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HUGE sales post: includes gothic loli clothes, DVDs, manga, goods, and more!

I've moved to Sendai, Japan, permanently, so I need to clear out my old room before my mother moves this year. Leave a comment if interested. Italicized items are claimed but not paid for yet. All items will be shipped from America.
More pictures are available on request.

Prices are negotiable.


Anime DVDs Region 1
Single DVDs are $5 unless otherwise noted. Make an offer on sets.

Final Fantasy movie
Gravitation (complete with box)
Gundam Wing volume 3

.hack//sign vol. 1 DVD box with everything except T-shirt; includes DVD, CD, postcards, P2 demo disk, and still-wrapped plushie $8
Millenium Actress
Saber Marionette (special limited edition box set, signed) $100
Sailor Moon SS vol. 3 only $18

Saiyuki (seasons 1 and 2, both in boxes)
Saiyuki Reload (with box)
Saiyuki OAV Requiem

Sakura Wars movie 1 Return of the Spirit Warriors
Sakura Wars TV 1-2: Opening Night, Overture

Utena (complete with box) Apocolypse Saga (i.e. eps 27-39) $40
X TV 1, 3-8

Non-Anime DVDs
Gamera (volume 1 and box)
Rhapsody in August
Samurai 1-3 (Musashi Mitamoto, Duel at Ichioji Temple, Duel at Ganryu Island)

Japan’s War (WWII documentary)

Shinhwa Winter story Tour Live Concert (I think it's no region)
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall… Spring (Korean, region 2, includes English subs)

Books in Japanese

Japanese textbooks for learners
日本を考える五つの話題 $15 My textbook when I studied abroad at Nanzan University
日本社会探検 $15 Likewise, a textbook from Nanzan (I know the picture is bad, but it's this book

Textbooks on various subjects aimed at Japanese
らくらくマスター 化学 review book for college entrance exams $3
らくらくマスター 生物学 review book for college entrance exams $3
数学1・AO考え方解き方 review book for college entrance exams $3
古典の読み方 classical Japanese grammar aimed at Japanese adults $5

Novels/Nonfiction in Japanese $4 unless otherwise noted
ふたり 赤川次郎 Futari (note: this is not a mystery, unlike his other works)
踊る男 赤川次郎 Odoru Otoko
神様のボート 江國香織 Kamisama no Boat
なつのひかり 江國香織 Natsu no Hikari
途上国のグローバリゼーション 大野健一 Tojoukoku no Globalization
そんごくう Son Gokuu (child's picture book)
ねじれた家 Agatha Christie Nejireta Ie ("Crooked House", pretty beat up) $1
結婚の生態 石川達三 (hardcover w/box) Kekkon no Seitai, Ishikawa
武家と天皇 今谷明 Buke to Tennou, Imatani Akira
2005就活の基本 業界と職種がわかる本 $2
闇に開く窓, 里見弴  Yami ni Hiraku Mado, Satomi Ton. I haven't read it so I don't know what it's about, but google says it was written in 1929 and serialized in the Osaka Asahi Shinbun, and the edition is old enough that the title is written horizontally right-to-left (possibly the original 1932 print?), so I imagine it's not an easy read. 「現代もので写実風」

Classical Japanese (original text only, no modern translation)
古事記 Kojiki $3

Manga in Japanese: 138

Azumanga Daiou the Animation, 1-2 $18 each
Backgammon Remix $25
Salty Dog III $40
Fushigi Yuugi artbooks $15 each
HanaKimi artbook $15

Manga $2 each unless otherwise noted
Aumanga Daiou 1-4
Duklyon 1-2
Fushigi Yuugi 1-18 (all) $30 for the set
FY gaiden 1-4
FY novels 7-8 $3 each
FY big version 1-2, with mousepad $5 each

Gouhou Drug 1-3
Hana Yori Dango 5, 6, 23
Imadoki 4 (in shrink-wrap)
Hi no Tori 14
Shin Petshop of Horrors 1-3</s>
Ranma 1-11, 19-21, 30-38 (various editions)

Rurouni Kenshin 5
Saiyuki 1-9 (9 dif. edition) $35 for all Saiyuki + Reload + Gaiden
Saiyuki Reload 1-8
Saiyuki Gaiden 1-3
Slam Dunk 1-2, 21-31
Slam Dunk 31 (well-used, in Korean) $1
Slam Dunk anime illustrated book (all color, beatup) $1
Shinesman 1-6

Tokyo Babylon 1, 3, 4
Tsubasa 2-3
Wild Adapter 1-3
X 1

GW 1x2 Lionheart, by Nagisa Ogami <1996> Play Dead $10 Cover kissing scene

18+ yaoi
Level C 1 $5
Gravi remix 3+4+5 $40
Fake 1-7 $15 for the set
第二天堂 1-2 (Chinese, trad. characters) $2 each
撮影師之恋 (Chinese, trad. characters) $2
Every Day Every Night $2 (I also translated the drama CD for this, and can provide the translation on request)

