November 8th, 2009


Selling lots of anime books, artbooks, merchandise, Cure magazines!

Anime goods:
Inu Yasha pencilboard
Anime DVDs (Comic Party vol 1-3, Inu Yasha movie, Kyou Kara Maou vol.1, etc)
Gintama Voice I-dolls (only Gintoki Shiro Yasha ver, Okita young ver, Yamazaki left), Negima Figumate figures (only Makie left)

Animedia (only 4/2008 left), Cure

(11/07/09) ADDED ANIME/MANGA MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS AND ARTBOOKS HERE (Bleach, Nabari no Ou, Maria+Holic, D.Gray-man, Gintama, Eyeshield 21, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Amatsuki, Jigoku Shoujo)

lots of Bleach goods (cup, accessories, notepads), Inu Yasha cellphone charms, Gundam Seed D door hangers)

NEW ITEMS(11/07/09): HERE (Naruto, Bleach cards, Gintama cards)

Gothic & Lolita & Punk fashion publications HERE
Kera, Kera Maniax, GLB, Gothic & Lolita & Punk Brand Book Brand Book

I'd rather these stuff in someone's good hands than the dump, so please take a look! :) All purchases are welcome; negotiating accepted!

Figures, manga, DVDs, etc!

Hello, all!

Prices at my personal sales journal have disappeared, and I'm now accepting any reasonable offer for all my manga, DVDs, and figures!

I just want it all gone!

So come on over to panda_pisales and have a look!

Thanks for your kind attention, everyone! よろしくねー♪
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Still Syaoran <3

Selling: CLAMP, CG, DGM, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, etc

I've added/ changed a few things:

-CLAMP in 3-D Land: Hikaru & Misaki, Akira, Takeshi, Kentarou
-Code Geass PPP of Gino
-Code Geass Cellphone charm/ gashapon of Anya
-Code Geass Clear files: Suzaku & Gino and Lelouch & Rolo
-Code Geass Planner
-D.Gray-man keychain/ gashapon of Timcanpy and 65
-D.Gray-man 2009 Calendar
-Full Metal Alchemist Keychain
-Hetalia Manga Volume 1 NEW
-His and Her Circumstances Boxset
-Kuroshitsuji Colorful Collection Charms NEW
-Lucky Star Cell Phone charms
-Moyashimon facemasks NEW
-Soul Eater Key Holder
-Random Manga volumes of: Comic Party, Fruits Basket, Lament of the Lamb, Kare Kano, Mars, Nodame Cantabile, Rave Master, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Threads of Time, and Tramps Like Us

For more information and better pictures, see this entry. Please take a look! Thank you! Feedback is there as well. :)

Lot's of Stuff on eBay

Hello ;D I am selling a few things on eBay,
shipping will be from germany
and I do accept Paypal and ship world wide so please take a look!! If you want to know the price in your currency, just go to google and type in xx € in $ or so.

I am also selling a white Docomo phone (P906i) in good condition. It comes with lots of stuff, like 3 hypersim so that you can try which works best for your provider. It is really beautiful and easy to use. It has also Gundam and Professor Layton as games on it ;D

 (click to view auction and description)

30 Karo-Taler / Karotaler von Animexx (german community)

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings NDS

M.A.C Powder Select Sheer/Pressed NW 15 only tested

Gladiator Wedges size 39 brown black

Shonen-Ai Manga Surprisepackage (6 Manga) german
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I'm currently offering Lucky bags!

In each lucky bag will be the specified amount worth of handmade jewelry and/or handmade goods. Items may be copies of items I have for sale in my shop (click for examples of what you might get!), or completely new, unreleased items. All items will be handmade by me.

Lucky bags now come with the option to include cute stationery and plush from brands like Sanrio, San-x, Kamio, Crux, etc. I'm trying to clear out my collection of cute items so please specify if you would like your lucky bag to include all handmade items or a mix of handmade and non-handmade items.

If you choose to have a mix, here are just some of the items that may be included in your lucky bag:

Please specify if you have any preferred colors/styles and I will try my best to accommodate.

Small Lucky Bag: $9.00 (Includes $20.00 worth of merchandise)
Medium Lucky Bag: $19.00 (Includes $45.00 worth of merchandise)
Large Lucky Bag: $29.00 (Includes $70.00 worth of merchandise)

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art by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Selling stuff!

