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14 November 2009 @ 12:44 am
Hello if anyone is interested?

Items Available: http://mikaela-angel07.livejournal.com/280303.html
-- Garish Room 07
-- Neo Genesis Yearbook 2007 with the GazettE (complete with double sided posters of all artists featured in the magazine)
-- TV Guide 2008.08.02-08 with Arashi on Cover
-- Shoxx Vol. 195 with Nightmare on Cover (sold with POSTER)
-- Arena37C Special 2009.03 with Ryu Siwon and Gackt on Cover
-- duet 2009.02 with Hey! Say! JUMP on cover (complete with double sided poster and drama booklet)
-- Orista 2008.04.20 issue with Kanjani8 (complete with Hey! Say! 7 booklet)
-- Random JE Pictures (KAT-TUN, Jin Akanishi, Tomohisa Yamashita and Kamenashi Kazuya)
-- Random Fliers and Postcard (JRock/VK [despairsrays, the underneath, vamps, moran, chariots, 12012, plastic tree] and anime (age of aquarion, one piece, xxxholic, d-grayman, moonlight mile, black cat], Yoko Ishida live in concert)

New Items: http://mikaela-angel07.livejournal.com/325418.html
Burst Into A Blaze 2008 Aoi and Reita Pick
-- Jejung and Yuchun Double Sided Poster
-- TV Guide 2009.05.09-15 with Takizawa Hideaki on cover
-- Shoxx Vol. 197 with Ayabie on Cover (complete with their Ayabie Special CD "Kanaria")
-- MUSIQ? Vol. 13 with Aoi on Cover (complete with DVD) (2 available)

Jackie M
14 November 2009 @ 12:53 am
stuffed animals
anime cells
and more

all here

14 November 2009 @ 12:58 am


Sailor Moon Final Fantasy Shugo Chara Full Metal Alchemist
Pokemon Pretty Cure Fate/Stay Night Tenchi Muyo Kuroshitsuji
Marmalade Boy DearS Kenshin Rozen Maiden Saiyuki
Oh! My Goddess Kare Kano Digi Charat Gundam Ranma 1/2
Furoku Ribon Nakayoshi Cosplay DIY
Dolls Plush Toys Games Accessories CDs Books

Add me to see updates in your friends list!
14 November 2009 @ 10:36 am
14 November 2009 @ 10:41 am

New items added to SALE!
Don't miss out on these hot prices!
We ship worldwide!

November Promo: Shop @ http://www.sophistix.net to receive S$15 off orders of S$100 or more with code NOV09SPEC !!

FB: +1/0/-0
Reviewed & rated on yebber

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14 November 2009 @ 11:20 am

details here


Join my updates! Check out here for how to subscribe!

☆New Additions: Winter Coats/Jackets, Leopard Print Leggings, New Clothing From taiwan! white bow blazer, striped leggings, gray biker jacket, Korean Blingbling apple tee, a lot of two/three pieces! Skull Zipper Detail Skirt, Bow Dresses, Sexy Red Ruffle Tunic, Popular Flower Dress, School girl top, unique dresses, cute layered skirts
★Lowered Prices; beach shorts, Princess Set, Pink Bubble Dress, Offshoulder Tops, Cute Print tops from taiwan, Casual &Semi Formal Dresses, Cute Tees, Leggings with Lace, Skirts &Shorts, much more and mostly imported from Asia!

☆Clothing, accessories and bags

☆New Addition: Mickey Mouse pouch/clutch, Monokuro Boo bag, Blk x Silver heart &Bow pouch, Bow Clutch, HK Brand Bags, White Elegant bag, Plaid Drawstring bag with matching wallet, White Quilted Chain bag, bow purse, Shiny Brown Messenger Bag
★Lowered Prices! Bags From Taiwan (Sparkly Black Duffel Bag, Cute Bow Messengers, Polka Dotted Bag, School Girl Bag, Handbags, etc), Cellphone and misc pouches &clutches, Monokuro Boo Waist bag, Harajuku Lovers Bags
★Clearance Section! $1+

Accessories, Jewelry &Shoes LOWERED PRICES ON SHOES!
☆New Addition: portable hair curler, cute rings, cute loli umbrellas, cute hair accessories, whitening facial masks, cellphone chains and keychains, suspenders and more jewelry and headbands!
★Facial Absorbent Paper, Cute Earrings from Taiwan, Vivi Style Bow Belts, Bow Necklaces, Plaid heels, Japanese Brand SLY Flip Flops, Bracelets, more!!
☆Lowered Prices; Headbands (pearl, bows, other unique headbands), Hairclips, Scrunchies, Watches, Necklaces, Cute sunflower ring, Earrings, Tights and Knee-hi socks, Shoes, flipflops, bikinis, belts; mostly all from Asia!

