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01 November 2009 @ 12:10 am

buy now!~
shoes, Japan fashion magazines, zipia, gmarket, winter ugg boots, HELLCATPUNKS!, and more!

01 November 2009 @ 12:25 am

Hi all,

Urgenty in need of money. Selling JE items described below. Pls click the link for more details or visit www.idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com

pls kindly leave ur offer of albums to me at idol_items@rocketmail.com thanks.

kinki kids


JE clippings + posters + glossies
Kattun/ Arashi / NEWS / K8 / HSJ / T&T / Kinki kids / V6 / Johnny Jrs n many more

Official Merchandises
Kat-tun 2009-2010 calendar
Kat-tun BTR pamphlet

Wanna clr alot of posters and mags of below:
-> COLOR / PLAY/ Epop / FANS / I-wkly / U-wkly / Teens / Teenage / LIME 
-> Fahrenheit
-> S.H.E
-> BBT
-> Rainie
-> Angela
-> F4 / 5566 / 183 club / jstar
-> hana kimi / rolling love / why why love / x family n many more.

*Note - I ship from singapore

Pls visit www.entertainment-items.blogspot.com for tw idols items or www.idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com for je items.

* Note - I shipped from s'pore


Miyavi PV Collection DVD

includes 'Girls be ambitious' 'POP IS DEAD' 'Jibun Kakumei 2003'  and more!!!
Price: $21 SHIPPED.

Under the cut you'll find..

Hamtaro kigurumi!!
Lovely DBSK/TVXQ Goods
Cheap J-ROCK Cds!! (GKPKISM & SID)
Cheap K-POP Cds!! (Rain, Epik High)
Cheap J-POP Cds!! (Lead)
Final Fantasy Advent Children BLU-RAY (extended ver.)
to the goods!!Collapse )
01 November 2009 @ 01:34 am

Hey you guys :D

I've updated my sales post and restocked a few of the figures I previously ran out!

Please come check it out

link to My Sanctuary
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I've got some:
Nicholas Teo
Nicholas Tse
Ayumi Hamasaki
Hikaru Utada
Koike Teppei
and other stuff I'm selling, check it out here

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妄想地下鉄_Selling Journal

Merchandise - Gazette photoset, 12 buttons
Magazines - Gab, Vinyl snydicate
CDs -  several promo CDs
Clothes - Hellcatpunks pants
Flyers - LOTS XD ... 12012, plastic tree, screw, sug, girugamesh, 9 goats, nightmare and many more


☆ミ located in japan, will ship worldwide
☆ミ payment is paypal and in € only

NEW -- Doing shopping service as well from now on.
01 November 2009 @ 09:52 am
-Jrock (Nightmare, Phantasmagoria, Gazette, Vidoll, etc.)
-Cure Magazine
-Gothic and Lolita Bible


thank you for looking!
01 November 2009 @ 11:59 am
Auction reminder!

I currently have 2 figures up for sale on ebay since I have to make some room/pay some bills (T__T). Both have about 24 hours left.

a) I have Metis from Persona 3 up for auction; you can check her out here

b) I also have Mai from King of Fighters up for auction, you can check her out here

utena.gif picture by chibi-5

NEW RULE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! as of 10/14/09 I WILL NOT hold ANYTHING!!!!! If you would like to purchase an item and you let me know you will have 3 days to contact me and pay me. there have been amany many MANY times I have held something for someone and I waited weeks and weeks and in the end they changed their minds and decided not to pay-,- so now Im only giving you 3 days!!! after those 3 days its up for grabs again! first come first serve!!! and dont worry, I will notify you during teh 3days, just make sure to reply back so I know your still interested!  Payment sent asap is always appreciated :D thank you!hamtaro_s_003.gif

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01 November 2009 @ 02:48 pm

As some people I need money.
Products are from japan!

I ship from Belgium to worldwide.
I accept only paypal method for payment.
Nor the shipping or paypal fee aren't included in the price.

* Alice nine - zekkei shoku [CD + DVD]
* Dir en grey [CD rom]
* Kagerou - rakushu [CD] signed by members
* Kagerou - Mizubitasi no kazoe uta [CD]
* Kinarura (kenrell) - kyoufu yuuenchi [CD]
* Lareine - Trailer [CD]
* Moi dix mois - Dialogue Symphonie [CD]
* merry - SCI-FI nu Chemical Rhetoric - first cut - (1st press limited) [DVD]
* GAB vol 33 - 06/2008 [GOODS]
* Vinyl Syndicate vol 18 - 06/2009 [GOODS]

Take a look there my_haru</div>
01 November 2009 @ 02:54 pm
As much as I enjoy my card collection, I've decided it's time to let some of them go. Some cards are Japanese in origin while others are American.

