February 3rd, 2010


I'm looking to buy or if you want trade for a few things. I'm looking for really good prices.

Dragon Ball z season 7-9 High priority***
Yu yu Hakusho season 4
Banya 4
Dogs 2

(no subject)

 I currently have rare sailor moon manga in my shop for $25 shipped each. ( if you are outside usa additional shipping will apply)
and Cure, and fools mate magazines for $15 shipped

Hurry these will not stay up long! 
Sell for these items end Feb 16 at midnight!!!

Ending soon!

Massive figure sale ending today; get your bids in soon! :>

Currently listed:

Best offer:

- ALTER Kos-Mos (Xenosaga)
- Biohazard Zero (Sealed/Wii)
- Biohazard One (Sealed/Wii)
- Busou Shinki Juivsy

Bid Based: (all ending today!)

- BOME Oni Musume III
- BOME Jungle Emmy
- CM's Corp. Vita (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
- Sora: Master Form (Kingdom Hearts)
- Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess)
- BOME Kos-Mos (Xenosaga)
- Yoko Ritona (Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann)
- Asuka (Evangelion)

all auctions located here!
Allie Adult
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Looking for Kingdom Hearts games

I've become rather obsessed with Kingdom Hearts as of late, but I realized I don't have a copy of my own to play. So I'm looking for a cheap copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 and/or Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the PS2, shipped in the States. Thanks!

EDIT: Got 'em, thanks to everyone who replied!



Looking for doujinshi!? Love BL/yaoi/shounen-ai!? Good! Because I still have a whole bunch of doujinshi for sale over here in my LJ!

I have a lot of Gundam Wing, Prince of Tennis, and Angelique, some Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam SEED, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a bunch of other random stuff.

So stop on by!


WTB: Lamento, Code Geass, FFVII

I'm looking for Rai, Bardo, and Konoe of the Lamento One-Coin figures, and Lamento Comic Anthology 1.

I'm also looking for  has Lelouch Zero Version from Ex-Portraits R2 set, as well as Zero Project BM!, and Ichiban Kuji chibi figures of Lelouch and Suzaku.  

Cute Doujin of FFVII Zack x Cloud is wanted as well.  * u*

Feel Free To Haggle & Trade :D

Most of these items are listed in my journal with information, prices, and pics. The items that aren't listed in my journal, please ask me for the price. Please come check it out. ♥

Naruto Yaoi Doujinshi: Kakashi x Naruto
One Piece Yaoi Doujinshi: Ben Beckman x Shanks

Now vol. 3
Gundam Seed vol. 1
Peacemaker vol. 1
Fruits Basket vol. 2
Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action vol. 1 - 2

Fruits Basket vol. 1, 3, & 4 CANNOT TRADE
Dragonball GT: Affliction, Proliferation, & Calculations
Samurai X: Reflections OVA CANNOT TRADE
Rurouni Kenshin: Faces Of Evil

Picture Letters From The Commander In Chief: Letters From Iwo Jima

PATI PATI (An Cafe) 4/08
Newtype USA (.Hack//Legend Of The Twilight) 7/04
Newtype USA (Gundam Seed) 4/05
Newtype USA (Gundam Seed Destiny) 12/05
Newtype USA (Eureka Seven) 2/06
Animedia (Black Cat) 1/06
Animage (Gundam 00) 4/09

Video Games
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA)
Dragonball Z: Budokai (Gamecube)
Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 (PS2)
Tokobot Plus: Mysteries Of The Karakuri (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 2 (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 5 (XBOX)

Loveholic: Florist Album
Dragonball GT Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Cloth Poster
Gundam Seed/Destiny Sticker Book

Looking for...

I'm looking to buy or trade for the following!

-Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch(anything I dont have,colllection in my journal!)
-Kero Cardcaptor Sakura plush/figures
-One Piece Keimi/Camie merchandise
-Mermaid merchandise
-Volks/obitsu 1/6(27 CM) of Japan complete dolls or heads
-Pisces Chara figures
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Lots still for sale, new items added, including Hello Kitty and Nakayoshi furoku!

I'm still trying to raise money towards the purchase of a new car, so all this stuff needs to go! I still have lots of items for sale over at my selling journal, including large pieces of fabric, uncut patterns, wigs and clothing used for costumes. Lots of new fabric pieces were added today!!! Reasonable offers are always considered, so don't be afraid to haggle! Please check it out!

Japanese manga and magazines

English manga


Video Games


Miscellaneous items



lynch., DEATHGAZE, AYABIE, D'espairsRay, BLAM HONEY, Syndrome, D, machine etc. CDs & DVDs

lynch., DEATHGAZE, AYABIE, D'espairsRay, BLAM HONEY, Syndrome, KISAKI & KANSAI KIZOKU, D, machine, SEX MACHINEGUNS, LM.C, Viored, 査~マルサ~ (MARUSA) +
see cuts below.

all items are original Japanese releases.

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CANNONBALL vol.3 (album) 15 tracks / includes 1 track each from Viored, CELLT, メロウ (MEROU), SuG, and ガイズファミリー (GUYS FAMILY) and 2 tracks each from Mix Speaker's, Inc., heidi., the Pumpkin Head, BABYLON, and Wizard.  $15

Everything is complete (with title strip where applicable) and in excellent, near-perfect, like new condition unless otherwise stated.  If you need pictures of any items or more information, please ask.

my eBay feedback

Payment & Shipping

Shipping for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs within the US is $3.00 for first class or $5.00 for priority.  For more items, shipping will be calculated based on what you purchase.  For shipping outside of the US, charge will be determined on an individual basis depending on where you live and what you purchase.  Generally speaking, international airmail is $6-8 for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs.  Priority International is also available, ask about rates.

I accept Paypal or Postal Money Order.

Thanks for looking!

Help Haiti! Buy my things! Very cheap!! San-X, Lolita, Tons of Cosplay, Hats, Rilakkuma, and more!

Lolita Clothes, Hats, Petti, Parasols, Accessories, Shoes
Click here for Lolita:
: Sweet pink lolita, free headdress and petticoats, top hats, cake dresses, bodyline, lolita shoes, parasol, and Shugo Chara Lolita Inspired Amulet Clover costume.

Anime Cosplays, Sanrio, Shugo Chara, Wigs, San-X, video game cosplays, plus other things
Click Here for Cosplay/video games/anime wigs/Rilakkuma Hat:
Dark Magician Girl costume, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rilakkuma hat gloves,

Thank you very much and happy days~!
mama mv, chanyeol

some items for sale

hey people i'm selling off some items away here, well basically because i'm into another fandom instead and so i'm selling off the old fandom in order to accommodate to the new one.

Best Actors Album 008 CD for 28SGD [ON HOLD]
-has been opened before, however still in very good condition.

Best Actors Album 009 CD for 30SGD
-excellent condition as it is unopened and the plastic wrapping is intact.

PureBOYS - Kampai Je'Taime CD/DVD for 28SGD
-has been opened before, but still in very good condition

PureBOYS - Kimi no Te / Psyche na Heart CD/DVD for 30SGD
-excellent condition as it is unopened and the plastic wrapping is intact.

Masataka Nakagauchi's Halfmoon photobook for 45SGD (i got it at this amount) [ON HOLD]
-bought it from kino. still in excellent condition as it is unopened and the plastic wrapping is intact

tenimyu 2008 summer photobook for 64SGD (i got it at this amount)
-bought it from kino. still in excellent condition as it is unopened and the plastic wrapping is intact

singaporeans preferred. overseas buyers are welcome as well. i accept paypal for overseas payments and also meetups for singaporeans.