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Hi everyone, I got a bunch of doujinshi, manga, phonebooks and merchandise for sale.
Bleach, D.Gray-man, Gintama, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Togainu no Chi, and others
D.Gray-man, Finder no Hyoteki, Kuroshitsuji, Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Asuka, Nakayosi, Ribon, Sho Comi, Lala and others.

Anthologies - Buy Any 1, Get 1 50% Off
Doujinshis - Buy Any 8, Get Any $10 & Under Merchandise Free
Merchandise - Buy Any 4, Get 5th 50% Off
25% Off shipping if you buy $55+
Take a look at my journal if you're interested. ^^
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I am selling my Suppurate System half orb [the orb is domed but flat at the back] with crown and trapped red roses. I've worn this maybe twice since I purchased it so in perfect condition. And all red stones are present. You can see the item still on the Suppurate System website if you would like to see official pics aswell ^_^ I would like $63.21 including postage [ANYWHERE] or a really good offer.

Insurance is encouraged! So if you want insurance, it will be an additional $6.15 ontop [I am shipping from the UK].
Sorry, but I'm not interested in trades at the moment ^^;

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Manga & Doujinshi SALE!! -- WTB:: DBZ Doujinshi

Due to me moving soon being mid move...all of my prices have been lowered! I have plenty of manga up for grabs (including YAOI), as well as a few doujinshi!!

MOST of my manga is sitting at $3 a piece!! :D

*****Order ten or more and you get free shipping*****

XD I wanna move this stuff out ASAP!!

--One Piece
--Wild Ones
--Aoi House
--Hands Off!
--Princess Ai
--Princess Princess

Please check HERE for my manga aaaaaaaaaaand.....

HERE for my doujinshi!! :3

Thank you :3

**Also, I am searching for DragonBallZ Doujinshi. Please PM me if you happen to be selling any :3**

New Items Added Today!

Click on the pic below to go to my Sales Journal!

New Items Added! (Pokémon Cards to TCG section, DVD's to TO SELL section, to name a few!!)
Prices dropped & shipping added to many Costumes!
I ship from Canada, to anywhere.
Also, if you don't like my prices, make an offer!

Series include:
Sailor Moon
Cowboy Bebop
CardCaptors/CardCaptor Sakura
Fushigi Yuugi

sebby glasses

English anime and manga etc. sale REALLY need it gone asap to pay bills and for school and to move

English anime manga sale need to sale as much as possible to pay bills and registration for classes. Need to move out very soon so I need to get rid of it all and make some money to move.I have no hours at work so It has to go to pay bills and groceries.

****** big time Need to sell as much as possible in the next two weeks!!************

Any help is appreciated.

