Veronica Nunez (averageduckling) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Veronica Nunez

Sailor Moon Stuff For SALE!!! 

Also have a couple of chococat (sanrio) things for sale too!! 
Most of my Sailor Moon items are plush also the entry is image heavy so you may prefer to just click my user name to go to my journal and view the entry with the cuts (rather than all the photos exposed) since there are a lot of pictures of details of the plush, most of which are put in a cut 

If anything listed is "on hold" still express interest if you have it, they've been on hold for a while but I will ask that you wait a few days so I can at least let the people who they were on hold for one last chance (but chances are they'll continue not responding...). Some items are listed "OBO" but be aware that I'm pretty open to deals on any items, the ones with "OBO" are ones that I'm more lenient on accepting offers for

Buyer covers shipping, so for international buyers I'll use whatever shipping you're willing to pay for (so whether or not you get tracking is your responsibility, same for domestic buyers since I usually use the cheap postage) 

Thank you for looking, hope to hear from you ^__^

Note to Mods: I have a bootleg Sailor Moon plush in one of the photos on my but she's not listed for sale in my entry I hope that this is okay (because I'd rather not have to take another photo for it to be honest but if I must I will)
Tags: collectibles, franchise: sailor moon, toys
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