August 17th, 2009

For Sale!!

Everything in my journal is BEST OFFER EXCEPT MANGA, which is all $3.50
Right now I am only shipping within the USA and I accept all forms of payment.
I am open for trades right now.
I need all of this stuff gone ASAP!

$3.50 English Manga:

Galaxy Angel vols. 1-5
Galaxy Angel Beta vols. 1-2
Galaxy Angel Party vol. 1
Kilala Princess vols. 1-4
Koi Cupid
Zodiac PI vols. 1, 2, &4
The Gentlemen's Alliance vols 1-5 & 7
Kitchen Princess vols. 1-8
Ultra Maniac vols. 1-4
Land of the Blindfolded vols 1-3
Sola vol 1
Magical Miracle vol 1
Nosatsu Junkie vols 1 & 2
Pixie Pop vols 1 & 3
Pita Ten vol 1
Dream Saga vol 1
Metamo Kiss vol 1
Legend vol 2

$3.50 Japanese Manga:

Short tempered melancholic
Penguin Brothers vols 2 & 3

New Anime:

Aquarian Age the movie
Kiddy Grade File 2
Dragon Ball GT the movie
Rumbling Hearts 1
My Hime vol 7


Inuyasha Naraku figure, sealed
Bleach Chad Sado figure, sealed
Deathnote keychain, sealed
Bleach Plushie

I'm very interested in any current/recent Nakayoshi manga phonebooks! (May '09 +)
And Aqua Mizuto manga for trades. tml
hoppip whee

Manga for Sale~

$3 each~ Shipping is not included unless you buy quite a bit; I accept Paypal, and possibly concealed cash.

Air Gear 1
Basara 1
Bleach 1-5
Chrono Crusade 2
Claymore 2-3
Cromartie High School 1
Death Note 1-5
DN Angel  8
Gravitation 1-9
Hikaru no Go 1
Hot Gimmick  1, 10-12
Kekkaishi  1
Love Hina  1-2
Lupin III 1
Naruto 1-2
One Piece 1
Prince of Tennis 1-4, 6-8
Ral Grad 1
Red River 1
Revolutionary Girl Utena 2
Saiyuki Reload 1
Sgt Frog 1
Suki 1
Suppli 1
Tokyo Mew Mew 5-7
Trigun Maximum 1-2
Tsubasa 1
Ultra Maniac 1-2
Yakitatte!! 1
Zatch Bell  2-7
Zombie Powder 1-4

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hide and babbette

DS: Sanrio items, Various Manga, Anime DVDs, Moogle Plush, Figurines, Anime T-shirts, Lolita Clothes

I need to make some room on my shelves. I've been collecting anime related goods for a loooooong time, but I no longer use a lot of them. Hopefully they can find a home with someone who will actually use them.

Examples of things you'll find for sale:
FFX Moogle Plush
Tifa Lockheart Trading Arts Figurine
Kodacha manga vol 1 and 2
Scryed DVDs vol 2 and 3
Gundam Wing T-shirt
Fruits Basket wall scroll
Bleach Figurines
and much much more!!!
Lots of photos of items under the cut
Plus a link to some brand lolita clothing and my etsy store at the very bottom
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Cheap manga sets, video games, sega dreamcast and N64 systems!



BLEACH Vol 1-22. $100 for set otherwise $5 per volume.
Hana-Kimi Vol 1-18. $60 for set, otherwise $4 per volume.
FAKE 1-7 (Complete Series Set). $40 for set.
Night of the Beasts Vol 1-4. $25 for set.


Sega Dreamcast. USED $40
Nintendo 64. USED Includes Six Games and one controller $50

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete $45
Xenogears $48
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time $12
.hack//OUTBREAK vol. 3 $10
Bunjigai $10
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds $7
Final Fantasy: X-2 $12

Details in my sales journal! twentysales

Tons of Cute Things for Sale!

Still trying to sell things. And still updating! Some things you should know (they are in the rules but not many people read them) As of now I am ONLY shipping within the US (Preferrably, might ship to Canada or Mexico if asked nicely), and ONLY accepting PayPal!

EDIT: Updated since this entry was posted! NEW Plushies,
NEW Figures, NEW Keychains,

Also NEW Category: Stationary!

Please visit my journal [info]cynicalpinksale  for all of the items, but included in the journal are:
Sanrio Stationary (Chococat!)
Monokuro-boo Plushie
Kogepan Radio
Cowboy Bebop Spike Figure
Sailor Moon Luna Plushie
Kuroneko-sama Plushie
Tokyo Mew Mew Pins & Keychains
Cardcaptor Sakura Doll
Afroken Keychain & Pin
PLUS Freebies available with every purchase (if you choose!)

And much much more! 

Please visit cynicalpinksale !
Thank you for your time~!
DJ Yamapi

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Pre-Orders, Selling and Deputy Service

KonKon Sales - konkon_sales

In conjunction with, we are offering a new service. Iori and I have merged our services in order to give you a quicker, and more efficient service. We are offering the following pre-orders:

Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Concert Goods - Deadline: August 26th and December 2nd

24 Hour Television Merchandise - Weekly orders until items are out of stock.

Buzzer Beat Merchandise - Deadline: September 1st or until items are out of stock.

Koichi Domoto 2009 Concert Goods - Deadline September 10th and October 9th

NEWS - Koi no ABO Shop Photos - Deadline: August 24th

Special Mail Order JE Anniversary Shop Photos - Deadline: November 10th

Arashi All the Best (1999-2009) 3-disc CD - Deadline: August 18th!

KAT-TUN Break the Record Photobook - Deadline: August 31st

Gokusen the Movie Photobook - Deadline: August 31st

Announcing a new service!

Searching for that special item but can't buy off Yahoo! Auctions? Then use our new service! The KonKon Sales Deputy Service! For a fee, we can purchase any item for you from auctions, websites or physical stores.

Deputy Service

We also offering the following services:

Fan Club Memberships
Lolita-style Shopping Service
Magazine Subscriptions

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!

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I have a ton of stuff I'm trying to sell in this journal roma_invicta I really need money to help pay for my books for school so I'm selling my precious belongings. :( please have a look, I have a lot of stuff from a couple years ago that you probably can't get anymore. And probably cheaper, too. I looked into prices of things before I listed them so..let me know if you're interested!
Kiyoharu: Name

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Selling Dir en grey Domestic Fucker Family Photobook, Ware Photobook, and a Rare Dir en grey Tour Pamphlet from 2002 (i think) at my journal. Bids will be placed on my journal and the auction ends Saturday, August 22nd, 5pm EST. For more details and to see the items please check here.

Also, I have some magazines for sell. Buy one get one free! here

I need to get rid of everything!