March 10th, 2010

Various Manga Sale

Due to me moving soon being mid move...all of my prices have been lowered! I have plenty of manga up for grabs (including YAOI), as well as a few doujinshi!!

MOST of my manga is sitting at $3 a piece!! :D

*****Order ten or more and you get free shipping (In the USA)*****

XD I wanna move this stuff out ASAP!!

--One Piece
--Wild Ones
--Aoi House
--Hands Off!
--Princess Ai
--Princess Princess

Please check HERE for my manga aaaaaaaaaaand.....

HERE for my doujinshi!! :3

Thank you :3

**Also, I am searching for DragonBallZ Doujinshi. Please PM me if you happen to be selling any :3**

Sales post! Want to sell this stuff please! [Repost] (some cut prices!)

All prices are in USD, will ship internationally. For buyers in the US, shipping is included in price. I'll have to quote differently for International buyers. Shipping from MT, all prices are negotiable, but only within reason.

Original post for most of these here (includes pictures and descriptions of conditions)
Rebecca Hsu - Be Myself BEST OFFER
Rebecca Hsu - No Cry  BEST OFFER
Jay Chou - Capricorn $7  $6Shipped
Nicholas Tse - Release $11  $9Shipped
Tank - Fighting $8  $6 Shipped

Koike Teppei - pieces $9  $8 Shipped
Ai Otsuka - LOVE PUNCH $8 Shipped
Hikaru Utada - Can you keep a Secret? [Single] BEST OFFER (please refer to original post link for more details)
Namie Amuro - ALARM [Single] $5 Shipped - Pics: 1/2 (Jewel case is a little scuffed, but everything inside is perfect)
Ayumi Hamasaki - Memorial Address $10 Shipped - Pics: 1/2 (Jewel case is a little bit cracked, but everything inside is perfect) [Chinese Press, legit]

L'Arc~en~ciel - Clicked Singles Best 13 (Official Overseas Ver.) [No case or cover artwork] $3 Shipped
L'Arc~en~ciel - SMILE (Official Overseas Ver.) $3 Shipped

Venus Body Jewelry Belly Button Ring from Japan, brand spanking new! Original price: 1,575 yen ($17.25) $15 Shipped - Pics: 1

Am also willing to trade, even if it's a long shot! for these:
alice nine - Hana single (any of the editions, but mostly looking for the one with the DVD with the Hana MV)
the GazettE - NIL album (just reg edition)
Duel Jewel - Visions EP
However, I'd really love to purchase these, so if anyone wants to sell any of these, let me know your price, ok?


eBay: lynch., ベリィ (BERRY), D'espairsRay, BLAM HONEY, DEATHGAZE.

here: MALICE MIZER, 人格ラヂオ (JINKAKU RADIO), ANNY's LTD., AYABIE, Syndrome, KISAKI & KANSAI KIZOKU, D, machine, SEX MACHINEGUNS, LM.C, Viored, 査~マルサ~ (MARUSA) + compilations.

*prices on AYABIE items have been reduced.

all items are original Japanese releases.

Everything is complete (with title strip where applicable) and in excellent, near-perfect, like new condition unless otherwise stated.  If you need pictures of any items or more information, please ask.

lynch. items on eBay
ベリィ (BERRY)/白痴 (HAKUCHI), underneath the skin, a grateful shit, THE AVOIDED SUN (ltd+autograph), THE BURIED (JP CD+DVD+autograph), roaring in the dark, enemy (1st), forgiven

D'espairsRay items on eBay
BORN (CD+DVD+msg CD), [Coll:set] (JP CD+autograph), Squall (CD+DVD), Squall (CD+bonus track), MIRROR (JP)

BLAM HONEY items on eBay
Grandiose Delusion, Artificial Delusion, Typical Ingeniousness -suggest-, THE OTHER SIDE OF ELECTRONIC BRAIN

DEATHGAZE / Drug Overdose Death -Welcome "DOWNER"- DVD on eBay

Items for sale here:

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御伽 (otogi) / 人間 -ごみ- (gomi) (mini album) 6 tracks / Ai from DEATHGAZE's early band.  (photo)  $20

NAGOYA BAND CATALOG 2006 [REBELS] (album) 11 tracks / Nagoya band compilation featuring an exclusive deathgaze track (reborn) and tracks from Jaguar, MaveRick, gemmik, Amulet*, ARTS, Lupo Label, teddy, Zmayt, KURORUSHIAN, and the Pumpkin Head. $18

my eBay feedback

Payment & Shipping

Shipping for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs within the US is $3.00 for first class or $5.00 for priority.  For more items, shipping will be calculated based on what you purchase.  For shipping outside of the US, charge will be determined on an individual basis depending on where you live and what you purchase.  Generally speaking, international airmail is $6-8 for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs.  Priority International is also available, ask about rates.

I accept Paypal or Postal Money Order.

Thanks for looking!

