January 27th, 2010

nante ?

Visual kei cd's and magazines I want to get rid of.

I want to get rid of some CD'S (and two magazines) I don't have the need to own anymore.
the magazine is D's tea mad party number 8 and fools mate april 2009.. only looked through it once.. (fool's mate is still in it's plasticolfder which means I haven't opened it) (I bought the wrong copy, so.. want to get rid of it immediately) have photo of it, if you want to see.

the price will all be in JAPANESE YEN. and I would prefer to use paypal. (and the shippingcost is not included in the price)

the bandcd's,

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if you want to know more,
just ask or send me a mail.
<3 HK

Selling: CLAMP, Code Geass, D.Gray-man, Hetalia, etc


-Cardcaptor Sakura Kero Pillow NEW
-CLAMP in 3-D Land: Hikaru & Misaki, Akira, Takeshi, Kentarou
-Code Geass PPP of Gino
-Code Geass Cellphone charm/ gashapon of Anya
-Code Geass Clear files: Suzaku & Gino and Lelouch & Rolo
-Code Geass Planner
-D.Gray-man keychain/ gashapon of Timcanpy and 65
-D.Gray-man 2009 Calendar
-Full Metal Alchemist Charms NEW
-Full Metal Alchemist Keychain
-Hetalia Austria Charm NEW
-Hetalia Germany Charm NEW
-Hetalia Prussia Charm NEW
-Hetalia Charm: Italy's Truce/Fail Flag NEW
-Hetalia Coaster: Spain NEW
-Hetalia France Clock NEW
-His and Her Circumstances Boxset
-Kuroshitsuji Color Collection Charm NEW
-Lucky Star Cell Phone charms
-Moyashimon Case NEW
-Moyashimon facemasks
-Moyashimon mini Tea Cups NEW
-Soul Eater Cell phone strap of Kid NEW
-Soul Eater Key Holder
-Random Manga volumes of: Comic Party, Fruits Basket, Lament of the Lamb, Kare Kano, Mars, Nodame Cantabile, Rave Master, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Threads of Time, and Tramps Like Us

For more information and better pictures, see this entry. Please take a look! Thank you! Feedback is there as well. :)


Yaoi-con Auctions - Week 9

This week's Auction is up! We'd like to thank all the bidders participating in the last week's auction to benefit MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres) or Doctors without Borders to support their continuing efforts in Haiti.  We raised $276.00!

Click on the banner to take you to our Profile page -  please read through our terms/info.  If you decide to be a bidder, friend our journal FIRST or your bid will NOT be official and screened.

Thank you and have a good week!!


Up for Auction this week: Signed Yaoi Manga by Yu Takahashi, Lucky Bags, Hakuoki Notepad and Pins Set from Comiket 77, Signed Novel by Silapa Jarun, Vampire Knight Omake Set, Hetalia One-Coin Figure +Card Sets, Gundam 00 Omake Set, Set of 2 Haruka Minami Yaoi Doujinshi, KHR Sakura Addiction Music Box, Supernatural Yaoi Doujinshi Lot, Kuroshitsuji Character Mascot Set, and Nase Yamato Doujin issued Tote Bag.

This auction ends at 6PM (PST) on 31 Jan 2010.

Also up for Buy-It-Now: Minami Haruka's signed Print from her BITTER manga
You do not need to friend the LJ for this item.
fake yaoi

Kogepan wanted! + JE CDs for sale

Looking for some nice Kogepan stuff! :D 

Also, I'm from Poland, so I guess I prefer something not too heavy, so the shipping cost doesn't kill me. (^_^;)

Besides, if anyone would like to pay for the shipping from Poland, I've got a heap of KinKi Kids, J-friends and V6 CDs (albums & singles) to get rid of. Drop a line if you're interested, then I'll give you a full list. :D



CLAMP no Kiseki vol. 11 (Kurogane and Fai on cover, special on Tsubasa.  Has chess pieces, new in packaging.)
Mew Pez Dispenser (hard to fine, rare, never released in US)
CLOVER vol 2 by CLAMP (still in shrink wrap)
WISH vol 2 by CLAMP
Meowth plush
Pikachu plush
Tsubasa Chronicle Wallet