Headphones, Games, Manga, Collectibles, Plushies &Others
☆New Addition: Wii&PS3&PC&DS Games, Hello kitty pencil magic trick erasure&case¬ebook&marker set, Cute Pooh Drawer, Badtz-Maru jumbo alarm clock
★Lots of Hello Kitty Items, DS&PS2 games, Nana book 1 - 6, Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo book 9 - 10 and 13 - 17, gintama book 1 - 4 (all in chinese but great prices!!), Manga &Anime Collectibles (*RARE !! Luffy pirate globe collectible && **RARE !! Luffy Pirates vs. CP9 $35 only for each set // cheap naruto sets)

Discounts given for magazines!
☆★NEW ADDTIIONS: flame/w-inds/LEAD CD, arashi cd case and fashion magazines
☆★CDS = NEWS Summer Time LIMITED EDITION Single, NEWS Weeeek Single, NEWS Touch album, NEWS hoshi wo mezashite single, kitty gYm Fever to Future single, Akira to Shuji Seishun Amigo Single, Jolin (Dancing Forever CD+DVD), Nana Kitade overseas version CD, Ayumi Hamasaki ((Miss)Understood CD+DVD, GUILTY CD+DVD, STEP you/is this LOVE? CD+DVD, Moments CD+DVD), Rainie Yang, DDR EXTREME OST
☆★magazines; beauty, Female Fashion (FF), junon, myojo, winkup, potato, popolo, duet

Looking for trades/partial trades!!
Looking for himegyaru items! I like liz lisa ^^
Looking for a lacy / ruffly lolita or himegyaru winter coat/jacket & skirts!
14 November 2009 @ 12:36 pm
New items added: LIZ LISA brand clothing, MUCC European Tour Shirt, cute Japanese/Korean Fashion, Abingdon Boys School CD & many more!

Please feel free to make an offer, if you are interested in anything, but pls keep it reasonable.^^

I also decided to cut down my collection of Anime & Manga Furoku/Zen-ins and I searched my trunk for some stylish Asian clothing - so it's worth having a little peek! ^-^v

(!) Willing to trade for Japanese brand clothing & fashion items (prefer Gyaru brands like Tralala, Liz Lisa, Swordfish, Cecil McBee or any other stylish Japanese brands^)
(!) Located in Germany, but will ship worldwide, Paypal account available
(!) I will add a cute little gift with each purchase for $15 and up

Curious? X3 Click here for more info & get yourself some cool & rare stuff ~>~>~>Collapse )

Selling a brand new dress that has only been tried on once.

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14 November 2009 @ 01:23 pm

I'm going to be moving soon and need to reduce the amount of stuff I possess. Right now there's mostly Action Figures up. All have been kept in great condition unless noted.

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14 November 2009 @ 01:27 pm
Hi! I am looking for the following manga:
The Antique Gift Shop Vol. 2
Blade of the immortal: Cry of the Worm
By the Sword Vol. 2
Cyborg 009 Vol.3
DOGS Vol 1
Free Collar Kingdom Vol. 3
Hollow Fields Vol. 3
Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol.3
Translucent Vol. 2
Vision of the Other Side Vol. 2
World's End
Love Recipe Vol. 2
A Strange and Mystifying Story Vol. 2

I can only pay with Concealed Cash or MO. I would love to trade! I have a PS3 game I am needing rid of if you are intrested! If not maybe a wishlist to see if i have anything you would like ^^
14 November 2009 @ 01:27 pm
Manga and Anime Sale
I'm selling most of my collection of manga/Manhwa/OEL, Artbooks and anime dvds - some of it is even new. I'll be giving free shipping (within the US) with any order over $50 (media mail w/delivery confirmation). It's a long list, you can check it out here:

Manga And Anime Items

E-mail me if you're interested in anything at bastetdelua@msn.com, or leave a comment in my journal

If you'd like to see pictures of item(s), just let me know and I'll e-mail them to you

Feed back can be found here:



E-bay Feedback

14 November 2009 @ 01:35 pm

17february shoppe
zipia spree batch #7

korean fashion
women & men apparels | accessories | bags | shoes | & more!

deadline date extended: nov 21
14 November 2009 @ 02:10 pm
Little Manga Shop
Trying to clear the shelves since June ’06 – please help!

Manga For Sale - 50% or more off cover price!

All manga are English translations, they’re in good condition, and from a smoke-free home.

International shipping available!

See the newest post on my lj
Browny (●^.^●)
14 November 2009 @ 02:50 pm

Lots of SuG, An Cafe and other magazines, CDs, DVDs for sale!
Shipping from Germany to worldwide.

>> HERE <<
14 November 2009 @ 03:35 pm
I'm selling a few stuffs at http://n-e-p-h-t-h-y-s.livejournal.com/

They are, Piano Selection Piece - Song by Gackt , alicenine. tour 2008 DISCOTHEQUE play like "A" RAINBOWS pamphlet, Arena37c, Cure, Hevn, Neo Genesis, Shoxx, etc..
Miss Kalloway
14 November 2009 @ 03:40 pm

Dozens of new items since last month, including a selection of anime on VHS, new yaoi manga, toys, tons of posters and much, much more!

Click for pictures!Collapse )

Hop on over to my Sale Post to see everything! Creative payments are welcome, along with paypal and well-concealed cash. Have a wonderful day and thanks for looking!

New manga, anime, games, toys, figures, doujinshi and still being added as well~ Browse the gallery, too!
14 November 2009 @ 05:29 pm

More Goods at ramenstand

a selling journal
14 November 2009 @ 06:18 pm
november 14th: new items added!
shipping worldwide is included in the prices.
please read the info post first!

new: plastic tree t-shirt

cds & dvds:
new: deathgaze (rare & price reduced!), dio - distraught overlord, gullet, gusha ningen, strawberry song orchestra, zeal link comment dvds (with many different bands!), hyde, screen of culminate omnibus

posters, flyers, photos, stickers, cards:
new: lynch., sel'm, crows, dio - distraught overlord, calmando qual, lucy, laruku, plastic tree, reita (the gazette), merry, 9goats black out, jinkaku radio, lloy, jully, d'espairsray, monokuro cinema, lycaon, garrna, fatima, jive, emmurée, donald fuck, the bullet, kain, logiq, werkmare, spam_life, ayumi hamasaki

photo books, magazines etc.:
new: s cawaii! (fashion & beauty mag), lynch., kagen no tsuki photo making book (hyde, price reduced!), merry, high and mighty colors, mucc, phantasmagoria, sadie, v (neu), d, guy's family, sug, nega, siva, versailles, -oz-, black:list, juliadoll, jinkaku radio, alice nine., mask, soroban, lolita 23q, gossip, ayabie, bis, an cafe, the studs, amaterase, 12012, zoro, zwei, balzac, mix speaker's,inc., wizard, daizystripper, d=out, serial number, lulu, gagaaling, kibouya honpo, etc.

misc. items:
new: adorable umbrella (pink w. strawberries & flowers), earrings from korea, buttons (disney, girugamesh, sugar, rentrer en soi, jinkaku radio, kawaiinot and others), cute stationery (nyan nyan nyanko, rilakkuma, niko niko animals, etc.), dog charm, lucky cat charm
14 November 2009 @ 07:49 pm

Hi all,

Urgenty in need of money. Selling JE items described below. Pls click the link for more details or visit www.idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com

pls kindly leave ur offer of albums to me at idol_items@rocketmail.com thanks.

kinki kids

JE clippings + posters + glossies
Kattun/ Arashi / NEWS / K8 / HSJ / T&T / Kinki kids / V6 / Johnny Jrs n many more

Official Merchandises
Kat-tun 2009-2010 calendar
Kat-tun BTR pamphlet

Wanna clr alot of posters and mags of below:
-> COLOR / PLAY/ Epop / FANS / I-wkly / U-wkly / Teens / Teenage / LIME
-> Fahrenheit
-> S.H.E
-> BBT
-> Rainie
-> Angela
-> F4 / 5566 / 183 club / jstar
-> hana kimi / rolling love / why why love / x family n many more.

*Note - I ship from singapore

Pls visit www.entertainment-items.blogspot.com for tw idols items or www.idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com for je items.

* Note - I shipped from s'pore

14 November 2009 @ 08:25 pm
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
All of this stuff just HAS to go! So, before you scroll down any further, please take a few minutes to check to see what's for grabs at hoshisales! I have an assortment of bags, lots of jewelry, lots of posters, hundreds of cards, plushies, and more! You won't know you don't like anything if you don't stop to look first!

Notable Links
Feedback | Shipping Info | Items on Hold | Blacklist
Prints | Jim & Jo's Store | Hemp (Jewelry) Commissions
14 November 2009 @ 09:52 pm
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14 November 2009 @ 10:05 pm
Hello! I'm selling:
☆Volume 42 of Cure Magazine (with An Cafe on the cover)
★Metallic Rose Nintendo DS Lite with case
☆3 DS Games -- Pokemon Pearl, The World Ends With You, and My Japanese Coach

~click click click~
14 November 2009 @ 11:25 pm
I'm trying to get rid of my manga as usual. Go to my journal arrested_sales

Also I have shonen jump manga lot up at ebay >click< less than 16 hours left.

Thanks for looking.
I'm Selling: Punk Rave Knitted Jacket,
Off brand Punk clothing,
Ruki Inspired Accessories,
alice nine limited edition [Alpha]
Miyavi [What a wonderful World] single
and many more...

14 November 2009 @ 11:47 pm
Hello all I'm really new to this so I apologize for my inexperience. I have some Manga and Anime related goodies to get rid of. So if you'll give me a chance I promise you won't regret it.!
And yes I do accept trades, please read my entry on that. Thank you