January 8th, 2010

WTB: Sailor Moon S Film Collection Album (Card Album)

I am looking to purchase this album from someone. It's a Sailor Moon S Film Collection Album that's made by Amada and has 20 pages to hold trading cards. The shipping would be to Canada and I'd like to pay for the cheapest shipping costs. Please offer me what you think is reasonable. I'd like to see a picture of the album if applicable. Thanks for any help. :)
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Nitro+Chiral doujin for sale

I've recently picked up a new doujinshi artist who I really enjoy, and she has, er, about 40 doujin, most of which are 50-250 pages and damn expensive, so I'm trying to clear my collection out of ones I can live without.

Like-new condition. None have been scanned, so the bindings are still very nice.

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Can take Paypal or MO. Shipping within the US/Canada will be quite cheap.

There may or may not be more coming. I have 3 more TnC ones I'm on the edge about keeping (Another Gunji x Akira, a Kiriwar x Gunji, and a Kiriwar x Takeru)
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Ryals_Shoal Sales/Trades

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I'm having a BIG sale on my journal on a wide variety of items. I have Doujinshi, figures, cards, pencilboards, keychains, manga, cels, Naruto Settei set, Trigun promo cards, promotional items and an autographed Johnen Vasquez's JTHM comic. I also have LOTS of Naruto items and figures as well!

Manga List:
1st Print OOP Record of Lodoss War The Grey Witch Manga 1&2 ($10.00 for both)
Naruto 1-10 ($3.00 each or $25 for lot)
Hellsing 1-3, 5 ($4.00 each)
PRIEST 1-3, 6 ($3.00 each, $1.00 for vol. 6)
Bizenghast 1,2 ($3.00 each)
Gorgeous Carat 1 ($3.00)
Under the Glass Moon ($3.00)

Please follow the links to my journal if interested! I am currently open for TRADES.
Naruto Doujinshi
Multi-Series Doujinshi
Pencil Boards + Stationary + Trading Cards
Manga + Figures + Video Games
J-Rock + Music + Magazines
Autographed + Rare + Promotional Items
Shipping & Information
Wanna Trade? Here's my WISH LIST
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[Selling] Manga, Anime, Toys, Doujin, Etc.

Anime, manga, toys, figures, games, doujinshi, and far more~ Prices lowered again! Most manga is $3 and almost everything else has been reduced! Post here and Photo Catalog here. All reasonable offers considered!

Final Fantasy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragonball Z, Kingdom Hearts, yaoi, single-issue manga lots, doujinshi~

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Thank you for looking! Current wishlist (trades, please) is fairly small -- mostly Gundam SEED/Astray books, figures or gunpla that I need.


Currently on ebay:


- 1/7th Mai Shiranui located here
- Master Form Sora (Kingdom Hearts) located here
- Imperialdramon (Paladin Ver) (Digimon) located here
- Zoids Model Kit located here


- Afro Samurai (complete series) located here
- Afro Samurai: Resurrection (special edition) located here

Most auctions are ending in less than 24hrs

Thank you!


Side note: I have some rare-ish Yu-Gi-Oh and some strange Naruto/Digimon cards - if any of these might interest you, please feel free to contact me. I have no use for them so I'm more than willing to make a good deal on any of them.

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» Haitoku no Lovesick, Minami Haruka (Japanese, BL) - $4
» Inferior Doll, Shimotsuki Kairi (Japanese, BL) - $3
» Dakenai Jikan, Fujisaki Kou (Japanese, BL) - $3
» Utsukushiki Kemonotachi, Fujisaki Kou (Japanese, BL) - $4
» Aishi no Sweet Voice, Fujisaki kou (Japanese, BL) - $4
» & more Japanese and English titles!

» Axis Powers Hetalia
» Bleach
» Harry Potter
» Digimon
» Code Geass
» Kuroshitsuji
» & more!

» JE Merchandise
» Anime Merchandise

Everything @ kanashimiblu3. Prices have been lowered.
I'm willing to trade for anything on my wishlist, especially clothes.

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I don't think the chances are very high but it's worth a try.

My friend and me are intending to sell our tickets for

高田馬場AREA on January 10th

ViViD / Virgil / 「東京指定」 / シリアル⇔NUMBER / xTRiPx / レイラ / V-last.