Music Posters for sale

*No trades
*International Okay
*If you ask for shipping costs and do not respond in 24 hours you forfeit
*Paypal Only
*I'll take offers on unsold posters after 5 days
*Prices do not include shipping. When asking for shipping tell me your country, state/province, and postal code.
*Prices are in US Dollars
*After 10 days all items are going to be thrown away so speak now or lose the chance

ebay feedback, lolita database feedback under the name bucktick

Jrock/Jpop posters

A1: Pierrot; one side, unused - $1
A2: TMR; cw/The Gospellers, used poster has tape and some tears on the gospellers side - $2
A3: Janne de Arc; one side, unused $1
A4: Lareine; cw/lareine tour information, unused $2
A5: Sophie; cw/ Sophie, unused - $1
A6: Shulla; one sided, some flat tape on blank side $1
A7: The Alfee x2 + Rag Fair lot; unused, 2 of the same alfee poster. $1 for lot
A8: Psycho le cemu; one side, used with a tiny bit of tape residue on blank side - $1
A9: TMR; cw/TMR, used, tape at corners and middle seam (as shown in photo) - $1
A10: TMR; cw/TMR, unused - $2
A11: TMR; cw/TMR, unused, poster is double size, there is a slight wrinkle in the center - $2
A12: TMR; cw/TMR, unused - $2
A13: TMR; cw/TMR, unused - $2
A14: TMR; cw/TMR, unused - $2
A15: Rag Fair x2; cw/Rag Fair x2, unused - $1 for lot
A16: Psycho le cemu; one side, used with some tearing to the corner and wrinkling- $1

B1: Miyavi; cw/Miyavi, used, tape on reverse side - $3
B2: Mana; cw/rose of versailles, unused - $4
B3: Nightmare; one side, unused - $3
B4: Miyavi; one side, unused - $4
B5: Miyavi; one side, unused - $4
B6: Miyavi; one side, used with tape on reverse - $3
B7: Miyavi; one side, used with tape on reverse - $3
B8: Miyavi; cw/TMR, unused - $4
B9: Nightmare; one side, used - $3
B10: Vidoll; one side, unused - $3
B11: Mucc; on side, unused but a tiny bit of wear along folds - $3
B12: Despairs Ray; one side, unused, slight curl to upper edge - $3
B13: Miyavi *same as B7; one side, used with slight tape residue on reverse - $3

C1: Despairs Ray autograph board for Collset, great condition - $3
C2: Photo of Aki from Sid, I got this when they performed at Acen convention in Chicago at the goods table 2004 - $3

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flyers, demo cds, magazines up for sale ☆

get the newest J-rock flyer from japan here at my journal ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

 ☆ flyer from 2009/2010 please click here ☆
→ e.g. bands like ViViD, DELUHI, R指定, Sadie and many more
☆ flyer from 2008 please click here  ☆
→ all for only 1€ / flyer

☆ CDs, demo CDs, magazines etc you can find here ☆
→ e.g. AREA flyer magazine with around 35 flyer

thank you for looking! (^-^)/

already have some
here .

Kyon~♥ :O

Selling - MANGA & MORE


(+ MORE)

Kill Me, Kiss Me Vols. 1-2 ~ $2 each, $4 for the set
Psychic Academy Vols. 1-2 ~ $2 each, $4 for the set
Life Vols. 1-2 ~ $4 each, $6 for the set
Girls Bravo Vols. 1-5 ~ $4 each, $16 for the set
Naruto Vols. 4-10 ~ $4 each, $20 for the set
Buso Renkin Vols. 1-6 ~ $5 each, $25 for the set
School Rumble Vols. 1-5 ~ $7 each, $28 for the set
Gurren Lagann Vol. 1 ~ $7
My Heavenly Hockey Club Vol. 1 ~ $6
One Piece Vol. 1 ~ $3

( DVD(s) )( Artbook(s) )( Misc. (Posters, promo items such as bookmarks, cards, pins, etc) )

Doujin Sale!

