January 13th, 2010


Comic City Tokyo 123 Pick-up Service + Code Geass Doujinshi for Sale


For the upcoming Comic City Tokyo 123, I'm offering the pick-up service.
Please visit
this LINK for details in case you're interested. ^^

In addition, I'm selling several Code Geass, Death Note and Final Fantasy VII doujinshi at my sale journal.

New items
: Code Geass Doujinshi from Comiket 77 (Jan 4, 2010)

Link to my sale journal


Please drop by if you're interested. Thank you! :D

X-posted. Sorry!
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WTB Sanrio Binders (Germany)

Hello! I have a few of these binders, and want to buy more as they are difficult to find!

I am looking for: mashumaromitainafuwafuwanyanko (yes, long name), Charmmy Kitty, this one...Any characters really, as long as they are this SPECIFIC type of binder. I think they all are from the "Sanrio Germany". They will have a clipboard inside and will say "NAME/CLASS/SUBJECT". Please show me ^_^

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Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, Maxicimam, Sechuna, Bodyline, Cute items, Cosplay

Hello! Project photobooks, scroll, cards

Anime, manga, wallscrolls

Glay, DBSK, Ai Otsuka, Johnny's Jimusho, Supernova

✖ I ship to everywhere except Italy and Brazil.
✖ Shipping AND Paypal fees are included for US
✖ Please inquire if you are located outside of US for shipping costs
✖ No deadbeats or refunds
✖ Once an item is shipped, I am not responsible for them.

Everything at kari_buy 

Manga, Anime, plushes, pokemon, video games!

I'm selling quite a few things here:


-English Manga
-English Anime
-Video Games

Things that aren't listed are:
*Persona 3 and 4 art books
*Romeo x Juliet part 1 box set
*Samurai X, both movies
*Dragon Age: Origins (Not sure it this one is okay to post)

MORE THAN WILLING TO HAGGLE! Please! Haggle! I need money!
I use paypal, btw.
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Looking for

I have a little extra left over from Christmas so I was hoping to cross a couple things off my wishlist! I can pay with paypal or concealed cash (but I prefer cash), and I've got feedback in my LJ.

--After School Nightmare vols. 1-4
--any Angel Sanctuary stuff I don't have (highly unlikely anyone here has any at this point, but I'm always willing to try)-- most of what I have is here
--Sailor Moon World HGIF gashapon from the first and second set (official, not bootleg)-- it's for my sister's collection, and she's only missing Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto-- honestly, getting her these figures takes priority over the other stuff I listed. Also, the Artemis figure (Chibimoon not entirely necessary but appreciated). I'll probably ask around at serasell if no one has these here.

Thank you in advance!
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Selling Sgt Frog Manga and DVDs

The first plan to obtain money for college books fell through, so I am in desperate need of some funds, as soon as possible. I am selling my Sgt Frog manga and DVD collection in order to raise a little cash in order to purchase these damn books.

All items are in excellent condition, unless stated otherwise.

I can Paypal (preferred), cash, or money order at this time. Sorry, no checks.

+Volumes 1-17
$3 each or $55 for the entire lot (a $170 value). + shipping
Volume 9's back cover has little holes in it since my cat decide to nom on it. The pages are fine. Volume 12's front cover is bent.

(like new condition)
+Volume one, part one
+Volume one, part two.
$20 each. + shipping

I can haggle, but please, I could use the asking price. Books are not cheap.

Buyer pays for all shipping expenses. I ship internationally. PM me your zipcode so I can calculate an affordable shipping fee for you.

Here is my eBay feedback.

So yeah.. help a sister out, lol.

If I don't get any offers within the next couple of days, I am going to cross post this to some LJ communities.
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English & Japanese Manga, DVDs, phone books, toys & MORE!
Everything needs to leave asap!
So, make a reasonable offer, please.
All prices are negoitable, so please haggle :]
Please view my selling journal for pictures. [info]gameof_fate
Right now I am only shipping within the USA and I accept all forms of payment, although I prefer paypal.
I am open for trades right now.
Shipping on all books will be by media mail and everything else will go the slowest and cheapest way (to save you more money).
I need all of this stuff gone ASAP!

$3.50 English Manga:

Galaxy Angel vols. 1-5
Galaxy Angel Beta vols. 1-2
Galaxy Angel Party vol. 1
Kilala Princess vols. 1-4
Koi Cupid
Zodiac PI vols. 1, 2, &4
The Gentlemen's Alliance vols 1
Ultra Maniac vols. 1-4
Sola vol 1
Magical Miracle vol 1
Nosatsu Junkie vols 1 & 2
Pixie Pop vols 1 & 3
Pita Ten vol 1
Dream Saga vol 1
Metamo Kiss vol 1
Legend vol 2

$3.00 Japanese Manga:

Short tempered melancholic
Penguin Brothers vols 2 & 3

Phonebook Magazines: $5 shipped

Sho-comi 2000 volume 18
Ribon 2001 volume 4

New Anime:

Aquarian Age the movie
Kiddy Grade File 2
Dragon Ball GT the movie
Rumbling Hearts 1


Inuyasha Naraku figure, sealed
Bleach Chad Sado figure, sealed
Deathnote keychain, sealed
Bleach Plushie
Wedding Peach Doll Boxes


Chobits mini posters and inserts- $1 each.


I am looking for the second and third Shugo Chara DS games, Sailor Moon japanese dolls and Aqua Mizuto Manga to trade or buy.