November 6th, 2009


Nougami Neuro manga?

A while back (maybe a few months ago?) I saw someone on here selling two volumes of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro for $2.50 each. Unfortunately, I didn't buy them and now I can't find the post. >.<; I know they are probably gone now, but does anyone happen to know who was selling them?

Or, is anyone else selling volumes of this for fairly cheap?

Thanks in advance! ^^

Hana Kimi Manga


I was wondering if anyone had volumes 1-23 of Hana Kimi for sale in English and in decent condition. 

If you do, please let me know - you can leave a comment here or e-mail me at shainabear at Shipping would be to zip code 21136, so please take that into account when giving me the full price.

Thank you!

sales post ~

So, I have a few things I'd like to sell because my power bill is hideous this month. D:

But first things first:

- Paypal only; I get nervous with cash/money orders (plus, I feel terrible if they get lost in the mail)
- Shipping is a flat fee of 4.00 within the US; why 4.00? It covers shipping materials, first class shipping, and delivery confirmation so that you, the buyer, can track your games. :D
- If you're an international buyer, I will work with you to get the best shipping price (I usually use first class international; I've got nothing but good results from that method)
- I keep my games in awesome condition and I'm always more than happy to take pictures on request.
- Do you have feedback, you may ask. I sure do ! You can check out my seller feedback here
as well as talk to various people on this community of sold/traded with.
- Feel free to haggle; however, I like to think of myself as a pretty fair pricer to begin with so not all offers will be accepted.
- All prices are in USD.

Alright - now onto the sales:

Summon Night: Twin Age for the DS - complete (actually, brand new/never played but the seal was broken so I'm selling it as used) - 13.00

Fatal Frame for ps2 - complete, in excellent condition - 28.00

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly for ps2 - complete, in excellent condition - 27.00

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented for ps2 complete, in excellent condition - 33.00

Note: If at all possible, I'd like to sell them as a group and not separately. That said, if they're sold as group, shipping will be slightly more than 4.00 (obviously, since it's 3 games) but not a great deal more and I'm willing to cut a deal (aka a group rate).

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for ps1 - has original back artwork - I don't think the front artwork is the original artwork. The disc itself is in excellent condition - 11.50

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Special Box Edition for Sega Saturn - the original DS before the Ps2 releases, complete and in excellent condition; comes with bonus disc. Note that this is a Japanese release and is Japanese region coded - 15.00

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers for Sega Saturn - complete, both discs in excellent shape. Note that this is a Japanese release so it is Japanese region coded - 15.00

Note: Would LOVE to sell these together. Perfect for those who want to have the COMPLETE collection of Devil Summoner and not just have the 2 PS2 games.

Maken X for Sega Saturn - US edition ATLUS release, complete, disc in very good condition. - 6.00



Merchandise - Gazette photoset, 12 buttons, ancafe strap
Magazines - Gab, Vinyl snydicate
CDs -  several promo CDs
Clothes - Hellcatpunks pants
Flyers - LOTS XD ... 12012, plastic tree, screw, sug, girugamesh, 9 goats, nightmare and many more

☆ミ located in japan, will ship worldwide
☆ミ payment is paypal and in € only

NEW -- Doing shopping service as well from now on.
and 12 buttons updated !!

Anime plushies for sale~

I've decided to sell my collection of anime plushies due to losing interest in anime in general.

All of these items are in great condition, they've sat on my shelf since buying them! Shipping is not included in the prices, I can estimate shipping cost on request. I can take payment by Paypal, or by cheque if you're in the UK and would prefer to pay that way.

If you're interested, you can comment on this post or if you'd prefer, email me at

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green tea

BJD for sale~

I am currently taking offers on this girl.
She is a white skin Bobobie March, 27cm in height.

I bought this girl in June 2009, so she is about four months old.
She has been body blushed and given a new, custom faceup by PenginCheese on Den of Angels.
She has been restrung, so is much less kicky than she was when I got her. Also, she has been given homemade S-hooks in her ankles and wrists.
She has glass eyes which are Dollmore brand, and a wig which is either Tinybear or Anji's (I bought it at a swap and I'm not sure which it is, but it is BEAUTIFUL quality!).

I would love to send this girl to a new home as a full set, including her eyes and wig, as well as the clothes and wings she is wearing in the below pictures. Ideally she would go to someone who wouldn't be changing her custom faceup, but in the end, if you adopt her from me I can't tell you what to do with her.

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Please help this girl find a good home~

selling tons of japanese cds and magazines

hi everybody 

i m selling tons of jpop cds albums and singles like ayumi hamasaki,koda kumi,hirai ken, hitomi shimatani, utada hikaru,boa,se7en,mika namashima,amuro namie,yuna ito ,leah dizon,yui and more and i m also selling jrock cds like l arc en ciel,b'z,gackt,nightmare, glay,baiser, and more .

all of the cds are authentic japanese imports .
there is also official goodies and colelctibles from your favorit artist like the ayupan

im also selling japanese fashion magazines like scawaii,egg,cawaii,nicolas,ray,blenda,posh,koakuma koakuma ageha,vivi,bis,ray,happie nuts,popteen,pinky,seventeen,spring,blenda,ollie,men's egg, kera,puchi nico,smart, and many more +fan magazine like shoxx,poporo and potato

if you like kamen rider there is also magazine like telebi kun and hyper hobby and if you are a fan of gundam i have denki hobby magazines

also selling some japanese video games, cute japanese phone straps and japanese make up ( lavshuka from kanebo brand new) and eyelash extender.