For sale are cards featuring:

Ah! My Goddess
Angelic Layer
Candidate For Goddess
Cardcaptor Sakura
Cutie Honey
Di Gi Charat
Eve: The Lost One (not 100% sure what this series is, think it's a video game? Bought it years ago because I thought the package was interesting)
Fushigi Yuugi
Magic Knight Rayearth
Magical Girl Pretty Samy
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Pita Ten
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Sailor Moon
Yu Yu Hakusho

Lots of Cards under the cutCollapse )

All pictures are linked to so it is broadband friendly!
a selling journal
01 November 2009 @ 04:51 pm
november 1st: new stuffs added & prices lowered!
shipping worldwide is included in the prices.
please read the info post first!

new: plastic tree t-shirt

cds & dvds:
new: lynch. - official bootleg I & II, gusha ningen - gusha no eizou, strawberry song orchestra - hakuchuumu, zeal link comment dvds (with many different bands!), hyde - various clips, merry - sakashima endroll -phantom of the gallery-, screen of culminate omnibus, rentrer en soi - bottom of chaos (signed!)

posters, flyers, photos, stickers, cards:
new: laruku, plastic tree, reita (the gazette), merry, 9goats black out, jinkaku radio, lloy, jully, vamps, d'espairsray, monokura cinema, lycaon, garrna, fatima, jive, emmurée, donald fuck, lynch., the bullet, kain, logiq, werkmare, spam_life, ayumi hamasaki

photo books, magazines etc.:
new: s cawaii! (fashion & beauty mag), lynch., kagen no tsuki photo making book (hyde), merry, high and mighty colors, mucc, phantasmagoria, sadie, v (neu), d, guy's family, sug, nega, siva, versailles, -oz-, black:list, juliadoll, jinkaku radio, alice nine., mask, soroban, lolita 23q, gossip, ayabie, bis, an cafe, the studs, amaterase, 12012, zoro, zwei, balzac, mix speaker's,inc., wizard, daizystripper, d=out, serial number, lulu, gagaaling, kibouya honpo, etc.

misc. items:
new: buttons (girugamesh, sugar, rentrer en soi, jinkaku radio, kawaiinot), cute stationery (nyan nyan nyanko, rilakkuma, niko niko animals, etc.), dog charm, earrings from korea, lucky cat charm
01 November 2009 @ 05:23 pm

JUST ADDED: Autographed Yoshiki poster; Bodyline kitty-ear hooded winter coat; Forever 21 headbow; 3-ply purple ostrich feather boa; cherry red PVC pants; Final Fantasy Legend (GBA); Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion (PC); Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge (PC)

-Clothes: Hellsing hoodie; Yu-Gi-Oh t-shirt; Gravitation shirt; Hello Kitty plaid skirt; Fleur de Lis dress; Tarepanda watch; Loose socks, colorful fleece armwarmers + MUCH MORE and lots of boots and shoes, too!
-JROCK/JPOP: Lots of PIERROT merchandise; UVERworld Poster; Octopus Cult - Kamikaze Blues CD; Kiyoharu - Seiza no Yoru single; Shoxx, Cure, Duet, Potato magazines
-Manga: Angel Sanctuary; Battle Royale; Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobobo; Cromartie High; Demon Diary; FAKE; Galaxy Angel Party; Gravitation; GTO The Early Years; Il Gatto Sul G (yaoi); Knights of the Zodiac; No Need for Tenshi; Ohhikoshi; Ranma 1/12; Sorcerer Hunters; The Wallflower; Yu-Gi-Oh; Zetsuai 1989 (yaoi); Togainu no Chi doujinshi (yaoi)
-Video games: Extermination for PS2; Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee for XBOX
-Books: "Ring" and "Spiral" by Koji Suzuki, Japanese (romaji) to english pocket dictionary
-Toys: Flareon plush; One Piece Zoro/Zolo toy swords

plus tons more stuff :). Please take a look!
I wanna get rid of this stuff, so feel free to make me offers :) I'm very open to negotiations!
01 November 2009 @ 05:33 pm
A few new items:

-Yogurtland Tokidoki items
-NEWS Touch LE
-KAT-TUN Real Face Box
-Horikita Maki Special Edition photobook
-Se7en 2006 "First Se7en" Concert DVD
-Hikaru no Go SAI artbook
-FMA Conquerer of Shambala OST

I've also lowered prices on quite a few items.

