September 8th, 2009

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(all of this and MOREE!)
UPDATED 09/08/09

HEY EVERYONE! i just updated my selling journal with tons of new stuff!

I've added some new:
Asian clothes and skirts
Anime Furoku
Digi Charat DVD
+ more!

Visit my journal for some Asian fashion, anime furoku + merchandises, and others!

Accepting paypal and concealed cash.

Sale! Sweet Lolita Dress, Belt, Cosplays, Anime Sets, & SM Comix!

I have alot for sale this time around! Things like a gothic lolita/cyber punk belt, sweet lolita dress, cosplays, anime box sets and some Sailor Moon individual comix! I'm selling everything cheap and all is still for offers as I'm looking to make up the money for a big purchase XD Any help is appreciated! Feedback in my journal. Also all prices are not including shipping! Please leave your zip for a quote :D

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Kingdom Hearts:
+ Kingdom Hearts II Limited Edition Game Guide [Huge! Out of Print!] $18
+ Kingdom Hearts Character's Report Vol. 2 $10
+ Kingdom Hearts [PS2 Game] $10

Hitman Reborn:
+ Reborn! Vol. 1 [Manga] $3
+ Reborn! Vol. 2 [Manga] $3
+ Doujinshi:
     Tsuna No Ha-to O Ni Te Irero! 2 [Hands Over Tsuna's Heart! 2] $10
     Shin Rabu Tsuna Autumn Collection [New Love Tsuna Autumn Collection] $10

+ Kat-tun: III Queen Of Pirate [CD+DVD - Limited Edition & Out of Print! - Still in plastic!] $28
+ DBSK/TVXQ: All About Posters [Available: U-Know Yunho, Micky Yoochun] $15
+ DBSK/TVXQ: Jaejoong Poster/School Uniform Poster [Double-sided] $3
+ DBSK/TVXQ: All members on street $3
+ Big Bang: Big Show Live Concert CD Poster $9
+ FT Island Poster [Colorful on couch] $3
+ FT Island Poster [Red clothing] $3
+ FT Island Poster [Eating pastries] $3
+ Super Junior: Leeteuk/Taehwa Poster [Double-sided] $3
+ Super Junior: Sungmin, Kibum, Heechul Poster $7
+ NEWS poster [HQ Glossy Material!] $10

+ Duet Magazine: June 2008 [Kat-tun poster inside] $8
+ Duet Magazine: April 2008 [High Quality NEWS pin-up inside] $8

If you are interested in any of these items, please leave a comment here.
If you want to see the items or know details of the item, feel free to ask. Shipping is usually $2-$5.
Shipping from California, USA. I will only ship within USA, excluding Alaska & Hawaii. Sorry!
I only accept PayPal.

magpie thrift


here's a huge update for you! items include moschino vintage dress, meta cutsews, skirt, jsk & bear coat, bananafish shirt, algonquins jacket, a+ lidel cutsew and cardigan, putumayo skirt, sex pot revenge petticoats, emily temple cute jsk and necklace, betsey johnson dress and necklace, btssb purse, angelic pretty necklace and bracelet, vintage gunne sax dress, juicy couture beauty products, licca doll, momoko doll, zombuki pullip, various dals/pullips and tons of cheap jewelry, accessories, beauty products, and clothes. please visit magpiethrift!

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Chibi's Shoppe
9/8 - New auctions added!! CD clearance!! Prices lowered on a number of items!! Let's negotiate! ^-^!!
I'm selling a number of items from my personal collection.
here you'll find everything from music CD's, DVD's, artbooks and manga to posters, figures and trading cards.
Click on the links to go to each catagory.

Ordering (Read First!!)

