December 7th, 2009

Headphone Girl

CDs for Sale

Hi! I'm selling some CDs for extra money. Most of the items are opened but played once or twice.

CDs that I'm selling:
  • 8eight
  • AAA
  • Big Bang
  • BoA
  • B'z
  • Crystal Kay
  • David Tao
  • DBSK
  • EXILE (+magazines and live tour goods)
  • m-flo
  • Monkey Majik
  • SMAP
  • Super Junior
  • TRF
  • Tanaka Roma
  • Utada Hikaru
  • w-inds.
  • Younha
  • ZONE
For more details, visit this page

Thank you!



All manga selling for $6AUD each!!!!

Titles include
- Chobits
- Trinity Blood (DVDs)
- Ergo Proxy (DVD and collectors box)
- ./hack (Manga AND DVDs)
- Le Portrait de Petit Cossette
- Princess Ai ( Box set)
- Hot Gimmick

I am also selling some extra little things such as :
- Tamagotchi
- Sanrio Clock
- Lolita pearl bracelet
- Pokemon figures

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Selling tons of Sailor Moon, DBZ, Hamtaro, and more items from Japan!

  • riari

Books, doujinshi, and more

Still lots of books for sale at my livejournal. I have also added more books and doujinshi to the page.

-English manga-: Ral Grad Vol. 01, Sword of the Dark Ones Vol. 01, Hana-Kimi Vol. 01, X -Kai- Vol. 01, The World Exists for Me Vol. 01, Nodame Cantabile Vol. 01, Aegis Vol. 01, Shout Out Loud Vol. 01-03 (Yaoi), But I'm Your Teacher (yaoi), Time Lag, Sweet Revolution (yaoi), and several Yaoi Press titles.

-Doujinshi series-: Gravitation, Hoshin Engi, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Heat Guy-J, Hikaru no Go, Trigun, Fullmetal Alchemist, some Mika Sadahiro doujinshi, Devil & Devil

I also added some more Japanese manga and some more Japanese yaoi manga. And I still have a Zilch CD, Gravitation Sound Dramas, and some Evangelion EVA toys! Along with some Sailor Moon SuperS PullPack Seals.

Also, one page of books and miscellany looking for new homes. Just pay shipping. :D

Please check it out here! Thanks for looking!

FS Dir En Grey Cosplay

Hello I am selling my Dir En Grey cosplay, I am going into the Military, so I do not need these things any more, I bought this outfit off here a few months back and it is in perfect shape, What you get is the white under shirt (long sleeve) and black top that you see. THE SHOES ARE NOT INCLUDED.

Collapse ) Price is best offer. Payment: Money Order or concealed cash thank you! (Yes this is me in this image from a photo shoot at the golden gate park and a grave yard so please do not steal my image! You can contact me by private message, leaving a comment or email thank you.happy holidays!

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You can either click on the banner or feel free to click here!

- Devil Summoner PLUS (exclusive Japanese release)
- Persona 1
- Persona 2 (both versions- Innocent Sin & Eternal Punishment)
- Operation Darkness (ending soon)
- DDS (includes slipcover and soundtrack)
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

For Sale: Final Fantasy Mini Play Arts Vol. 4


I am selling 4 Final Fantasy Mini Play Arts Vol. 4 figures. Here is a pic of what the figures look like, and below that is a list of the figures I have available.

Figures available (open boxes, ONE of each):
-Unopened Box *Unknown!*

I am hoping to get $6.50 each, that includes shipping in the USA. I imported these from Japan, but I am located in Wisconsin so they should only take a few days to get to you if you want them as gifts for someone.

I take Paypal, I have feedback on ebay as seller angie_no_miko and feedback on LJ community garagesalejapan. If you have any questions please ask!

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All best offer! I accept Paypal only, sorry >.<
Please don't forget to ask about shipping (with your zip code)! =^.^=
Pictures avaliable upon request. If you'd like, I can also deal privately through PM.
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more stuff for sale!

Hi everyone,

Added even more stuff for sale today! (:D) There are hundreds of items there and most are under $5 (:D) I have items from Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Kuromi, Hello Kitty, Dir en grey, Hetalia as well as clothing and lots of j-rock and anime & manga related items. Please check it out if interested, thanks! ♥

000Garagesalejpnewestpic.jpg picture by Nero-rism


Massive Sale! Everything must go!

Hey Folks!

I reduced all the prices in my Sale-Journal ---->
Candy Pop Sales
You should really take a look as I really reduced everything and many things are so much reduced, it almost hurts me.

Inside of that journal you'll find:

Casual, Punk/Rock/Visual, Lolita, Cute! etc. from head to toe!

HARD TO FIND Dir en Grey Photoboks & CD's

And now it comes even BETTER!
I've been trying to sell my big, German Anime && Manga collection for such a long time now and I'm TIRED of it!
That's why you'll find all my Manga for 2-3€ now!

The more you buy, the less you pay! Buy one entire series or more than 5 Manga ----> get 50cent off every Manga you bought!

PLEASE! I really need to get rid of all that stuff because I really need the space! So don't miss this Sale!

If you need more information, pictures or anything else, please contact me!

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