CDs - all in good condition for $6 each
Dir en grey - Withering to Death
EeL - people people
Polysics - Polysics or Die

manga - all in perfect condition (most were never even read) for $7 each
Bizenghast vol. 1
Chobits vol. 3
Cross (by Sumiko Amakawa) vol. 2
Gravitation (the Novel)
xxxHolic vol. 1

magazines - all in good to perfect condition (all were barely looked through) for $10 each
Cure vol. 34 (ft. 12012)
Cure vol. 35 (ft. Ayabie)
Cure vol. 39 (ft. An Cafe)
Homemade Gosu Loli vol. 5 (note: I ripped the patterns out of this mag [you were supposed to]. But don't worry, you can see the patterns perfectly and you'll still get them.)
Shoxx vol. 163 (ft. Sendai Komatsu)

cloth poster of Mana (from Moi dix Mois) - for $12

This is in great condition. Note: the two bars will be taken off of the poster to make shipping easier for me and cheaper for you.
(click here for crappy cellphone photo of what it looks like)

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ViVi 08.2009
Goong DVD
Shu Uemura Limited Edition SkinCare
Japanese/US Movie DVD

::: I'm up for trade if you have Hanako 01/2009 featuring Akanishi on cover in mint condition :}

Arashi Collection Sets

Other Stuff:
Arashi Iza Now Mini Poster new!
NewS(+K8) Mini Poster new!
Yuto Nakajima Clipping new!
Juniors, Yamada Ryosuke, Morimoto Ryutaro Clipping new!
Sakurai Sho Unofficial Shop Photos
JE Mini Posters / Magazines
Kanjani8/ V6/ Kinki Kids/ Tackey & Tsubasa Clippings
Misc Booklet

Naruto, Gintama, PoT, HP.
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Limited time Sale!~

details here


Join my updates! Check out here for how to subscribe!

☆New Additions: Winter Coats/Jackets, Leopard Print Leggings, New Clothing From taiwan! white bow blazer, striped leggings, gray biker jacket, Korean Blingbling apple tee, a lot of two/three pieces! Skull Zipper Detail Skirt, Bow Dresses, Sexy Red Ruffle Tunic, Popular Flower Dress, School girl top, unique dresses, cute layered skirts
★Lowered Prices; beach shorts, Princess Set, Pink Bubble Dress, Offshoulder Tops, Cute Print tops from taiwan, Casual &Semi Formal Dresses, Cute Tees, Leggings with Lace, Skirts &Shorts, much more and mostly imported from Asia!

☆Clothing, accessories and bags

☆New Addition: Mickey Mouse pouch/clutch, Monokuro Boo bag, Blk x Silver heart &Bow pouch, Bow Clutch, HK Brand Bags, White Elegant bag, Plaid Drawstring bag with matching wallet, White Quilted Chain bag, bow purse, Shiny Brown Messenger Bag
★Lowered Prices! Bags From Taiwan (Sparkly Black Duffel Bag, Cute Bow Messengers, Polka Dotted Bag, School Girl Bag, Handbags, etc), Cellphone and misc pouches &clutches, Monokuro Boo Waist bag, Harajuku Lovers Bags
★Clearance Section! $1+

Accessories, Jewelry &Shoes
☆New Addition: portable hair curler, cute rings, cute loli umbrellas, cute hair accessories, whitening facial masks, cellphone chains and keychains, suspenders and more jewelry and headbands!
★Facial Absorbent Paper, Cute Earrings from Taiwan, Vivi Style Bow Belts, Bow Necklaces, Bow Shaped Hair Holder (useful!), Plaid heels, Japanese Brand SLY Flip Flops, Bracelets, more!!
☆Lowered Prices; Headbands (pearl, bows, other unique headbands), Hairclips, Scrunchies, Watches, Necklaces, Cute sunflower ring, Earrings, Tights and Knee-hi socks, Shoes, flipflops, bikinis, belts; mostly all from Asia!

Headphones, Games, Manga, Collectibles, Plushies &Others
☆New Addition: Wii&PS3&PC&DS Games, Hello kitty pencil magic trick erasure&case¬ebook&marker set, Cute Pooh Drawer, Badtz-Maru jumbo alarm clock
★Lots of Hello Kitty Items, DS&PS2 games, Nana book 1 - 6, Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo book 9 - 10 and 13 - 17, gintama book 1 - 4 (all in chinese but great prices!!), Manga &Anime Collectibles (*RARE !! Luffy pirate globe collectible && **RARE !! Luffy Pirates vs. CP9 $35 only for each set // cheap naruto sets)

Discounts given for magazines!
☆★NEW ADDTIIONS: flame/w-inds/LEAD CD, arashi cd case and fashion magazines
☆★CDS = NEWS Summer Time LIMITED EDITION Single, NEWS Weeeek Single, NEWS Touch album, NEWS hoshi wo mezashite single, kitty gYm Fever to Future single, Akira to Shuji Seishun Amigo Single, Jolin (Dancing Forever CD+DVD), Nana Kitade overseas version CD, Ayumi Hamasaki ((Miss)Understood CD+DVD, GUILTY CD+DVD, STEP you/is this LOVE? CD+DVD, Moments CD+DVD), Rainie Yang, DDR EXTREME OST
☆★magazines; beauty, Female Fashion (FF), junon, myojo, winkup, potato, popolo, duet

Looking for trades/partial trades!!
Looking for himegyaru items! I like liz lisa ^^
Looking for a lacy / ruffly lolita or himegyaru winter coat/jacket!
pandacute fall food

SALE!~ 15% off Manga and 10% off everything else

Autumn SALE!~ 15% off Manga and 10% off everything else (before shipping)

New stuff added !!Please visit @ yukifairy_shop!!!
Pictures and prices located in the links .
I ship everywhere (That's possible lol)
Don't be Afraid to make offers on stuff.


