February 27th, 2010


Spring Cleaning! Clothing, J-Music, Manga & More!


I just updated my journal with lots of new things!


♥ Clothing! (Brand & Offbrand, Decora, Visual & Normal things)

♥ J-Music (J-Rock/Pop Cd's, Magazines & Merchandise)

♥Manga (Mostly German but very cheap!)

♥ and other Merchandising & Accessory

It's worth a look and I really want the things gone!
Don't like the price? Make me an offer!

Everything over at:



figure auctions ~

All starting at 9.99 or under ~

Currently on ebay:

1/8th Meer Campbell (gundam, Megahouse)
1/6th Poison (Final Fight, Yamoto)
C.C. (Code Geass, Banpresto) - actually got her from a user on here but she has some wear and I'm kind of anal sometimes about that so I'm selling her for less than I bought her.
1/8th Jungle Emmy (Combat Ver., BOME)
1/8th Iroha (Samurai Showdown/Samurai Spirits)
1/8th Imai Mariko (Tsukasa Bullet, Megahouse)
Rei Ayanami Bianco e Colore Rosso Ver (Evangelion, SEGA)
Asuka Soryuu Langely Red Bunny Suit Ver. (Evangelion, SEGA)
Sakura (Card Captor Sakura, SEGA)

auctions are located here!

More to be added this coming week ~
WA: oh baby then it fell apart

[SELLING] more stuff added!

Visit us @ kitsunegarisale!!!

Hey all! I've updated the sales journal with more items!

+ Saiyuki & Saiyuki Gaiden full color postcards
+ Saiyuki Festa '09 envelope & character cards
+ Loveless mousepad, phone charm, calendar
+ Loveless English manga volumes 1-8
+ Nitro+ goodies from Sweet Pool, Lamento, & Togainu no Chi
+ Acute Girls/Naked Ape items
+ Naruto doujinshi
+ Cyber Phase items
+ 07-Ghost volume 1 English manga
+ Saiyuki Reload Gunlock 1-7 DVDs complete
+ Blue Submarine no. 6 Special Edition DVD complete
+ Speed Grapher special box set with limited edition DVD volumes 1-6 complete
+ much more!

Most of the images are text-linked to keep things looking a bit cleaner (we thought we'd try it out!) If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Accpting paypal, U.S. buyers a-ok, others feel free to inquire!


+++ For SALE or TRADE! + Lowered prices + Everything needs to go...^-^v +++

Tons of new items added! Rare Tokidoki Messenger Bag, Harajuku Lovers Longshirt/Dress, Strapya Goodies, Vampire Knight + Skip Beat merchandise, Asian + offbrand clothing and much more!^^

Huge spring clean out sale on J-Rock CDs/DVDs/Merchandise, Anime/Manga and Furoku/Merchandise, cute Fashion items + clothing, movies and many many more!

+++ Just name your price, I'm gladly taking offers or willing to haggle on everything.^^ +++

Willing to (partially) trade for Japanese or South Korean brand clothing & fashion items/accessoires/bags or whatever (prefer Gyaru/Visual/Lolita brands like Tralala/Liz Lisa/Swordfish/Cecil McBee/Algonquins/Putumayo/SexPotRevenge/Metamorphose or any other stylish Japanese or South Korean brand like Dodostyle ^^) or anything J-Rock related to SID and D'espairs Ray or Everything related to Kanan Minami & Kaho Miyasaka series (except the mangas) or everything Togainu no Chi related

(!) Located in Germany, but will ship worldwide, Paypal account available

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Velvet-Sparkle + Bows


Finally! Limited clothing but we have those tiered bell tulle skirts in stock. Also, lots of amazing new nail sets!!


Also, I have been making giant obnoxious bedazzled bows for fun- please check out my Etsy for more!

  • grico

$3 anime dvds $2 manga, Anime sets. Free shipping at $10!

Hi, still selling anime/manga stuff. Single anime dvds are $3 each, manga is $2 each and anime sets are price as marked. All are the official U.S. release editions.

