December 14th, 2009



Hello minna-san! Is anyone willing to sell his/her Zetsubou-Sensei nendoroid to me? Used is okay but brand new is preferred.^^ Thank you!!

I can pay through paypal.

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♔ MANGA (Japanese & English Yaoi, BExBOY Magazines, etc.)
♔ DOUJINSHI (Axis Powers Hetalia, Bleach, Harry Potter, Digimon, etc.)

Need money and space for Winter Comiket. ♥ I'd still love to trade for anything on my wishlist! If your interested in anything, please make sure to read the updates section on the sidebar: kanashimiblu3. Thank you!

Ulquiorra's Sword

The same one pictured here. I'm getting a doll made to look exactly like him and his sword is the only thing missing. If anybody has it (or if anybody would like to split the ebay auction above) it would deffently make my year ^_^
Harley Quinn
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I changed my journal and the items in it just for the christmas break, everything I have forsale in my journal will be shipped from the states (because that's where it's at and i'm going to be home in a few days).

I have mostly Dir en grey items and an anime figure for sale
Please take a look at what I have here
matsujun, arashi


I have the following items for sale at my sales journal here.

  • All Day Every Day by Yoko Fujitani with WILL (Naruto)
  • Blue Daiya by Yoko Fujitani with WILL (Naruto)
  • Clearly by Mako Tatekawa and Setsu Yuena with WNB (Harry Potter)
  • Black Wideshow by Death Strawberry (Harry Potter)
  • Magic Knight Rayearth II #1 by CLAMP
  • Clover #2 by CLAMP
  • Fluffy Little Gigolo PELU by Junko Mizuno
  • BTSSB cutsew
  • SexPot Revenge shirt, skirt, jacket, and accessory
  • Naruto "Kakashi" dog tag

  • 7" Chii doll (Chobits)
  • 12" Light doll (Death Note)
  • 12" Ryuk doll (Death Note)
  • 14" Naruto doll (Naruto)

I am currently looking for the following items:

- Sakura Clip by Kan with Iridescence Jewel (Ouran Highschool Host Club doujinshi anthology)

- Popover by MTT Niigata and Yogo Ranger (Harry Potter doujinshi)

- 2nd and 3rd Japanese Cardcaptor Sakura Artbook (CLAMP)

- Angelic Layer Postcard Book (CLAMP)

- X/1999 Zero and Infinity Artbooks (CLAMP)

- Eternal Sailor Moon Alarm clock (the one where she looks like she's leaning on the clock)

- Sapphire Doll (from Sailor Moon)

- Tuxedo Mask plushie (Sailor Moon)

- A set of Sailor Moon magnets (the ones that were released for PGSM- I just bought some for my sister and totally want my own set)

- A Prince Endymion Doll (Sailor Moon)

Thank you!

Angelic Pretty: Bambi

✮⼺ REPOST!: TVXQ/DBSK CDs && goods~.

TVXQ/DBSK Japanese CDs and other goodies!
US buyers only, please!

★ All prices in USD
Prices are negotiable; just ask.
★ Paypal only!

★ Shipping ranges for $5-10, so it's best to buy more than one item! xD
★ You can also purchase insurance! (:
★ I am not responsible for any packages lost in the mail.

Other Info
★ You can email me at if need be!
★ I have feedback on my journal, as well as on Asiajam and the Loligoth DBS!
★ Have fun shopping!
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Merchandise - Gazette photoset, 12 buttons, ancafe strap, dout cheki
Magazines - Gab, Vinyl snydicate
CDs - several promo CDs
Flyers - 9goats, 12012, A&D, Alsdead, awoi, born, charitos, clear veil, deluhi,
heartless, heidi, julie, the kiddie, Kyokutou Girlfriend, liz, lmc, moran,
, nightmare, plastic tree, r shitei, sadie, sai, siva, skull, sug, vanessa,
wizard, zoro and more

Doing Shopping service for
concert tickets
online shops that don't ship internationally
concert goods
or if you want something else just ask ^__^

☆ミ located in japan, will ship worldwide
☆ミ payment is paypal and in € only

UPDATE: 12 buttons added.
Flyer added. (lycaon, serial number, tarot, nega, liz, administrator)
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Johnny's and BREAKERZ concert goods pre-order

Hi, I'm currently ready to start taking pre-orders for the following concerts that are upcoming.

Kinki Kids concert tour J (Tokyo Dome Dec.30-31, Jan.1)

Hey! Say! JUMP Concert Tour 2009-2010 (Yokohama Arena, Jan.2-6)

BREAKERZ Live Tour 2009-2010 FIGHTERZ (ZEPP Tokyo, Dec.17-18)

You can find the entry for making pre-orders for these concert here. Please read all the notes before you order.
T&B imitate

HUGE J-Stuff Sale!!!

* This is a joint selling post from 1cheezymonkey,sugaraddictmeru,stolen_relic,and myself (jackleenrose), so any of us may respond to your comment.
* All prices are negotiable and additional pictures available upon request.
* Please include zip code in your comment for price requests.
* Feedback is HERE for jackleenrose and HERE for sugaraddictmeru

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AKB48: Oya Shizuka


Hello! I'm having a holiday sale! New items were added and some prices lowered. I am also staring a new policy and will NOT charge PayPal fees!!!!

Anime/Manga: Angel Sanctuary, Pokemon, Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei), Fruits Basket, Houshin Engi, Manga, DVDs, Posters, Trading Cards + MORE!
JRock/JPop/Visual Kei: Duel Jewel, Dir en grey, alice nine., Michiru Project, Rentrer en Soi, BAISER, Morning Musume., w-inds., NEWS, Hamasaki Ayumi, photosets, posters, CD's, DVD's, magazines (SHOXX, WHAT's IN?, Oricon Style, CD Data, Cure, purple sky, Newgrave (feat. Dir en grey), V!nyl Syndicate, etc.) + MORE!
Kyo (Dir en grey) 1st & 2nd Poem Books
Video Games/Accessories