May 5th, 2010

Sailor Moon




Sailor Moon
-Sailor Moon novels
-PGSM Jewelry Kits
-Sailor Moon Compact Toy Set
-Sailor Moon DVD
-Sailor Moon CD
-Sailor Moon Doll Outfit
-Sailor Neptune Bendable Figure
-Sailor Moon Coin Bank

-Yu-Gi-Oh! CARDS
-Japanese-style Erasers
-Tenchi VHS
-Cute Stickers
-Handmade Lolita-style Jewelry

Feel free to haggle!

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New Stuff added
I have more stuff on Ebay including cards and anime items! All starting at .99 no reserve. Please come check it out.

I added some more doujinshi by acute girls and I'm always willing to haggle and trade. Come Take a look! Thanks!
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[sale] Sirotan Keychain -- Bee Costume

Sirotan Keychain -- Bee Costume

Under can be used for cleaning your mobile or LCD of digital camera.

Sirotan Keychain -- Bee Costume
Price: 9 USD

Delivery is not included yet.
Payment method is paypal.

Please go to the sale post over at my LJ~

[sale] Sirotan Keychains -- Bee Costume

There are some more stuff over at my LJ, go to this post for the summary and links..^^..

Nuty's LiveJournal

PS. Thanks for the space~
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[selling] Complete Sailor Moon Bedroom Set

I am looking for a new home for my complete Sailor Moon bedroom set. It includes the complete Sailor Moon curtain set (two curtain panels, one curtain balance, two current tie backs) and the complete Sailor Moon bedding set [twin size] (one fitted sheet, one sheet, one pillowcase, one blanket). These has been boxed up under my bed for awhile and I think its time they fine a good home :)

One of the curtain tie backs is missing one of the little white rings on the end and there are just a few spots of dirt here and there on the curtains/sheets but I imagine that would all come off in a wash.

Price: $800 (shipping included) [will be sold as one lot only so please don't ask!]

I also have a ton of Sailor Moon cards listed on my card site if anyone is interested :) Including the extremely rare near complete set of Cardzillion 1 (Prisms 1-5, regs. 7-42).

So_Nerdy Sales - last day of sale!

So_Nerdy Sales! Sale ending tonight at midnight!
So_nerdy Sales
Please come visit So_nerdy's internet shop! I have: Asian fashion & Asian-inspired clothingRare Threadless t-shirts, Kawaii items & jewelry, Sailor Moon, Video Games, Toys, & more! 

Plus a
SALE! Buy 5 items, gets 10% off, buy 10 items, get 20% off! LAST DAY!!

Almost all items under $10! Open to offers & trades!

Click above and go to the journal.
shige + guitar = smex!<33

Lemoncookie,Sechuna,Rowky&Other Asian Clothes @ Doki Doki Shoppe!!

★ Lemoncookie hoodies/tops
★ Sechuna Bunny hoodies
★ Rowky Top
★ Brown bunny hoodie
★ E.L.F.S Jrock Pants
★ MarJour Plaid Punk Dress
★ Pink Schoolgirl Outfit
★ Asiajam alien shirt
★ FMA Artbook
★ Double Decker Loli Shoes
★ Uchiha Sasuke Cosplay Shirt
★ Naruto (SasuSaku) doujinshi's
★ Goth-Loli Bibles

..and much more! Visit my shop and see if there's anything you like~

KIGURUMI & lots of random items to clear

Hey all. Wondering if there's any interest in kigurumi? The price is 7500 yen shipped. Characters available include

♥ Rilakkuma
♥ Pikachu & Piplup
♥ Care Bears
♥ Hello Kitty, My Medloy, Kuromi
♥ Stitch
♥ Batman + many more, just ask

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jrock cd sale!!

I am selling a lot of jrock cds from Dir en grey, Mucc, Miyavi, the GazettE, and Hide.


Rare items!