Free media mail shipping in the US if you spend $10 or more!

Let me know if you have any questions. I have positive feedback in this community and on ebay (user id: animecelsforsale).

All Anime dvds in this list are $3.00 each They are all the official region 1 release editions.

Ah My Goddess (2005 series) vol. 1
Angel Tales 1, 2
Arjuna vol. 2 (dvd only)
Aura Battler Dunbine vol. 1
Battle Athletes Victory 5
Beyblade vol. 3: The Hidden Tiger
Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran vol. 2
Ceres Celestial Legend vol. 7 Requiem (dvd only)
Corrector Yui vol. 1, 2, 3 (3 is dvd only)
Coyote Ragtime Show vol. 1
Devil Lady vol. 5 (dvd only)
Dragon Drive vol. 7
El Hazard: The Alternative World vol. 4
Escaflowne 7
GaoGaiGar vol. 2
Galaxy Railways 3
Gasaraki vol. 8
Gatekeepers vol. 1, 3,4,7 (Signature series edition)
Godannar vol. 3
Grrl Power!
Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick vol. 2
Hoop Days vol. 1
Infinite Ryvius vol. 4
Initial D vol. 10
Inuyasha vol. 16
Kurau: Phantom Memory vol. 1
Legend of Black Heaven vol. 3
Melty Lancer vol. 2
Naruto vol. 14
Nerima Daikon Brothers nol. 2
Patlabor TV vol. 10
Patlabor the New Files vol. 1
Patlabor 2: The Movie (dvd only)
Patlabor WXIII
Piano Melody of a Young Girls Heart vol. 1 (dvd only)
Pilot Candidate vol. 1
Pokemon: I Choose You Pikachu!
Powerstone vol. 5, 6
Project Arms vol. 2
Ranma ½: Ranma Forever vol. 1 Initiation Nite (dvd only)
Reign The Conqueror vol. 1 (dvd only)
Robotech - The Shadow Chronicles: The Movie
Rumbling Hearts vol. 1
Shingu vol. 1, 4
Slam Dunk vol. 2
Stratos 4: Return to Base (OAVs) (Sealed)
Tenjho Tenge vol. 1 (dvd only)
Tetsujin 28 vol. 2
Those Who Hunt Elves II vol. 1
Tide-line Blue vol. 1
Trigun vol. 8 (original edition)
Trinity Blood vol. 1 (sealed)
Vampire Princess Miyu vol. 3 Mystery
Vandread Stage 2: vols. 1-3
Viewtiful Joe vol. 1, 3
Wedding Peach vol. 3
Wild Arms vol. 3, 4
You're Under Arrest: The Motion Picture (dvd only)
Yu-gi-oh! vol. 2 “Into the Hornet’s Nest,” vol. 4 "Give up the Ghost"
Yu-gi-oh!: The Movie
Yu Yu Hakusho Uncut vol. 7, 24(dvd only)

Complete series/Collections/Runs:

Best Student Council vol. 1-6 (complete series) $26
Burn Up Excess vol. 1-4 (complete series, minor skipping on one disc) $16
Dan Doh!! The Super shot Collection 1 (2 dvds, 10 episodes) $5
Eat-Man 98 DVD Set (complete series) $12
G Gundam vol. 1-6, 9-12 (missing only dvds 7 +8) $40
Gasaraki vols. 1-8 (Complete series) $30
Geo-Armor: Kishin Corps (complete series) $8
Inuyasha 1st season box set (3 dvd set released by Viz, DUB only) $10
Robotech Remastered 1-6 (Complete Macross Saga series) $20
Robotech 7-10 ( Complete Masters series, dvd 8 dvd only) $12
Seven of Seven 1-6 (complete series) $25
Ultraman Tiga - Vol. 1: The Prophecy (2 dvds, 13 episodes) $10

