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29 January 2010 @ 04:16 am
 I need to clear out as much items as i can, so please help me out if you can! 

i just added many new things. 


-Many An Cafe (LIMITED EDITION) CD's and other things
-Poster in lovely shape and never used (MUCC, An Cafe, Mizobata Junpei, Koda Kumi, Gazette)

I have many other good also, you might want to have a look! Thanks !

Click the picture, or go HERE
29 January 2010 @ 04:17 am

Sellign super cute SD Melissa Seraphy Collection 2 figures!
Also i search this time some things only Klick on banner to get to my LJ post

feedbacks here
Miss Kalloway
29 January 2010 @ 09:16 am

Anime, manga, toys, figures, games, doujinshi, and far more~ New items added and prices reduced on old ones! Post here and Photo Catalog here. All reasonable offers considered!

Newest addition: Taiko Drum Master for PS2, DBZ Figures, Play Arts Cloud & Fenrir

Click for more~Collapse )

Thank you for looking! Current wishlist (trades, please) is fairly small -- mostly Gundam SEED/Astray books, figures or gunpla that I need.
Lennie Veres
29 January 2010 @ 10:45 am
I am still trying to raise money for a new car so all this stuff needs to go! I still have lots for sale at my selling journal and many new items were added today, mostly Nakayoshi furoku and plushies. As always, reasonable offers are accepted, so feel free to haggle! Please take a look!

29 January 2010 @ 11:40 am
Lots of stuff! Toys from Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Code Geass, Escaflowne, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. CDs from Gackt, T.M.Revolution, Pierrot, Smap and Rag Fair. English and Japanese manga including a current set of D.N.Angel in Japanese and miscellany from all sorts of shows!

Please check it out!

Anime dolls, figures, and keychains.




My feedback is visible here


More than you ever wanted to know about my selling policies are here. :)

My email address is groovybluecha@yahoo.com

Due to school and work obligations I am only mailing on Mondays. If Monday is a holiday, I mail on Wednesday.
29 January 2010 @ 12:59 pm

Payments Accepted:

PayPal Preferred. If you live in the US I will take a money order as well. ^__^
Payment by PayPal needs to be received within 3 days.


Worldwide shipping is available. Price includes shipping in the US.
Please leave your zip code or country so I can calculate shipping costs. I always combine shipping!



+ Serious buyers only please.
+ No refunds or returns.
+ Trades are accepted! I'm especially interested in Gackt Platinum boxes, and other Jrock artists CD's, DVD's and Magazines. ^__^

Items are described to the best of my ability and I'm always willing to take extra pics if requested. ^__^
I go to the post office everyday so your items will never take more than a day to ship.
I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay as AerisMeioh

Vinyl Sndicate $1 each or free with other purchase.
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Hello everyone! I need all this stuff gone! I have plenty of handmade jewelry (some of which I still need pics up of) and cute things and clothes~!


My feedback can be seen here: http://xx-kikai-xx.livejournal.com/17365.html

I'm located in the US, but I can ship worldwide!

Also, I make macaron and cream charms too, so I'll be taking orders~ You can see some of what I've made here:
Blue Macaron with creams
Bunches of macarons and creams!

I currently make them in: Baby blue, mint, pink, and lavender~ I'll be coming up with more colors later~

Thank you~!
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Love & Joy
29 January 2010 @ 02:27 pm

For sale: figures
I have little figures for sale from these series:

Saint Seiya
Shining tears x wind
Sengoku Basara
Code geass

BJD clothes here, SD and MSD size

FiguresCollapse )
29 January 2010 @ 03:14 pm

200+ positive feedback, best offer deal!
29 January 2010 @ 04:04 pm

I'm selling alot of J-Rock/Visual Kei

andise, Posters, Flyers, Photosets, Photocards

in my Sales Post! Shipping worldwide! Don't miss that!!!

Take a look into my Salespost!


29 January 2010 @ 04:07 pm
Due to me moving soon all of my prices have been lowered! I have plenty of manga up for grabs (including YAOI), as well as a few doujinshi!!

MOST of my manga is sitting at $3 a piece!! :D

I just went through and added a TON of stuff!! Please come buy, and if you think my prices are too high you can offer! XD I ALWAYS consider offers!!!

*****Order ten or more and you get free shipping*****

XD I wanna move this stuff out ASAP!!

--One Piece
--Wild Ones
--Aoi House
--Let Dai
--Hands Off
--Beauty Pop
--Bran Doll
--Prince Charming
--Princess Princess

Please check HERE for my manga aaaaaaaaaaand.....

HERE for my doujinshi!! :3

Thank you :3
I need some brightly colored posters (maybe flyers/clippings too) to liven up my dorm room!

Feel free to make offers! (I'd prefer not to spend too much on posters, however)

I'm particularly interested in the following artists: GACKT, Miyavi, An Cafe, LM.C, Psycho le Cemu,  Kaya, Matenrou Opera
I'm interested in the following actors: Mizushima Hiro, Kato Keisuke, and Seto Kouji

I'm not at all interested in the following artists: Nightmare, Alice nine, the GazettE,

I'm also interested in fashion-related posters, such as Kera, Angelic Pretty, etc...!
29 January 2010 @ 04:31 pm

cute asian clothes still for sale.
as well as anime merchandises and other random misc kawaii.

check it out!


laissez les bontemps roulez
29 January 2010 @ 05:52 pm

Hydra Music Sales (hydramusic.webs.com)

Please check out this new site with items featuring Alice Nine, Dir en grey, The GazettE, Gackt, D'espairsRay, 12012, and Miyavi. Item categories include FC-only merch, CDs, DVDs, clothing, and magazines.

