August 30th, 2009

Butterfly Effect


I’m currently trying to get rid of a LOT of stuff because my room is becoming over run with manga, magazines, and random items. I have an eBay shop set up because it seems to be the easiest way to sell this stuff. If you don’t have eBay and want to buy something just send me a message via comment and I will get back to you within 12 to 24 hours (depending on when you send the message).

Eveything is currently on sale. Everything is buy now or best offer!

I accept PayPal only due to people saying they sent a payment and my never getting it. I do combine shipping, and all shipping is either flat rate or by weight. International buyers (outside the US) I use flat rate envelopes and boxes and I try to get as much stuff into one container to help save you money.
  US buyers - buy two or more magazines (or manga) will get free Media Mail shipping!! Just say "I'm an LJ user and saw you on GarageSaleJapan" when requesting a total!!

Japanese magazines (Fashion, Music, etc…)


Manga (all kinds & printed in English unless otherwise noted)


Clothing (lolita, cosplay, & “normal” clothing)



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-Full Metal Alchemist Uniform Cosplay
-Naruto Jacket
-Naruto Headband
-Pikachu Plushie (it talks!)
-Sasuke Plushie
-Sesshomaru Plushie
-Cosplay Cat Ears

+JPop CDs and Magazines+
- 4 Ayumi Hamasaki CDs
-Pool Bit Boys
-Folder 5
-Changin' My Life
- 2 DDR soundtracks
-Kingdom Hearts Sound Track
- MusiQ magazine with DVD
- B PASS with Yui Poster
-and MORE


100% Positive feedback! (9+/0/0-)

Check them out here <3
Dazzling Misha

Looking for Saiyuki anime sets

I'm looking for the original Saiyuki anime series and for the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock series. I'd prefer to buy in sets, but I may buy the DVDs separately if the price is right.
I only pay with Paypal, and I am in the U.S.
I have bought from people on GSJ, but I have all my feedback on my ebay account under gnatmarie.
Comment or PM me, thanks!

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Hi, just trying to trade things i don't want for things i want :)
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I have tons of manga, furoku, cd's and other things in my web ->  visit here

What i want:
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>>I'm from Spain
>>If buying i can pay by paypal
>>Have some feedback on garagesalesjapan (please, if i buyed from you or you buyed from me or we just made a change please leve me feedback)


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I am taking offers on my extremely rare Kingdom Hearts II standee. These were going for almost $300 before they became impossible to find, so I don't know if I could go much lower than that, as I am already very reluctant to part with it. I'm afraid I probably can't trade; sorry. If you're willing to make an offer, please let me know. Thanks! :]

Added More Manga

I added more manga in my selling journal, mostly yaoi manga this time. I also still have some manga left in the $1-$2 section. Most of these will be on ebay soon if they don't sell here. I'll probably be adding more manga within this week or next week. Please take a look if interested.

Here are some of the NEW ones added in my selling list:

Invisible Love
Innocent Bird
Descendants of Darkness
Selfish Love
Time Lag
Japanese language yaoi manga
..... and many, many more!!!

If interested, please visit here.

I'm also looking to buy/trade for the following manga:

Wild Ones 7
Vampire Knight 6
Basara 17-20, 26-27
Land of the Blindfolded 1-8
W Juliet 1-14
Platinum Garden 4

Fringe | alt!Charlie - Shades
  • chynoi


Selling Doujinshi, pins, charms, plushies, shirts and more from Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Eyeshield 21, One Piece, etc.

Please click on the banner to check out individual items, prices and more :)


Continuing to try and sell these things, here's:

From series such as Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Pokémon, Digimon, Bleach, CardCaptor Sakura, Cowboy Bebop, and many, many more!

Items range from figures and trading cards to non-anime and costumes! Plus lots more in-between! Check it out! (Please.)


Cure Magazine, h.NAOTO Shirt, Sex Pot Revenge Shirt, h.NAOTO Books, CDs, DVDs & Shibuya 109-2 ......

Cure Back Issue:
-Volume 19: Cover artist Kra - includes Kra poster
-Volume 26: Cover artist Vidoll - includes Vidoll poster
-Volume 29: Cover artist Lareine - includes Lareine CD insert (never used)
-Volume 43-44: Cover Artist Megamasso

I'm selling each Cure issue at $10 shipped.