I will be moving soon now and need it all gone asap. Any help is much appreciated.Plus it will help me get my room a little less cluttered.Less I have to put in a box the better. apartment im moving to is only so big.

`````````leave feedback at my lj-------
Lots of...


I am willing to discuss prices.
(But bear in mind I do have to make a small profit to pay for things and buy a box/envelope to ship in.)

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone.

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also do art commissions
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Kyon~♥ :O

[Selling] MANGA & MORE


(+ MORE)

Kill Me, Kiss Me Vols. 1-2 ~ $2 each, $4 for the set
Psychic Academy Vols. 1-2 ~ $2 each, $4 for the set
Life Vols. 1-2 ~ $4 each, $6 for the set
Girls Bravo Vols. 1-5 ~ $4 each, $16 for the set
Naruto Vols. 4-10 ~ $4 each, $20 for the set
Buso Renkin Vols. 1-6 ~ $5 each, $25 for the set
School Rumble Vols. 1-5 ~ $7 each, $28 for the set
Gurren Lagann Vol. 1 ~ $7
My Heavenly Hockey Club Vol. 1 ~ $6
One Piece Vol. 1 ~ $3

( DVD(s) )( Artbook(s) )( Misc. (Posters, promo items such as bookmarks, cards, pins, etc) )


DVD($2 each):
Aura Battler Dunbine volume 1 SEALED
Aura Battler Dunbine w/art box (vol.7) SEALED
Glass fleet Volume 2 SEALED
Inuyasha Volume 27: Brother in Arms SEALED
Inuyasha Volume 29: Castle of Evil SEALED
Inuyasha Volume 38: Battle on the sacred island SEALED
Kiddy Grade Volume 1
Kiddy Grade Volume 6
Megazone 23 part 1 SEALED
Zaion Volume 1

VHS($0.50 each):
Escaflowne(sub) volume 6
Magic Knight Rayearth OVA Volume 1

Manga($2 each):

Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow Volume 1
Case Closed Volume 1
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Volume 1
Kare Kano Volumes 1-3
Megaman NT Warrior Volume 1
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Volume 1 (Japanese)
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Volume 2 (Japanese)
Princess Ai Volume 1

Music($5 each):

Ayumi Hamasaki: Duty
Ayumi Hamasaki: My Story

Pictures available upon request
Shipping is not included in the price
Thanks for looking!

BRAND NEW OFFICIAL Hetalia, Nitro+CHiRAL, and Death Note Merchandises FOR SALE


I’m currently selling some merchandise over at my selling journal HERE. Please check them out.

Merchandises I’m selling include:

(1)    Nitro+CHiRAL one coin figures, mugs, Akira and Shiki figures 1/10 scale figures, pillow etc

(2)     Finder merchandises including mugs, mouse pads, etc.:

(3)     Hetalia merchandises (one coin figures, door plates, buttons, England cup and saucer set, and more)

(4)     Death Note nendoroid petits (Case #2) 

Please check out my selling journal yayyayay . Thank you! :)

my life is in ruins
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two games for sale

Two games for sale, paypal only.
Shipping isn't included in the prices and I'll be shipping from Canada. Lost Odyssey is the only one I can ship right away, the other I can't ship until Saturday. Prices aren't set in stone, I'm willing to haggle.
I have all positive feedback at swordchucked

Lost Odyssey 360 - $22
Eternal Sonata PS3 - $30
AKB48: Oya Shizuka

Buy One Get One Half Off!!!!!

For the first week of March (2010-03-01 ~ 2010-03-07) I will be having a Buy One Get One Half Off sale! The sale applies to ANY two items, in ANY section!**
**The half off discount will be taken off the lower priced item. If you are buying three items, the discount will only be applied to the two highest items. If you are buying four items, the discount will be applied to to all the items. If you have any questions about the discount ask BEFORE you make your order. I will try to explain everything to you at the time of your purchase to try and avoid confusion.

Anime/Manga: Angel Sanctuary, Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei), Fruits Basket, Puchi Eva Evangelion@Game (Japanese), Amano Yoshitaka, Manga, Posters, Furoku, CDs, Plush, Artbooks
JRock/JPop/Visual Kei: Aioria, alice nine., angela, BAISER, BALZAC, Berryz Koubou, Dir en grey, Duel Jewel, Goto Maki, Hamasaki Ayumi, Hello! Project Shuffles, Kagerou, Matsuura Aya, Michiru Project, Morning Musume., NEWS, Nightmare, Puffy (Puffy AmiYumi), Shulla, THE PINK PANDA, Velbet, w-inds., wyse, Yamazaki Masayoshi, photosets, CD's, fanclub items, magazines (SHOXX, WHAT's IN?, Oricon Style, CD Data, Cure, purple sky, etc.) + MORE!
Video Games: XBox 260, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, Video Game Accessories
Japanese/Korean Fashion: TokiDoki Jacket, Googims Bag


Please visit my selling journal:



anime, manga, doujinshi, and more

I'm testing out a new way to sell some items that I've had for quite awhile now. I've put together some random items for a low price and have my own mini-auction! ^_^ (i'd use ebay but there's too many fees involved) If you're interested at all in the items below, or would like to check out others I have available, head over to my journal. ^_^ tsuzukbookshelf

Items in my March Gift Bag Auction:

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Air Gear // (Ringo) ♥ (glasses) -

Selling some stuff.. ^.^

Hi, I have some anime + misc stuff for sale over at my journal: chiquis5784. Likewise, feedback can be found there. Below's an example of what i'm selling.. For better pics + info, head over to my journal. ^^

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Ps. I'll prefer to sell, but I'm open to trading for any of the following listed below, as long as it's in good condition. BUT if you see anything you like and would like to try trading, feel free to send me a link to what you have. Since there's probably other anime/manga/etc I might consider doing trade for.. ;)

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Still a lot of things left which I want to go!

Clothes, some directly from Harajuku - go here.

Tons of flyers, CDs (updated!), photosets, magazines - go here.

Please make sure to check it out! ♪

Thank you (・ω・)/
X Japan - hide TPed

Selling Items for Various Animes, Manga, Takarazuka, and X Japan

If you're interested in items from: X Japan, Takarazuka, Detroit Metal City, Macross Frontier, Code Geass, The School of Water Business, One Piece, and Starry Sky please check out my items for sale. =)
All prices already include shipping for anywhere in the world! There are also free fliers as well!

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