August 26th, 2009

Purse Sale! From Small & Cheap to Fancy & Chic!

Selling Some Stuff I Never Use - All Good Quality and Practically New

Each Item was a gift to me, but I never found a use for them.  So, I present them to all you bag buyers out there.  In brand new condition, the coin purses and quality bags will be sold for good prices.  For anyone who wants to buy the entire set, I will make two items free (gifts for you)!

Any Questions, Just Post a Comment or Message Me!

(F.Y.I. They are all from Asian Stores - Including the Coach and Liz Claiborne!)

***NEW ITEM***

Mini Hello Kitty Backpack

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moving soon - please buy? ^^;;

Soul Flower Union

Vinyl Syndicate Vol. 10
Vinyl Syndicate Vol. 14
purple SKY Fall 2007
Cure Vol. 36
Cure Vol. 42
KERA Vol. 120
KERA Vol. 126
Rock on J Vol. 5

Psycho le Cemu
SeX PoT ReVeNGe tank
Cheri (brand)
Bodyline black&white shirt
Punk Rave sexy top

Bottoms (pants, skirts, etc)
Punk Rave mini skirt
Bodyline waist-high skirt

Dresses (OP, JSK, etc)


Japanesque purse/belt deco
Tri-color Wig
orange thigh high socks
Mokono wallet
gyaru 3D nail art
fake eyelashes (never worn!)
Japanese phone number & address book
Hello Kitty! Nintendo DS Lite cover (front and back)

Located HERE at my LJ.
hide and babbette

DS: Manga, Anime, Figurines, Plushies, Lolita Clothing

I have lots of stuff for sale! Please help me make some space in my room!

FFX Moogle Plushie: $20 or best offer!
Hello Kitty Plush Ornament: $2.50

Manga: $5 per book or best offer!
Kodocha vol 1 and 2
Kill me Kiss me Vol 1 and 2
Comic Party vol 1-5
Saint Marie Vol 1
Instant Teen Just add Nuts: Vol 1 and 2
Sorcerers Secretaries vol 1
Shutter Box vol 1 and 2

Anime: 4-5 per DVD or best offer!
Scryed vol 2 and 3
Angel Tales vol 1
.hack // sign vol 2
. hack legend of the twilight vol 1
Saber Marionette J-X vol 3

Wall Scrolls:
Fruits Basket $7 or best offer!

Figurines: $5-12 or best offer!
Tifa Lockheart

Gundam Wing: $3
Juvenile Orion: $10 or best offer!

Lolita Skirts
Lolita Pajamas
Hell Cat Punk Bondage Shorts
Putumayo Cardigan
MAM Cutsew
Sweets Jewelry

And Lots more! If you don't like the prices please feel free to make reasonable offers! Prices do not include Shipping or Paypal fees!

Click here to find out more!

FS: rare Mermaid's Scar soundtrack (Rumiko Takahashi)

Hi all, I'm selling the Mermaid's Scar soundtrack (Ningyo no Kizu). This hard-to-find album has music from the anime based on the manga by Rumiko Takahashi. Original Japanese release, catalog number VICL-448. Music by Norihiro Tsuru, includes vocals by Akino Arai and Maki Mochida. No obi included. The CD is in excellent condition, no scratches or scuffs. Jewel case and liner notes are in excellent condition, no cracks, rips, smudges or other blemishes.

Price is $60, which includes first-class shipping to anywhere within the U.S. and Puerto Rico. International buyers welcome; shipping cost will depend on the weight of the item and your country. Please respond to this post if interested or if you have questions. Thanks for looking!

FFVII: AC Yazoo Cosplay Coat - Need to Sell!

Still trying to sell this guy. xD I'm getting desperate and I need tuition money. D;

I'm letting it go now for $100 shipped, worldwide, or please make an offer. No, seriously. Anywhere. (Note that worldwide does not include the moon. =P)

Yes this was actually commissioned from Limebarb. =D Has literally been worn only twice; once to try on, and once at one con for a day.

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WTB: English Anime and Horror Manga

I'm looking for the following DVD sets and at a reasonable price:

Samurai 7 
Wolf's Rain
Cowboy Bebop
Blue Gender
I'm also looking for Hideshi Hino's 'Hino Horror #15: The Experiment' and any volumes of 'The Drifting Classroom' that are available. I'm a big horror manga fan too, so if anyone else is offering horror manga then please feel free to drop by with offers.

--Thanks in advance~!


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I have some stuff I NEED to get rid because I simply don't have room. D:...and I need the money ;-;


Legal Drug 1-3

Clover Vol. 2 (**HARD TO FIND, SHRINK WRAPPED**)- 7.00 on hold!

Ouran High School Host Club volume 1


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Discs 1-5 with box

rdcaptors the 1st movie (the dub)

Questions?  Post them here.

I AM ACCEPTING OFFERS.  I need the money for school so I'll likely accept any reasonable price. :]


Hello, I have for sell a lot CDs, tapes, etc.

