September 1st, 2009

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Many Items; New and Gently Used up for Grabs!

I now accept trades, as well as Paypal and concealed cash and will ship all over the world!

Items include DVD complete sets (both Anime other shows), Manga (English and Japanese), Toys/Figures (Japanese and English) as well as Computer Accessories, Trading Card Games, Video Games for multiple consoles and much more!

If you're interested in any of the following series or themes, I have items you just might love to see!

Rockman, Shugo Chara, Vampire Knight, W Juliet, Mac and Windows Programs, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-gi-oh, and more!

(Come and check us out!)
me and kaz

Signed Rare VAMPS Folding Fan


For sale on eBay:

I watched KAZ & Hyde signed this...

Up for bid here is an extremely rare item. This fan was made as a prototype for the 2008 VAMPS tour, and never made it to production, so you cannot purchase these anywhere! On top of that, it is signed by K.A.Z in gold and HYDE in silver.
Fan will come to you in a cloth case with its paper obi, inside a plastic slipcase. It is in new condition as it has only been opened to have the guys sign it. This is a must for the hard core VAMPS/HYDE/L'arc En Ciel/K.A.Z/Oblivion Dust fan!
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Everything* on this bookshelf is for sale over at kalesales
Items include English manga, Japanese manga, French manga, doujinshi, artbooks, mooks, magazines, DVDs, CDs, games, and figures.
Please make sure to read the information post at the top!

*The top shelf can be found for sale by my roommate. Link can be found in the information post.

Massive Sechuna Sale


All items have been worn only once or twice, and are almost as good as new. The pictures didn't turn out great, but if you need anymore, please let me know, i will provide. The prices offered can be negotiated. Many of these items are out of stock and this is a one chance to get them. For international shipping, the prices will change.

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MANGA, EGG Magazines, and CUTENESS for Sale!


5 footlong dollar special

Sweat and Honey
Alichino 1 (JAPANESE)
Doll 1
Nothing But Loving You
Same Celled Organism
The Day I Become a Butterfly
Twlight of the Dark Master

JUNE 2009
MAY 2008
MARCH 2006

Sanrio Character Ears
Girl in Pig Kirugumi Plush
Marie Sega UFO CATCHER Plush
Harajuku Lover's Binder
Traditional Japanese Cards
Cute Stationary Grab - Cafe Stationary, Charmy Kitty, Hello Kitty

Everything is $5 + shipping, media rates can be used inside the U.S. for cheaper shipping, I take paypal and I am only trading for cyberwear right now. Thanks!


Mitsuki - gouk

VK Garage sale!

Lots of Cure Magazines (some Shoxx too), CDs from bands like Megaromania, BLOOD, Kisaki Project, NOIZ, Versailles, and more, as well as a few other misc. goods. Come see if I have something you need!


Thanks guys!
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just updated with new items!

TONS of hello kitty, jewelery, tokidoki, japanese stationary, and tons of other cuteness and clothing~

free hello kitty postcard while supplies last.
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Jrock & Visual Kei Fliers & More


Selling (Visual Kei Items)

- Fliers including Versailles, Doremidan, 12012, Vidoll, D'espairsRay, D, Under Code bands, Lycaon, Guilty Doll, EREMIA, 己龍-kiryu-, Tokyo Michael, Baggy-bone, aicle.

- Unopened CDs, DVDs (mostly Phantasmagoria).

Also selling (Jrock Magazines, CDs, photos)

- includes GLAY, L'Arc~en~Ciel, tetsu, Gackt, Miyavi and more.

Thank you for reading.


all of this and more over at my journal!
updated 08/31/09

asian clothing
japanese notebooks/stationary
anime furoku/poster/keychains


accepting concealed cash and paypal.
ariel icon for hire

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I'm working on moving out of my folks' home and have found some random odds and ends.

*New things added*

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Follow the cut for previous items:

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Shipping not included. If interested, comment with zipcode. Accepting paypal and concealed cash (at own risk) from US buyers.

Will trade*  anything above for: 

Strawberry Panic vol. 2 (light novel)
Crayon Shin-chan vol. 1 or anything above vol. 6 (Whether or not it's the new or old edition doesn't matter)
Sgt. Frog above vol. 1

* Prefer manga to be in like new to looking brand new condition

[SELL] Random Item Sell Post

Due to a surprise trip that came up. Please give these stuffs a new home.

I am selling:
1. Girugamesh Poster
2. Byou of SCREW Original Digi Photo (Racial Mixture release)
3. D'espairsRay ZERO 2008 Guitar Pick
4. Garish Room 07
5. Vinyl Syndicate Vol 13 with 12012 and Jun Kaname on Cover
6. Neo Genesis Yearbook 2007 with the GazettE (complete with double sided posters of all artists featured in the magazine)
7. TV Guide 2008.08.02-08 with Arashi on Cover
8. Shoxx Vol. 195 with Nightmare on Cover (sold with POSTER)
9. Arena37C Special 2009.03 with Ryu Siwon and Gackt on Cover
10. duet 2009.02 with Hey! Say! JUMP on cover (complete with double sided poster and drama booklet)
11. Orista 2008.04.20 issue with Kanjani8 (complete with Hey! Say! 7 booklet)
12. Fool's Mae 2009.04 issue with the GazettE on cover
13. MUSIQ? Vol. 13 with Aoi of the GazettE on cover (complete with DVD)
14. DIM Limited Edition CD+DVD Brand New Never Been OPENED.

all pictures and information can be found: