November 18th, 2009


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Hi again GaragesaleJapan! I've updated my Etsy shop!

I now ship to Canada, Mexico & the UK! (As well as the US)

Please visit it, I've added lots of new things. Everything is under $20, And 95% are under $10! Great earrings, accessories, cell phone charms, rings, keychains and more that are GREAT for Christmas Gifts! (Or even for treating yourself!)
I also take comissions! I do many cosplay accessories, Especially Earrings and other types of jewelry, such as Sailor Senshi earrings and hair clips, Also mascot plushies! Just have to ask. Picture below is just a small portion of what I offer.
**New Item Highlights** Mini Companion Cube for Cell Phones/DS', etc. ** Pumpkin Pie Earrings & Ring for Thanksgiving! (Or a fall/autumn lolita cord) ** Chain Chomp Earrings ** Fruit Tart Ring (Great for Fruit Lolita Cords.) **

Click the picture or here! CynialPink on Etsy.Com

Also check out my Sales Journal!
Also! I still have tons of keychains, accessories, manga, plushies for sale at my sales journal. Ignore manga prices! I am willing to go to $3 per volume! cynicalpinksale
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[SALES] Johnny's Entertainment Items~ ♥


::Magazine Clippings/Young Song Booklets/Posters::
+Kanjani 8
+Kinki Kids
+Hey! Say! Jump
+Dream Boys

Meet ups available for anyone in the Vancouver area.
Shipping from Canada to any part of the world.
Paypal preferred; cheques and concealed cash limited to anyone residing in Canada only.


Click here for the post!

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Manga, Cosplay and Figure for Sale

Hi guys I have lots of stuff up for sale on and have provided links to the sale pages if you are interested. I have Manga from series such as Ai no Kusabi, Level C, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, Vampire Knight, etc. I have a Lelouch Lamperouge Figma Figure and Kuroshitsuji Cosplay items such as outfits and props.

If you are interested in anything feel free to respond here or at Thanks!
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Pokemon Tomys, Disney Charms, and Cards

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Also, I still have a bunch of cards for sale! Around 1000 cards in total (linked to so it's safe for slower computers). I've added in some Pokemon cards in English and Japanese for super cheap.
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For sale are cards featuring:

Ah! My Goddess
Angelic Layer
Cardcaptor Sakura
Cutie Honey
Di Gi Charat
Eve: The Lost One (not 100% sure what this series is, think it's a video game? Bought it years ago because I thought the package was interesting)
Fushigi Yuugi
Magic Knight Rayearth
Magical Girl Pretty Samy
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Pita Ten
Pokemon (Japanese and English)
Sailor Moon
Yu Yu Hakusho


please take it alllll off my hands!

+asian clothes
+anime furoku and merchandises [will be updating in a day or two]
+still lots of random misc kawaii items.

please come and negotiate with me! want them all gone! :)


CLAMP no Kiseki full set, doujinshi sale

Hi! I'm looking to sell the full 12-volume set of CLAMP no Kiseki in Japanese, including art books, chess pieces, chess board, and art box. The set is in excellent condition, and only the artbox has some shelf wear. Volume 1 (chess piece: Queen Sakura) is new/factory-wrapped in box. Asking for $300 shipped with insurance in the US, obo. For international rates, looking for around $325 shipped with insurance to Canada, $340 shipped with insurance elsewhere.

(click for enlarged version:)

I'm also selling English and Japanese manga, artbooks, shitajiki and other goodies, and over 600 doujinshi (yikes, a bit scary) at my website: To help my sagging shelves, I'm offering "buy 2 get 1 free" deals in the following doujinshi fandoms:

Lowest priced item free, does not apply to trades. Offer applies to above-listed fandoms only, but feel free to mix and match among them. ^_^

I'm always open to trades from my wishlist, and I have Garagesalejapan feedback. I'm willing to do holds of a week if you've purchased from me before, otherwise I'll take requests in the order I receive them. If you're interested in anything or have questions, leave me a comment here or take a look at my sale and trade info.