I'm still really desperate for to sell off these doujins so please take a look! 
I've made a post in my sales journal for TONS of Katekyo Hitman Reborn doujinshi as well as a few Hetalia
and Ouran ones! There are a few Ouran items Gundam Seed items, etc.

Sales Post is Here :

As always, feedback can be found here:
Feedback, Feedback!

Please take a look!

D'espairsRay and BLAM HONEY CDs & DVDs


TERRORS (mini album) 5 tracks / second pressing in white sleeve case.  $45
SEXUAL BEAST (maxi single) 4 tracks / second pressing.  $40
MaVERiCK (maxi single) 4 tracks / first pressing with real autograph (photo here). $45
Gärnet (maxi single) 3 tracks / $29
BORN (mini album CD+DVD) CD: 5 tracks+secret DVD: Garnet PV / first pressing with message CD from Third Stage. $45
-GEMINI- (maxi single CD+DVD) CD: 2 tracks DVD: BORN PV / first pressing with message CD from Third Stage. $30
[Coll:set] (album) / original Japanese second pressing with bonus tracks. with real autograph (photo here). $60
凍える夜に咲いた花 (kogoeru yoru ni saita hana) (maxi single) 3 tracks+CD extra / A type with Forbidden live video (CD extra). $15
凍える夜に咲いた花 (kogoeru yoru ni saita hana) (maxi single) 3 tracks+CD extra / B type with Garnet live video (CD extra). $15
Squall (maxi single CD+DVD) CD: 2 tracks DVD: Squall PV / first pressing. $20
Squall (maxi single) 3 tracks / normal pressing. $13
MIRROR (album) 12 tracks+CD extra / normal pressing with TRICKSTeR PV (CD extra). $24

The World Outside The Cage (DVD) / full-length live DVD with message CD from Third Stage. $50
murder Day (DVD) / full-length live DVD with Reddish -DIVA version- PV & offshot. SOLD. thanks!


very rare limited edition single including the tracks VERTEX POSION and UTERUS.  this copy is the CD ONLY in a regular case.  the cover is missing.  the CD has many scratches, but it plays perfectly (Exact Audio Copy software showed no errors). $25
Grandiose Delusion (album) 7 tracks / CD itself has some very light marks (near mint).  otherwise perfect.  $45
Artificial Delusion (maxi single) 4 tracks / CD itself has some very light marks (near mint). otherwise perfect. $30
Typical Ingeniousness ~suggest~ (album) / CD itself has some very light marks (near mint). otherwise perfect. $45

Everything is complete (with title strip where applicable) and in excellent, near-perfect, like new condition unless otherwise stated.  If you need pictures of any items or more information, please ask.

Payment & Shipping

Shipping for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs within the US is $3.00 for first class or $5.00 for priority.  For more items, shipping will be calculated based on what you purchase.  For shipping outside of the US, charge will be determined on an individual basis depending on where you live and what you purchase.  Generally speaking, international airmail is $6-8 for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs.  Priority International is also available, ask about rates.

I accept Paypal or Postal Money Order.

Thanks for looking!

selling tons of japanese magazines and cds

hi everybody  i m selling tons of jpop cds albums and singles like ayumi hamasaki,koda kumi,hirai ken, hitomi shimatani, utada hikaru,boa,se7en,perfume,tm revolution,aya kamiki,mika namashima,mihimaru gt,do as infinity,amuro namie,yuna ito ,leah dizon,yui,kato miliyah,dj ozma,sowelu ,minmi,beni arashiro,morning musume ,yu yamada and more and i m also selling jrock cds like l arc en ciel,b'z,gackt,nightmare,hide, glay,baiser, and more . all of the cds are authentic japanese imports .
there is also official goodies and collectibles from your favorit artist like the ayupan

im also selling japanese fashion magazines like scawaii,egg,cawaii,nicolas,ray,blenda,posh,koakuma koakuma ageha,vivi,bis,ray,happie nuts,popteen,pinky,seventeen,spring,blenda,ollie,men's egg, kera,puchi nico,smart, and many more +fan magazine like shoxx,CURE,poporo and potato if you like kamen rider there is also magazine like telebi kun and hyper hobby and if you are a fan of gundam i have denki hobby magazines for those who like manga there is also lala manga magazine
also selling some japanese video games, cute japanese phone straps and japanese make up ( lavshuka from kanebo brand new) . ( there is also video game magazines)
there is a few cute pair of shoes that are great if you are a hime gyaru or simply a gyaru and a bunch of clothes .

