April 23rd, 2010



- KAT-TUN official calendar 2010-2011
- NEWS official calendar 2010-2011
- Satoshi Ohno Freestyle photobook

NEW ITEMS for sale
- Mgirl Spring Summer 2010 featuring Arashi's Aiba
- An An 5 May featuring Satoshi Ohno *Not in LJ yet, pls enquire separately.
- An An 14 April featuring JaeJoong

Arashi clippings, photobooks, shop photos are also available.

Please kindly click my LJ for more information, thanks for looking :)

For sale: figures, anime, manga, doujins etc! Something for everyone!

I have figures for sale from these series:
Code Geass
Full Metal Panic
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Range Murata

Jing, King of Bandits
Last Exile vol 1 Japan Limited Edition

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Full Metal Panic

PS2 Games
Japanese Magazines
Gothic Pants
Naruto cap

Payment with paypal
I'm selling stuff from Finland and shipping costs will be added to the price unless otherwise stated. Price depends on the weight. All items are official and imported from Japan, no bootlegs.

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my sale ! :)

 hello everyoneeeeee :)

i am in dire need of cash right now and have some things i'd like to sell!

I AM LOOKING TO SELL A PINK LG KF350 ICE CREAM PHONE. it is in great condition, barely used at all and nothing has ever gone wrong with it. it is just taking up space in my room right now because i prefer full keyboard phones. :/ i am looking for $100 for the phone, software cd, charger and everything in its original box. it is not the fake chinese version! it is the real deal from south korea. please message or comment me for more information and pictures.

and also, here is my list of other items i am looking to sell! please negotiate as much as you'd like, i just really want everything gone! <3

sale sale sale sale sale sale



Merchandise - 12 buttons, phatasmagoria trading cards, sticker and buttons
Magazines - Gab, Vinyl snydicate
CDs - several promo CDs, clear veil,  phantasmagoria history cd
Flyers - 9goats, 12012, A&D, Alsdead, awoi, born, charitos, clear veil, deluhi,
heartless, heidi, julie, the kiddie, Kyokutou Girlfriend, liz, lmc, moran,
, nightmare, plastic tree, r shitei, sadie, sai, siva, skull, sug, vanessa,
wizard, zoro and many more
Clothes - gouk jacket
Manga - Death Note & One Piece

Doing Shopping service for
concert tickets
online shops that don't ship internationally
concert goods
or if you want something else just ask ^__^


☆ミ located in japan, will ship worldwide
☆ミ payment is paypal and in € only

Update: Manga added!!

sebby glasses

English anime and manga etc. sale REALLY need it gone asap to pay bills and to move,

English anime manga sale need to sale as much as possible to pay bills and registration for classes. Need to move out very soon so I need to get rid of it all and make some money to move.I have no hours at work so It has to go to pay bills and groceries.

****** big time Need to sell as much as possible in the next two weeks!!************

Any help is appreciated.

I will be moving soon now and need it all gone asap. Any help is much appreciated.Plus it will help me get my room a little less cluttered.Less I have to put in a box the better. apartment im moving to is only so big.