The event is sold out, we have two tickets for sale for the original price of 3000yen each.

Maybe anybody is in Japan at the moment and interested; we could meet up for handing the tickets over.
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EVERYTHING $1-$3 OFF AND MORE!!! NEEDS TO GO and looking for 1/6 volks & obitsu stuff!!

hamtaro_s_003.gifUPDATE 1/8/09: updated, BIG price changes, changed afew pics,EVERYTHING MUST GO OR IT WILL BE GONE. WILL HAVE STUFF FOR SALE TILL THE 17th!! or eariler.

buy ALL of my dolls for $6,
buy ALL of my shojo beats for $10,
buy ALL of my sailor moon CCG cards for $19 (over 200 cards, they include spares)
buy ALL sailor moon trading cards for $14,
buy ALL  animation cels for $15,
mint sailor moon figure with cards for $10,
 ALL VHS $1.25
buy mermaids forest dvd with a manga for $5.50,
manga only $2
BUY the complete tenchi in tokyo VHS set for $12.
buy ALL Saikano items for $11.50
 buy ALL  pokemon items I have with free shipping for $30!!!
AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can and will LOVE to buy or trade for 1/6 volks and obitsu parts, bodies and heads and wigs!!!! you name it I need it, I will be willing to trade a bundle of stuff for doll parts. Please feel free to message me and ask questions!!! thank you


sailor moon
oh my goddess
angel sancuary
fushigi yugi
cowboy bebop
Hello Kitty
Mermaids Forest
Madison ikkoku
shojo beats

and much MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Ridiculously rare Vivienne Westwood necklace
Tales of Symphonia strategy guide
Japanese magazines and books
Hello Kitty and TOKIDOKI
Jrock, Visual Kei, Gyaru
Anime plushies

AkaKame - Make Love

Manga for Sale!!

Hello everyone! :D

It's been a while since I have posted here ^^ I'm currently selling a lot of manga over at my journal [info]xwickedxlovex that I don't read anymore and they need a good home, or homes lol. Most of them are as low as $4 when bought by itself or $3 in sets and prices are no higher than $6 on a few certain manga, mainly yaoi XP. Please help me out, I decided to sell because of some financial instability just like everyone else. Anywho, on to the info: You can click on any genre you want or on the main link to the post.

The manga selection include Fruits Basket. Hands Off!, Chibi Vampire, Kill Me Kiss Me, Kare Kano, Instant Teen, Yubisaki Milk Tea, Pretear, Juvenile Orion, Full Moon o Sagashite, Fushigi Yugi, Hot Gimmick, Love Training, Doust Thous Know?, Same Cell Organism, Level C and much more!

My feedback from LJ is here! My Amazon.com Feedback is in the post under "Shipping Info, Payments Accepted, How To Order, & Other Info."
Be sure to read everything before commenting, as in the rules and such in the beginning of the post.

With that said,
Happy Shopping~! :D

All Manga are in English!!

( [Shipping Information, Payments Accepted, How To Order, & Other Info] )

( [Comedy/Drama] )

( [Comedy/Horror] )

( [Comedy/Romance] )

( [Drama] )

( [Fantasy] )

( [Fantasy/Romance] )

( [Fantasy/Sci-Fi] )

( [Shojo] )

( [Unknown] )

Shounen Ai/ Yaoi

( [Action/Romance] )

( [Drama] )

( [Drama/Romance] )

( [Romance/Comedy] )

artbook, teppei koike photobook, sato takeru, gloomy, san-x

selling lot of items in my journal

teppei koike photobook 1, 2, 3

sato takeru 400 days, etc in my journal

i have lots of photobook

all stuffed animals are on sale

rillakuma, etc

any offer for stuffed animal is welcome

selling some artbooks


pandora hearts artbook

haruka tomatsu photobook

pandora hearts manga 1-10 japanese
kimi ni todoke 1-9
dnangel 1-13
kiss yori hayaku 1-6
oresame teacher 1-6
kyo, koi wo hajimeshite 1-7
nosatsu junkie 1-16

offer please

any offer is welcome

i need money:/