- the GazettE - Cockayne Soup (1st press regular edition W/obi)
- the GazettE - Disorder (1st press limited edition, Premium Gazerock)
- the GazettE - Gama(1st Press Limited Edition)
- mucc - houyoku (1st limited edition)

look here!

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great savings on dresses, tops, skirts & more!
shop LAST CHANCE items now (only available 'til the end of this month!)
we ship worldwide!

May Promo: Buy at and save a further 10% off all SALE and LAST CHANCE with code MAY10SALE -- valid all this month!! Plus: as always FREE REGISTERED MAIL local shipping (within Singapore) for all orders over SG$50!!

FB: +1/0/-0
Reviewed & rated on yebber

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Desperate! Need Everything Gone. : (

Most of these items are listed in my journal with information, prices, and pics. The items that aren't listed in my journal, please ask me for the price. Please come check it out. I'm open to negotiations, so feel free to haggle if the price is reasonable. Thank you. ♥


Naruto Yaoi Doujinshi: Kakashi x Naruto
One Piece Yaoi Doujinshi: Ben Beckman x Shanks

Cause Of My Teacher (Yaoi)
Now vol. 3
Gundam Seed vol. 1
Fruits Basket vol. 2
Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action vol. 1 - 2

Dragonball GT: Affliction, Proliferation, & Calculations
Rurouni Kenshin: Faces Of Evil

Picture Letters From The Commander In Chief: Letters From Iwo Jima

PATI PATI (An Cafe) 4/08
Newtype USA (.Hack//Legend Of The Twilight) 7/04
Newtype USA (Gundam Seed) 4/05
Newtype USA (Gundam Seed Destiny) 12/05
Newtype USA (Eureka Seven) 2/06
Animedia (Black Cat) 1/06

Video Games
Dragonball Z: Budokai (Gamecube)
Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 (PS2)
Tokobot Plus: Mysteries Of The Karakuri (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 2 (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 5 (XBOX)
Pokemon Blue (GB)
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS)

F.T. Island: Cheerful Sensibility Album
Loveholic: Florist Album
Dragonball GT Soundtrack FREE WITH ANY $20 PURCHASE

Gundam Seed/Destiny Sticker Book

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10% off everything* in my journal and
another 5% if you are a returning customer!!

 Kawaii Grabbies - comes in 3 sizes!

"I love you" Bear plushes
♥ Milk-kun Coin Purses
♥ earrings && necklaces
Cute Sleepy Bunny Earring Studs
lots and lots of deco tape =]

 and more @

I desperately need some money right now, so please take a look! 

* excluding kawaii grabbies
teru fight

Looking to buy!!!

looking for some new manga

English manga

St. Dragon Girl Vol. 2 and up
Fruits Basket Vol. 19 and up
Hero Tales Vol. 2 and up

Japanese Manga

Tokyo Crazy Paradise (All volumes)
Kamisama Hajimemashita Vol. 5 and up
Gakuen Alice Vol. 16 and up

And as always, I'm willing to buy anything Fullmetal Alchemist, that includes fan books, artbooks, posters, shitajiki, plushes, figures, doujinshi, etc.  anything.  I mainly want to buy the New Brotherhood Anime.


Alright. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and see if anyone on here has anything to offer.

I'm looking for W.I.T.C.H. merchandise, more specifically, the W.I.T.C.H. manga that was released in Japan.

I'm also interested in anything else W.I.T.C.H. So show me what you have to offer.

FMA+Fushigi Yuugi Artbooks, Shounen Jump+Newtype Issues, Manga, Rare FFVII Vincent Statue

FMA artbooks, Fushigi Yuugi artbook, Newtype+Shounen Jump issues, and manga for sale, last 3 being $3 each or less; BUY 2 GET 1 FREE FOR JUMP, NEWTYPE, AND MANGA! All items are like new and magazines complete with their posters/DVDs/extras. Also for sale is a mint Kotobukiya FF VII Vincent Valentine Resin Statue. PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! Payment is via PayPal and shipping is from the US. Post is a bit image-heavy!

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