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Hope everyone is enjoying the new year! I am selling a handful of doll items, some jrock/visual kei magazines (Cure, Shoxx) and cds, and some manga! I also have a really great deal of 11 Cure magazines for $100!! I REALLY need to get these sold.

I would greatly appreciate it if you'd have a look!! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

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14 January 2010 @ 07:21 am
sales at my journal i also do trades
including stuff from

-card captor sakura
-fullmetal alchemist
-magical doremi
-lolita clothes
-gyaru style clothes
-make up and lolita kits
 make offers on anything

and if you want to trade DS games please contact me

things i'm looking to buy/trade

- lolita skirts and jsk (offbrand,brand or bodyline) colors : black and maybe pink, casual styles preferred noting with bustles or handmade
-black lolita hair bow
-mini gyaru skirts
-knee high boots  size 5-6
-engineer boots size 5-6
-lolita blouses
-will look at most clothing
-stationary (sanrio,san-z,q-lia, other anything cute)
-cute school supplies
-hair accesories
- DS games

sales here

14 January 2010 @ 08:44 am
PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE/MAKE OFFERS & 100% Positive feedback! (21+/0/0-) feedback here http://angeliclolita.livejournal.com/943.html

NEED THESE GONE! I need money for college ;__; No Trades

-Jpop Magazines

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14 January 2010 @ 10:28 am
Hi everyone!
I have a black bodyline blouse which I bought from a user here on LJ and tried on once, and found it was too short on me. >< It is sized medium, but fit more like a small on me because I'm 5'8" in height. The waist and bust fit fine on me however, and I am a 30" waist and 34" bust. ^^  I can get accurate measurements if anyone is interested.

I also have the following MANGA:
- Death Note Vol. 4 ($3)
- Bleach Vol. 1-6 ($13 for all six)
- Wolf's Rain Vol. 2 ($3)
- Loveless Vol. 1 ($3)
Or two for $5 of any of the above ^^
These are all in great condition except for one of the bleach volumes which is a bit used.

I also have a Ishida (BLEACH) Plushie which I bought for around $20 at an arizona comicon. I will sell it for the best offer! 

I will get pictures of the above if anyone is interested!
Thank you for looking! Have a nice day!
14 January 2010 @ 10:48 am
Tales of Symphonia strategy guide
Japanese magazines and books
Hello Kitty and TOKIDOKI
Jrock, Visual Kei, Gyaru
Anime plushies

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An Cafe keychains~!!
and extra stuff that are just taking space in my room^^u

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14 January 2010 @ 07:36 pm

Selling gazette & alice nine. tour tshirts here.

♥also things from the PSC event♥
14 January 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Hi there, I've previously suspended all of my selling activities but in time of an urgent situation, I've previously over-purchased items in Yahoo!Japan auctions together with various items so if you want any of my items, please comment using the following format:

Item(s) name: XX CD, XX mail-in
Country and email address

But there a few terms before you browse the items, they are:

Please give me a 4 week grace period for me to send your items. PayPal accepted but if your amount of purchase including shipping reaches over 35USD, you will need to pay extra for the credit card fees, of course this only apply to credit card payments.

All items are sent by air-mail which include the item being registered, you will need to add RM4.00 for this. All items will reach within 2 weeks for items heading to the United States.

Purchases of USD 20 and up will have a 10% discount on total (w/o including shipping).

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the Pumpkin Heads - the murder mansion LIMITED EDITION - $22.oo SHIPPED in US
4/5 (some minor flaws; please see below)
I listened to it once. There is a small scratch in the front cover but this was how it came to me. Purchased from CDJAPAN for $33.The CD is limited to only 3,000 copies now SOLD OUT which comes with a limited edition Rui trading card and a bonus DVD.
One of the teeth that holds the CD has chipped off. Otherwise like mint condition.
Chipped Closeup || Bonus Material
14 January 2010 @ 11:38 pm
 Hello, everyone!  

I am having a huge clearance sale over at geeky_sales .  How huge?  Everything in my journal is only $1 per item!  Mostly manga, but there are a couple of DVDs and toys, games and guides.  All for just $1 each.  I'm just wanting most of this stuff gone.  This will be the last post for the old stuff before I add new items. 

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