added some kamen rider and relakkuma toys .

for pictures , price and additional informations ,please check my website at
http://www.myjpop.com added tons of new items prices have been lower

you can also check the clearance section for great deals

i accept paypal ,conceal cash, western union and money order.i ship directly from US. i can combine shipping if you want to order more than 1 item. if you have any additional questions or simply would like to order feel free to pm me anytime. i m also taking request if you are looking for anything special send me a pm or email me :-)

selling fruits basket mangas 1-21

1-21 Fruits Basket mangas! Plus a Fruits Basket sticker/character book :)

They're seriously all brand new looking and feeling.
I take extra good care of all my books so they didn't wear.
I'm asking for $6 a piece or for the best offer.

Shipping isn't included I live in huntington, NY 11743 so you can calculate shipping if you want. Thanks! :D <3
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1-21 Fruits Basket mangas! Plus a Fruits Basker sticker/character book with purchase :)

They're seriously all brand new looking and feeling.
I take extra good care of all my books so that they don't wear out, like these.
I'm asking for $6 a piece or for the best offer.


Shipping isn't included. To calculate shipping, my zip code is 11743

THANKS <3:)*
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(no subject)

Okay, I would really, really love for these to get sold, because I just don't have the room to keep them. xD So, I've lowered the prices as much as I can. Shipping from Canada to the US/Canada is included in the price. Take everything in this post for $175 shipped and I will throw in some extras - possibly some manga, but I've definitely got pencilboards, clearfiles, CDs etc that I will throw in.

If you want everything, I'm also open to offers - I think this is already pretty low, but comment with an offer, and I'll check shipping costs to see if I can do it. \o/

D.N. Angel 1-6 +box - $30
Gravitation boxset - $30
Mirage of Blaze boxset - $25
Detective Loki Ragnarok 1, 6 +box - $5 +ship, because of the box I'm not sure on shipping.
Boogiepop Phantom complete series - $25
Sorcerer Hunters complete set - $25
Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters 1-4 +Weiss Kreuz Gluhen/Knight Hunters Eternity 1 - $25
Single DVDs - $6.50 shipped each
Gravitation OVA
Desert Punk vol. 5
Gall Force
Fake complete series
Knights of Ramune complete series
Lost Universe 4-5 - $7 for both
X Japan "best"
don&#39;t take this icon!

Selling lots of manga! Only $1 per volume!

Okay guys, I'm getting kinda desperate for space, so it's time to clear out some manga I was never really able to get into. All volumes are in either new or like-new condition. I'm asking for only $1 apiece. Here's what I have to sell:

Hibiki's Magic - 1
Dream Saga - 1, 2, 3, 5
Sakura Taisen - 2, 3, 4, 7
Steady Beat - 1, 2
Sea Princess Azuri - 1
Peach Fuzz - 1
Legends of the Dark Crystal - 1

I'm only able to ship to the U.S. and Canada, sorry. Canadian buyers, please be aware that shipping will be pricier for you than U.S. buyers, as I'm located in the States!

Comment here if you're interested and we can make it happen! I have 100% positive feedback in my journal if you'd like to check.

Clearance: Clippings / Pin ups / Glossies / Posters /albums

Wanna clr all the items described below:

Posters + Mags

-> COLOR / PLAY/ Epop / FANS / I-wkly / U-wkly / Teens / Teenage / LIME 
-> Fahrenheit
-> S.H.E
-> BBT
-> Rainie
-> Angela
-> F4 / 5566 / 183 club / jstar
-> hana kimi / rolling love / why why love / x family n many more.
-> TVXQ / SS501 / Boys over flowers / Shinee / FT island

Currently selling clippings @ $1 per set for the following:

Clippings @ $1 each per set
Kinki Kids
Tackey & Tsubasa

Clippings (regardless of no of sheets)
Arashi - $2.50 per set
Kat-tun - $2 per set
NEWS - $2 per set
HSJ - $2.50 per set

k8 ( $1 for each)
kinki kids

Kinki kids
K8 ( $2 each)
tackey & tsubasa

Kyoko Fukada - Universe
Nowhere album- Bawl Out (feat takashi kashiwabara)
v6 - Very Best
T&T - Hatachi (inc 10 photos + folded poster)
Boa - Valenti

Kinki kids albums

Drama / Concert bklet - $1 each

*Pls note some of the clippings is incomplete.