Collections and Books:
-h.NAOTO Winter Collection book w/ stickers - $20 shipped
-h.NAOTO ART BOOK 2004 - $55 shipped

CDs & DVDs:
-Gazette “Disorder” - $10 shipped
-Kagerou “Rakushu” - $10 shipped
-Psycho le Cemu “Frontiers” -$15 shipped
-Psycho le Cemu “Beautiful World - $15 shipped
-L’Arc~en~Ciel “Smile” - $15 shipped
-Best of Inu Yasha - $15 shipped
-MASK “Maskest” (New) - $20 shipped
-MASK “Masker” (New) - $20 shipped
-Ayabie Message DVD (New: 2007/01/07 Shinjuku Live: Limited) - $15 shipped
-MASK “Sakura” Maxi-Single and DVD (New: Limited Press) - $30 shipped
-MASK “Valentine Box” (New: 4 CD + 1 DVD; only 3333 copies) - $60 shipped
-Vidoll: Gyaku bijinkyoku DVD - $15 shipped

-Sex Pot Revenge: “Don’t Forget” shirt - $17 shipped
-h.NAOTO: DIE ROCK button shirt *NEW* - $65 shipped

Men’s 109-2 Clothes:
-Casva long sleeve shirt - $22 shipped
-Casva zip up sweater – $30 shipped
-Roi Frac shirts (2 in total) - $18 each shipped
-Black zip-up hooded sweater (forgot what store I bought it from) - $30 shipped

Shibuya 109-2 Store Directory:

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Thats right!! Just purchase ANY marked as shipped item ( excluding the small flat items under $10 ect) and recieve NO EXTRA SHIPPING on the ENTIRE ORDER up to 4 lbs!
DISCOUNT: if you buy any shipped items!! big or small!!

Hello Kitty
...Wallets and card holders
...cell phone charms( novala)
...Hair accessories!
....Memos and stationary!


...Tons of new bags!!!
...plushies bags
..stickers supplies!

Books and magazines
...Ayumi cover magazines!
...anime art books! (Yuhki Kamatani Illustrations)

Hair accessories and Dreadfalls
...adorible for lolita
...DIY items!
...Cybergoth dreadfalls!
...Clips, ties, headbands, everything you can imagine!

Stationary and school supplies
...Tons of memos!!!
..pencilcases! ( hello kitty !!)

Stickers stickers stickers!
...Hello kitty bunny
...all sorts and all kinds!! check it out and the promos as well !

Lashes and nails
Buy 2 of any and get the 3rd pair FREE! ( = or lesser value)

Flu mask
...$5 Shipped flu masks!!! Decora, cybergoth ECT!

...Candy from all over asia!
One bag free for any shipped purchase!

Cloths from all over asia!!!
Check out the catalogue for rare and awasome items!!!

You pick items!!!
...$5 shipped memos and envelope sets!
...$5 shipped small stationary and sticker cards!
...$10 shipped large stationary deal!!! and sticker cards!
...Pick 13 items in my shop for $40 shipped!!! check it out now!!!!!


Large sale. Most prices lowered.

My friend and I are selling a large amount manga/anime and j-rock merchandise to pay our bills.

We've lowered most of the prices, and all reduced prices are bolded. Feel free to make an offer instead if you would prefer.

All prices are negotiable. Some items we have for sale include: Shoxx and Cure magazines from 2006-2007, Gravitation and Paradise Kiss manga, Fruits and Fresh Fruits, L'arc-en-ciel and LM.C DVDs, Strawberry Panic, D.N.Angel, and Loveless DVDs, MUCC, Girugamesh, X (Japan), and Versailles CDs, 12012 and D'espairs Ray shirts, and a Versailles Photoset.

Photos and Details

☆ Yard Sale// [[Anime, JRock, Posters, Lolita, more]]

 Hello again~ 

I just updated my selling posts with dropped prices and new items! 

Just a few of the things I have:

+ 4 FMA DVD's for $15
+ Official Miyavi "This is Japanese Kabuki Rock" hoodie
+ Glossy Dir en grey poster (I accidentally ordered two of the same.)
+ Miyavi/ Kaggra, poster
+ 3 issues of English Gothic & Lolita Bible 

And more! In the fashion section, you can name your price; my prices are suggestions. I'll look at best offers for the Miyavi hoodie.

Anime, magazines (Jrock, Jfashion, Lolita), posters (Jrock) can be found in the Jrock/Anime post.

Thank you as always! :3

Please comment on my journal. All my feedback is also there, it's 100% positivo!

M A N G A+

If you consider purchasing anything,
I am LOUSY with remembering to come back and check this thread so PLEASE email or message me through LJ.

Manga (both regular and yaoi)
Anime DVDs
BJD items
Jrock Items
K-pop CDs

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Thanks for looking!