$2.00 each manga

Beet the Vandel Buster 3, 4, 6, 7
Cannon God Exaxxion vol. 4 (4 is bent 1/2 way through but perfectly readable.)
Ceres Celestial Legend vol. 1
Dark Angel Volume 5 (graphic novel size edition)
Full Metal Alchemist The Novel vol. 2 (The Abducted Alchemist) , vol. 3 (The Valley of White Petals)
Geobreeders vol. 5 (graphic novel size edition)
Hyper Police vol. 1
Love Hina the Novel vol. 2
Naruto 4
Rurouni Kenshin 1
Samurai Deeper Kyo 2, 5, 6
Slayers novel vol. 5: The Silver Beast
Tokyo Babylon 1, 3, 4
World Exists for Me 1, 2

Magazines, tons of Anime stuff (books, merchandise, cards, etc), Gothic Lolita magazines, clothing

Gothic & Lolita & Punk fashion publications HERE
Kera, Kera Maniax, Gothic & Lolita & Punk Brand Book Brand Book
all magazines includes patterns and stickers if applicable

Animedia 4/2008, Cure (still tons left!)

(11/26/09) ADDED ANIME/MANGA GUIDEBOOKS AND ARTBOOKS HERE (Bleach, Nabari no Ou, Gintama, Jigoku Shoujo)

Anime goods:
Anime DVDs (R.O.D the TV vol.1 LE, Rayearth, Comic Party vol 1-3, Inu Yasha movie, Kyou Kara Maou vol.1, .hack//Legend of the Twilight vol.1)
Gintama Voice I-dolls (only Okita young ver & Yamazaki left), Negima Figumate figures: Makie

lots of Bleach goods (accessories, notepads), Inu Yasha cellphone charms, Gundam Seed D door hangers, Tenchi Muyo keyholder)

NEW ITEMS(11/07/09): HERE (Bleach cards, Gintama cards)

NEW ITEMS(11/26/09): HERE Pencilboards: Bleach, Erementar Gerad, Inu Yasha)

Please help me get rid of this stuff! :) All purchases are welcome; negotiating accepted! NO TRADES unless if you have any Gazette tour tshirts I may consider ;) 

Manga, Artbooks, Anime, Action Figures and Collectibles on Sale

I'm selling most of my collection of manga/Manhwa/OEL, Artbooks and anime dvds - some of it is even new. I'll be giving free shipping (within the US) with any order over $50 (media mail w/delivery confirmation). It's a long list, you can check it out here:

Manga, Artbooks,  Anime And More! Items

E-mail me if you're interested in anything at bastetdelua@msn.com, or leave a comment in my journal

If you'd like to see pictures of item(s), just let me know and I'll e-mail them to you

Feed back can be found here:



E-bay Feedback

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Antique Bakery yaoi Doujinshi

I'm selling an Antique Bakery yaoi doujinshi titled Tachibana to iu Otoko drawn by Fumi Yoshinaga. I think this is the 13th one (her website may say #15). It has a brief but explicit sex scene, uncensored. The book is in mint condition and comes wrapped in plastic. The pairing is Tachibana and someone I don't recognize.

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(no subject)

Accepting offers, possibly trades depending on the item but prefer money atm so I can pay my bills.. I have positive feedback on the feedback page for this community. Up for sale is anime, manga, video game stuff, clothing stuff and more. Comment or email me at Koshiba @ gmail.com / AIM me on KoshibaTetsuta if interested in anything, offers or have any questions. Thank you!
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TsukiSales Sale Post

Hello, this is etherealtsuki! I have a lot of stuff that need a nice, good home~!


- Hetalia
(America/England and England/Japan)
- Hitman Reborn
(5927, 6927, 1880, 51100 and more)
- D.Gray-man
- Code Geass
- Fullmetal Alchemist

Selling Japanese and English manga and English manwha. From shounen, to shojo, to GL, to BL! Also sets including a complete set of Yun Kouga's Earthian in English!
And uber cheap from $1 to $5 per book. Get them in sets, and the price gets cheaper! Hurry, they're selling off pretty fast!

- Okane ga Nai Official Artbook
- FMA's First Official Artbook
- Comickers and SS Magazine Artbooks
- CG instructional books


- KERA Maniax
- Potato

It's all here in
[info]tsukisales ! I hope I can see you there. Also check out my feedback page!