* Ship from singpapore.

* Pls visit www.entertainment-items.blogspot.com for tw idols items or www.idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com for je items.

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BOGO 50% off, love suprises packs & clearance 5 for $20 sale!

For more info on the sale and my other sale (Love Surprise Pack!), click here!

Join my updates! Check out here for how to subscribe!

$5 each, or 5 for $20!
☆ Clothes, Bags and more~

☆New Additions: japanese school girl set, cute chic set, cute plaid skirt, cute polka dot skirt, cute skirt from korea, lace tank tops, cream fobby furry vest, fobby skirts, matching couple hoodie, stirrup leggings, green track jacket from taiwan, vivi style polka dot top, white fobby jacket, casual punk lolita skirt, Winter Coats/Jackets, Leopard Print Leggings, New Clothing From taiwan! white bow blazer, striped leggings, gray biker jacket, Korean Blingbling apple tee, a lot of two/three pieces! Bow Dresses, Popular Flower Dress, School girl top, unique dresses, cute layered skirts, Lots More!
★Lowered Prices on lots of clothing!

☆New Addition: Gorgeous zebra sequin hand bag, gray fobby backpack, pink ruffly bag, leopard print purse with chain strap, plaid bow pouch, cute pink tote bag, White Quilted Chain bag, Monokuro Boo bag, Blk x Silver heart &Bow pouch, Bow Clutch, HK Brand Bags, Plaid Drawstring bag with matching wallet
★Lowered Prices on many bags! Bags From Taiwan (Sparkly Black Duffel Bag, Cute Bow Messengers, Polka Dotted Bag, School Girl Bag, Handbags, etc), Cellphone and misc pouches &clutches, Monokuro Boo Waist bag, Harajuku Lovers Bags

Beauty, Accessories, Jewelry &Shoes
☆New Addition: limited edition hello kitty watch, cute japanese styled shoes, leg slimming slippers, arm warmers, new tights, bow legwarmer from japan, fobby mickey cap, earrings, green muffler, winter japanese brand RICH socks, sweater beret, gray scarf, portable hair curler, cute rings, cute loli umbrellas, cute hair accessories, whitening facial masks, cellphone chains and keychains, and more jewelry and headbands!
★Face Masks, Facial Absorbent Paper, Cute Earrings from Taiwan, Vivi Style Bow Belts, Plaid heels, Japanese Brand SLY Flip Flops, Bracelets, more!!
☆Lowered Prices; On ALL jewelry Headbands (pearl, bows, other unique headbands), Hairclips, Scrunchies, Watches, Necklaces, Cute sunflower ring, Earrings, Tights and Knee-hi socks, Shoes, flipflops, bikinis, belts; mostly all from Asia!

Games, Manga, Collectibles, Plushies &Others
☆New Addition: limited edition hello kitty watch, rikkamaru calender, Gamecube Set, Naruto Items, PS3&PC&DS Games, Hello kitty pencil magic trick erasure&case¬ebook&marker set, Cute Pooh Drawer
★Lots of Hello Kitty Items, DS&PS2 games, Nana book 1 - 6, Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo book 9 - 10 and 13 - 17, gintama book 1 - 4 (all in chinese but great prices!!), Manga &Anime Collectibles (*RARE !! Luffy pirate globe collectible && **RARE !! Luffy Pirates vs. CP9 $35 only for each set // cheap naruto sets)