*UPDATED 1/25/10* New items have been posted in the autographs section. Bands include Dir en grey, DespairsRay, and The Underneath. Check it out!

Be sure to register for updates.
I got some left over bracelets from proj 2, 2 mags, some G cal posters (that are not in such a great condition), some really old shounen jump and some misc. items and a HP DVD burner for sale at my journal. 


To the Post (link)
29 January 2010 @ 06:27 pm

↓↓ GO HERE. ↓↓
***All items are marked down for the holidays***

Selling photosets and other merchandise here:

and CDs and DVDs here:

Artists/Bands include: Juka, Sugar, Dollis Marry, Wizard, Moran, Kisaki Project, Metis Gretel, +catar ciss+ and more.

I'm also selling Matenrou Opera cds/dvds here:

Please take a look if you're interested. Thanks~!
29 January 2010 @ 07:47 pm
~Serious Buyers Only
~No Holds
~No Trades
~International Welcome
~Ships Immediately from USA
~Positive Feedback 100%



29 January 2010 @ 09:01 pm
Aside from my regular items for sale, I am selling a tokidoki l'amore small purse. Looking for about $115 shipped but can be negotiable. The size is 5.25X9.5X2.25.

I also added a few more fortune charas and His and Hers Circumstances complete one case set. I hoping to put the rest of my binsen (doujinishi stationary) up, but if interested in particular series let me know. I have from series ranging from code geass, gundam seed, fruits basket, hikaru no go, death note, d gray man among others
Items at s384.photobucket.com/albums/oo286/Sakura7585/
Caylee ✭
29 January 2010 @ 09:06 pm
I have a $200 fine I have to pay by Feb. 18, so the sale is being extended until the 16th!!
Also, if you don't like my prices, you can always make me an offer!!
I'm pretty sure I'll accept your offer since I really need money! >3<]

^ ★ click the picture!
♫ Mie ☪
29 January 2010 @ 09:33 pm

-circle lenses
-lolita fashion/magazine
-sexpot replica
-other clothing

*prices all include shipping within the US!*

Please check it out!Collapse )
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29 January 2010 @ 09:49 pm

I'm making one last post here for my moving sale. Thankfully a lot has sold but there is still more that must go. As I mentioned last time if I do not get rid of these items before I leave Japan I will have to throw them away, and I'll honestly rather see that they go to someone who wants them and not the trash. I've cut back prices again to help make things more affordable.

List of items that are still available with prices:

Ace Attorney Gashapon keychain figures: Apollo Justice 2USD (2 available)
Hetalia double tip orange marker 1USD
Katekyo Hitman Reborn check book cover 2USD
Katekyo Hitman Reborn seasonal sticker set of two (spring/SET 1) .50USD
Katekyo Hitman Reborn seasonal sticker set of two (winter/SET 2) .50USD
Fullmetal Alchemist phone strap/postcard/card set *limited edition from monthly GanGan manga magazine for the month of Sept. 4USD
Fresh Pretty Cure: Cure Peach plushie 5USD
NEWS - Hoshi wo Mezashite single (LE w/DVD) 10USD
KAT-TUN - Don't U Ever Stop (LE Jin/Tanaka version) 4USD
KAT-TUN - Yorokobi no Uta single (LE w/DVD) 5USD
hiro - As Time Goes By single 1USD
Bennie K - Japana-rhythm album 2USD
Pierrot - Hill -genkaku no yuki - single 3USD
Pierrot - Screen single 3USD
Kannivalism - Soukou humority single 1USD
F.T.Island Sweet Journey album Special Repackage Edition 5USD
Set of 10 Kamen Rider Den-O PPP figures 10USD
Taguchi uchiwa KAT-TUN Break the Records Tokyo Dome 3USD

I leave in a few days and February 1st is the last day I can make it to the post office to send things out so I need to be paid before midnight January 31st. Also because there is only a short amount of time I can't wait too long for a response so if there is somebody else interested the same item I may just sell it to them if you don't respond in a timely fashion.

If you're interested in buying any of these please check my sales post for more information as well as photos.
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29 January 2010 @ 10:24 pm

Hello! I spent the day organizing new things to put up for sale.
Most items are Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty related, but there are many other series listed as well.
Please check it out! ^-^

Link to entry: shoga-chan.livejournal.com/2376.html

Thank you very much and have a great weekend!!

29 January 2010 @ 10:58 pm
free shipping gusa!
To all USA residents!
Order 3 or more items and get free shipping on your entire order!!!!!!
Buy over $30 worth of items.
Payment: Paypal only
NOTE: if you have ordered or will order before Jan:30
Items will be shipped Febuary 1

2 for $5 Shipped promo!
Plushie phone charms
phone charms
flu mask
large plushies

3 for $5 shipped:

Hair accessories!
robbons and bows

All lolita, and visual kei cloths marked as shipped!
All rilakkuma and Hello kitty bags are marked as shipped!
All cybergoth dreadfalls marked as shipped!

$20 shipped on all anime art books and manga collections!

29 January 2010 @ 11:54 pm