Last chance to get The Sailor Moon artbook 5 before I place them on ebay so go here and give me your offer : SAILOR MOON

Items from toys ,wall scrolls, erasers and more .

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cere cere
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Figures, Charms, and cards for sale! Cut prices on cards!

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Also, I still have a bunch of cards for sale! Around 1000 cards in total (linked to so it's safe for slower computers). I've added in some Pokemon cards in English and Japanese for super cheap.
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For sale are cards featuring:

Ah! My Goddess
Angelic Layer
Cardcaptor Sakura
Cutie Honey
Di Gi Charat
Eve: The Lost One (not 100% sure what this series is, think it's a video game? Bought it years ago because I thought the package was interesting)
Fushigi Yuugi
Magic Knight Rayearth
Magical Girl Pretty Samy
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Pita Ten
Pokemon (Japanese and English)
Sailor Moon
Yu Yu Hakusho

(no subject)

Hello, I'm currently selling a few things from my journal. Fandoms include:

.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet
Gakuen Heaven (BL)
Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 1
Houshin Engi
Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Moyashimon NEW!
Nabari no Ou NEW!

Thank you!

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Emergency sale

pretty much what the subject says, I'm due to go up with a friend to PA a week from today, and got saddled with two overdraft fees on my bank account X.x; that said, I've gone through my manga/anime related collections to see what I could part with.

Manga: (all of this is english translations from tokyopop, viz, ect, all of them are in excellent condition) I'm willing to take $4 per volume (paid 10 per volume), but I'm willing to take a deal if someone wants a good chunk of them. Numbers after title are volume number.

Hellsing: 1
Fushigi Yuugi: 1 and 2
Ayashi no ceres: 1 and 2
Fruits basket: 2
Trigun: 2
Miyuki-chan in wonderland
Basara: 2
Rurouni kenshin: 1
Revolutionary girl utena: 1
Adolescence of Utena
Magic knight Rayearth: 1
Petshop of horrors:  1, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Hellsing Wallscroll:  Alucard standing in shadow.  Paid $20, willing to take $8 for it. Perfect condition.

Anime/manga cards:

Slayers playing card deck:  $5
Fushigi yuugi playing card desk: $5
Fushigi Yuugi anime art cards: $3
Flame of recca anime art cards: $3

And lastly, for Furuba fans, I have a full set of chinese zodiac animal figurines (can take a picture with my digital camera and scan it if you want to see what they look like). Paid $30 for the set, willing to take $10.

Prices are negotiable for anything if someone wants to make a deal. thanks ^^

Special Sale!!

I want to get rid of all this stuff as easily as possible~
If you're interested in my feedback, that's right over here.

Clothing - Lacy Blouse
Purses - Tokidoki, Harajuku Lovers
Art Books - How To Draw, Robot, Pita Ten
Electronics/Tech - DS lite, Wacom Intuos 3, Casio Exilim Digital Camera
Ignore all prices! Tell me which things you're interested in
and what you're willing to pay (not including the shipping,
which will be added on after.) If I accept the price, then I'll
send you an invoice. If not, then I'll make a new offer to you.

Sale Items

Hana Yori Dango Saturn Necklace


i have a few Saturn Necklaces, from the popular anime, j-drama and movie Hana Yori Dango starring Matsumoto Jun from Arashi, on hand, ready to ship.

necklaces are $37 not including shipping and paypal fees.

please email me at ivee83[@] with zip code if you are in the US or with your country if you are international and i will provide you with shipping costs. rough estimate would be: international (depending on country): around $9 and within the US: around $6 (or less)

pictures are available on request.

if you have any questions please dont hesitate to email me.

thanks! ^_^

all necklaces are on hold, meaning ppl have emailed me about them. if you are still interested, feel free to email me still and if anyone backs out/decides they dont want it anymore, i will contact you. or if i get enough interested parties, then i will order more. thanks! ^_^




I`m looking for someone can sell me all the arashi clippings from the je mags ( I mean duet- potato-wink up-myojo-popolo) since this december and in the future

clippings means covers complete note-doramas- arashizm-glossy page-pin ups and young song

if I can`t  find for one only person who can sell me from all the magazines together I will accept for each person who can sell me by magazine too

please I need in a reasonable price becouse I will buy a lot


if you are interested please write me to


and I continue selling very old arashi clippings too here

thank you^_^


selling a few manga ^^

I'm just trying to get rid of a few manga volumes that I don't need anymore. ^^ No pics, sorry, but they are all in great condition, just how I bought them.

Hayate the Combat Butler volumes 1-3
Shugo Chara! volume 5
Special A volume 1
Hare+Guu (the new series where they are teenagers, not the first series) volume 7

All manga are $5.00 shipped to the U.S. :D