(no subject)

Still a lot of things left which I want to go!

Clothes, some directly from Harajuku - go here.

Tons of flyers, CDs (updated!), photosets, magazines - go here.

Please make sure to check it out! ♪

Thank you (・ω・)/

Y-Con Auction: Week no. 15

This week's Auction is up!  Click on the banner to take you to our Profile page -  please read through our terms/info.  If you decide to be a bidder, friend our journal FIRST or your bid will NOT be official and screened.

Thank you and have a good week!!


Up for Auction this week: Rilakkuma with Signed Omamori, Lucky Bag, D. Gray-Man Innocence Box: Version Kanda, San-X Japan Rilakkuma Locket Style Watch, Vassalord Full Color Print by Nanae Chrono, Set of 2 Original Yaoi by Haruka Minami, Supernatural Yaoi Doujinshi Set, D. Gray-Man Innocence Box: Version Allen, Signed Loveholic Chirashi+Manga Set, Bukiyouna Silent Signed Shitajiki by Hinako Takanaga,Signed Yaoi Manga by Reno Amagi, Saiyuki Reload Set, Set of 5 Soul Eater Gashapon, Signed Yaoi Doujinshi by Uki Ogasawara, Ouran High School Host Club Set, Signed Buddy System Yaoi Doujinshi by Mika Sadahiro.

Two New Buy-It-Now Items Up: Signed PS Magazine featuring Bio Hazard 4 by Paul Mercier and Signed Gensou Suikoden Print by Jo Chen.  You do not need to friend the comm to BIN those but please pay within 2 days of the invoice.  Thank you! 
Ciel Work

AnCafe autographed CD

Luckily the reason I began selling some of my Jrock items have been taken care of, but I still need some more money for next month. I still have my autographed CD from AnCafe left~ The price is $65, but I'm willing to take the best offer if it's within reason:

Collapse )
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(no subject)

Hello all!
I'm currently selling off some of my Jrock merchandise, consisting of flyers, magazines and cds!

Please feel free to take a look


Flyers: NEXX, DELUHI, vNEU, DragonWAPPPPPPER, OURBOROS, Ziggrat, DEPAIN, BORN, Libertine, Anima, Amaranth, XI,, Spiv States, Nightmare, Para:noir, amber gris, the Riotts, Vanilla, LuLu, HERO, Lolita23q, Downer, Girugamesh, Angelo, DaizyStripper, Anima.
Magazines: Neo Genesis, FOOL'SMATE, Shoxx, ZY.
CDs: An Cafe, Hi:BRiD, Aicle.
PayPal only ▪ serious buyers ▪ shipping worldwide

I'm also auctioning some ZiL/ViViD cheki!
Please have a look at that

Feedback Post


WTB: Togainu no Chi Akira (Military Vers.) & Lamento Figures + WTS: Fashion, J-Rock, collectibles

Thanks to a couple of ultra-nice people here on GSJ I now finally found my Shiki and Akira (regular versions). You all are awesome, thanks again!!! ^-^v

I'm still looking for the military version of Akira, though.^^;

Plus (and I know that this is even more hopeless), one of those Collapse )
(Konoe and Asato preferred, but the rest would be more than welcome too!!!)

I would be more than happy to buy a used one, which has already been on display for a while - as long as everything is still intact and in good condition.^^

Also, I'm interested in any kind of merchandise/artworks related to Togainu no Chi and Nitro+Chiral art (NO Doujinshi please^^;). If you have anything you want to get rid of, just let me know.

If you're up for (partial) trades you might wanna have a look in my sales post. I still have some J-Rock CDs/DVDs/Merchandise, Anime/Manga and Furoku/Merchandise, cute Fashion items + clothing, movies and many many more items for sale over here:

WTT: My Stuff for...(read) Also: Paging the User caupuletsrevenge!

Hi there! ^^ Considerng a lot of people didnt answer my comments back, I'll try again~! I'm just not having any luck!
I am willing to trade numerous things seen here:

And some of the figurines seen here:

I also have some BJD stuff for trade as well.
And I have a pair of dread falls that I shall trade.
And I have a lot more stuff. I've got manga, anime DVDs, you name it. So ask about an anime you like, and I'll see what I've got!

What I'm interested in:
Sailor Moon wands, compacts, dolls (no Irwin), plushies (thought I'm picky), manga, anime, artbooks, ect.
I have recently become like, obsessed with Sailor Moon and have an urge to aquire things relating to it! I am really interested in wands and compacts, so those are my first priority.
You can PM me or comment, but if you have something to offer please inclue a picture and what you have in mind of mine for trade. This would make things go very smoothly haha.

I may also be interested in a few other animes such as:
InuYasha (particulary Sango PVC figure or Sango and Miroku Doujin (no hentai).
Rurouni Kenshin
Magic Knight Rayearth (PARTICULARLY the Umi first season doll).

I will also trade for any Shoujou anime wands/compacts/toys/figures.