Music CD's - Sale!! Lowered Prices
Magazines -ebay lot auction
Artbooks, Manga, and Doujinshi
Posters - 10% off sale!!
Figures and Plushies and Statues
Pins, Keychains, etc. - ebay lot auction
DVD's and VHS
Pencil Boards, Video Games, Trading Cards, Misc
Cosplay and Wigs
  - new items added
Ball-Jointed dolls/Dollfie clothing


To order, simply email me at
Inutsuzuki@comcast.netwith your order and zip code and I will respond with a total. Thanks and happy shopping!!

Huge Magazine Sale!

After hours of going through magazines, I finally have them sorted and up for sale!


I have:
Anime Invasion: 2 issues
Manga Max: 2 issues
Smile: first 7 issues + a bunch of manga issues
Animerica: Over 50 issues
Animerica Extra
Some Vidoegames Magazines

Come check it out over HERE

Also check out my other cheap sales at lynsales I've added Sailor Moon single comic book style manga issues.
  • vk_loli

new items / new prices

Soul Flower Union

Vinyl Syndicate Vol. 10
Vinyl Syndicate Vol. 14
purple SKY Fall 2007
Cure Vol. 36
Cure Vol. 42
KERA Vol. 120
KERA Vol. 126
Rock on J Vol. 5

Psycho le Cemu
SeX PoT ReVeNGe tank
Bodyline black&white shirt
Punk Rave sexy top

Bottoms (pants, skirts, etc)
Punk Rave mini skirt
Bodyline waist-high skirt
Bodyline tiered skirt w/legwarmers

Dresses (OP, JSK, etc)

h.NAOTO(D.O.A.) heavy jacket


h.NAOTO(HN+nois) gloves
Tri-color Wig
orange thigh high socks
Mokono wallet
gyaru 3D nail art
fake eyelashes (never worn!)
Japanese phone number & address book
Hello Kitty! Nintendo DS Lite cover (front and back)

All relevant pictures and details can be found here.

Anime Merchandise & Kawaii Jewelry for Sale!

Hi again all~! Please visit my sales journal! I need to sell things! I do discounts on manga lots and have freebies for all purchases!
Series include: Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Prince of Tennis, Digimon, Pokemon, Gundam SEED, San-X, Sanrio, Hello Kitty, Peach Girl,
Juvinile Orion, Chobits, Afro-ken, Mermaid Melody PPP, Monokuro Boo, Fruits Basket, Cafe Kichijouji, Card Captor Sakura, Rurouni Kenshin
and many many more! 
All right here!  cynicalpinksale   [info]cynicalpinksale    [info]cynicalpinksale

And! Looking for some cute & kawaii, handmade cell phone straps? Earrings? Keychains? Necklaces? Charms? 
All of my items at my Etsy store are individually (And lovingly!) handmade and won't make a huge dent in your wallet!
Please check it out! I am constantly adding new creations! There are things for otaku, lolitas (of all denominations), video gamers and just people who love kawaii things! Click the picture or the link below it to enter!

Visit my Etsy store! Signing up for Etsy takes seconds and is only used for purchasing/feedback purposes.
My store takes PayPal, and credit cards (via PayPal)! Check it out!

Kumi Geisha

Selling Alice Auaa Size 25 wedges

I am selling these lovely size 25 wedges because they don't fit me right. And there are some problems with the right shoe.
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Make me an offer, but be reasonable.

Norway sadly is quite expensive to ship from.
Shipping for Europe: 16USD
Shipping for the rest of the world: 27USD

If you have any questions just comment here or send me a mail.
bunny alfred

Final Fantasy Advent Children Blu-ray + J-POP cds/dvds + Autographed J-rock CD

Paypal only.
Shipping from US.
No trading.
Price negociable
Verified seller on [+40 -0]
Price listed are for US residents. (not accepting international buyers at the moment)

~*~*~*~Please request for photos if interested!*~*~*~

- Final Fantasy Advent Children Blu-ray disc (extended ver.) (widescreen) - $25 Shipped.
- Forbidden Kingdom Blu-ray disc - $22 Shipped.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories PS2 Game- $17 Shipped. {SOLD}

Lead- Get Wild Life Single- $5 shipped.
Lead- Te no hira wo taiyo ni/delighted- $4 shipped.
Lead- Night Deluxe- $5 shipped.
High & Mighty Color- Pride $5 shipped.
High & Mighty Color- OVER $5 shipped.

