August 20th, 2009

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doujinshi, manga, anime (DVDs/VHS)

still need to get rid of most of this! :D i've added some VHS and DVDs i've had lying around, and i still have a whole stack -- multiple stacks! -- of doujinshi and manga!

doujinshi: getbackers, detective conan, final fantasy, gundam wing, rurouni kenshin, yuu yuu hakusho.

manga: antique bakery, angel sanctuary, ceres, princess tutu, miracle girls, here is greenwood, and more!

anime: ranma 1/2, slayers, eden's bowy, saiyuki, x, and more!

reduced prices on DVDs!

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Anime & J-ROCK Delight ♥ ;

- Shipping from US
- No backing out
- Verified seller of SOOMPI.COM [+40]
- Right now I only accept PAYPAL ($1 extra will be added for paypal fee)
- Price Negotiable
- I only hold items for 2 days
- Prices listed are for US residents, international shipping will vary.

Price: USD$15 {shipping included}

Under the cut you'll find....
{J-ROCK} SID album
Limited Edition Deathnote framed holographic backround mini poster
Cosplay wig

Collapse )
Paradise Kiss

Shoujo Manga, Doujinshi Stationery Binsen, Artbooks

Premium Doujinshi Stationery

Printed in Japan. These are published by the original artists themselves. Not homemade reproductions. $3.00/sheet

Manga - ANY reasonable offer will be considered!

  • Ark Angels #1-2 ($10 set)
  • Baby & Me #1-4 ($5, $18 set)
  • Broken Angels #1 ($5)
  • Cipher #4 ($5)
  • Ceres Celestial Legend #1-14 ($70 set)
  • Cross #1 ($4)
  • Dragon Ball #6-12 (2nd edition) ($30 set)
  • Dragon Ball Z #10,12-20 (2nd edition) ($50 set)
  • Dragon Knight #1-15,22 ($60 set)
  • Faeries Landing #2,12 ($5, $9 set)
  • From Far Away #1-4 ($20 set)
  • Fruits Basket #1-3 ($5, $13 set)
  • Genju No Seiza #1 ($5)
  • Godchild #1,4-6 ($15)
  • Heaven! #1 ($5)
  • Honey Mustard #1-4 ($20)
  • Hot Gimmick #2-3 ($9)
  • Kill Me Kiss Me #3 ($5)
  • Madara #1 ($4)
  • Minima #1 ($4)
  • Miracle Girls #1-7 ($6, $40 set)
  • Musashi #9 #1 ($4)
  • Neck and Neck #2 ($5)
  • Othello #1-7 ($6, $40 set)
  • Saiyuki (Japanese) ($7)
  • Sensual Phrase #1 ($5)
  • Soul to Seoul #1-2 ($5, $9 set)
  • Vampire Game #1-12 ($55 set)
  • Wish #1-4 ($20)
  • Yugioh #2 ($4)
  • A Thousand Year Love of Acacia (Vietnamese) #1-12 ($15)


Rare & Out-of-Print Artbooks

Shipping Terms

Free Shipping - All artbooks and orders over $20
$3.00 1-2 manga
$2.00 1-20 binsen/stationery sheet

$13.00 1-6 manga
$13.00 1 artbook


I accept non credit card paypal (no fee) and credit card paypal payment (with fee). Items will be shipped promptly when payment is received. Payment to be made in USD only.

Sorry, no trades. Thanks.

Lolita, Manga, Manwha, Anime, Other Collectibles, Over 50 Items for sale!


Come visit for CHEAP prices!



ShojoBeat Magazines
Angel Cup
Confidential Confessions: Deal
Ecole Du Ciel
Gatcha Gatcha
Gunparade March
Get Backers
Jing: King of Bandits
Juvenile Orion
Kare Kano
Kingdom Hearts
Lament of the Lamb
Magic Knight Rayearth
Mark of the Succubus
Midnight Opera
No Man's Land
Pieces of a Spriral
Planet Blood
Scrapped Princess
Tsukuyomi: Moonphase
Under the Glass Moon
The World Exists for Me
XXX Holic


Full Metal Alchemist
Kiyoharu: Name

(no subject)

Selling Dir en grey Domestic Fucker Family Photobook, Ware Photobook, and a Rare Dir en grey Tour Pamphlet from 2002 (i think) at my journal. Bids will be placed on my journal and the auction ends Saturday, August 22nd, 5pm EST. For more details and to see the items please check here.