Anime Items A-P

Toki Doki apparel, Aegis of Uruk, Animamundi, Angel Sanctuary, Black Cat, Bleach, Zodiac, CLAMP (Tsubasa, CCS, X/1999), Code Geass, Death Note, Dexter, Final Fantasy, Get Backers, Gintama, Hamtaro, Hana Yori Dango, Hello Kitty, Here is Greenwood, Hikaru no Go, HunterxHunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Hearts, Lamento, Kyou Kara Maou, Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Nana, Naruto, Ookiku Furikabutte, One Piece, Peacemaker, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Prince of Tennis

Anime Items Q-Z+misc

Saiyuki, Scrapped Princess, Shugo Chara, Soul Eater, Spiral, Sukiyaki Western, Super Mario Bros, Tekken 3, Togainu no Chi, Trigun, Vampire Knight, Viewfinder, Weiss Kreuz, Yu Yu Hakusho, Various English Manga, Yaoi items, Freebies, Postcards, Promo items


JE (NEWS, KAT-TUN, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani 8, V6, TOKIO, Kinki Kids, J-Friends), W-inds, Se7en, Horikita Maki, TMR, K.A.Z x HYDE VAMPS, Koda Kumi, FLOW, Namie Amuro, Buzzlip, Rain, Miyavi, Gackt, Puffy Ami Yumi, Maaya Sakamoto, Various J-mags, Goth&Punk books
01 November 2009 @ 05:43 pm
Yu-Gi-Oh Puzzle Necklace, Pokémon Cards, and several items under Non-Anime

All Pokémon Cards are now "Make An Offer"

Click on the pic below to go to my Sales Journal!

I ship from Canada, to anywhere.
Also, if you don't like my prices, make an offer!

stape ape
01 November 2009 @ 06:09 pm

Preorder #7 OPEN!

bringing the cute, the knits, and the leopard print.

Closing in one week.
US-based seller.

★ Princess 신데렐라
01 November 2009 @ 06:30 pm
I revised my entry and cleaned off my shelves a little more:

Likely there will be more to come, but there are a few Nintendo DS titles, a few anime titles, and a few doujinshi up.

Doujinshi series include: Death Note, Digimon, D.Gray-Man, Fruits Basket, Kingdom Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Prince of Tennis, Yami No Matsuei.

You can find the sale post: here!

X-posted to doujin_market.
social butterfly
01 November 2009 @ 07:41 pm

£12/$21 (please ask for shipping)

I originally bought this for £25, and it is in perfect condition.
Comes with a few extra pearls etc. incase any fall off.
Clips easily over the iPod touch.
01 November 2009 @ 08:45 pm

★Very rare Vivienne Westwood★
★Gyaru fashion / Rose fan fan★
★Hn+DIE / H.naoto
★Other cuties

Low prices and desperate to sell, please take these off my hands


::Gyaru/Age-jo styled items::
+Magazines (Ageha, PINKY, Nail UP!, Popteen etc.)
01 November 2009 @ 09:25 pm
I'm selling the rest of my D'espairsRay, サディ, Plastic Tree, SCREW & KAT-TUN stuff at my selling journal:

CDs, DVDs, Photosets, Poster & more!


Please have a look ♥!
Thank you (*^ O ^*)/"
01 November 2009 @ 09:40 pm

PayPal ONLY!
All prices are shipping included.
Magazines are in near perfect condition.
A few items have been listed |here|


1.) Cure August 2006 Vol. 35 with POSTER
2.) Cure September 2006 Vol. 36
3.) TWO Cure October 2006 Vol. 37 ONE with POSTER
4.) Cure November 2005 Vol. 38 with POSTER
5.) Cure December 2006 Vol. 39
6.) Cure April/May 2007 Vol. 43/44 with POSTER
7.) TWO Cure June 2007 Vol. 45
8.) Shoxx November 2006 Vol. 165
9.) Shoxx December 2006 Vol. 166 with POSTER
10.) Shoxx March 2007 Vol. 169
11.) Shoxx April 2007 Vol. 170
12.) Shoxx June 2007 Vol. 172 with DOUBLE SIDED POSTER and TRANSLATED INTERVIEW

More info can be found |here|
I can be contacted at impure.moral@yahoo.com as well. :D
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01 November 2009 @ 10:36 pm
LM.C Goods For Sale:
Official limited pink fur wristband
PUNKY HEART CD+DVD Single (New & Sealed)
Shoxx Glitter Pop poster
Charms, pins, stickers
Fanclub and promo postcards & newsletters
65pg magazine pages & flyers

Click Here

Shipping Worldwide.
PayPal, US money orders, and cash accepted.
Thanks :)
01 November 2009 @ 10:42 pm
Hey guys, I'm selling MUCC and 12012 CD's ---> here <---with more to be added later this week :)
01 November 2009 @ 11:41 pm
I am selling these lovely size 25 wedges because they don't fit me right. And there are some problems with the right shoe.
Pictures under hereCollapse )

Make me an offer, but be reasonable.

Norway sadly is quite expensive to ship from.
Shipping for Europe: 16USD
Shipping for the rest of the world: 27USD

If you have any questions just comment here or send me a mail. raschoda@hotmail.com
Current Location: Norway