Boy's Love, not 18+
Seikimatsu Darling 1-4, Shin Seikimatsu 1-3 $10 for the set
Gravitation 1-12 (10 and 11 are published by SONY) $20 for the set

Phonebooks $3 each
Betsucomi April 2003
Nakayoshi 2001/1 + Romance no Kobakoロマンスの小箱 (slightly used) Nakayoshi furoku
Hana to Yume 01/13; 01/12; 01/4; 03/1; 03/12
Jump 12 (cover: Naruto), 40 (cover: HikaGo)
All spines: here

Manga in English

Manga in English: All in perfect or near-perfect shape. $2 each
Eerie Queerie 2, 4
Flame of Recca 1, 2
Negima 1
Slam Dunk 1

Books in English

Japanese Literature in English
The Diary of Lady Murasaki $5
The Gossamer Years $8
Chuushingura, Keene trans. $15
The Tale of the Heike, McCullough trans. $15
Murakami Ryuu:
...Coin Locker Babies $6
...In the Miso Soup (hardcover) $6

History books and books on Japanese culture in English
The Japanese Experience, W. G. Beasley $6
Zen and Japanese Culture, Suzuki $8
The World of the Shining Prince, Ivan Morris (obviously used, history of Heian Japan) $8
Reflections on the Way to the Gallows (translated recollections of socialists sentenced to death in Taisho and early Showa) $15
Japan: a Documentary History (translations of important documents) $15
The Last Samurai: The Life and Battles of Saigo Takamori $5


Totoro bone china plateNoritake Bone China plate (unused: I'm a vegetarian and realized it was bone china when I opened the box) $45

Hakkai pencil $1
Gojyo washcloth with (ripped) case $1
Mini clearfile with the boys $1
Hakkai and Gojyo notebook $2
Paper set $2

Kougaiji shitajiki back $5
Gojyo shitajiki x 2 $5 each
Konzen shitajiki $5

Tokyo Babylon back $10
Azumanga Daiou (Osaka) back $5
Also, see Saiyuki

Other Goods
Tofu records plush
Hikaru no Go Go board (9x9, 19x19) Some stones are missing. You can still play a game, but if you regularly use all 180, then you’ll have problems.
Saiyuki miniature byoubu $5
Small calligraphy set
Penis shaped lollipop from the "penis festival" 2007 in Komaki, Aichi

Hana Yume stickers (inc. Fruits Basket, Yami no Matsuei, Hana Kimi)
Hana Kimi book cover
Hana Kimi CD bag
Hana Kimi notebook
YYH sticker sheets, 2

M to N notebook
Lots (~40) of yaoi manga promotional fliers $1
Goza (igusa mats): 2 Japanese $10 each, 1 from the Toronto Chinatown $5
Monoka (Rayearth) pin
Fushugi Yugi pins: Miaka, Yuki, Tamahome, Hotohori, Nuriko, Chichiri, Tasuki, Nakago
Fushigi Yugi character cards
Noren – ukiyo-style woman

Gothic Loli clothes
H.naoto shirt with lace sleeves, back, collar. Lightly worn.

Marble black and white top, back, collar. Worn once.

Metamorphose white lacy umbrella, closed

White dress (Bodyline), back, skirt open, sleeve detail, headband. Worn once

Black cherry dress (Bodyline), back, front open, choker. Worn a few times

Headband (Bodyline) Not worn

Black dress with “sleeves” (wink wink), back, collar, sleeve. Worn twice


All CDs are in great shape and include inserts; however, the cases may be cracked. $4 each
Tofu records L’arc clicked best singles
L’arc: Heart, Real, Ray (?), Smile
SekaChuu TV soundtrack
Every Little Thing ? (can’t read)
Morning Musume No.5
Morning Musume 3rd Love Paradise (case cracked)
Morning Musume magazine ripouts $1

Koyote five (?)
Shinhwa vol. 7 Brand New
Se7en 2nd album Must Listen
Park Hyoshin 4 Soul Tree

Payment and Shipping
I accept paypal. I require a tracking number for all packages for my protection and yours.
Shipping is not included in prices. I will ship internationally (from the US) if you're willing to pay the (exorbitant) rates.

**I live in Japan, so my mother will be mailing everything. I have taken copious pictures so I know exactly where everything is, and she's done this before. However, she does work full-time, so it may take a few (3-4) days to mail things. Also, she doesn't read Japanese. I'll double-check on webcam any books she's not sure on, but if she happens to send a wrong book, I will refund you.**

My eBay feedback is visible here.
My GSJ feedback is here.
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