Kyohei (ex member of FLAME} - To You.. - $8 shipped.

~*~*AUTOGRAPHED*~*~ GPKISM 'Ilumination' Single- $11 shipped.

Lead Movies 2 DVD- $10 shipped.
Lead ~the 1st live tour~ DVD- $10 shipped.
Deep Love movie (feat. Keita of Lead) - $10 shipped.

Everything needs to go!

Hello everyone,
I have a lot for sale at my journal and I'd just like to get rid of everything! So please, make an offer of your choice!


Just please help me get rid of everything.

All sales are over here: alicedrinkme


Coffee Luv

Tons of Anime, Manga, Jrock, Japanese Fashion, & More for SALE!!

Tons of new items at my new sales journal korner_store! Please take a look! :D


- English Manga: Cardcaptor Sakura, D.N. Angel, Inu-yasha, Ranma 1/2, Vampire Knight, etc.
- Japanese Manga: D.N. Angel, Inu-yasha, Naruto, Tactics, etc.
- Spanish Manga: Angelic Layer, Clover, Evangelion, Kenshin, Ranma 1/2, etc.
- English Yaoi/Shounen-ai Manga: JUNE & BLU titles, FAKE, Hands Off!, Gravitation, Offbeat, etc.
- Japanese Yaoi/Shounen-ai Manga: Takumi-kun Series, Toumei Shounen, Yami no Matsuei, etc.
- Doujinshi: Inu-yasha, Naruto, D.Gray-man, FMA, FFVII, Death Note, Soukyuu no Fafner, Hikaru no Go, Tactics, etc.

- Bags, Accessories, Plushies, Figures, T-shirts, DVDs, Magazines, etc.
- Series: Inu-yasha, Death Note, Evangelion, Naruto, Trigun, Love Hina, etc.

- CDs, DVDs, Photobooks, Magazines, Posters, T-shirts, Accessories, Bags, Concert Goods, etc.
- Artists: DBSK, Gackt, Miyavi, Psycho le Cému, Super Junior, etc.

- Shirts, Cardigans, Hoodies, Overcoats, Accessories, Bags, etc.
- Brands: h.Naoto, Algonquins, Sex Pot Revenge, Gama-go, etc.

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updated again!

san-x plushes, harajuku lovers, tokidoki, tarina tarantino, sanrio, japanese stationary, and much more~

offers accepted and trades welcomed.
free hello kitty postcard while supplies last~!

@ dismalangel

Items For Sale!

 Hi!  I'm still trying to sell a few items!  My feedback is on my lj and I have all positive. :]

My feedback page:


Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 1 Dub: 5.00

Legal Drug Manga Volumes 1-3, 4.00 or 9.00 for whole set.

Clover volume 2: 7.00 (shrink wrapped, very hard to find) I know someone had reserved this item and asked for a hold but I can't find the old post... Please let me know if you're still interested.

Ouran #1: 4.00

Some random CLAMP in 3D Land figurines 7.00 each
(I have about 4.. I ended up buying the whole set/random others just so I can get Fai from TRC... and I really don't know who the rest of the characters are.  I'll take a picture and figure them out in an edit lol.  My camera's battery is dead and it is charging right now.)

I am willing to haggle!  I need the extra cash for bills so I'm willing to accept anything that's a reasonable price.  :]

Thank you!

FS: Cure mags, VK stuff, manga, anime VHS

Hi~ I have a bunch of stuff up for sale I really need to get sold quick! I have CURE Magazines, 2 Shoxx Magazines, Visual Kei CDs, some manga, and even some anime VHS tapes! Please have a look at let me know if you're interested. I am more than willing to combine shipping, and will consider offers if you don't like my prices. Thanks!

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