Hello, I have for sell a lot CDs, tapes, etc.

I want to sell mainly visual kei stuff, but I sell also some j-pop (like AAA and Koda Kumi).

Some of visual kei stuff which I have for sale are:
Madeth gray'll
Missalina Rei
Mist of Rouge
and more...
also omnibuses and Cure magazine

If you're interested, plese look here:

You'll find there basic informations, pictures, prices (you always can try negotiate price).

Another reposting of sales

I just spent a fortune fixing my car, so im trying to sell as much as I can to make up for the loss *sigh*.

Everything is best offer. If item has price, it can be pretty negotiable.
Shipping is free in US if order are over $20
Otherwise, shipping will be $2

For international, Shipping will be $5, but if orders are over 20, then it will be $3.

Items can be viewed at


Im selling a set of Hetalia One Coin Figures (9 total). They have been taken out of plastic, but everything is in mint condition and will come with each individual box with the large box as well. Make offer if interested.

I also decided to sell my Tactics rilezu and CCS Cel. I did get them at a very high price, so I wont be selling them if pretty low offers are made.

The tactics one can be viewed at
For those that don't know what a rilezu is, its also known as a post reproduction cel. It is a one of a kind hand painted cel that comes with a license and the original douga.

Items for sale includes binsen (doujinshi stationary), shitajiki (pencil board), teleka (phonecards), and misc Items and are all in mint condition unless noted otherwise.

Necklace Update!

Been 3 days since I posted & now I've sold my first one (well 2 technically)
So I'm just posting again ^^


Be nice, Click the link ^.^ You know that one down there *points*

Yes, This one here!

Thankyou! Hope you find one you like!
I even have a special offer on at the moment, 2 for only £10!

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ME_ funny bento business

eBay auctions + doujinshi from Funny Bento

Visit funnybento for gashapon, chara goods, and more!


Series Include:
Death Note
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist
Gundam Wing
Haruhi Suzumiya
Harry Potter
Inu Yasha
Lucky Star
Prince of Tennis
Samurai Champloo

Yaoi, yuri, het, and no-pairing books. Ratings range from G to 18+ ;)

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Destiny Impulse

[Selling] Manga, Anime, Toys, Doujin, Etc.

New/er Stuff:
Gakuen Heaven (new, sealed) - $8
Truly Kindly (new, sealed) - $8
Fake Fur (new) - $7
Single Issue Manga/Magazines - $1/each, 10/$5, etc. Huge selection. Visit my sale post for a full list!
Newtype USA Magazines - $2/each
Ranma 1/2 1-3 - $10/set
Mirage of Blaze DVD set & OVA - $25
Tenchi Muyo Manga Set - $15
Angelic Layer Trading Cards - $2
Those Who Hunt Elves Trading Cards - $5
Gakuen Heaven Trading Card Lot - $5
Code Geass Fortune Charms - $4/each
Suikoden III manga 2-4 - $4/each (or all for $10)
X/1999 manga (Japanese) 9-12, 14-18 - $4/each or all for $30
X DVD 2 - $5
Yami no Matsuei 1-2 - $4/each
Kenshin Starter Set - $15
Cowboy Bebop Ein Plush - $20
Finder Series 2: Cage in the Finder manga (yaoi) - $200/best offer (reference for price)
Weiss doujinshi - $7
Cardcaptors stickers - $1
Huge lot of DBZ trading cards - make offer
Tales of the Tempest DS set - $10
Xenogears yaoi doujinshi - $7/each
Yami no Matsuei pencilboard - $3
Code Geass Bookmarks - $2/each
11 Volumes of DBZ Manga - $30
FFXI/PS2HDD (New, Sealed) - Make Offer
Growlanswer Generations (PS2) - $30
Inuyasha Kirara Plush - $10
And dozens more items still being added!

Take a look right here for my complete sale post!

I am currently looking for Saint Seiya goodies, especially volumes 10+ of the manga.

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As always, thank you for looking and have a safe and wonderful day!


trying to get rid of everything
offer any reasonable price for anything

i also have several ebay listing

selling a visual book for
oretachi ni tsubasa wa nai

please send me your offer

also selling lots of mangas
hoshi wa utau 2-3
kaichou wa maid sam 1-7
gakuen alice 8-19
fruits basket 1-23
special a 5-17
soul eater 1-14
dnangel vol.6-7
kami no shizuku: i have 9 volumes
vampire knight 4, 6-10
good morning kiss 1-3
gundam 00 1-2
ariel icon for hire

(no subject)

I'm working on moving out of my folks' home and have found some random odds and ends.

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Also, looking for a large Saber plush from Fate/stay night (not dark Saber), or even just Saber Lion at a reasonable price, as well as anything Illya.


SCAMMER: digimon-fan01

anybody else bought something from digimon_fan01  ??

i got scammed out of $10 ...nothing more luckily. i have already spoken to another user who said that this person never sent anything.

i already filed a case with paypal but they said that they couldnt get hold of any funds to refund me with...

what do i do now? help? thanks