黒崎眞弥 [*]
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Selling: CDs/DVDs/Band goods - prices dropped

***prices lowered 2/22***

Selling photosets and other merchandise here:

and CDs and DVDs here:

Artists/Bands include: Sugar, Dollis Marry, Matenrou Opera, Wizard, Juka, +ISOLATION, Sulfuric Acid, Kisaki Project, THE PIASS, Metis Gretel, +catarciss+, MARRY+AN+BLOOD, Junna -Envy Project-, Misaruka and more!

I'm also auctioning LIKE AN EDISON 2007 New Years DVD & ZEAL LINK '08 Comment DVDD in the same thread.

Please take a look if you're interested. Thanks~!



Merchandise - 12 buttons, phatasmagoria trading cards, sticker and buttons
Magazines - Gab, Vinyl snydicate
CDs - several promo CDs, clear veil,  phantasmagoria history cd
Flyers - 9goats, 12012, A&D, Alsdead, awoi, born, charitos, clear veil, deluhi,
heartless, heidi, julie, the kiddie, Kyokutou Girlfriend, liz, lmc, moran,
, nightmare, plastic tree, r shitei, sadie, sai, siva, skull, sug, vanessa,
wizard, zoro and many more
Clothes - gouk jacket

Doing Shopping service for
concert tickets
online shops that don't ship internationally
concert goods
or if you want something else just ask ^__^


☆ミ located in japan, will ship worldwide
☆ミ payment is paypal and in € only

 Flyer added! (Alice nice, sadie)

Magazines, DVDs, Manga

Price does not include shipping, I combine shipping costs and can ship any method to anywhere. I do have feedback (on my first post in my LJ, and on eBay, please message for my account name). I'm located in the US.

Anime DVDs: (US releases)

Ai Yori Aoshi Vol. 1-5 $15 total
Someday's Dreamers Vol. 1 with artbox $6
Evangelion Director's Cut "Genesis Reborn" and "Resurrection" $6 total
DBZ Broly movie $3
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Vol. 1 with artbox $10 (the box has some wear on it, some dings and scrapes)

Hentai DVDs: (US releases)

Cool Devices (old NuTech version) $45

Manga: (US releases)

Ai Yori Aoshi Vol. 1-4 $12

Lolita Magazines:

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 13, 26, Extra 2 (includes patterns, opened but not used) $15 each (These are the Japanese magazines)

A couple volumes may have a tiny bit of water damage on the top, BUT as far as I have seen it does not effect the insides of the magazines. The patterns have been detached from the magazines but have not been used.

Let me know if you're interested in anything. :3~  Thanks for looking!
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JE Poll

Hello, I'm selling the arashi wristbands and there's a poll currently going on in my sales blog. It's a poll about which JE band i should put next in a wristband next. The scores are really very close as of the moment, and the tentative close of the poll is on March 2. I hope more people would vote. :)
Anyway, super want to finish all stocks of:

Super clearance sale now.
black and white arashi wristbands, both for just 10.78 USD including registered shipping and bubble wrap.

please visit the

Thanks a lot!
e-mail nicebeamu@gmail.com for questions. :)



I`m looking for someone who can sell me the complete je magazines month by month since april inssues ( I mean duet-potato-wink up-myojo-popolo) and I`m looking the best price becouse I will buy every month

if you can sell me these...how much for each magazines? or how much for each magazine included shipping.
please write me here
I`m from argentina

thank you^_^

Destiny Impulse

Dollar Sale & More

I have a little over a month to clear out my spare room (which currently looks like a storage unit gone wrong), so things are on sale! Until the end of the monththings are gone, many items on my sale post have been marked down to $1. Shipping is not included. Feel free to make reasonable offers on multi-item orders.

Also, new additions today are over two dozen video games for all systems, from Gameboy to Saturn to PS3, both English and Japanese! A few anime/manga items have been listed as well. Prices vary on these.

Full post here and Photo Catalog here.

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Thank you for looking!