there is a few cute pair of shoes that are great if you are a hime gyaru or simply a gyaru .

for pictures , price and additional informations ,please check my website at

added tons of new items

i accept paypal ,conceal cash, western union and money order.i ship directly from US. i can combine shipping if you want to order more than 1 item.
if you have any additional questions or simply would like to order feel free to pm me anytime.

i m also taking request if you are looking for anything special send me a pm or email me :-)


w i take any offer in my journal
ebay items

at least it offers a little bit more than the shipping im willig to sell

and other items im selling is

all photobooks of koike teppei, sato takeru, igarashi shunji other people in my journal is

they are in like new condition, any offer is welcome

want them gone asap

selling some anime magazine in my journal, any offer is welcome

also selling brand new copy of animage sept. 2009

selling mangas: you only need to pay for the shipping

selling some artbook: any offer is welcomed

Hanbun no tsuki

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X-mas sale going on now!

Once past NOV 12TH  and you need a package before christmas extra rates will apply.


All singapore shoppers get AIR delivery for the price of SAL!!
Super deal !!! -^.^= ! 

..New asian stickers
...Japanese 3d decals for eletronics!
...Sticker cards of all sorts of anime !
...flu masks for teh fall and winter season! all sorts!!!
...New Poyo on the cliff by the sea items
...New hello kitty ! 
...New San-x Rilakkuma items now! ( rare and hard to find!)
...Tons of new never worn asian fashion!!!

New gothic lolita!!!

...New dress's posted!
...Nails and lashes
...Hair accessories
...Bags and so much more! 
...A must see!!!

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Reposting of Free Dvds and Sales!

I still have a large amount of promotional dvds available. Since these cant be sold (says so on cover and dvds), Im giving them away since its just taking up space.
For those who dont know what promo dvds are, they are trial dvds made from the manufacturer with a trial design for the cover of the dvd cover and sometimes for the dvd itself. Some dvds may be complete, meaning they have menus, extras, and good amount of episodes (most do), while others may only have the basics or only one or two eps.
On all dvds, they have stickers that say "for promotional use only" and is also stated in the dvds themelves. If you are interested in any of them, and would like to know what it contains or what it looks like, I can take a pic of certain individual ones.
All of them are in mint condition.
Here's a list of the titles:

Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi v.1
Paranoia Agent V.1(2 Copies)
R.O.D - Eps 1
Lupin The 3rd Movie - The Secret of Mamo
GunGrave - DIsc only has eps 1 and 2
Crying Feeman (Portrait of a Killer) - 2 eps
Gate Keepers V.1
Demon Lord Dante V.1
Heat Guy J V.1
Ayashi no Ceres - Eps 10, 11, 12
Power stone V.2
Steel Angel Kurumi V.4
Last Exile -Eps 1and 2
Texhnolyze V.1
Super Duper Sumos V.3
Steel Angel Kuromi Encore
Pilate Candidate - Eps 00, 01, 02
Ex-Driver the movie
Lupin the 3rd-The Worlds Most wanted (v.1)
Dangaizer 3 V.1 and 2
WXIII Patlabor
Little Snow Fairy Sugar V.1
Haibane-Renmei V.1
Rahxephon V.1
Excel saga v.4
Dokkoida V.1
Inuyasha V.1(2 copies)
Noir V.1
Gundam Force SD V.1
Ranma 1/2 V.1 (2 copies) and V.7
Saiyuki V.1
Crest of the Stars V.3
Burn Up Excess V.4
Kare Kano V.2
Dragon Half
Sword For Truth
Mao-Chan V.1
Panda Go Panda
Doomed Megalapolis
Gad Gaurd V.1
Yukikaze V.1
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E) V.1 and V.2

I also really need to get some funds since my little ones bday is this weekend and parties are pricey >.<.

Please make an offer if interested in anything. All items are negotiable.
They may be viewed at

Geocities already went down, so some of my binsen can't be viwed. If interested in binsen from D Gray Man, Death Note, or Gundam Seed, let me know since those were my biggest series for collecting, and i'll post them on photobucket. If interested in any other particlar series, let me know since I may have.

Also Selling Guy Cecil (Tales of the abyss) Gashapon (reg. verson) - $12 shipped in mint condition OBO
and Blood + PVC Figure of Saya and Haji - $32 shipped OBO

This Week's Update!

This week's updates!

Get these and more!!!

Please click on the pick above to go to my shop, or browse individual sections below:

  • Doujinshi & Doujin-related items - DJs from Nase Yamato, Ayano Yamane, Hinako Takanaga + POT DJ goods
  • Kuroshitsuji items - shitajiki, (LOTS) big cardass plates, post card sets
  • Shoujo furoku - lots of items from Hana to Yume etc titles $5 and under for every item in this section!!!
  • Anime/Manga merchandise - Items from Vampire Knight, KKM, CLAMP titles, gundam 00, Ghibli goods, Nabari no ou, Saiyuki, Naruto, One piece, Ouran, Death note + many more...
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