Or BJD stuff. I am extremely picky however. I need something slightly Victorian or something General style (military) for my Soom MD Chrom. If you're going to offer, it must be able to fit him please! ^^ He's kind of beefy!
I will also trade for DZ 70cm/Dollshe clothes. I seriously need some stuff in this size.
Lastly, I would like some 8-9 cm shoes for both of these two boys. Looking for loafers and combat boots (preferably black, but I'll take anything).
I will pay money from me for these considering they need to be of nicer quality (depending on what you want to trade that is).

Or figurines in general. NICE figures, please. I'm trying to make my collection more of a PVC and resin 1/8 and 1/6 scale collection; instead of a keychain thing xD.

I am trying to get a hold of the user capuletsrevenge, whose account has been deleted. If you know her or have any way of communitcating with her, please tell me! I'm desperate to find her!


Thank you!
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Air Gear // (Ringo) ♥ (glasses) -

Looking to Buy...

Hi, i'm looking for the following manga + anime for a good price. I also have some stuff for sale at my journal chiquis5784, that i'm willing to trade if interested. ^.^

MARS vols. 6+
Mink vols. 4+
Delivery Cupid (YAOI)
J-Boy (YAOI)

Dears -- vol. 4
Fullmetal Alchemist -- vols. 4, 7
Trinity Blood -- vol.6 'lim. ed'
Ah My Goddess -- Season 1 vol. 5
Wedding Peach - vol. 9
Full Metal Panic - Season 1
Chrono Crusade
Bleach -- chain of fate from S1 boxset
Naruto Uncut - boxset 1 'lim. ed'

Ps. Please try to provide pictures of said-items.. Thanx. :)
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I have 2 types of mizuho figures for sale. Had acquired them recently but after much debate, they are really not my type. The first one is a resin figure of mizuho in her space suit (in pic). Its in perfect condition, but the only downside is that I don't have the base for it. This figure retails at the moment for over 200, but dont expect to get near that much due to the base. If interested though, please make an offer. I also have the Mizuho figure in her wedding dress white version. I don't have the box for it so im asking $20 for it. As a plus, I will also include the black version for free. Half of the crown on the black one broke off so im just adding it with the white one.
Lastly, I have for sale a Snow Miku. I acquired this one before a pre-order i made went through (since i thought it wouldn't), but since it did, so I wont be needing two of them.  I am completely open to trades, and would love to trade for other nendos or figures.

I have also updated alot of my binsen but will keep adding more ^-^. Rest of pics of figures and other items can be seen at same place
Look on the sides since I have them divded by sections.

Jrock stuff

Miyavi This IZ The Original Samurai Style       58.00

Dio Distraught Overlord Dictator album           25.00

Gothic Lolita Bible Volumes 12,14,16,26  20.00 each

Gothic Lolita Bible English
volume 3 Autumn 2008 (slightly worn)               12.00

Volume 4 Spring 2009                                           14.00

ker fashion Magazine
Vol 6 June 2009 (slight perfume damage lol)    10.00
vol 7 July    2008                                                        12.00

Versailles Jubliee Poster                                       10.00

Miyavi   Victory Road to The king of neo visual rock poster 10.00

selling VK CDs, rare Posters and VHS from Malice Mizer, kagerou, Gackt,...


Kagerou - Rakushu Enjyo European Tour - signed - incl. personal note from yuana  'yuuro ga nai'
Kagerou - Tour poster - The abyssmal mind
Kagerou - Final tour poster - signed

Moi dix Mois - Beyond the Gate Tour poster
Malice Mizer - Merveilles - RARE
Malice Mizer - Gardenia Poster series

+Death Note, Clover, Fruits Basket


Malice Mizer - bara no seidou
Malice Mizer - saikai no chi to bara
Malice Mizer - Kyomu no naka de no yuugi
Malice Mizer - Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi no rondo

Gackt - Secret Garden
Penicillin - risou no shita
Gackt - 12gatsu no love song
Miyavi - 21sekikei koushinkyoku/Rock no gyakushuu -Super star no jouken
Dir en grey - saku

Gackt - Rebirth
Gackt - Moon
Gackt - crescent


Malice Mizer - pays de merveilles
Malice Mizer - Kyomu no naka de no yuugi ~de l'image~
Malice Mizer - Saikai no chi to bara ~de l'image~

→ Details and pictures at
default shop pic

Shop reopened, tons of things for cheap!

Hey everyone! I'm reopening my shop and I've added around 100 new items. Come and check it out!

-$1.50 manga
-$1 anime posters
-Cheap furoku (Most are only $1)
-Cheap CLAMP in 3D land figures
-Gachapon from various series
-Rare video game promo items

And hundreds more cheap and rare collectibles! Click here to go straight to the post with Japanese/Anime related goods:

I also have college textbooks for under $5 in a separate post on my journal if you're interested in Asian American studies, and plenty more! Come on by and take a look ^_^