December 2nd, 2009


Lolita Stocking Stuffer Sale! Innocent World, Putumayo, Vivienne Westwood, and More!

Looking for stocking stuffers and cute things for the coming Holiday? Look no further! I have accessories from Gothic, Classic, and Sweet styles of Lolita as well as some Sanrio Lolita-Inspired items :) Jewelery, winter accessories, hair accessories, and many other lovely and cute things.

Click here for Vivienne Westwood, Putumayo, Innocent World, and More!

Desperate I am getting

I was iffy on selling this before, but with the holidays coming up, I need cash. Badly.

It's a (very) rare KH2 promotional standee. These were mostly destroyed and are now hard to come by. I've seen them go (quite a while ago) for $200. I would like that much, possibly more, but anything would be great at this point.

I'm willing to take offers and possibly even do trades/partial trades (I quite like Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note). I don't even have room for this beast anymore.

The only thing is that shipping would be an arm and a leg. My postman father says it'd be around $40 within the US.

If you're even the least bit interested, please let me know! I also have Kingdom Hearts drinking glasses that were given out at an exclusive, invite-only event that I'm willing to sell for $50.
Beatlejuice - It's Showtime!

Holiday Sale!

That time of year again. Have plenty to choose from including anime goods to non-anime goods. You can check it all out HERE.

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limited time offer: 10% off girl's outerwear!

limited time offer! 10% off girls outerwear! ^^

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Clothing 10% off girls winter outerwear! ^^
☆New Additions: Winter Coats/Jackets, Leopard Print Leggings, New Clothing From taiwan! white bow blazer, striped leggings, gray biker jacket, Korean Blingbling apple tee, a lot of two/three pieces! Skull Zipper Detail Skirt, Bow Dresses, Sexy Red Ruffle Tunic, Popular Flower Dress, School girl top, unique dresses, cute layered skirts
★Lowered Prices on lots of clothing!

☆Clothing, accessories and bags

☆New Addition: Gorgeous zebra sequin hand bag, leopard print purse with chain strap, plaid bow pouch, cute pink tote bag, White Quilted Chain bag, Mickey Mouse pouch/clutch, Monokuro Boo bag, Blk x Silver heart &Bow pouch, Bow Clutch, HK Brand Bags, Plaid Drawstring bag with matching wallet
★Lowered Prices on many bags! Bags From Taiwan (Sparkly Black Duffel Bag, Cute Bow Messengers, Polka Dotted Bag, School Girl Bag, Handbags, etc), Cellphone and misc pouches &clutches, Monokuro Boo Waist bag, Harajuku Lovers Bags
★Clearance Section! $1+

Accessories, Jewelry &Shoes LOWERED PRICES ON SHOES && JEWELRY!!
☆New Addition: fobby miceky cap, earrings, green muffler, winter japanese brand RICH socks, sweater beret, gray scarf, portable hair curler, cute rings, cute loli umbrellas, cute hair accessories, whitening facial masks, cellphone chains and keychains, suspenders and more jewelry and headbands!
★Facial Absorbent Paper, Cute Earrings from Taiwan, Vivi Style Bow Belts, Bow Necklaces, Plaid heels, Japanese Brand SLY Flip Flops, Bracelets, more!!
☆Lowered Prices; On ALL jewelry Headbands (pearl, bows, other unique headbands), Hairclips, Scrunchies, Watches, Necklaces, Cute sunflower ring, Earrings, Tights and Knee-hi socks, Shoes, flipflops, bikinis, belts; mostly all from Asia!

Headphones, Games, Manga, Collectibles, Plushies &Others
☆New Addition: Naruto Items, PS3&PC&DS Games, Hello kitty pencil magic trick erasure&case¬ebook&marker set, Cute Pooh Drawer
★Lots of Hello Kitty Items, DS&PS2 games, Nana book 1 - 6, Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo book 9 - 10 and 13 - 17, gintama book 1 - 4 (all in chinese but great prices!!), Manga &Anime Collectibles (*RARE !! Luffy pirate globe collectible && **RARE !! Luffy Pirates vs. CP9 $35 only for each set // cheap naruto sets)

Discounts given for magazines!
☆★NEW ADDTIIONS: flame/w-inds/LEAD CD, arashi cd case and fashion magazines
☆★CDS = NEWS Summer Time LIMITED EDITION Single, NEWS Weeeek Single, NEWS Touch album, NEWS hoshi wo mezashite single, kitty gYm Fever to Future single, Akira to Shuji Seishun Amigo Single, Jolin (Dancing Forever CD+DVD), Nana Kitade overseas version CD, Ayumi Hamasaki ((Miss)Understood CD+DVD, GUILTY CD+DVD, STEP you/is this LOVE? CD+DVD, Moments CD+DVD), Rainie Yang, DDR EXTREME OST
☆★magazines; beauty, Female Fashion (FF), junon, myojo, winkup, potato, popolo, duet

WTB- Sanrio and Disney

Looking to buy Sugarbunnies items!
Also looking for : Cinnamoroll's friends (Like Mocha, Milk, etc~) and Kuromi's friend Baku
Mostly plush. No stationary, please.

Lloromannic items, too. ANYTHING from these characters ^-^

I'm also looking for Japanese Disney goods. These are less of a priority and I'll probably be pickier about them ;x

Please post prices and pictures. Thanks!
aoi /theGazettE 3

Need to sell!!

Need to sell!!! I have a few items up on ebay that i really do not want anymore!! I want them to go to good homes!! All items come from a smoke free environment! :)

Putumayo pink/cat ear hooded button up cardigan/top
Puffy Gothic Lolita Skirt
Gothic Lolita & Punk (GLP) skeleton vest/jacket
Authentic Heart-E Japan White/Pink Heart Handbag

Everything's gotta go!

I am located in Hawaii USA surrounded by volcanoes and the occasional pineapple.
I accept Paypal, Money Order, Concealed Cash in order of preference.
Priority goes to first person who can pay.

My feedback can be found in a master post here.

If you don't like the price, offer what you think is reasonable! I insist~

I'm heading to the post office tomorrow with a few things, so don't miss this opportunity to catch a busy college student on her day off!

Updated to include:
Full sets:
+ Neon Genesis evangelion in a hollographic box
+ Loveless complete anime series
+ Loveless (almost complete) manga series
+ MSD sized Ringdoll Dylan BJD, new
+ YoSD sized Custom House Ange Ai Sunny, new
(Both BJD's are in great condition, come with extras, $150-$230)
+ Death note anime and movie bundle
+L'arc en ciel live DVD

And everything has been marked down.

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Strawberry Sweets

WTS/WTT: Manga, Doujins, and more!

Hey hey again everyone! I really need to get rid of all this stuff in time for the holidays so please take a look at what I have to offer! I'm getting so desperate I'm even willing to gift wrap it for you for the holidays (if your giving this away as a gift of course). So please come by my sales journal and take a look!



Merchandise - Gazette photoset, 12 buttons, ancafe strap, dout cheki
Magazines - Gab, Vinyl snydicate
CDs - several promo CDs
Flyers - 9goats, 12012, A&D, Alsdead, awoi, born, charitos, clear veil, deluhi,
heartless, heidi, julie, the kiddie, Kyokutou Girlfriend, liz, lmc, moran,
nega, nightmare, plastic tree, r shitei, sadie, sai, siva, skull, sug, vanessa,
wizard, zoro and more

Doing Shopping service for
concert tickets
online shops that don't ship internationally
concert goods
or if you want something else just ask ^__^

☆ミ located in japan, will ship worldwide
☆ミ payment is paypal and in € only