Discounts given for magazines!
☆★NEW ADDTIIONS: flame/w-inds/LEAD CD, arashi cd case and fashion magazines
☆★CDS = NEWS Summer Time LIMITED EDITION Single, NEWS Weeeek Single, NEWS Touch album, NEWS hoshi wo mezashite single, kitty gYm Fever to Future single, Akira to Shuji Seishun Amigo Single, Jolin (Dancing Forever CD+DVD), Nana Kitade overseas version CD, Ayumi Hamasaki ((Miss)Understood CD+DVD, GUILTY CD+DVD, STEP you/is this LOVE? CD+DVD, Moments CD+DVD), Rainie Yang, DDR EXTREME OST
☆★magazines; steady magazine, lowered prices: beauty, Female Fashion (FF), junon, myojo, winkup, potato, popolo, duet


WTB: A lacy himegyaru jacket such as liz lisa~ please let me know if you have one~ thanks ^^ i'm wiling to pay up to $150USD for it ^^</font>

Selling an unfinished HISUI (GHOST) Cosplay

Costume is from GHOSTs - Yurikago wa madoromi(PV).

- Front and back on Hisui
- Some photos of him and the costume
- how far I got
- Detail skirt
- Detail sleeve
- Details front
- Material
- Photo in a CURE issue

You can see how far I got on some of these pictures. Sadly I just don't have the time to finish it and so it's been inside my closet for about 1 year already without beeing touched. I am selling everythig I've bought for it until the day I had to stop. That includes fabric, lace, buttons, ....

The skirt is almost finished.
Top: The zipper has to be sewed in, same with the sleeves. Lace and buttons have to be attatched, also the collar and hem.
Bow: The bow consist of 3 pieces, which still have to be sewed together (in the pic I just layed it neatly) and be attatched to this main thing...take a look at the photo of Hisui and you'll know what I mean ;D
Gantlets, headpiece or hat: I didn't start working on these.

The material costed almost 120€ untill now and I already did quite some work.
I would be selling it for 76€ including shipping in germany (69€+shipping world wide) or make me an offer.

You could also use it as Gothic Lolita clothing....
you bring me my joy
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BL manga, doujinshi & character goods


-BL manga in Japanese, English and Chinese
-doujinshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Ookiku Furikabutte, Eyeshield 21, FullMetal Alchemist, Hikaru no Go, Kuroshitsuji, Prince of Tennis)
-Prince of Tennis character goods

PLUS choose from a variety of freebies for every item you purchase!

@ envente
bunny-san 2

Anime and manga goodies for sale!!! Kuroshitsuji, CLAMP, Saiyuki, Gurren Lagann and more!!!

Hello and thanks for browsing!

I have a wide selection of merchandise available for sale from a variety of anime and
manga series and games, including:

-Kuroshitsuji figures (Sebastian Nendoroid!!), pencil boards, posters, charms
-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann DX Nia and Yoko figures...
-Fate/Stay Night Saber Lily Nendoroid
-Last Exile figures
-Code Geass figures
-Reborn! mini-keychains
-Death Note (Nendoroid Petit figures!!)
-D. Gray-man charms and figures
-CLAMP (LOTS of CLAMP in 3D Land figures, including Fai, Kurogane, Doumeki, Freya (Dark
Chii), and more!), Album de Reproductions 2 (the new artbook), and more...
-Tales of the Abyss trading figures- JUST RESTOCKED!!
-Sailor Moon dolls
-Lamento: Beyond the Void figures
-Togainu no Chi One Coin chibi figures!! JUST RESTOCKED!!
-Nitro+ One Coin figures..
-Loveless artbooks and large prints
-Saiyuki items, including pins, mirrors, pouches and the latest artbook!!

and more...  I'm happy to combine shipping for multiple items so feel free to mix and match!

For reference, Ebay feedback is HERE....

Go HERE to take a look!

Thanks for browsing!!
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forclosure... im screwed so it all has to go.

everything must go... ill post more later but heres links to the pictures too. make offers please. i'll try my best to work with whatever payment option you'd like. im sorry this was done so lazy but honestly i need to make all the money i can as fast as possible before im basically on the streets. no sympathy needed... but fast replies would be awesome considering how limited my time will be.
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