Also, I have some magazines for sell. Buy one get one free! here

I need to get rid of everything!

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Buttons/Pins for Sale!

Hey everybody!
I officially started my little button-making business today, so check out what buttons I currently have for sale at my journal here!

I am VERY open to requests for buttons for your favorite video game, anime, TV show, etc.
I'll let you know if I'll be able to vector it (so no complicated character faces or anything like that, sorry!)

These buttons are high quality and I vector everything made into my buttons.
Current buttons include: TWEWY, TF2, Animal Crossing, Katamari Damacy, Guitar Hero.. and more!

E-mail me at vickinatorsales @ if you're interested. Thanks!
(I'm also on and DeviantArt!)
Kiss This

Manga, Figures, Plushies, Keychains + More for Sale!

Still trying to sell things. And still updating! Some things you should know (they are in the rules but not many people read them) As of now I am ONLY shipping within the US (Preferrably, might ship to Canada or Mexico if asked nicely), and ONLY accepting PayPal!

Updated!! Please visit! Things must gooooo!

Please visit my journal [info]cynicalpinksale  for all of the items, but included in the journal are:
Raichu - Pokemon Plushie
Hamtaro Plushie
Sanrio Stationary Set (Chococat!)
Monokuro-boo Plushie
Kogepan (San-X) Radio
Sailor Moon Luna Plushie
Mermaid Melody PPP Figures
Yu-Gi-Oh! Merchandise
Pocky Pins
Kuroneko-sama Plushie
Tokyo Mew Mew Pins & Keychains
Cardcaptor Sakura Doll & Trading Cards
Afroken Keychain & Pin
PLUS Freebies available with every purchase (if you choose!)

Peach Girl 1-7  - $25 + Shipping  (That's about $3.75 per volume!)
Prince of Tennis 1-2
Cafe Kichijouji 1
Ragnarok 1-6
Rurouni Kenshin 1
Gundam Wing 1-2
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Dragonball Z 1
Dragonball 1
Chobits 8
Sampler Volumes

And much much more! 

Please visit cynicalpinksale !
Thank you for your time~!
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WTB - cell phone strap & other things

Cell Phone Strap
I am looking for the following, or someone who can make the following/similar type of cell phone straps. I remember someone advertising custom cell phone straps, but can't remember who D;
It doesn't have to be DBSK related! Just any similar type... Or if you can make customs that would be great! I'm particularly looking for ones with JJ Lin on them xD

Other things I'm interested in (in order of priority):
#1 Kawaii/Hello Kitty/Cute Characters Pencil pouch: Really looking for one of these
#2 JJ Lin: Anything related to him D;
#3 Cute pens/mechanical pencils
#4 Diary/Planner refills: Must be 17x9.5cm ones with sectioned 3 upper rings and 3 lower rings for my Babu planner.
#5 Planners: I've already bought like 5 planners, but if you have a cute and cheap one, just drop me a line!

Ohh... Last note: I'm located in the US and you must accept PayPal ^^

Hayley VMAs
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Selling Rare Anime Figures!

Hi. I am selling my Kurama and EVA-01 figures. I do not know how much they are worth but please offer.I am located in the US and shipping should be $4-5. Photobucket Neon Genesis Evangelion Figure-OFFER!
This is a "EVA-01" figure from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The everything is included and it is open. I've taken the figure out for display but put it back in the box. It is highly articulate and the purple color of the EVA is a beautiful platinum purple. It is definitely a better shade of purple that I like compared to the other EVA figures. I do not know the value of the figure now since it is not on Ebay. I got it for around $35-$40 a long time ago.

Yu Yu Hakusho Kurama- OFFER!
The Kurama figure is pretty rare. I bought it a long time ago and it's really rare and hard to get. Please offer!
It is still in box but the box has a bit of wearing. The figure has never been removed from the box.

If two (or more) people are interested in an item, it will turn into an auction for the highest offer.
If you have any questions/concerns please message me. I do have more pics.

I am looking to buy NANA or PARADISE KISS items from AI Yazawa.

I am willing to trade for them or buy them. Please just say a price and I'll reply. 

Please visit my other sales thread:

Thank you.