September 17th, 2009

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Visual Kei and Lolita

Hi everyone,
I ALWAYS buy some Visual kei/Lolita acessories and clothes...
(I make my profile on livejournal only for this)
So, if you have something like this, you can call me.
(Even if you are seeing this one year after I post...)
Send me the link, email or photos, and the prices. ^^

Shipping: Brazil
Payment: Paypal

Thanks! ^^
DJ Yamapi

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konkon_sales has a variety of items up for sale.

Shop Photos

NEWS - Winter Party Diamond Live
Special Mail Order Shop Photos - V6, Arashi, KAT-TUN, TegoMass and Penlight
NEWS - Koi no ABO
TegoMass - TegoMass no Uta Commercial
TegoMass - TegoMass no Uta Album
TegoMass - TegoMass no Uta Concert Pamphlet
Kamenashi Kazuya - Baseball

Concert Preorders

Kis-My-Ft2 2009 National Tour Deadline: December 17th

Dream Boys 2009 Multiple Deadlines: September 11th, 18th and 25th

Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Deadline: December 2nd

Koichi Domoto 2009 Concert Tour Multiple Deadlines: September 10th & October 9th

Special: For a $60 fee, you can receive 15 or more items at cost.

Photobook/DVD Preorders

KAT-TUN Break the Record Live Document Photobook
Gokusen the Movie Photobook

24 Hour Television Special Dramas (Includes Ryo, Takki, MatsuJun and Kame's specials), Kanjani8 Puzzle DVD's and DBSK History in Tokyo Vol. 4

Buzzer Beat Merchandise
24 Hour Television Merchandise

Prices include free economy airmail shipping!

We also offer the following services: Magazine subscriptions, Fanclub Registrations, Deputy Service (for purchasing off of YJA, mbok, and other Japanese sites), and Lolita Purchasing Service.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Sales plug

Hi! Just lettin' everyone know that I've got a ton of rare demotapes, cds, VHS', DVDs and photosets up for sale on my LJ. I've got a lot of tuition to pay off(paying for college by yourself sucks :<), so every sale helps! linky.
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Tons of Japanese Pokemon stuff for sale!

Hi guys! I have a bunch of stuff up for sale, mostly Pokemon, but a little bit of FF and FMA too! Most of it is directly from my Japan trip in July :D

It's all listed over here since it's easier for me to keep one post updated, but that comm doesn't allow commenting by non-members so just comment to this post if you're interested! (Or PM me, but I prefer comments.)

I ship to worldwide from Australia, accept Paypal and money orders, and will consider offers. ^^

English/Japanese manga, Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Bleach, Aquarian Age & More!!

Everything needs to leave asap!
So, make a reasonable offer, please.
All prices are negoitable, so please haggle :]
Please view my selling journal for pictures. [info]gameof_fate
Right now I am only shipping within the USA and I accept all forms of payment, although I prefer paypal.
I am open for trades right now.
Shipping on all books will be by media mail and everything else will go the slowest and cheapest way (to save you more money).
I need all of this stuff gone ASAP!

$3.00 English Manga:

Galaxy Angel vols. 1-5
Galaxy Angel Beta vols. 1-2
Galaxy Angel Party vol. 1
Kilala Princess vols. 1-4
Koi Cupid
Zodiac PI vols. 1, 2, &4
The Gentlemen's Alliance vols 1
Ultra Maniac vols. 1-4
Land of the Blindfolded vols 1-3
Sola vol 1
Magical Miracle vol 1
Nosatsu Junkie vols 1 & 2
Pixie Pop vols 1 & 3
Pita Ten vol 1
Dream Saga vol 1
Metamo Kiss vol 1
Legend vol 2

$3.00 Japanese Manga:

Short tempered melancholic
Penguin Brothers vols 2 & 3

Phonebook Magazines: $5 shipped

Sho-comi 2000 volume 18
Ribon 2001 volume 4

New Anime:

Aquarian Age the movie
Kiddy Grade File 2
Dragon Ball GT the movie
Rumbling Hearts 1
My Hime vol 7


Inuyasha Naraku figure, sealed
Bleach Chad Sado figure, sealed
Deathnote keychain, sealed
Bleach Plushie
Wedding Peach Doll Boxes


Sailor Moon Game Guide


I am looking for the second and third Shugo Chara DS games, Kingdom Hearts merch and Aqua Mizuto Manga to trade or buy.

Cute Teruki!

An Cafe Goods?

Is anyone in Japan willing to go to an An Cafe concert (you might be able to pick up the goods outside the venue and not have to attend the concert) and pick up some goods? I'll give you a service fee for it. I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

Or does anyone know a shopping service (besides shoppingtangent...or whatever....) that might be able to? Please let me know! Thanks!
aoi /theGazettE 11

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Selling some of my wares up on ebay!! Reduced some of the prices!!

Just added: LM.C Neo Genesis Vol.39 Double sided poster - Free shipping!!


Authentic Heart-E Japan White/Pink Heart Handbag
Dir En Grey - The Marrow of a Bone ALBUM - reduced
D'espairsRay Large "REDEEMER" poster
Peace&Smile Carnival Tour DVD poster

***Will be adding some brand new flyers this coming weekend - ScreW, 12012, Alice Nine & heaps heaps more

Want to Trade for manga

I wanna trade some manga for manga. I prefer to trade more than 1 book at a time and only within the US.

Wish list

Banana fish 4+
Basilisk 3     
Black Knight 4+     
Black Lagoon 3+    
blood +2+     
Boy Princess 7+     
claymore 5-8, 10+     
D. Gray-man 13+     
Dog Style 2+     
Don't Blame Me 1+     
Don't Say Anymore Darling     
Fairy Tail 3+     
Glass Sky     
Gunslinger Girl 4+     
Hitman Reborn 6+     
Hunter x Hunter 9-11, 13-18, 20, 22+     
Jerry Angel Doujinshi     
Junjo Romantica 6+     
kiss all the boys 3     
Kurosagi Corpse delivery Service 3+     
Lament of the lamb 5+     
Laugh Under The Sun     
Law of Ueki 1-5, 7+     
Let Dai 6-8, 10, 13+     
Love Mode 10     
Love Pistols 5+     
loveless 9+     
Naruto 12, 14, 19-27, 30-40, 42+     
One Piece 8+     
Other shounen or yaoi sets     
Peacemaker 6+           
Rave Master 16-18, 20+     
Rurouni Kenshin 22-23, 25-28     
Saiyuki reload 9+     
Samurai 7 2+     
samurai deeper kyo 10-21, 24-25, 29+     
Shaman King 5+     
Shaman warrior 1-3, 5+     
Silver diamond 4+
Switch 4+     
Tea for Two 2+     
Vagabond 2+     
Vassalord 3+     
Wild Adapter 6+     
You Will Drown in Love

Kinda want volume 1

Eureka 7
Eyeshield 21
Blade of the immortal
Zombie Loan

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dvd boxsets, cosplay toys and dolls

These are the items i have for sale (anything else in the photos is not for sale please do not ask) 
I would like to sell them off before the week is over, i need the funds for a limited edition bjd  i have on hold and need to finish paying off but i will take certain trades.
Items shipped from the US to anywhere at buyers expense.
PM me or comment here.
please feel free to ask questions about the condition or possible trades.
Sailor Moon ADV season 1 uncut release
Sailor Moon SuperS season 4 geneon pioneer thinpack release
Sailor Moon Movie Trilogy boxset geneon pioneer release
Sailor Moon bandai spiral wand
Sailor Moon light up tiara crown
Sailor moon kaleidoscope wand
Pullip cornice doll, wigs, eyechips and minatures.

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