies!

Anime art books, dvd, and magazines
...Vivi: Ayumi cover magazines!
...Nabari no O - Liricamente :Yuhki Kamatani Illustrations
...Kuroshitsuji The Animation "Black Record"
...Guide Book Kuroshitsuji
...Asobini ikuyo! illustration Houden Eizou art works
...Sexy Anime Cover Girl Art
...Gackt: Diablos dvd: disk only
...Dir en grey: a knotof, no case but includes everything ealse.

Hair accessories and Dreadfalls
...adorible for lolita
...DIY items!
...Cybergoth dreadfalls!
...Clips, ties, headbands, everything you can imagine!

Stationary and school supplies
...Tons of memos!!!
..pencilcases! ( hello kitty !!)

Stickers stickers stickers!
...Hello kitty bunny
...all sorts and all kinds!! check it out and the promos as well !

Lashes and nails
Buy 2 of any and get the 3rd pair FREE! ( = or lesser value)

Flu mask
...$5 Shipped flu masks!!! Decora, cybergoth ECT!

...Candy from all over asia!
One bag free for any shipped purchase!

Cloths from all over asia!!!
Check out the catalogue for rare and awasome items!!!

You pick items!!!
...$5 shipped memos and envelope sets!
...$5 shipped small stationary and sticker cards!
...$10 shipped large stationary deal!!! and sticker cards!
...Pick 13 items in my shop for $40 shipped!!! check it out now!!!!!




hi! i have some money left over from buying a new video card, so im looking for clothing!
i like goth/elegant/renissance look, my fav colors are purple and black but can be any dark colors (red, brown, green) also i need pants/skirts sz5 and boots sz 6-7US
if you have any of this please let me know!  i pay with paypal same day i arrange a price with you =)

EDIT - as stated below im looking for h.naoto, putumayo, black peace now (is that it? lol) and other  japanese brands, no hot topic crap!
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Moving Sale~ ^^b

Currently in the process of getting ready to move, so many things have to go.

Beneath the cut you'll find:
manga (regular and yaoi; English and Japanese)
gothic lolita (Body Line)
How To Draw (...) books

I need this stuff to go so I'm willing to do a little negotiation via prices on some stuff. However, please be reasonable. :\ Shipping is $3 for 1-3 books; for more, prices will be settled on. For the clothes, $5. Everything else will be discussed. Feel free to comment here or email me at fuminshou[dot]neko[at]gmail[dot]com

100% feedback on eBay and Den of Angels

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Updated with lots of new things. (:

Hey guys,

I'm selling a lot of stuff for real cheap prices than you could get anywhere else. Most of these items are listed in my journal with information, prices, and pics. The items that aren't listed in my journal, please ask me for the price. Please come check it out.

Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1 - 4
.Hack//Legend of the Twilight vol. 1 - 3
Dragonball Z (Japanese) vol. 37 - 38
Now vol. 3
Gundam Seed vol. 1
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion vol. 1 - 5
Peacemaker vol. 1
Peacemaker Kurogane vol. 1 - 3
Fruits Basket vol. 2

Fruits Basket vol. 1, 3, & 4
Dragonball GT: Affliction, Proliferation, & Calculations
Samurai X: Reflections OVA
Rurouni Kenshin: Faces Of Evil

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Land Of Sand Novel vol. 1
Picture Letters From The Commander In Chief: Letters From Iwo Jima

What's In? (L'Arc~en~Ciel) 6/03
PATI PATI (An Cafe) 4/08

Newtype USA (Gundam Seed) 4/05
Newtype USA (Gundam Seed Destiny) 9/05
Newtype USA (Gundam Seed Destiny) 12/05
Newtype USA (Eureka Seven) 2/06
Animedia (Black Cat) 1/06

Video Games
Tales Of Symphonia (GC & Wii)
Tokobot Plus: Mysteries Of The Karakuri (PS2)
Musashi: Samurai Legend (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (XBOX 360)

SEGA Winnie The Pooh
SEGA Jiminy The Cricket (Monochrome)

L'Arc~en~Ciel Awake Album (Chinese labeled)
Dragonball GT Soundtrack
Fooly Cooly Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Cloth Poster
The Dog Photo Album Book

Looking for Manga

Hello. I am looking for a specific manga. The Liling Po series, whose authors name is Ako Yutenji, volume 9. Volumes 1-8 are in english and I currently have them, but I cannot find the 9th volume except on The one there is got $47 and there's little chance that I will purchase that one. I am not looking for the book in english as I know they did not translate it. If anyone can find me a german or japanese version, even if they happen to buy it and are willing to sell, I am willing to purchase. If anyone happens to find them on a japanese selling/auction site and could show me the way that would also be great.

Thank you all in advanced.
Kiyoharu: Name

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I currently have a Dir en grey Aknot Despair in Womb DVD for sell on ebay. It comes with the papers and is in excellent condition. I've only watched it once and this has been in a smoke free environment. I've included pictures along with the aknot paper dvd it came with. So if you are interested please check it out:


I will be adding the paypal fee to the total. Paypal only. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Insurance will come automatically with this and a tracking number.