[if u want pics just ask]

`````````leave feedback at my lj-------
Lots of...


I am willing to discuss prices.
(But bear in mind I do have to make a small profit to pay for things and buy a box/envelope to ship in.)

PLEASE I'm desperate here....Any help will be much appreciated. So pass it on to friends or buy a sweet gift for someone.

Willing to talk about prices but within reason.

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also do art commissions
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Lemoncookie,Sechuna,Rowky&Other Asian Clothes @ Doki Doki Shoppe!!

★ Lemoncookie hoodies/tops
★ Sechuna Panda & Bunny hoodies
★ Rowky Top
★ Brown bunny hoodie
★ Gloomy Bear x PEACE Now Jacket
★ E.L.F.S Jrock Pants
★ Mar Jour Plaid Punk Dress
★ Pink Schoolgirl Outfit
★ Asiajam alien shirt
★ Naruto (SasuSaku) doujinshi's
★ FRUiTS Book & GothLoli Bible

..and much more! Visit my shop and see if there's anything you like~
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♥Update 4/23/2010♥

New Flu Kawaii Masks up ! 
New RARE Usarusan items in : Bento, Bags and Kawaii Items!
New Ala Cat By Taiwan in Bags!
New wigs, dreadfalls, and extentions !
New Rilakkuma in Stationary!!!!
New Alice In wonderland tote and bill fold! Rare and out of print!
New japanese 3d nails!
New vivi, skwaii, and mina magazines!
New stickers and sticker cards!
New clothes!
New adorible phone charms!

Lots of new stuff in every gallery!

Hello kitty $5 memo offer! check it out now ! 

$10 shipping WORLD WIDE!
( Must purchase $10 worth of items
excluding books and magazines.)
Wont last long! Hurry now!

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Updated my journal again~~ Loads of new stuff ♥
Cute Sleepy Bunny Earring Studs
ALOT of mini deco tape, seriously.
medium and large deco tapes
Kuroshitsuji Mouse Pad
I Love you Bear plushies
& new Manga
and more ♥

Hikaru Sparkle

Stuff Must Go

Hi, I need to get rid of some stuff to make space.
I'm selling only a few things, but they need to be gone.
I'm located in the US (California) so know that international shipping will cost more

Things to note:
I only accept Paypal.
I am not resposible for lost or damaged goods.
Please allow 3-5 days to be shipped.
I don't have a camera so I don't have pictures, but all are in good condition. (I take care of my things)
I admit, this is only my second times selling goods here.
My email is massubabe34@hotmail.com
Please email me for any qustions.

Manga: Shipping is included within the US

InuYasha ani-manga Vol. 1 and 2 set $20 shipped in the US ($25 value without shipping) (it's heavy)
InuYasha Vol. 23 $8 shipped in the US ($9.50 value without shipping)
Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 1 and 2 set for $16 shipped in the US ($21 Value without shipping)

Anime: Shipping is included within the US

Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 1 $12 shipped in the US ($30 value without shipping)
Happy Lesson Vol 2 $12 shipped in the US ($25 value without shipping)
InuYasha the 3rd Movie $15 shipped in the US ($30 value without shipping)

Headphone Girl

Massive Sales

Limited Offer: Buy items worth $50 and above and have a free CD

Artists CDs on Sale
  • 4minute
  • 8eight
  • AAA
  • ayaka
  • BoA
  • B'z
  • Crystal Kay
  • David Tao
  • DBSK
  • Ellegarden
  • Emi Maria
  • Gospellers
  • Hinouchi Emi
  • m-flo
  • Miura Daichi
  • mink
  • Monkey Majik
  • Nao'ymt
  • Onitsuka Chihiro
  • Shimizu Shota
  • Skoop on Somebody
  • SnoW
  • So'Fly
  • Sowelu
  • Sweep
  • Tanaka Roma
  • TRF
  • Tsuyoshi
  • Urata Naoya
  • Utada Hikaru
  • Yoshika
  • Younha
 You can check out my sales post (Part 1 || Part 2). Thanks for checking it out :D

TsukiSales Sale Post!

I have a lot of goodies that need new owners!


- Hetalia
(England/Japan, America/Japan, England/America/Japan)
- Hitman Reborn
(6927, 1880, 8018, 51100 and more)
- Code Geass
- Gundam Seed
- A rare Taishi Zaou/Eiki Collaboration Doujin, Kozouya Dokuhon Spring 2008!
- An original doujin anthology from the artist of the ZERO SUM label, Arcana!

Selling Japanese and English manga and English manwha. From shounen, to shojo, to GL, to BL! Also sets including a incomplete set of Doubt! 1-4 in English!
And uber cheap from $1 to $5 per book. Get them in sets, and the price gets cheaper! Hurry, they're selling off pretty fast!

Artbooks and Books
- FMA's First Official Artbook
- Comickers and SS Magazine Artbooks
S Magazine
- CG instructional books
- English BL novels from DMP!


- Potato
- ImagineFX

It's all here in
[info]tsukisales ! I hope I can see you there. Also check out my feedback page!

JE + TW idols clearance

Currently selling items stated below:

TW Idols

> I-wkly / U-wkly / Teenage / Teens / Lime
> Y.G / Epop /

> Fei Lun Hai
> bang bang Tang
> Rainie Yang / Angela Zhang / Jolin
> 5566 / F4 / 183 Club / TVXQ / Boys Over Flowers

> SHE - Superstar / My FM / Together / Youth Society / Winter Album / Encore / Magical Journey
> FLH - 2nd album
> Fann / Stella / Nicholas Zhang / JJ lin / SHIN 

JE Items

> Arashi
> Kat-tun
> Tomohisa Yamashita
> K8 ($1 each)
> Johnny Jrs.
> Kinki kids

> Kat-tun
> K8 ($1 - $2 each)
> Toma
> T&T

> Arashi
> Kat-tun
> K8 ($1 each)
> Toma
> T&T
> v6
> Johnny Jrs.

> Boa / Kinki Kids / Namie / V6 / MAX/ Ai Otsuka / Kyoko Fukada /
For TW idols items, pls visit http://www.entertainment-items.blogspot.com
For JE items, pls visit http://idols-paradiseworld.blogspot.com/

* Shipped from Singapore
SP - TxY glare

Bunch of stuff for sale

Hi. I've got lots of figures, can badges, keychains, etc for sale on my journal.
- Hitman REBORN!
- Nitro+CHiRAL (TnC, Lamento, sweet pool)
- Ookiku Furikabutte
- Hetalia

Please check it out!

I also have tons of Durarara!! stuff for sale on eBay including lots of Shizuo x Izaya doujinshi. Please check that out too.